Posted by: shannynmoore | July 2, 2010

Pensacola Councilman Accuses BP of Bringing Sand to the Beach

Yesterday, CS Muncy, a free lance photographer who has done work for the NY Times and the New York Post appeared on The Shannyn Moore Show.   He said he spoke with four independent sources-including two local sheriffs-that said BP was dumping sand on the beach at Grand Isle, LA to cover up oil.

Yesterday, a Pensacola Councilman appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews.


  1. This sickens me beyond belief.

    • It isn’t true. I live in Pensacola and lived on Pensacola Beach (two separate places about 8 miles apart) until Hurricane Ivan wiped us out. There is one toll bridge for access to the beach and one road (in not very good repair) for about 16 miles through the Gulf Islands National Seashore federal park area to Navarre Beach and another bridge. Anything of this magnitude would involve numerous dump trucks and lots of sand. No one that I can find out about has seen any dump trucks bringing sand to the beach. Where would one find the sand to bring? We are a small community and EVERYONE would know if this is going on.
      I am not a fan of BP. What they have done has destroyed a whole way of life. But this is not happening. At least not yet.
      Shannyn, you need to vet your information better. This man is a council man for Pensacola and has NOTHING to do with the beach. I think he is just trying to get himself noticed.

      • Pensacola native here, too. People are scared and panicked and angry, understandably. They’re jumping to the wrong conclusions. Paranoia will do nothing but make things worse for all involved. It’s a misdirection of anger. Yes, journalists and politicians all need to stop and think before pushing any rumors publicly. It hurts their credibility in the long run.

  2. And i still wonder how long it will be, if not already, before BP hires Blackwater to keep private and government interests from the gulf. Let’s just watch an see.

  3. Why isn’t the Government covering this story and stopping this? If someone dumps oil on the ground after changing their car’s oil, we’re told it contaminates a large swatch of land. Covering it up is only going to keep the contamination there and spread it! On a side note, the “ad” that says Blame Obama for the oil spill” sickens me almost as much as this story. BP was offshore drilling and cutting corners LONG before Obama took office. not everything is his fault! He took over a failing economy, 2 wars and a health care crisis…………brought on by GREEDY OBNOXIOUS Repulicans!

  4. Once upon a time, I respected Shannyn Moore. But now – just another conspiracy theorist.

    • Gotta give a ditto on that one. Should have done your homework Shannyn. I’m not interested in being another Glen Beck-like groupie.

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