Posted by: shannynmoore | July 18, 2010

Sarah Palin’s Racist Heart

It feels strange weighing in on a house of worship thousands of miles away, well, at least for me.  A proposed mosque two blocks from Ground Zero has Palin tweeting on a Sunday afternoon.

According to Politico:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s City Hall hit back at Palin, first tweeting “@SarahPalinUSA mind your business.”

The aide, policy hand Andrea Batista Schlesinger, followed that up with:

“@SarahPalinUSA whose hearts? Racist hearts?”

Bloomberg has defended the plan for the mosque, arguing that blocking it would impinge on religious freedom

This is a local issue for New Yorkers.  I’m weighing in on Sarah Palin. She’s local for Alaskans.

9/11 for NYC, was a day many Alaskans couldn’t fathom. I’d never been there. My father didn’t know about the terrorist attack for weeks because he was on the Koyukuk River hunting moose. Another hunter was informed after a military escort surrounded his small aircraft on his return to town. Last year I visited New York City and wept when I realized how terrifying it must have been. I had no context until I stood in the canyons of buildings.

Do you want to guess how many mosques are in Wasilla?

The “stab through the heart” of 9/11 was felt by many, including Muslims.  This article tells of some victims that day:

Imagine being the family of Salman Hamdani.  The 23-year-old New York City police cadet was a part-time ambulance driver, incoming medical student, and devout Muslim.  When he disappeared on September 11, law enforcement officials came to his family, seeking him for questioning in relation to the terrorist attacks.  They allegedly believed he was somehow involved.  His whereabouts were undetermined for over six months, until his remains were finally identified.  He was found near the North Tower, with his EMT medical bag beside him, presumably doing everything he could to help those in need.  His family could finally rest, knowing that he died the hero they always knew him to be.

Imagine being Baraheen Ashrafi, nine months pregnant with her second child.  Her husband, Mohammad Chowdhury, was a waiter at Windows of the World restaurant, on the top floors of Tower One.  The morning of September 11, they prayed salaat-l-fajr (the pre-dawn prayer) together, and he went off to work.  She never saw him again.  Their son, Farqad, was born 48 hours after the attacks — one of the first 9/11 orphans to be born.

I wonder why Palin can’t think bigger than 140 characters. She makes up words. “Refudiate“.

What about the thousands of Muslims who serve in our military? Does that yellow magnet on your car say “Support the Christian Troops”?



  1. The fact is, Shannyn, that Sarah Palin represents the very worst in America. In the most powerful and generous country on earth known as the “land of opportunity”, the Tundra Turd is representative of racism, hatred, ignorance, and vengence.

    And fair is fair. If she can make up words, then so can we. She is an ignoranus and a disgrace to Alaska.

    • I can make up new words that describe Palin also, too…”Mentally refarted” def: when you’re fed an idea void of any intelligence, then you regergitate it publically, resulting in a foul, putrid odor resembling bulls**t

      • Excellent!!

  2. LOL – Ignoranus. That’s good. I’m stealing that.

    I think the worst part is Sarah Palin may not even really feel one way or the other about the issue, but she’s trying to stir up her political base in anticipation of 2012.

    A very well-written post. Salaam.

    • Good point.

  3. She’s showing her true colors again. Which in the end is a good thing. It’s just so sad that in today’s culture half of everyone is ruled by the brevity that is Twitter and Facebook. And she knows this better than who Shakespeare was or how only immigrants are supposed to learn English. My God! She’s supposed to have earned a journalism degree!

    • Yes, but from which of the FIVE colleges she supposedly attended?

  4. I do believe we see the real thing nobody can bend the language as well as the quitter. Try as i might i am just not that suckinct.

  5. I cannot imagine the height of ignorance that surrounds Ms. Palin.

    I am from Minnesota and we have pockets of ignorance as in the Michelle Bachmann district …. so this is just another example of “outta the scope” for batshit crazy women. We have extreme weather and I cannot even imagine the persona that Palin represents is even close to the average hockey mom here. Bull. We are ten times tougher in every respect including intellect, than that “woosie” would think she is in…..

    Bully up! Sarah! I am taking you on.

  6. Excellent post once again!
    I remember when they were looking for Salman Hamdani. I remember a Documentry about Muslims fate after 9/11. I wish I could remeber the name of it. But it highlighted those that did everything in their power to help and those that were killed.
    I am so sick of the religious right wingnuts in this Country. We as a Nation, were built on Freedom of Religious persecution. How the hell that Palin thinks Christians are being persecuted is another alternate reality. First of all, she does not practice real Christianity anyhow. Her views on Christianity are so warped and disturbing, just like her views on every thing else. A true Christian would welcome every one with open arms. Palin will do anything possible to Demonize the people who don’t kisss her a$$.
    Thank you for writing such a beautiful post. People like you do us, as a Nation, proud. I am so glad that Mayor Blooomberg is fighting back on this issue. I know that there are quite a few people who do not agree with $arah on this. No matter how hard she tries to demonize them.

  7. So, Sarah is throwing a guilt trip on the people of NYC. We get it, Sarah. The people in the “heartland” care more about this country and the tragedy of 9-11 than the people who actually had front row seats and continue to live near ground zero.

    Just another example of Sarah defining who the real Americans are in this county.

    A huge Bronx cheer for Sister Sarah.

  8. The “heartland”…traveled through it four months ago during our cross-country move, and I’ll tell you what should really be breaking the hearts of its inhabitants: it’s gone out of business! Some of these “heartland” towns and cities could give the Ground Zero site a run for its money, they’re that devastated, and yes, heartbreaking. Meanwhile, Sister $arah has no compunction scamming money from these people to pay for her “legal bills.” She is the worst kind of opportunist: one who preys on the already weak. I have far more respect for Bernie Madoff; at least a good number of his prey were the already rich and greedy.

  9. “First of all, she does not practice real Christianity anyhow.”

    No kidding. And notice she never references “Jesus.” It’s always “God.” Probably because almost everything Jesus preached about was helping the poor and liberating the oppressed. What has she ever done to help the poor besides descending on that native village via a media circus event with Franklin Graham that probably embarrassed them more than it helped?

    She is truly the braying hypocrite the Bible warns about. Amazing so many Christians are taken in by it, but there are a surprising number who don’t, I suspect.

    • The reason so many Christians are taken in by her is, like $$p, they are Christians in name only.

    • Betty I noticed that she never mentions Jesus either. I figured that I wouldn’t post about it because one of her shills may read the posts and “suddenly” she’d start mentioning His name. 🙂

  10. We can play her word game better than she. Booty is in the eye of the beholden.

  11. Wonderful article Ms Moore. A tear jerker for me. I worked in the bldg right across the street from the Towers. Once the bldg I worked in was repaired, it was so surreal to come down the elevator that faces a wall of windows that displays where the towers used to stand.

    Our company lost one employee who was in the towers visiting a client. My classmate worked for a company that lost over 500 employees.

    No one can ever really verbalize how devastating that day was. We all know what we did before, during and after the event.

    How did America get to the point where there are those that are “real” Americans and those that are not “real” Americans?

    Who has the right to dictate who’s a “real” American or not? What is the criteria? What do we do to those who don’t meet that criteria?

    Is it your religion? People who died or were affected by that day studied Islam, Sikhism, one of the MANY forms of Christianity, Judaism any of the different Native American religions and the list goes on, including those that don’t have a religion at all.

    So once again who has the right to dictate what a “real” american is and also where houses of worship are to be located. That is a very dangerous game to play.

    If being a “real” american is practicing intolerance, deport me.

    Once again

    • What an incredible post….Thank you for that!

  12. Yes, I like it!!

  13. I totally agree with the comments from Bloomberg and Shlesinger. Sarah only says something she feels will give more support, without any consideration for the freedom of religion of others, simply because the “others” are not of her religion. How can anybody be so ignorant and intorlerant of others and think they represent the majority. Sarah has absolutely no clue as to how to govern or campaign unless she is told. I believe she will at least announce she is running, and if it doesn’t get too hard for her, she may make it to the Republican Convention. If she does, that will be where it will get interesting. She will have to get outside of her comfortable self exile from the press and answer question spontaneously. Something she and we all know she can’t do.

  14. If you’re not from NYC, you don’t really have any reason to weigh in on this either, other than that I see your agenda is to bash Sarah Palin. I am not a fan of her myself, because I think Alaskans in general are not in touch with urban America, but that said, we in NYC lost friends, relatives, businesses, homes, pets etc. on 9/11 and most didn’t even receive any form of compensation, the Gulf fishermen will get more from BP than some NYers did who lost businesses or property to 9/11. As a NYer I think Sarah is right, there are many mosques in NYC, there are many places to build another one, Ground Zero should not be one though. Would anyone suggest a German cultural center at Auschwitz, to tell the guards’ side of the story? Of course not, and their shouldn’t be a mosque so close to the WTC site. This is a real estate deal supported by Bloomberg because he supports all real estate deals, but OPPOSED by over 50% of NYers surveyed. This has nothing to do with Sarah’s typing skills, she’s right on this issue and so are the majority of NYers.

    • It is quite selfish and short-sighted of you to claim ownership of suffering over 9/11 just because you may be from NYC. People all over this country lost friends and relatives in that tragedy. I personally did not have to lose someone or be there to feel the pain and loss. How dare you try and tell anyone what we may or may not feel based on geography. The post Shannyn wrote was insightful and sensitive. Furthermore, you seem to have missed her point entirely. Muslims lost family, friends, and children in 9/11. Don’t even try to pretend that it is a Christian tragedy.

      Second, your Nazi/German analogy is false. The purpose of the proposed mosque isn’t to glorify the terrorists who hijacked the Muslim religion. Third, your remarks regarding the gulf compensation have no bearing on this conversation. In other words, WTF?

      Please tell us, exactly what are the dimensions of ground zero? I thought it was the footprint of the buildings involved. Are you claiming all adjacent land in that area? Perhaps you think it is all of NYC. Would it be ok to have a Christian church in that building? Was 9/11 a Christian tragedy? Perhaps all places of worship should be banned within a ten-block radius of ground zero. I really don’t think you have thought this through in an intelligent manner. You seem to be responding from the reptilian brain.

      Christian Americans were not attacked by Muslims on 9/11. The FACT is that Americans were attacked by terrorists who CLAIMED to be Muslim. Terrorist acts are no more acceptable by the Muslim religion than they are by the Christian religion.

      • Bravo! Well said..

        • Shannyn:

          Once again your idiocy makes you stoop low to attack Christians and idolize the few Muslims that were killed in 9/11. More Christians were killed in 9/11 than any religion yet you minimize this fact and seek to martyr the few Muslims that died. What is your problem with Christianity anyway?

          Glad you are way up in Alaska where your idiocy cannot be readily heard airhead!

          ****NOTE from Shannyn*****
          Yep, that geography really shuts Alaska girls out…oh, wait. I have nothing against Christians. It’s not a damn contest. It’s about Americans that were killed and they all mean something.

          • Do you know for a fact that more christians died on 9/11 than any other religion? Really? There is no way to know that your statement is true or false, for the 9/11 attacks claimed the lives of Christians, Jews, Muslims, agnostics, atheists, and the non religious. So your point is pretty moot, since there’s no way to know.

    • Scott —

      You sir, are a jackass. The way you talk about people who are “not from NYC” leads me to believe you’re one of those people from Jersey or Westchester who likes to think they’re from the city just because they live close to it and might get off a train, walk into an office building for eight hours a day, and then leave.

      You also would do well to pay more attention to the polls I assume you’re referring to (since you didn’t actually provide any references to back up your claims). The Quinnipiac poll, which does show more New Yorkers oppose the facility than support it, also interestingly shows that more Manhattanites support it than oppose it: 46-36. So by your logic, it should go ahead as planned.

      This issue cuts at the essence of one of the ideals America was founded upon – religious freedom. And we should all fight to ensure that these freedoms are not imposed on. Just because you do not like something doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen. When Christian Fundamentalists were bombing abortion clinics in the 90s, would you have opposed building churches near bombing sites? That’s a much closer analogy than your non-sensical German one.

      Sarah Palin is a racist, plain and simple. You also seem to be prejudiced yourself as you make blanket statements about all Alaskans yourself with respect to “urban America,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. I’ve never spent much time with people from Alaska, but I somehow doubt they’re all as out of touch as you think. Like everywhere else, including New York, there are people who are out of touch and there are people who are connected.

      I’m sick of this barely-blanketed racist garbage that people are spewing. For the minuscule number of extremist Muslims there are billions more who live devout, respectable lives. It’s a sad reflection on you and your mind that the few can have such a big impact on your view of the many.

  15. I thought Scarah didn’t believe in “makin stuff up”. Now she’s okay with it since it covers her screw up.

    Why is she so stupid? Why do people think she’s “normal” and “just like them”? Are they all stupid too?

    She seemed a bit manic in her tweeting. I love it when she goes off her meds and looses control. Her true mentality really shines through.

  16. Bailin’ Palin has no scruples nor is she any kind of indicator of who TRUE Americans are. She is an example of the very worst America has to offer: Prejudiced and ignorant.

    • Amen to that!

  17. Those tweets from Bloomberg and Schlesinger had to sting Palin like a swarm of Africanized bees. Good on them for responding so quickly to her nonsense. That she demonstrates her extreme ignorance by sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong is shameful. Her claim to love the Constitution isn’t borne out by the things that she does/says. Palin is a pox on America. Thanks, for this wonderful post, Shannyn.

  18. I live in a small city with many Muslims. For years, I lived in an apartment complex with more Muslims than Christians. The feeling of their peace was powerful in almost everything they did and the way in which they lived as my neighbors. After 9/11, they were frightened, on guard and their mosque was vandalized. It was very sad and their pain was so visible over the tragedy that occurred on 9/11–it was heartbreaking because they didn’t understand it anymore than anyone else did.

    People like Palin do not live in the real world. They are fighting a changing country and a diversity many of us long ago embraced knowing it will make for a better country and world. I am 61 and my son is 24. I look at him and think how lucky he is to have grown up in a better time than I did–always accepting, and expecting, diversity as a normal way of life. People like Palin make me want to hang my head in shame.

  19. Shannyn ,

    Great article!

    You have made my day once again and continue to give me hope that someday everyone will see her for what she really is .

    I also believe in “what goes around comes around ”

    I the meantime , thank you for having the courage to call it like it is , you are valued and appreciated . I like your style .

    Also , thanks to Mayor Bloomberg’s for speaking up and saying what folks might be thinking .(“mind your business ” you don’t speak for me Missy .)

  20. Shannyn:

    Once again your idiocy makes you stoop low to attack Christians and idolize the few Muslims that were killed in 9/11. More Christians were killed in 9/11 than any religion yet you minimize this fact and seek to martyr the few Muslims that died. What is your problem with Christianity anyway?

    Glad you are way up in Alaska where your idiocy cannot be readily heard, airhead! Continue with your White Guilt.

    • That’s what you got from Shannyn’s post? Really? Perhaps you should read it again without your beer goggles on. First, Shannyn made no attack on Christians. Nope. Not anywhere. Second, no where in her post is there idolatry of Muslims nor of anyone or anything else. What Shannyn did was to show us a window into another part of the tragedy.

      You, on the other hand, engaged in immature name calling and bigotry. BTW, what is “white guilt”? Something you made up? Or is that how you perceive compassion, you know, that thing that makes most of us “human”? So now I ask, what is your problem with Muslims? Should there be no places of worship within a 10 block radius of Ground Zero? 10 miles maybe? Or is it the idea of a mosque that upsets you? You do realize, don’t you, that 9/11 was not an attack of Muslims against Christians? It was an attack by terrorist humans against America, and all the innocents who were killed were merely collateral damage as far as terrorists werre concerned. Don’t even try to make it into some kind of holy war of Muslims vs Christians. That perception is beyond ignorant.

      • Are you kidding me WakeUpAmerica? Don’t you dare talk to Jessica about ignorance. She was stating facts unlike your opinion based retort. It’s a fact more christians were killed in 9/11. It may have been a terrorist group that attacked the WTC buildings but they acted on behalf of their extremist muslim views. When I deploy to Afghanistan or Iraq for the 5th time maybe I’ll bring you along so you can see first hand what those extremists are capable of. Get a life.

        • So Evan, by your logic, we should condemn ALL Baptists, because Freddie Phelps et al, acting on their extremist Baptist views, victimizes the families of American veterans at their loved one’s funerals? ANd should ANY Baptist sect want to build a church, or more analogically correct, a Baptist recreation center which contains a chapel, within a 1/2 mile of Arlington cemetery, we should scream about it?

          • Good point!!!

  21. For one that to often profess her love for the Constitution, I wonder how that First and Fourteenth Amendment are working out for Sarah today. “Talks about stabbing something throw the hart”.

  22. I only have 1 question for Jessica: How do you know that more Christians died on 9/11 than any religion?

    Are you assuming that if they were not Muslim or Jewish, etc. then they were Christian?

    A Christian is a person that has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Unless you knew everybody that lost their life on 9/11 how do you know they were Christian? I think you have stretched the facts to conform to your “truths”.

    It is sad that many lost their lives on 9/11 at the hand of TERRORISTS.

    Sarah just does not get it. These United States are for all races and religions. These United States are not for terrorists. Huge difference.

    • What religion is the majority in the US? Stop trying to act elitist and start using common sense.

      edit: Oops, I forgot. Common sense and liberal are antonymous of each other.

  23. Let me get this straight…You think that Sarah Palin is a racist because she doesn’t believe a muslim holy temple should be built on a site that muslims destroyed? Am I reading that right? And since when does religion have anything to do with race? I’ve met plenty of black, white and hispanics that are muslim. If members of our Military bombed a city in Afghanistan do you think the people there would want a military installation built there? Oh wait, that question is already answered by the blood shed by real American heroes every day. You liberals sicken me. Do us all real Americans a favor and GO F*** YOURSELVES.

  24. Evan,
    How do you know anyone here is a liberal, conservative, or independent. I take it that you are a conservative and therefore anyone with a different point of view is a liberal? Boy there are a lot of holes in that theory. Furthermore, genius, Shannyn never used the term “racism” or “racist”. Sarah Palin did. (Oooops!) As to how many victims were Christian in the loose sense (attended or claimed a particular version of Christianity) where is your proof? Or is it just an “I believe” from you? Your apparent anger management problems have blinded you to the main point of Shannyn’s message: It wasn’t just Christians who died. Muslims were innocent victims as well. There was nothing in this post about were there more Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, or Agnostics.

    And really, Evan, who gives a rat’s ass what kind of place of worship is several blocks away. It isn’t being built in the footprint of the Twin Towers. It would be unethical to build any place of worship there. So get over yourself and grow some manners. Telling anyone to “f” himself because he/she disagrees with you shows that you have a giant immaturity problem. While I am grateful that you are willing to serve our country, it worries me that you may be allowed to carry a loaded firearm.

  25. After reading all this I know we have to build a mosque because as a nation we are greater than the Bin Ladens and the Sarah Palins who don’t want it built.

    My cousin, a fireman, died helping others there. He didn’t much talk about these things but he believed deeply in what this country stood and stands for. He’d be pretty disgusted to see politicians making hay out of 9-11. He’d be amazed that it is some prom queen from Wasoo, Alaska.

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