Posted by: shannynmoore | July 20, 2010

Water from Oiled Gulf Beach EXPLODES!

Some folks are under the impression that just because there is no visible oil, bathing in the Gulf is OK! Let’s see…for 89 days, according to some estimates, the BP Maconda well spewed 4.2 million gallons of oil a day. That means 373.8 Million gallons of oil is circulation in the Gulf of Mexico-and God only knows how many millions of gallons of Corexit was dumped by BP. A local television station tested some water samples with some very disturbing results:

Water Tested – Toxic Levels of Oil – Sample Explodes!

July 17, 2010

Recently, a News 5 investigation collected samples from multiple beaches in and around the Gulf region. Samples were taken in areas where kids were playing and swimming. The results were absolutely terrifying. The Intel Hub has heavily documented the Gulf Disaster and this is just another startling revelation in a long line of horrors coming out of the Gulf. What British Petroleum has done is at the very least criminal neglect, if not premeditated chemical rape. Most of the people working for BP have vigorously worked to contain the spill, not knowing that their bosses have done just about everything backwards, with little to regard for human life.

The accepted toxic level for oil is anything over 5 parts per million. Water from orange beach tested at 25 parts per million. The sand around Gulf Shores beach tested at an astonishing 211 parts per million. Remember, these beaches have been left open by officials who continue to claim the, “The beach is safe to swim.” Near Orange Beach, in the very area where kids were happily playing, the water tested a whopping 221 parts per million. How can the EPA and local officials continue to lets citizens frequent these toxic beaches?

As if this wasn’t enough, a sample from the Dolphin Island Marina actually EXPLODED when mixed with an organic solvent intended to separate the oil and water! That’s right, we now have documented evidence of samples exploding upon testing.

The obvious reason for such an explosion is methane gas. As we know, methane is highly flammable and can explode upon contact with air. The other likely candidate is the neurotoxin known as Corexit9500, which has continued to be openly sprayed through aerial operations as well as directly at the source.

This should be a major wake up call for anyone that still believes this disaster is behind us.


  1. I don’t go anywhere near the Gulf waters this summer, which breaks my heart and “restoreth not my soul.” (Thank goodness, selfish as it may sound, for my “big bag of water” in the backyard.

    Didn’t even put my toes in during Hands Across the Sand, but saw lots of folks in the water then, and have seen lots of pictures daily since then. Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there, dissolved in stealth mode thanks to Corexit, which just adds to the toxic soup. Wishing doesn’t make it so, and denial is not a healthy state of mind.

    Oy, vey!

    • Also, too, it’s Dauphin, not Dolphin, Island, but even the locals say it “dolphin.” 🙂

  2. so sad, this mess will not be behind us for generations.

  3. Corexit is on the Oil Spill Response Plans for Cook Inlet.

  4. It’s one thing IF this was truly an “accident” and quite another to discover the opposite! BP has the entire Gulf region on “lock down” and reporters have been forced off the beaches by “private security” working for BP, w/ U.S. Coast Guard taking orders from BP contractors (Wackenhut). This means that a foreign entity has issued a “no fly zone” over public waters of a sovereign nation (WTF?) BP is also trucking in fresh sand to pour over the toxic beaches — that’s not cleaning, that’s covering up!

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper piece on BP/Gov’t denial of access to Gulf after assurances of access…

    see how deep the BP Eco-Terror rabbit hole goes…

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