Posted by: shannynmoore | July 27, 2010


There is justice and common sense in the Anchorage Assembly!

Tonight, the Anchorage Assembly found 8 votes to over ride Mayor Sullivan’s misguided veto of the MDA Fill the Boot Fundraiser!  Mayor Sullivan has been working overtime to turn Anchorage into Pottersville-the fictional desolate town from Frank Capra’s classic family film, “It’s a Wonderful Life“.

The assembly chambers were full of Anchorage’s Uniformed Firefighters who put their lives on the line every single day.  The Fill the Boot campaign has been going on since 1954 and will continue once again this year!

Local and national charities can now continue fund raising without any fear of Mayor Sullivan challenging their ethics.

Tonight, Mayor Sullivan MET THE BOOT!  And a GOLD STAR to Bill STARR who did the right thing and was the key vote necessary to bring sanity back to insane bureaucracy!  Black Coal goes to Debbie Ossiander, Jennifer Johnston and Chris Birch who don’t care much for Jerry’s Kids.


  1. Hurray for AFD & MDA!!! Thank you Anchorage Assembly , esp Bill Starr..I was worried how his vote would go.

  2. Well now I see hope for you people in AK. Now if you all vote for a new governor than maybe you all can get rid of the Palins for good.

  3. Shannon, I will trade you Gov. Palin for Michelle Bachmann for one month! I live in Minnesota and get teased by my relatives regarding Bachmann.

  4. posted this on themudflats this morning, also, too, you betcha:

    Oh, Suuuuulllllllyyyyy, Nancy’s got a message for you!
    “what’s right is right and you ain’t been right yet!”
    These boots are made for walkin’

  5. Not sure I agree. You can make it about Jerry’s kids and the Mayor’s personality but can’t help but feel the underlying principle how valid is fundraising during working hours isn’t really addressed, is it?

    • Bull Crap about charity during work hours…United Way has a pledge card that is filled out during work hours…

      AND…not sure you realize this…brace yourself. We pay firefighters to play ping-pong. We pay them to shop. We pay them to BBQ. We pay them to watch television. WE PAY THEM TO SLEEP! Bottom line…we pay them to be ON CALL!

      AND…for 3 hours a year on Labor Day, firefighters have half their gear on and their engine is already on the street. It would take them LESS TIME to respond to an emergency then if they were at their firehouse…

      Sully made a mountain out of a molehill and got slammed down. He can go SUCK IT!

  6. Firefighters are indeed a special group. Dangerous work and long periods on duty and off. We won’t talk about all their off time that they could do charity work, but what about all other city employees now? Can they choose a charity and spend our tax dollars raising money?
    I don’t think much of the mayor and his conservative lean, but there is a grain of truth in what he is saying.
    I don’t live in Anchorage any more so perhaps I should butt out. Except everything that happens in the big city rolls outward eventually. Hopefully not your inability for civil discourse.

    • As for civil discourse…I’m all out of civil when it comes to hearing from the “I GOT MINE” crowd…or people that constantly bitch about “their god damn tax dollars”!

      While it is certainly reasonable to want the city to function efficiently, raising money for charity 3 god damn hours a freaking year IS NOT GOING TO CRASH THIS CITY! Really? And I obviously need to say it again…what the hell is the difference between paying a firefighting hero to SLEEP and paying them to FILL THE FREAKING BOOT?

      What kind of anal-retentive freak worries about this crap?

      I would LOVE it if muni workers spent 3 hours a year raising money for charity on MY GOD DAMN TAX DIME! Honestly. Have you ever done any community work? It does a body and soul good. I am sure there are studies showing that workers are more productive.

      More time gets wasted on FACEBOOK everyday than raising money for charities…

  7. Thank you, Shannyn, for being a great spokesperson and warrior for those of us in public safety.
    When times are good, people wave at us and feel like we do a good, professional job (in my humble opinion)I will never be rich, but i am honored and privliged to have a job where i can provide for me and my family…truly blessed.
    I did it for free(as a volunteer) and now proudly for the AFD. It’s disheartning to have a new administration come in and do their best to villify us , and portray us as greedy, city workers who care about nothing but themselves. I can tell you we have ALL done charitable work, on and off the clock. Quite frankly, 3 hrs is a drop in the bucket, we love doing it. FILL THE BOOT is as much visual as anything else….folks see the red trucks on the corners,and the crews in their bunker gear, and they donate 10 times more than if we had none of that! There is no interruption in service, as crews respond to calls right from the intersection. I dare say they get there faster because they’re already out on the road! If there was enough reserve equipment and gear, i GURANTEE as many firefighters would show up off duty as on. Bottom Line: the mayor’s position holds no water…this is purely political B.S. from a politician who just doesn’t “get it”
    Thanks for the forum, Shannyn, YOU ROCK!

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