Posted by: shannynmoore | July 27, 2010

Tuesday Night At The Fights PREVIEW…

Tuesday night at the fights should be lively at tonight’s Anchorage Assembly meeting. Click on links for background on the agenda.

Testimony will be heard on the speed hump program. I know, it sounds like a problem you should have that “little talk with your doctor” about. Not so. Speed humps on busy residential streets save lives. Over half a million dollars of state money is available through allocations made by Senator Bill Wielechowski. The mayor is typical Party-of-NO! for a Democrat trying to get the needs of his constituents met.

The once-a-year, 3-hour Fill The Boot MDA Fundraiser by the firefighters was vetoed by the mayor.  Tonight is the Anchorage Assembly’s opportunity to over ride it.  But this is about so much more then the decades-old Fill the Boot fundraiser. The United Way will no longer be able to raise money at municipal offices as they have for many years.  What about Fur Rondy and the Rondy Cops?  What about municipal employees involved in community activities like the Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River? Or the Municipality of Anchorage sponsoring that event?  What about city officials traveling on AK Air National Guard C-130s to rural Alaskan villages for Operation Santa Claus?  Or the Salvation Army‘s presence at the Anchorage Christmas tree-lighting ceremony?  The implications of NOT overriding this veto are far reaching!  This vote is very important.

If you want to show up and fight for the Campbell Creek Estuary, today is the day.

While the mayor is distracting the city by conducting city business in a way that doesn’t represent the values of the city, I wonder what we’re being distracted from. The port? The bridge? The Party Planner?  What?

We’ll keep figuring that out, but in the mean time, some rather eclectic backlash has made it’s way to my mail box.

The Shannyn Moore Show is back LIVE today,Tuesday, July 27th from 11am-2pm AST/3pm-6pm EST on KUDO 1080 Anchorage/KXLJ 1330 Juneau.  Stream the show here!



  1. Short comment from this night owl. You got it straight, & that after or during?????? Las Vegas. And the fight is on. I don’t want the odds, just victory.

  2. Thumbs up! Great way to start the morning!

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