Posted by: shannynmoore | August 1, 2010

Jay Ramras, Your Signs Are Ugly…And That’s The Good News

@AKBirder caught a plane with Republican Representative and Lieutenant Governor candidate Jay Ramras Saturday night. Lucky Girl! Earlier tonight on the Twitter, she posted her account.

Tweet 1: Had an interesting flight home last night. AK Rep Jay Ramras tried his best to be removed from the flight before pushback…cont

Oh, really?! Wait! Popcorn please! How does the candidate with the ugliest signs act on a plane?

Tweet 2: Nice flight attendant had to ask him 3 times to turn off cell phone, then he snapped at her when she said he seat was reclined…

I’m guessing she’s not 19 years old and therefore doesn’t have a voice Jay is able to hear.

Tweet 3: Then his musical birthday card went off. FA (flight attendant) asked him if it was his cell phone, he came unglued, stood & asked “You got a problem with me?”

Ha! Musical birthday card? Stood Up? He’s tallish. Did he say that in a gangsta voice? Ha! OK, that’s rich. Chena River meet Jersey Shore.

Tweet 4: FA said Ramras could take next day’s flight to FBX. He sat and repeatedly demanded that she tell him happy birthday. Flippin’ weird, & scary

NO WAY! Yep, and if she was a hottie he’d have demanded she jump out of a cake?! Wait, ALL this before they took off? Good Lord! Doesn’t he know people WHO VOTE are on the plane?

Tweet 5: Rep Jay Ramras owes the flight crew and fellow passengers an apology for being such an asshat on last night’s flight. Highly inappropriate.

Oh, lady, you had me at asshat!

Tweet 6: Ramras went to file a complaint after the flight. I confronted him, which is SO not me. But, nobody f**ks with my comfort zone on a plane.

Good for you@AKBirder! It’s bad enough to be on a plane…but stuck in the same tube defying gravity with a man who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple? Too much.

Tweet 7: Ramras was stunned that I thought he had been inappropriate and asked why. Then he stormed off. Is he really that clueless?

Ah, the short answer is, Yes.

I guess Jay feels like he has room to act out since Eddie Burke pulled a pistol at a Toys-4-Tots fundraiser.  With these candidates the cream of the Republican crop, I’m starting to think the milks gone bad.



  1. Hmm, perhaps this is better suited for a forum such as TMZ that deals with Bristol Palin sightings. Gossip is fun, but gossip is just that, gossip.

    • Hmmmm…Gossip IS gossip. Except this was a live tweet session and Jay Ramras’s tweeted behavior was completely consistent with Jay Ramras!

      I have listened and read and watched him over the years. Jay is a complete asshat. He wouldn’t even say that Gene Therriault was an illegal hire on a local radio show.

      He tried to stifle the anti-Citizens United bill in the legislature this year. Asshat is too kind a word for Jay Ramras. Jay is a first class JERK!

    • Alicia….way to try to spin for Jay Ramras. Are you a campaign staffer for him? Maybe you are the wierd Asian kid he has who is acting as a tracker for the other campaigns.

    • Oh, the other things I know would be good for TMZ. This is tame for Jay and everyone knows it.

  2. Typical behavior for Jay Ram R As(s). What is it up here..the water, climate or what.. that produces the idiot politicians we have?

    • You do have some doozies up there, don’t ya?

      I need to look this up, but I believe Ramras was one of few legislators that worked hard towards sending assistance to the rural villages – with little comment to the media. Now, I could easily be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time – but I seem to remember something about that. (feel free to delete if I am wrong)

      Just giving the devil his due … and that said, I gotta ask about Burke at the Toys R Us thing – he actually pulled out a GUN????

      bunch of doozies, yessirree.

    • I’ve always wondered and sometimes asked: “Why does Fairbanks consistently send such deficient legislators to Juneau (major example: Ralph Seekins) and such outstanding musicians to the Alaska Folk Festival in Juneau?”

  3. Didn’t VaJayJay’s (alleged) girlfriend Lesil also misbehave on a plane or two? Birds of a feather…

    (Of course, Lesil is probably “old” news by now…)

  4. Class. Boors can’t fake it. Money can’t buy it. Too many republicans can’t recall where they misplaced it.

  5. I sat with Jay and Eddie Burke the day prior to this happening on a flight to Ketchikan. I didn’t mention that I was a Democratic candidate for the state house and Jay didn’t recognize me. I mostly just listened…. it was an illuminating experience.

  6. It’s always illuminating to see how people treat those they perceive as “below” them – cafeteria workers, doormen, waiters, etc. Jay can feign civility in front of a camera, but this incident is just one more example of an ugliness of character that should make anyone seriously reconsider voting him into office.

  7. Yeah, this is completely unsurprising to anyone that knows anything about Jay Ramras.

  8. Oh my, what a fight flight ! Perhaps a bit of drink was preceding.

    Now, about JR’s signs, I can be a little on the juvenile side meself, is it just me, or do they seem to inspire a certain aim for a unintentional target passer byes?
    It seems to be obvious invite..tho I am not encouraging this….really.

  9. Jay voted in favour of the death penalty bill (HB9) after holding a couple of pandering and useless hearings. “Asshat” seems about right.

  10. Jay and Eddie aren’t the only Republican candidates running. There is another. And his signs are better.

  11. I don’t know about Jay but I sure the heck hope people don’t want some one of Eddie’s ilk in their government.

  12. Is he still seeing Lesil or was that a lie? She was the same, wasn’t she?

    Whis is why givernors and guv lites need private planes.

  13. Ramras looks so much like Peewee Herman that I didn’t realize it was a photoshop job at first. He ain’t got no couth, either!

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