Posted by: shannynmoore | August 7, 2010

Moore Up North: Season 2 First Episode

Our interview with Joelle Hall. She is the Director of Operations for the Alaska AFL-CIO.   Ballot Prop 1-the GAG law!

And…our illustrious Panelists:

Steve Heimel is a 29-Year Veteran Alaska Broadcaster. He hosts Talk of Alaska on APRN and, on his Sunday Americana music show, The Truck Stop, he is “The Old Bull Rider!”

John Aronno, is an award-winning columnist, blogger at Alaska Commons and Alaska Dispatch’s Talk of the Tundra, President of the Alaska Young Democrats and new co-host of Studio1080 on KUDO

Craig Richards is an attorney who specializes in oil and gas, finance and tax law. He has an MBA in finance from Duke University, and has recently litigated cases involving the tax value of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System.  In addition, he has worked with Bill Walker for a number of years trying to commercialize North Slope gas.



  1. Shannyn, this is OT but the mudpups are waiting for you to weigh in on sarah halibut fishing (claiming it is her “own business”) in Homer. She’s commercial fishing for halibut on a long liner out of Homer now? And has time to make facebook comments from “the cabin”?

    • Oh, your patience will pay off. Coming soon.

      • Can’t wait!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Alaska Land Company, alaska commons. alaska commons said: Hey, look! I'm on the TV machine! Thanks again to Shannyn for having me on, I had a great time! […]

  3. Thanks to all connected in making “Moore Up North” possible. I hope there is a marketing plan to get more Alaskan viewers exposed to watching this show on a regular basis.

  4. I loved the show – so glad you post it for us in the deep, deep South (Deep Horizon Louisiana). One take-away: Shannon, you are the smoked salmon queen. 🙂 We love you too much!

  5. Shannyn….Hope you sold your video of Sarah’s hired goons patting people down on a PUBLIC dock for a LOT of $$$$!!! Who the hell does she think she is….the President or something? snark……

  6. Here’s an idea Shannyn – I would love to see a bumper sticker – a large red circle with the letter “P” in the center and a black line running through the center…..kinda like a no parking sign but the slash is horizonal …….standing for how Palin has divided our party and country. The NO PALIN bumper stickers oughta be a sell out in Alaska. Maybe we could all build a 10 foot fence and ignore her.

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