Posted by: shannynmoore | August 7, 2010

Palin’s Homer Transcript-D’Oh!

The following is the transcript of a cell phone video shot by Homeroid Billy Sullivan.  Billy gave Kathleen permission to hang her banner (PALIN WORST GOVERNOR EVER) on his place of business at the Homer docks in clear view of Palin’s Discovery entourage.

Palin: like how? What’s up?

Kathleen: You swore on your precious Bible that you would uphold the interests of this state, and then when cash was waved in front of your face, you quit.

Palin: OH, you WANTED me to be your governor!  I’m honored! Thank you!

Kathleen: I wanted you to honor your responsibilities. That is what I wanted.  I wanted you to be part of the political process instead of becoming a celebrity so that you could (inaudible). And if that’s the best you could do, then good for you. If that’s the best you could do.

Palin: Here’s the deal. Here’s the deal. (inaudible) That’s what I’m out there fightin’ for Americans to be able to have a Constitution protected so that we can have free speech…And ALSO there…

Kathleen: In what way are you fighting for that?

Palin: Oh my goodness!

Kathleen: In what way?

Palin: To elect candidates who understand the Constitution, to protect our military interests so that we can keep on fightin’ for our constitution that will protect some of the freedoms that evidently are important to you too.

Kathleen: By using your celebrity status, certainly not by political status.

Palin Daughter: How is she a celebrity? That’s my question.

Palin: I’m honored!  No, she thinks I’m a celebrity!

Palin Daughter: That’s funny that you think she is.

Kathleen: Well, you’re certainly not representing the state of Alaska any longer…even though…

Palin Daughter: She’s representing United States?

Kathleen: Yes, I know. You belong to America now, and that suits me just fine. Yeah.

Palin: What do you do here?

Kathleen: I’m a teacher

Palin: Oh. (Eye roll and protracted grimace)

Palin Daughter: Oh.

Kathleen: I also have a few other jobs. I’m married to a commercial fisherman.  And so I fish.

Palin: Oh that’s cool.  So am I!  I married to-we probably have a lot in common!

Kathleen: Yeah. You know, I think that we do.

Palin: Hi! (waves to camera) Are we on video?

Kathleen: Too bad. I’m more of a still camera girl myself. (inaudible) I am, I am…I will tell you I’m very pleased to meet you.

Palin: I’m honored to meet you, I really am. And, no we both agree on the freedom of speech and the-

Kathleen: Yes we do.

Palin: you know – the protection of that. So, um, no I and, you know… best of everything to you too and Yeah.

Kathleen: Thank you for coming over.

Palin: Well, okay. It’s nice to meet you anyway.



  1. Shannyn, Hoping you have sent this clip to Keith Oberman or Rachel Maddow.

    Was that Willow? Like mother like daughter.

    And WHY would $arah roll her eyes when this lady told her she was a teacher? Disgraceful. This entire family makes me sick.

    • “And WHY would $arah roll her eyes when this lady told her she was a teacher? Disgraceful. This entire family makes me sick.”

      Because Sarah Palin is a bad person. This video is just one of many examples backing this up.

      • She wasn’t rolling her eyes in disgust or anything. It appears she was hoping for the woman to say, “I’m a stripper” or some such nonsense. She had the look less of disgust or ridicule and more the look of, “Shit! A teacher!? Of all the people to be against me and my wonderfulness just had to be a teacher! You betcha!”

    • Yeah, I know, right? Honestly! She just made a complete fool of herself in front of the camera!

      I agree, it is disgraceful.

    • Palin rolled her eyes because knew that Kathleen Gustafson was no teacher and that the whole thing was a setup. Kathleen Gustafson is a theater technician at Kenai Peninsula School District and President, Board of Directors, Kachemak Bay. Family Planning Clinic. Oddly enough, Shannyn here shut down the comments on the YouTube video last night when people started posting those facs. Why is that? Hmmmmmmm…

      • Kathleen told Palin that she has several jobs including teacher, Einstein. So no lie there. And doesn’t it too make sense (are you familiar with that concept…things that make sense?) that someone who thinks Palin did a shitty job would engage in works that are contrary to what Palin would favor? geez, you’re acting like Sherlock Holmes and not even seeing the plain truth that the way this godawful public figure handled this was an outright embarassment and enough to make one consider looking for a nice cottage somewhere in Denmark.

  2. Don’t forget Huffpo!! Think “Viral”

  3. She rolled her eyes because teachers are “LIBRULS” dontchya know..youbetcha!

    • and they have that thing that these right-wingers hate…an “edjacathun”…this stems from having a president for 8 years that was proud of being stupid. It’s worse than sad.

      • Thank you Marie, your comment is priceless. Another post hoped that that video would make it to Olbermann or Rachel Maddow, I would certainly hope so.

    • Blue Franco -that is the funniest comment posted on this article!

    • BlueFranco…Very Funny post….I wish the tearing down of the sign had been captured. If I was one of those folks who had been patted down…One I wouldn’t let it happen without a fight and two after it happened would be approaching the state trooper to levy charges of assault and battery, and finally the I would have somehow gotten the whole thing taped. The Killa from Wazilla makes me sick.

  4. love how toad and palin ‘security’ were trying to block the filming. love how sarah tries to make this about ‘fightin’ for the constitution’ and all. this is brilliant!

    • Smackin’ her chewing gum, waving her arms like she was going to throw down with this woman. What a classless, trashy family.

  5. Now this was interesting. Showed Palin and her daughter at their snarkiness, and then they had Kathleen’s sign pulled down? Really?
    Had a bit of trouble getting Kathleen’s correct last name from the article. Thought it was Sullivan.
    Anyway, Kathleen is now my hero, and your reporting makes you my new superhero. Thank You.

  6. Thank you Shannyn. It’s too bad this know nothing witch can take so much money from the sheep across the land.
    That conversation didn’t even make sense. Just like her scripted ones.
    Maybe the winky thing is a nervous tick. We all know she has some extreme mental issues.
    I really wish someone would expose everything about her so she would go away. But until she does, exposing her phony persona is the best way to deal with her. And you do an excellent job!!

  7. I believe Sarah rolled her eyes due to her own lack of intellectual prowess.

  8. WOW! {eye’s rolling, facePalm} That woman “IS” an idiot!

  9. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mary Garibay, Mary Garibay. Mary Garibay said: How could anyone in their right mind think that this Grifter cold become president? this needs to go viral…. […]

  10. She has become the queen of deflection. She never answered the question “In what way are you fighting for that?” Instead she went on a talking points vomit. The reactions by both Palin and her daughter regarding the fact that the woman is a teacher is incredibly telling. What a couple of disrespectful slugs.

    She is thrilled to have someone call her a “celebrity”. ‘Nuff said.

  11. She claims to be protecting our military. Sarah P is such a lying idiot. Sarah’s Alaska will apparently be another project done back as*ward by her.

    Her daughter thinks her mother is some self appointed ambassador of the US. That is what happens when you are a stage prop and miss too much schooling. In the US, one needs to be elected or appointed by an elected official. We don’t do banna republic dictatorships here.

  12. Kathleen said “You swore on your precious Bible”

    No disdain for Christianity there… Nope, none at all.

    Exactly when does all that hatred start giving you health problem’s? That’s what I want to know.

    • As a Christian, Palin’s disdain for the teachings of Christ saddens me. Particularly, since she presents herself as being a Christian. The Bible I read says that lying, greed, and disdain for the poor are all sins. Maybe Palin should try actually READING the Bible before she tries to tell everyone that she believes in the words contained in it. I’ve never seen the woman display a single Christian attribute.

      Oh, and the only person I see spewing hatred is Sarah Palin. I was set to vote for McCain until he chose this hate-filled, incompetent woman as his running mate.

      • DITTO! Well said

    • Stacy, I noticed that too, (the ‘precious Bible’ comment) and it made me wince, but I could give K the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s implying that Palin is being hypocritical- not following the oath she took on the Bible that she claims is precious to her.

      • The precious Bible comment was spot on because Palin uses religion, she does not appear to live it.

    • Kathleen’s sarcasm was clearly aimed at the way Sarah Palin touts herself as a Christian but never, ever behaves like one. Palin is a shameless hypocrite.

    • I don’t think that was disdain for Christianity – I saw it as disdain for Palin’s use of her religion to be ‘right’ and ‘superior’ all the time.

  13. Thank you for putting this up on and here! More people need to see the disrespectful way Palin responded when Kathleen told her she was a teacher. That simple speaks volumes for the adolescent mentality that is Sarah Palin!

    That Sarah was more animated when the word “celebrity” came up than anything else also tells us what she most values.

    The manner in which her thugs tried to block the video was disgusting. Freedoms? Ha! Freedoms and rights seem to count only if they belong to Sarah.

    If Sarah had any class at all, she’d apologize for that banner being torn down. How I wish there had been a police officer nearby and charges made!

    What pleases me most is that this is just the beginning of what is going to happen if Sarah declares for the Presidency. As the song says, “[s]he ain’t seen nothing yet.”

    The real Sarah Palin is coming to the surface though, and it “ain’t” pretty.

  14. Sarah’s thought processes get shallower and shallower.
    I thik her top soil has been blowing away leaving an increasingly barren mental landscape.
    She’s got about half a dozen scruffy shrubs left, no abortion, lame stream everybody who doesn’t agree with me, mean girl, ….

    Thanks to Kathleen for speaking out, just remember St. Sarah the Avenger likes to get even and then some.

  15. Go Shannyn!! Thank you for posting this. It’s up on HuffPo too. Should be a fun filled day!

  16. thrilling conversation!

  17. I’m pretty sure that was Bristol, and why didn’t you mention that someone in the Palin party ripped the sign down? That would really show how much they respected that woman’s constitutionally-protected freedom of speech. I really hope this clip gets blasted all over the airwaves!

  18. Given your tendency to take things out of context (and edit film obviously) I wanted to clarify my comment just in case you actually do approve any dissent on your page.

    I am NOT wishing any bad health come your way, quite the opposite. I am simply wondering why anybody would spend so much time wallowing in negative energy. And don’t you think that will affect your health some day? It can’t be good for you.

    • excuse me . .. .hard to type while rofl at Stacy’s nutjob claim of an edited tape.
      Sheesh, didja even watch it?

    • “Edited film”? Stacy…come now. Take a right turn, and hit up Breitbart’s site if you’re looking for edited film. And as for negative energy, we’re all happy as clams to be visiting Shannyn’s site, as she seems to be more a voice for AK than Mrs. Palin.

    • Amazing that since the Rethugs got caught red handed editing 2 videos, that the Right would then use that to raise doubts about this video.

      Not one thing in this video suggests editing…

      How pathetic that truth be damned, integrity be damned and obviously America be damned in the name of protecting this IDIOT!

      • That’s because the right wing groupies are masters at projection. Everything. EVERY-THING they accuse their opponents of are things that they themselves have done. Just think about it…it’s absolutely astounding.

    • A diversion worthy of Palin herself! Avoid the real issues and obliquely reference the critics “health”. What about your health? Arent you getting “sick” of defending a hypocrite??

      You need more bible study time. Start with Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Concentrate on the words of Christ. You will find that Palin talks the talk, but never walks the walk.

  19. What really bothered me, other than the pat downs of private security of citizens on a private dock, her people tearing down the sign posted on private property and her cutesy Macintoshes, was the incredible disdain and lack of respect she demonstrated when responding to a very calm, rational person who was being critical in a very polite way. It was like the head cheerleader HAD to talk to the library helper girl because the Principal was watching. She was so sarcastic.
    Furthermore, she invalidated the very principles she was espousing to protect: Free Speech and Right to Bear Arms. Cah-raaaaaaaazy!

    • Pat downs of citizens by private security on a public dock…sorry for the edit!

  20. Great job, Kathleen! I, too, was really agitated at her sarcastic, disrespectful manner, but it didn’t surprise me after all that I have read and viewed about her narcissistic personality. I truly was disgusted by the awful facial gestures after Kathleen said she was a teacher. I guess money-grubber for cliche right-wing talking points is a much holier profession for forever candidate Sarah!

  21. I have the boots Palin’s wearing. Guess those will be going to Goodwill ASAP. Damn.

    I truly enjoyed the part where she seemed sarcastically overjoyed at being called a celebrity. What does she think she is? She can’t honestly believe that she’s taken seriously as a politician, right?

    • One of the phoniest people on the face of the earth. Why do people continue to give this airhead credit for having anything but disdain for this country much less it’s people.

      She is in this for herself. If she wasn’t afraid of what was being filmed why did Toad and his body guard try in vain to block what was taking place?

      She’s a phony, fraud… and will be exposed someday.. I just hope I’m here to witness it!

  22. Thanks Shannyn. I am surprised that more fishermen/women haven’t weighed in on her claim that she is “commercial fishing” on a Halibut boat and claiming that it is her “own business”. Maybe they are too busy making a living. I thought that was the story until I heard all of this.

    I can’t listen to her snarky crap and would not have been polite if I had come face to face with her. Did they put the sign back up to greet her camera crew when they got back to the dock? I would have.

  23. I agree that was Bristol.

  24. Just had a thought… did Sarah know the woman was referring to HER and not to the present Governor?

    • oh molly!!! I love your insight!

    • Classic narcissim. Everything is about Sarah!

  25. To most even handed people this comes across as a pretty civilised discourse and agreement to disagree showing both protagonists in a reasoable light – but then Palin does not have a squad of SEIU heavies to suppress dissent….

    • You’re kidding, right?

  26. palin is bad for the usa

  27. Shannon, you’re front page on Huff Post with this! Way to go!!!!!!
    I think this video you’ve posted may be Palin’s Macaca Moment!!!

    • Love it!!! Her “macaca” moment!

      • Ummm, wouldn’t that be “MY caca”? That’s why she’s wearin the boots, right?
        Just askin, wink-wink

    • Palin CAN NOT have a “Macaca Moment”

      Her saying stupid and inane things, even wildly and obviously false and inflammatory things is so routine now – indeed, that is the only reason she continues to draw attention. Like roadkill, we’ve all seen it before, but if its particularly big, like a deer, we slow down to look at it, and if its small enough and we are on foot, we’ll stop and poke it with a stick, go eeeeewww! at the smell and squirming maggots (as if its the VERY FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME!)

      So no, Sarah Palin will never have a “faux paux fall from grace” – Thats like saying the Three Stooges will lose their jobs because they did something embarrassing or juvenile on camera!

  28. Definitely Bristol. Quite a disrespectful reaction to school teaching as a profession. How different it is when she talks about that pillar of the community Chuck Heath being a teacher. All I can say is that’s one more hypocrisy, one more lie we’ve seen revealed.

    • Not Bristol. That is Willow….note the crossed arms and belligerent attitude. Entitled teenager all the way.

  29. So ….. Sarah is protecting the constitution, while her goons tear down this woman’s sign???

    Is that right?

    And …. her idiot daughter thinks Sarah is representing the whole USA??

    WHat trashy liars and deluded egotists this family is!

  30. There are now 96 Pending comments to your post on Huffington Post. Thousands of people seeing the video and commenting on how terrific Kathleen is!!
    Yaay Kathleen!!!!!!
    Shannon, can you interview her and post it??

  31. Will the Palin’s be charged for fishing without the proper IFQ’S. If not, why not.

    • Charged for fishing without IQ’s?

      You can do that?
      God, please say YES!!

  32. This is great. True colors coming out. Please contact Fox. The country needs to be educated of the danger this women [and her follower] present. Huffpo will demonstrate how fox and followers will be shielded from their hero.

  33. Wonderful, Shannyn! I do think your name will wind up in the history books. You are doing for Alaska and the US something similar to the efforts of Thomas Paine before and during the Amer. Revolution. Ms. Gustafson is an excellent example of active good citizen and she made her students proud. She ought to take the State Trooper’s advice and bring charges of trespassing and defacing private property. Even if it goes nowhere on a technicality, it will get a lot of press coverage.

  34. The most upsetting part of this story (if true) is the claim that Palin’s thugs were doing body searches in public place.

    Why would anyone allow them to do that? This isn’t Eastern Europe before the Berlin Wall came down.

  35. You voted Bush in twice. You’ll probably see to it that she’s your next Prez.

  36. Oh my goodness, Palin has no respect for education. I thought this was the case when she kept her children out of school so much, but now she has shown it on camera. These people really should have called the police when the sign was torn down. This piece of film will certainly be shown in the future.

  37. Way to go! Good on you for getting this out there.

  38. Where is the teacher outrage. If I was an educator, I would be so outraged by her disgusting show of disdain. She is not a good person.

  39. Teachers have gotten raise after raise from congress in this economy!!

    Working families actually have to struggle to work but “teachers” glue crap to a poster board and then get bailed out over and over by congress. While normal working people are losing their jobs.

    I don’t agree with Palin but that is why she rolled her eyes. Because teachers have zero concept of the real world or hard work.

    • I am assuming you are being sacrastic?! PLEASE tell me you are!

      Teachers have been laid off in mass quantities since the economy has tanked! Not only that, their classroom budgets have been cut, thier class size has been raised and they have taken cuts to their salaraies and benefits. Who do you think “working families” are? Many teachers have families at home to support.

      I won’t even get into the amount of take-home grading and lesson planning teachers are expected to do for free, or the continued education classes they are required to take to maintain their certifications.

      Go to college for five years, get your teaching certification, sub for five years while you wiat for a job to open up, spend one year teaching kids and dealing with their parents and THEN come back and say teachers have no concept of hard work!

      • Kate is absolutely correct. I am a Dietitian with a Master’s Degree and 15+ yr experience. My top salary was $17/hr. When the economy got tough, I decided to try Teaching at the College level. I was hired as an “Adjunct Faculty.”

        “Adjunct Faculty” are considered part-time (no benefits), even if they are LUCKY enough to be assigned the SAME NUMBER of classes as Professors. They are paid twice PER SEMESTER (meaning, one must somehow mange financially while being paid only once every 6-8 weeks)! Also, one’s employment as Adjunct is NOT guaranteed from one semester to the next–even if he has been FAITHFULLY teaching there, enduring the financial hardships, for over 20 years!

        Yes, a close friend of mine falls into the latter category. He was teaching at only one college at the time. Fortunately, since his BS and MS Degrees were in different subjects, and he is a quite personable fellow (and VERY hard-working!), he was able to obtain classes in two Departments–thereby slimly managing to get enough courses to get by… Also, he was forced to take odd jobs, especially in the summer, when he was lucky to get two courses. He was a Pizza Hut Driver on numerous occasions!

        Unfortunately, one day the college became upset with him over “teaching all those classes” (in the two different Departments.) (As if this were a crime!!!) Believe it or not, he was practically FIRED over this!!! This particular college HIRED 2 MORE ADJUNCTS so that they could refuse to grant him any classes. They even assigned his “signature course”–a course he personally developed–to another professor!!!

        So–he got smart, and applied to ALL of the colleges and universities in the city (thankfully, there are several). A college 50 miles away (one-way) offered him three classes; he did not hesitate to take the job! Another college offered him two or three classes; each class was three hours long, and usually he had two classes to teach back-to-back! The money was good, though, and again, he did not hesitate to take the job! He continues to “diversify his job portfolio”–

        One college has even offered to hire him full-time!? But he is wise enough to continue juggling all the colleges that have helped him to get by during these LEAN YEARS–

    • Wow. I’m guessing you don’t know any teachers. Most of them work like dogs for middling pay.

    • I’m sorry…when did teachers become the enemy? Teachers are people too! They are your next door neighbors, friends, in other words, they are part of our community. You need to be a teacher and see what is going on in the classroom and with students before you disparage the reputations of teachers.

      • Oh, teachers are the enemy, all right. Didn’t you hear House Minority Leader, John Boner last week label them as “special interests” along with unions, firefighters and cops. I guess we all don’t deserve “special interests” helping out the “little people” in our day to day struggles in life.

        THAT’S the nobless oblige that the Rethuglicans and Sarah Palin ooze out of every pore. And don’t fool yourself….little Mean Girl Sarah feels every bit entitled to her celebrity and the obeisience of the American public when she comes into someone’s town and disrupts everything….”Bow down and worship her royal half-governor-ness!!”

    • As a laid off teacher I take offense to your comment. I have spent the past two years working in the poorest, most crime ridden neighborhoods in Stockton. I don’t even make enough to make payments on the student loan I took out so I could embark upon this profession. When I was working I would work 60 hours a week. I would work on weekends and late into the evening. And what I faced from children each day would buckle your knees. I have every concept of the real world and of hard work. As Kate said, walk a mile in a teacher’s shoes before you decide you know all about it. And make sure you work with primary grades where bodily functions are a big part of the day!

      • Go AllyceC!!!!

        You are DEAD ON!!!!! I am also a teacher and I personally invite ANYONE to follow in my cheap and well-worn shoes for a day. I would also encourage anyone to go to college for 4+ years, incur thousands of dollars in debt, go through 15 weeks of UNPAID student teaching (most internships are paid) and then (if you’re lucky enough to get a job) put up with rude, demanding parents who can’t tolerate their own kids without plopping them in front of a t.v. or video game, let alone help them with homework, all the while listening to THEM tell YOU how to teach! HA!
        In the meantime, do this all on beginning pay that barely pays the bills but is slightly above qualifying for food stamps and welfare benefits. The icing on the cake is having to listen to morons who couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag bash teachers. All of you should be ashamed!!! Schools and teachers are the only stability and family most children will ever get. No Child Left Behind? HA! Try no Parents left Behind! Try no LOVE left Behind! Try no RESPECT left Behind! Try no BREAKFAST left behind! Try no PARENTAL BONDING left behind! It sickens me that we push for more accountablility for schools and teachers and ignore the one common denominator that is often behind every problem child or failing child: The PARENTS!

    • Sorry-you may feel that is why she rolled her eyes but would advise you to be wary of projecting your feelings onto Whatzername.
      This woman has a checkered history regarding education policy from her very short time as a politico and it is marked by stances on parents being allowed to opt out of schoolbooks they find offensive, allowing parents to use faith based materials in home schooling, encouraging discussions of intelligent design, and pushing the so called ABCs of learning, back to basics, patriotism, and ethics.
      As she is the most ethically challenged politico we’ve had ( and we have a ton of them ) the very idea she might waigh in on what children should be taught about ethics gives me heartburn.
      I disagree with your assessment of teachers/teaching as being less than real work but that is not what I’m responding to here…
      Be very, very careful what you think Whatzername is saying…
      She’s a snake…
      Your ideas are smarter than hers…

    • Are you insane? These people go into massive debt to get a first rate education so that they can teach the children that will be future leaders. They work hard, most of them spend a lot of their own money on stuff for the kids becasue the school have no money for materials. If they do a good job and somebodys kid doesnt do well, they are meddled with and told to pass the kid anyway. They are criticized because they ARE educated and smart, and that is considered “elite” by the uneducated, ignorant, biased, racist Rethuglican/TeaBaggers. We are lucky that anyone wants to teach in this political environment.

  40. Palin is so inarticulate, it is embarrassing. How is she “fighting” for anything. She is promoting herself. Since she is no longer an elected official, she has no more power to affect policy or legislation anymore than a FOX personality. “Oh wait, she is a FOX personality.” She is a national gad fly. She is to politics, what Lady GaGa is to music.

  41. In regards to her claim to be fishing her flat ass off, on her own business, yet no family halibut IFQs, maybe the palin appointed Fish and Game commissioner could weigh in…oh wait, he seems to be busy with his own business..
    Alaska Fish and Game chief arrested on DUI charge

    (Published: August 8th)
    Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Denby Lloyd is accused of driving under the influence.
    Lloyd, 55, was arrested early today in Juneau and taken to the Lemon Creek Correctional Center. According to the police log, his car was impounded.
    Gov. Sean Parnell’s spokeswoman released a statement from Parnell saying he takes the matter very seriously. Parnell says if “the court system reveals guilt, swift and appropriate action will be taken.” Booking officer Zarak Malacas says Lloyd has been released from custody and is scheduled for a court appearance Monday. He says Lloyd is charged with DUI and reckless endangerment.
    There is no phone listing for Lloyd in Alaska and he could not be reached for comment.

    Read more:

    • allow me to add that I should dial back the snark a bit, and not c/p so bad.
      perhaps this was a bad choice made by a man under alot of stress, who caught wind of the Homer happenings of his ex-boss, who has said she does not believe in coinky dinks…

  42. The eye roll at the word “teacher” was priceless. This alone should be used extensively the next time this mowron tries to run. I love the whole entourage too — why doesn’t she just put brown shirts on them?

  43. Palin is laughing all of the way to the bank. She is disgraceful and could not care less about our country. Its ALL about celebrity and money. Its disgusting!

  44. Wasilla HillBullies…

    • Todd is a bully.

  45. Where does Sarah or her cronies get off destroying someone’s property? Just like the Republican candidate in Florida. Talking up “values” then stealing another candidate’s signs in the night, only to be caught on night camera!
    Regardless if it’s a roll of butcher paper painted on or a professional billboard, it wasn’t her property to destroy.
    This woman’s arrogance and ignorance is truly epic.
    I would have to say, I like the “Worst Governor Ever” slogan. Right next to a pic of Palin.
    Headed to Cafe Press to make me one!! (you can make your own bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc.)

    Way to stand up for the Constitution Sarah….

    And, WHATCHA wanna bet Sarah wouldn’t be out there fishin’ without the cameras a-rollin? She makes it sound like in her post she was just out doing a hard day’s work….not a photo op…

  46. And…
    The snarkiness and sarcasm clearly shows Palin’s lack of taste, class and the ability to be a ‘Statesman’.

  47. …protect some of the freedoms? I must have missed roll call.Anyone tell me who the goon squadders are? I saw a guy in red sweatshirt and camo hat, agoon in orange hat and shades and a wannabe skinhead with a moustache. Palin’s kids grow up like GWB and brothers. Laws apparently don’t apply to them.

  48. forgot. I am not a lawyer,but it looks like an easy case of destruction of private property, violation of free speech rights, criminal trespass,and if nothing else stick the bast%rds with littering.

    • Exactly. 🙂

  49. I can just imagine the ending of the conversation.Sarah and whichever daughter was present would say something like”toodles and have a nice day. Now where did I leave that baby,hmmmmmnnnnn.”

  50. Attention is what Palin wants?
    Attention is what Palin will get!
    Palin at her best. Unscripted!

  51. May I infer from Palin’s rolling eye response and grimmace when told the protestor was a teacher that “Real Americans” don’t have jobs like teachers…? Sarah brightened up when told by the protestor that she was married to a commercial fisherman…”now that’s what ‘Real Americans” do…” I would like tp point out that Palin and family are indeed chasing celebrity as the end goal. BTW, last time I looked, our President Obama IS upholding our Constitution and protecting our national security interests (not “military interests”). As Commander-In-Chief, he is defending liberty everyday and I am truly proud of him, unlike quitters like Sarah Palin, who Thank God is not anywhere near the White House.

  52. Sarah Palin did not coherently respond to this Alaskan’s concerns. She avoided the question and in the process, displayed disdain for teachers (even when face to face with a teacher) the very “workers” and “ordinary” folks she pretends to represent.

    I must admit that her sarcastic comments make with a wink and a smile make great sound bites. However, I think those comments are more appropriate to a schoolyard fight between kids than a former vice presidential.

  53. I’m hardcore anti-Palin. I think in many ways she’s not just a nitwit, but one that managed to wield a dangerous amount of influence… at an especially ignorant and troubling time in our history.

    However, I don’t see much in the video itself that’s controversial. The daughter is less controlled than Sarah P., who seems like she’s trying to “manage” the situation. Tearing down the sign, of course, is another story.

    Again… I’m no fan. But I’d prefer to attack her on points where she’s truly earned it. And there are plenty enough to not bother with this one.

  54. I am a teacher and I am so disgusted by this. She has a note on her facebook saying she did not roll her eyes, and my Dad is a teacher, etc etc. Well, then why not include the video so we can all see it? Because the whole world can see her roll her eyes, that’s why. And that’s why it is SO much fun to teach spoiled kids whose parents give them full permission to disrespect you and snicker instead of learning what they need to make our country strong. And when they get into trouble, they come to school to get their kids out of trouble instead of letting them face consequences. SO SICK of it.

    • As a retired teacher and administrator–from my experience your words are indeed true. I’ve seen many of these parents and their children make a teacher’s life misery. It’s more important they be the friend of their child than the parent. Sadly, neither the parent nor the child grow into the responsible citizens we need to support a vibrant productive society.

  55. If only more people could see the “REAL” Sarah! I can not believe she still thinks ALASKA WANTS OR NEEDS HER. i LOVED THIS ARTICLE. It was so right on. showed Sarah for who she really is. And here she gets mad at Levi for loving the limelight!!

  56. One word: TRASH

    • Two words: Trailer Trash.

  57. Palin’s daughter, Willow I believe, speaks very disrespectfully in the video. Either Sarah doesn’t notice how rude her daughter is, or she has trained her children to be attack dogs when she is challenged by someone.

  58. Just a thought. I would love to see Alaskans wearing “Worst Governor Ever” T-Shirts in TLC’s upcoming Sarah Palin television show. Where is she filming next? I mean, TLC may get away with patting down Alaskans to make sure they aren’t carrying any firearms near their precious reality star, but surely, they could not make them remove their shirts and/or leave public property.
    If Mrs. Gustafson was so inclined, she could sell the shirts on-line and donate the proceeds to underpaid Alaskan school teachers.

    By the way, keep up the great work.

    • FANTASTIC idea 🙂

  59. Hilarious the way her goon squad kept trying to block the filming as Sarah insisted she was all about protecting First Amendment rights (before having the sign ripped down)! She was condescending and sarcastic throughout, and the exaggerated eye-rolling at the mention of the word “teacher” should be part of any anti-Palin campaign from now on.

  60. Hey Alaskans – you got your wish – this went viral all right! Picked it up tonight in Ohio. And I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your commentary. If all comments were as thoughtful, careful, and measured as yours. Really – I don’t think this is a time in history for sarcasm – that’s child’s play. Reading your comments was refreshing. As you have shown, hate isn’t necessary for getting a point across. Thanks for sharing the information.

  61. Every time we watch Sarah Palin in awe and horror we must remember: it’s not so much Sarah Palin who is scary as the fact that a huge number of Americans love her. We need to turn our heads away from Sarah herself, who is simply absurd and not worth our critique, and toward the larger issue: what has made our country so sick as to find comfort in someone like this?

    • I couldn’t agree more. My wife and I are Americans who moved overseas and agreed to stay there “while Bush was in office.” We never imagined that would last more than four years, and then it did.

      When Obama won, we threw a party in Paris (it was my birthday, too, but we made it about Obama instead). It was proof, we thought, that America had only a temporary flirtation with the New Ugliness, albeit one that had lasted nearly a decade, and that it could be good again.

      But now it’s back and worse than ever. And no, I don’t mean conservatism. This isn’t about right vs. left. It’s about the sinister and willful ignorance that has made politics of the kind Palin and her ilk practice so widely accepted.

      I do believe some of it is thinly veiled racism against a black president, unfortunately. But it goes well beyond that. Certainly, some of the desperation has to come from the current economic crisis — very much a result of policies during Bush’s eight years — and fear for the future. And absolutely, it’s because of the deliberate polarization of our media. Journalism is all but dead, and marketing a view point is the new normal.

      I’ve met many Palin supporters that I like. But then the blinders go on and they become someone or something else. They shift into the pulpit-pounding, flag-waving, ignorati that get all their “information” from Fox, somehow think our Founding Fathers supported liberty for the few, and that Christ preached their brand of fascism.

      That said, I think that for exactly those reasons it’s vitally important that anyone who disdains this kind of willing ignorance and fears Palin’s rise owes it to themselves and to any hope of a better nation to object loudly and precisely to what she and her followers REALLY do wrong, rather than what we want to attribute to her.

      For instance, from what I observe, Palin is far from being a “gracious lady” as someone wrote here. But in this actual video, while she may be a fool, she doesn’t come across — to me — as vicious or deeply cynical or sarcastic. Certainly, she’s done that elsewhere. And by all means, let’s compile that footage. But to make this particular clip into that risks confusing the issue.

      Her daughter comes off poorly, yes. But what teenager trying to defend a parent wouldn’t? I’m not excusing what seems like ill-breeding, I’m just saying that it’s also not the core of the issue.

      And yes, that anybody got patted down or that the sign was destroyed is absolutely worth telling the world. That’s just not right. But is Palin Hitler, as one of the posts below states? No. She’s a nitwit who has figured out how to play the new media to whip up support. But nowhere near the levels that Hitler did and with nowhere near as insidious an intent. To claim otherwise disrespects the millions that died at his hand.

      Yet, on that last point, I will concede there’s one big parallel. As Todd says in his post, the real story is why so many Americans support her. That’s the greater concern and worth sorting out.

      • Heh. So you seriously went into Crybaby Mode and moved out of the country? Snicker.

  62. I, too am vERY PROUD of President Obama. He gets smacked at very turn, only because he is trying to uphold our constitutional freedoms and give the middle class (and lower) the breaks that have been withheld from us by the Republicans. I love him and will support him in the next election. Sarah Palin is a disgrace to the human race and has never, never, never displayed one attribute of Christianity. McCain either.

  63. Don’t know if you read all the posts. In any case, there’s a pattern to Palin. Last year I was the lone “protester” at Palin’s book signing at the Wasilla Sports Complex. I was the FOG –fat old gramma–in a walker. There’s the usual insults. No biggy. But Palin’s security/Wasilla cops/ actually confiscated my signs when I wouldn’t turn them over. The 1 officer said I could be arrested for disturbing the peace since Palin had paid for the complex. I told him he needed to provide me a copy of that paperwork since I was on public property. That’s when he got my signs & crumpled them up. I couldn’t grab my signs back tho I wanted to cuz I was in a walker . I told him he was taking my property. He took the signs away anyway. Later, I secured a copy of the Palin “contract” with the sports complex. Nowhere was my outside sidewalk area bought & paid for by her publishers or Palin tho specific requirements included banning some people from the bldg ( questionable since only one big basic area was rented ). I contacted the Wasilla Police Dept & demanded my signs back. My son picked them up there for me. The big issue here is 1st Amendment Rights even on the small scale . What’s funny is that I’m a teacher too. When I saw Kathleen Gustafson’s sign down, it brought back a few thoughts. Palin, protector of Constitutional rights, as she proclaimed, Ha! Bunch of Goons all. If this goes to Olberman or Maddow, & I think it should, it shows a pattern that more people in the lower 48 should be made aware of. It needs to be done soon or its time will pass but it is a piece that needs its fit in the jigsaw. I still have the paperwork & crumpled signs. No dead body here but certainly maggots that live on decay. And that is Palin –core decomposition, rot. More people need to get more facts.

    • Your story sounds like some of the Bush/Cheney campaign events where people were arrested for wearing anti-war t-shirts and protest signs. Nothing violent, just peaceful protesting. Some had anti-war bumper stickers and were detained, questioned and a few arrested.
      Palin is a sellout, she turned her back on Alaska. It just seems like a huge insult for her to be so arrogant and have her goon squad suppress free speech on private property. I agree with you, more people need to get more facts about Palin, if she actually gets the gop nomination I doubt I’ll be the only one troubled and disgusted.

  64. She believes in freedom of speech until she turns her back and the camera is off. Then her brownshirts tresspass on private property to commit vandalism by tearing down the sign.

    Sarah Palin is a fascist. She is America’s version of Hitler. Plain and simple. She has the same charisma and she has the same gift of stirring up hate.

    • Wow….. as soon as the video ends, you go straight to Imagination Land. How very amusing.

  65. Wow a transcript… is that so you can do word studies of what Sarah said? You can tell us what she “really” said? Funny… I didn’t see eye’s rolling… but I did see a VERY gracious lady!

    • Debby, no doubt you’ve made up your mind, so I won’t try to dissuade you here. But your response fascinates me. How, in any way, could a transcript of the dialogue be a bad idea? When what a public figure says is so influential, then yes… absolutely… let’s study what she really said.

      As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, I don’t see that what she said here is all that controversial. And the transcript seems to back that up. Now, if you want transcripts from elsewhere that prove she’s anything BUT gracious, those exist too… volumes of them.

      But can you really (without the quotes) object to a debate BECAUSE it pauses to look at the facts? Of all the things attributed to Palin here, it’s the act of posting of a transcript that comes closest to a fair and balanced view.

  66. Now, lets look at this paragraph from Comrade Palin:

    “To elect candidates who understand the Constitution, to protect our military interests so that we can keep on fightin’ for our constitution that will protect some of the freedoms that evidently are important to you too.”

    OK, Sarah, let’s DO JUST THAT. We’ll start by (A) REMOVING every single member of Congress who voted to ILLEGALLY hand over the Congress’ SOLE LEGAL RIGHT to declare war over to the PRESIDENT (Bush), then (B) make sure no member of Congress EVER holds a public, political office again for sitting on its collective haunches and allowing the President (Bush) to both ILLEGALLY ACCEPT the power to declare war from Congress then use that power to launch an ILLEGAL WAR against a nation which had not committed any ‘Act of War’ against the U.S. Then, (C) we will begin the process of ROUNDING UP all of the members of the Bush White House who were directly responsible for using FALSE information and CONCOCTED “evidence” to foment the above mentioned ILLEGAL ATTACKS against Iraq, who allowed our Civil Liberties to be trashed, who sat back and winked at TORTURE, who failed to control our borders, and who allowed our fiscal policies to run amok. After we’ve finished with the Bush White House, we’ll go after the Obama White House using the same reasoning and rules for removing anyone who has trampled on the Constitution in the same fashion as the former Bush regime. Finally, we will make sure that all future politicians (like you) who have no clue as to what the Constitution is and what it says you can and cannot do will be banned from ever holding public office. And you can retire to hunt Moose and catch Fish…,since that’s all you really seem to know how to do.

  67. Rush’s premise is that libs attack the ones they fear the most. Recall that Palin does not have a political office!

    ‘Looks like elrushbo is right again.

  68. I’m glad you had this opportunity, but I was disappointed to see that it just devolved into pleasantries. I know that you had a lot more you wanted to say, but when she was right there and you saw that she is just a person like everyone else, you didn’t have the heart to really tear her to shreds. She is a hypocrite of the worst order. She represents the worst of America and you should have pounced. If your ultimate aim is to make real change, or run for office, you must leave behind the guilt and your good nature and go for the political throat in situations like this.

  69. “…to protect our military interests so that we can keep on fightin’ for our constitution…”

    Yah- Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Xe and da zoo really care bout dat ol Constitution yoo betcha!

    Yet one more example of how the sock-puppets think the puppet-show is real because THEY’RE IN IT!

    Hey Homeroids! Say a big hullo to my ol pal Mike Hawfield… and tell him we miss him up at da U.P., eh.


  70. Up until now I didn’t believe anyone was afraid of Sarah Palin but you people have sure proved me wrong. She scares the bedevil out of you that’s why you attack her at every turn and for any reason.

  71. This lady is the lowest common denominator. First, she makes some ridiculous statement about how she protects the Constitution, but still wants to make a stink about this lady’s opinion. Then her idiot daughter can’t shut up for five minutes. But let’s roll our eyes at the educator who was forced to teach your “Abstinence Only” sex ed classes while your daughter kept the meter running on her back! You betcha! Stupid-assed redneck! I hope she is the 2012 candidate. That will assure another 4 years of an EDUCATED leader and not some hayseed idiot hand-picked by the hate-monger party known as the GOP.

  72. It’s been on MSNBC a lot this morning, but they do not mention that the banner was torn down. I can’t find a “contact us” on the MSNBC website. Does anyone know how to contact them and let them know that a Palin representative tore the sign down?
    P.S. So sorry, Alaskans, on your loss of Uncle Ted.

  73. Kathleen,

    You are right. The venom in these comments is completely irrational. Was Palin supposed to kiss that woman’s feet because she’s a teacher? Big deal. And what was that woman’s complaint-she didn’t like Palin so she wants her to be Governor? Insane. The fear is and hate in these comments is what’s disturbing.

    • Dan neither you or Kathleen L get it. The whole point of most of the outrage HERE IN ALASKA and in this forum regarding this issue is the fact that Sarah is behaving like a high school mean girl. In this case she and Bristol (yes it was Bristol…I know the family VERY well and can tell the girls apart from a 100 paces) along with Todd, were behaving like school yard bullies. If Sarah’s true intent is to remain in politics or in the public eye in any capacity she needs to grow the hell up and stop feeling like she needs to CONFRONT anyone what has an opinion about her and what she’s doing. It’s the price you pay for being in the public eye. She needs to grow a pair and if she can’t handle it then she needs to go sit her arse down somewhere and stop making a mockery of Wasilla and the state of Alaska! >:-(

  74. FREAK! The only way to get little Sarah outta our hair is for the media to stop running stories about her and the whacked- out, juvinile things she claims as truth…but then, the media LOVES a crackpot, as they make good copy, so don’t hold your breath, America…

  75. Please don’t disparage trailers, many good people live in trailers, some trailers are very nice…but trash is trash no matter where it lives.

  76. You Rock Sarah!!!! What a class act.

  77. heh…. love the comments where people become enraged over an alleged rolling of eyes. It must be pleasant to be told that you are supposed to hate, for example, Sarah Palin… that way, you can simply react without the tedium of doing your own thinking….

  78. at least sarah didnt deny what the banner said ?
    hard to argue with an angry citizen who hates a gov that runs off with Mc cain.

  79. What’s up with the two big GOONS who keep trying to get in front of the camera ??? Apparently “Free Speech” scares the hell out of Palin’s Goons.

    Reminds me of when a ‘security’ person told me I couldn’t display my “NO to NAFTA” banner at Clinton’s rally in St. Louis in Jan ’09. I told him to go ahead and arrrest me in front of all those TV cameras.

    In China or USA – freedom’s only protection is readily accessible video recording. David Ogden

  80. man, that look on her face after hearing teacher….
    …priceless!!1 lulz!!1 ;-p

  81. Funny reading all the responses. Perhaps some are too focused on the eye roll, it’s meaning, etc. The look was rather priceless no matter what your interpretation of it was, but it’s not important.

    Trying to go in with an unbiased look at this, I was able to put to rest previous opinions I’ve formed about Palin. I’m not forming these based on any particular TV network or someone else. I’m basing them on debates, a gathering of information with a very leery view of the press – I always approach that with a bit of disdain for their ability to stir the pot, regardless of which side, although there are some Champion Pot Stirrers out there that I’d just assume do without.

    If comments about actions before and after were true then it could be a bit discomforting. If the sign was in fact ripped down and done by one of her party, it would clearly show a lack of respect for the freedoms she claims to be fighting for. I doubt they’re pulling any of the Anti-Obama signs down. And if they were frisking people for someone who was once simply a Governor / VP candidate then I’m not sure I like that either. A large event requires security, but approaching a “protester” to chat and requiring that seems odd. The evidence on video where they were working hard at blocking the camera shows they’d rather not have it taped, but also shows a bit of restraint in the approach.

    What I took away from this was….

    She is a bit sarcastic and seems to be condescending. In her defense it may simply be the way she sounds, I’ve never been a fan of the “po-dunk-good-ole-girl” way of talking. In that respect she makes some of our previous Presidents sound quite articulate. I just felt that she approached this woman to talk about things, but wasn’t prepared to handle the protesters own harsh way of talking.

    Since I don’t think anyone is ever considering electing the protester, I believe it’s far to weigh Palin’s actions a little more heavily.

    I don’t believe her answers are very articulate. She speaks in this case about the vague need to fight for our freedoms and I’m not sure where we’re going with that. In the current administration there have been trends to appoint people to offices that previously didn’t exist (Big Government as the detractors will call it) but I don’t feel things are becoming more restrictive or less free. Like or dislike the healthcare changes, something had to be done.

    The previous 8 years saw more limitations and infringements on freedom than these last 2. Some out of necessity (in the name of security which many of us would not argue) but it’s odd that this is the angle taken.

    Just in general I have a feeling of apathy for Palin. McCain I liked, but admittedly I liked Obama as well. Biden was iffy. Prone to some gaffe’s he was at least intelligent at times and owned up to some of those goofs. At election time I knew rather have an Obama/Biden ticket regardless of any apprehension I had about Biden than I would have putting Palin in any situation. It seemed more she was a ticket to a broader base, a last minute choice, a grasping for her ability to appeal in areas they needed votes.

    Unfortunately her mannerisms and thoughts on things, particularly when she has to think on her feet, were able to shine through and put enough people off to her that that did not happen.

    Are people afraid of her as a political power? A conservative juggernaut? Likely not. Are they worried they may have someone that makes poor decisions and can’t be counted on? I think so.

    Anyone else remember Dan Quayle? Nice enough guy I’m sure, but a very bad choice for a VP and probably a good reason his ticket never stood a chance. I see the same thing here.

  82. All I know is the next sign should read “Worst half-term governor ever”.

  83. Sarah Palin is the new Lucy Ball…
    Republican clown provides entertainment not Leadership.

  84. She may think she will run for President but no one in their right mind will vote for her to run our country. i doubt the Republicans will let her run. They really have no one yet that I see can beat Obama yet.

  85. One way to repel the robbers is the hiring of a custodian of the House. A guard house is one of the best ways to get rid of any problem as well. All you need do is find someone to rock your house a couple of times a day, checking things, and turns on thelights at night.

  86. […] In her “tireless” yet laughably ironic quest to help elect candidates “who understand the constitution” (her words) Sarah Palin is on her way to Florida. […]

  87. […] Para los que nos cuesta un poco el inglés, aquí pueden encontrar una transcripción. […]

  88. “I wanted you to honor your responsibility” and there was no real comeback.

  89. […] It’s kind of tough to hear what they’re saying, so here’s a transcript of the exchange (courtesy of Shannyn Moore’s blog): […]

  90. I am amazed at the irrational hatred and vilification of Sarah Palin. I think that she handles all this garbage with better humor than most people would. You Sarah haters are truly sick. GET A LIFE.

  91. Thanks for posting.

  92. It’s Silly Sarah the half term half wit!!! What do you expect??

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