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Sarah Palin’s Homer Moment-D’Oh!

I’m really proud of my home town.  When I say, “I’m just a girl from Homer” on my blog, radio or television show, I like to think it’s not so much self-deprecation as it is a friendly warning. When Palin signed off on her Facebook blog bashing Obama on Friday with “Sarah Palin in Homer, Alaska”.  I laughed. Lady, if you think I give you a hard time, hang on.

Palin posted:

“And here I am, thousands of miles away from DC out on a commercial fishing boat, working my butt off for my own business, merely asking the Democrat politicos and their liberal friends in the media: “What’s the plan, man?”, and they seem to feel threatened by my question. So, I’ll go back to setting my hooks and watching the halibut take the bait, and when I come back into the boat’s cabin in a few hours…”

Strange. The Palin’s fishing business doesn’t include IFQ’s (Individual Fishing Quotas) necessary for commercially harvesting halibut. Her baiting hooks and keeping a manicure is laughable. Halibut are on the bottom of the ocean, hard to watch them “take the bait”. I hope she’s got a crew license.  (Shrug).

Sarah Palin & company spent several days in Homer filming her “Sarah Palin’s Uh-laska” show. (Eyes rolled).

On the public dock, private security patted down private citizens. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure from their government. Private security searching private citizens in a public place, doesn’t fall under that category. It’s a bit more hinky.

Whether it was TLC or the Palins who contracted security, under what authority did they operate in a public location? Were they looking for weapons? Well, now there’s a Second Amendment issue.

This is Alaska, we carry guns. You can open-carry or acquire a concealed weapons permit from the state. If you are a law abiding citizen, you don’t even need a permit. Sarah Palin recently endorsed Alaska Tea Party Candidate Joe Miller for US Senate. His supporters carried assault rifles in last month’s Golden Days Parade in Fairbanks. If weapons are good enough for a public parade, weapons should be fine at a public dock.

Maybe it wasn’t about guns. Maybe it was about cameras. In that case, it’s a First Amendment issue.  Whether Palin had a problem with the First Amendment, the Second Amendment or the Fourth Amendment, she contradicted her entourage’s actions at the Homer dock.

Risking accusations of being all Wee-Wee’d Up“, one Homer woman made a sign in her shed. She then took the 30 foot by 3 foot banner out to the boat harbor. It said “WORST GOVERNOR EVER“. Kathleen Gustafson is a teacher married to a local commercial fisherman. She felt like Sarah Palin had let the state down by becoming a dollar-chasing celebrity and ignoring the oath of office she’d sworn on a Bible.

Kathleen was motivated by the fact Palin was using the very place where her family makes a living to fortify the Palin personality cult-pretending to do the very thing they worked so hard to sustain. Initially, Kathleen just wanted to waste a little of the camera crew’s time, since Palin wasted so much of her time purporting to represent Alaska’s interests.

She didn’t imagine Palin would be so easy to draw out.

Saturday morning, Billy Sullivan helped Kathleen tape the banner up on his place of business at the top of the boat ramp. Then here she came. Sarah.

She couldn’t just walk by.  Only a few fishermen and tourists would have seen the banner, but Sarah had to stop and protest. I spoke with Kathleen. She said she wanted Palin to know how she felt, but never dreamed she’d get the chance to say to her face, “You’re not a leader, you’re a climber!”  Early in the conversation, Sarah actually winked at Kathleen in what seemed to be a case of eyelid Tourette Syndrome.

At one point, a Palin daughter chanted, “You’re just jealous”.  Kathleen told Sarah she was disappointed that she dropped her responsibility to the state to became a celebrity. Palin said incredulously, “I’m honored.  No, she thinks I’m a celebrity!” Really? So the camera crew wasn’t an indicator? How many times do you have to be on magazine covers to gain celebrity status? Something about camping with Kate Plus Eight in rain slickers seems, well, a little celebrity.

Billy Sullivan caught much of the interchange on his cell phone camera. The back of her security guard’s head and Todd Palin attempted to block Billy’s view, continually rotating like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. What were they afraid of?  I guess that’s what happens when you’re filming a “celebrity”.  He was even told by one of the Palin daughters, “You’re an A-hole”.  Charming family values.

I asked both Billy and Kathleen which Palin daughter said what. Neither knew. They don’t have televisions and aren’t interested in Palin’s personal life and dramas.

In what has become typical tragic irony, Sarah initially claimed to support Kathleen’s First Amendment Rights.  But as soon as Billy Sullivan walked toward the dock, one of Palin’s entourage tore down the sign to great applause from her group.

Todd Palin approached Billy (who owns a business called Dockside Fish and buys halibut on that dock) and asked him to get out of the Discovery crew’s shot.  “You just can’t get enough of her, can you?” he asked. An Alaska State Trooper told Billy he should call the Homer Police Department and report the trespassing and destruction of property.

What the Palin folks don’t seem to understand is simple; if Fred Phelps gets to hold his hateful signs up at military funerals, Billy should be able to put Kathleen’s “WORST GOVERNOR EVER” banner on his building and not have a Palin goon tear it down.

The First Amendment only matters when you say or write something someone else doesn’t like.

For someone who doesn’t hold elected office and denies being a celebrity, Sarah Palin may want to get a “Constitutional Handler”.

Transcript of the video can be found here.

Kathleen’s banner torn down, but Palin is still the “WORST GOVERNOR EVER“.



  1. Well, world, has she pushed us hard enough and long enough? Does the buck stop in Homer?

    • I say everyone should email/write/call the Discovery Channel, who Sarah was representing on this trip and make your feelings known, loud and clear. Maybe, we would all fell better if her million dollar an episode lasted only a few.

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  3. Jeez, can SP be anymore of a airheaded moron ?

  4. Mrs Palin and her Gang of Thugs. . . .

    the real alaskan wanted to express her opinion and the thugs and Mrs Palin had to approach the real alaskan in gang style….

    It was a gang of what 4 people against the one real alaskan. . . .if Mrs Palin wanted to discuss the sign why didn’t she approach the alaskan one on one and not do so in a threatening, intimidating gang style approach where the thugs move around to get in the way of the person trying to film the interaction, where the rest of Palin’s gang swarm Kathleen and Billy
    throwing out disrespectful comments and gestures…..not wanting kathleen, Billy or other Homer residents to practice their constitutional rights

    Dedication and Committment, it’s a difficult concept for some who never follow through as Mrs Palin hasn’t, in flitting from one college to another, leaving positions without completing responsibility….these actions by a public figure send messages to many highly influential young minds and not so young minds, as a public figure who has committed to serving a term of office, you”d better have a damn good reason to leave before the term is up, Mrs Palin didn’t……for some people this will carry over into their own lives, and make it okay for them to quit before finishing their responsibilities. The message public figures give out is crucial to our young people and how they will approach life
    their own life struggles.

    Mrs Palin is not used to allowing others to have their say from her facebook page, she knows not how to allow interaction or freedom of expression by tearing down signs and disrespecting Kathleen’s profession and the profession of millions of other teachers in the real America, by using disrespectful facial expressions.

    You don’t get it Mrs Palin, you’ve continually disrespected the office of the Gov of Alaska and many have higher morals and ethics that we uphold no matter what the circumstances….. we stick in there, hang in there and complete the job…this is a foreign language to Mrs Palin

    This is something I worked with my children on… committment and responsibility to a team, when the going gets tough or you have to do something you particularily don’t like you don’t just drop out, digging in your heels is what makes you a stronger person, this is how we grow as human beings. . . .this is what America is. . . we’re tough….we don’t take the easy road. . . .

    Mrs Palin has disrespected all who believe in committment and responsibility and who have toughed it out in our lives, Mrs Palin has taken the easy road(for lots of money) and let down the team of citizens in Alaska who expected committment and dedication when someone takes a public office. . . .she let down the team, this was one of the basic lessons I taught my children. . . .

    you never let down the team

  5. How rude was her daughter? It looked like Bristol to me chomping on some gum. Whoever she was she needs to learn some manners.

    • It was probably Willow.

      I expect Bristol is either waiting for her D&C or will be incommunicado for about 6 months.

      • Speaking of rude and having class…. mlaiuppa you lack it. We’ve lost two and that is a very serious matter. That’s really sad, no matter who’s it is. That’s the best you’ve got Pat? Gum chewing by a teenager. I guess yours is perfect. My daughter does nutty stuff all time. It’s part of the learning and growing up process. She wasn’t even involved in the exchange. You guys crack me up. Sarah has no political pull at all and she scares the crap of you. I believe she has no business being in any type of leadership roll, it’s the pettiness that amazes me. Gum chewing.. that’s funny I don’t care who you are.

        • Jeff, did you miss the part where the “family values” candidate referred to the camera man as an a@$$hole? Or the part where the big security dude kept inserting his bulbous head in the camera’s way? Or the snotty, “I’m so much better than you” tone of voice that Ms Palin was using?

          In my opinion, Sarah Palin is a fame-seeking waste of space. She doesn’t scare me–the people who follow her, fawn upon her, and think she is God’s gift to the universe are the ones who scare me. They vote, you know. And they don’t seem to know or care that their darling girl uses the Constitution of the United States for toilet paper, metaphorically speaking, that is.

  6. I am so surprised that she did not use this opportunity to do her “poor,poor, pitaful me routine and those ‘evil liberals are against me’.
    Instead, she had a perfect opportunity to show that she supports to first amendment and leave the sign where it was.
    She did not. First she lied about her family business on her face book to score points against the POTUS and Democrats and then she allows somebody to tear down a sign that she does not like.
    Had that been me, that sign would have gone right back up and I would have stood in front of it.

    A-hole? Nice family values.

    • The lie about the halibut fishing is a special slap to Alaskans, especially commercial fishermen. I think you are correct about the reasons for it but it is the lie itself which makes my blood boil.
      As governor she did doodly-squat to resolve some of the long standing fishing issues here and threw sops at various groups to keep them occupied. Had she not quit it is likely her I-don’t-do-fish-politics horsepunky would have caught up with her big time.
      She spit in the face of subsistence issues, tangled state and federal fish issues, and waltzed around blathering about her husband being a commercial fisherman so she just understood it all…
      And now she’s conning schmoes into thinking she is some hardworking business woman longlining out of Homer? I read some of the free republic types- they are eating it up.
      Oh Whatzername of F(laming) B(ritches)- the day will come .
      Yes it will…

  7. Sarah has no regard for teachers. And she’s instilling that belief in her daughter. Wow.

    • Come on, her dad and brother are both teachers. There’s no way she looks down on teachers. It’s really clear in the video that she is a vulnerable woman JUST LIKE MOST OF US WOULD BE IN THE SAME SITUATION! She didn’t know what to do or say and was stalling with each comment/question from Kathleen.

      Of course Bristol is going to be defensive and upset. If someone was telling your mom to her face why she sucks wouldn’t you be upset too? She’s a teenager, give her a break. This family has to hear this all the time and they have to have their every move scrutinized in the media. I realize that this is the path they have chosen and I’m not defending them, but saying that Bristol is “disrespectful” for chomping gum and calling someone an “A-hole” is saintly behavior compared with the youth today.

  8. Why does that woman never seem to complete a sentence intelligently? Perhaps her bias against teachers is the cause of her incoherence??

  9. Why didn’t anyone call the Homer Police for destruction of their property? If anyone else ripped down a sign off a private building, they would have been arrested immediately.

    Wouldn’t that have been interesting news if Palin’s posse got arrested. Now there’s some reality TV for ya! Betcha!

    But, for real, we’re seeing the infancy stages of a budding mafiosa. This is what organized crime looks like. An arrogant narcissist at the center of a posse of criminal thugs. Kinda like Hitler, too.

  10. P.S. She’s only mad at teachers because of all the D’s and F’s they gave her when she was in school.

    How embarrassing.

    BTW, Shannyn, can you dig up those High School Transcripts? I need a good laugh…

    • I agree! She is the female version of Hitler! She lies, twists peoples words to fit her agenda, incites race riots, unjustly attacks our president & his family, to name just a few of the hate-driving, hate-monger’s actions.

      The video itself speaks volumes about Palin’s unethical character. As Palin tells Kathleen she is out there fighting for every American’s freedom, Palin’s thugs are trying to block the camera, thus denying Bill his FREEDOM to use his phone’s video camera. Had Kathleen’s sign said “Best Governor Ever” the camera crew themselves would have been filming the interview!! “You betcha!!”

      Regarding her grades, I really would love the laugh. The college I started from was the one I graduated; Magna Cum Laude. I knew “I” was responsible for my grades, NOT my professors!!

  11. One thing’s for sure: after watching this latest episode of Wasilla Shore, it’s obvious that Levi dodged one hell of a bullet. He could be married to Brisnooki right now but for the grace of God.

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  13. What cracks me up is these liberals couldn’t defend their issues on Sarah. Quit. Bible. And other crap. That’s all the best they can do. Also realized that the good part from Sarah was cut off, so this is obviously out of context, like every liberal material.

    • What cracks me up is you use the same lame drivel to defend Failin’ Palin.

      • When the liberals attack somebody on the issues, I might be on their side then. Doubtful

        • Actually, Palin was being challenged on an issue. She was being challenged by an Alaskan citizen for quitting 1/2 through her term! Every Alaskan has a valid complaint about that.

          Liberals attack their own all the time. I don’t agree with many things Obama has or hasn’t done. I don’t always agree with Congress, or with the state politicians that I voted for.

          And lets not forget, it was Palin that went onto Billy Sullivan’s private property and started this conversation. This is on Palin.


        • LOL- you Alaskan?
          Quit’s pretty big here…
          Like as in an issue we think Whatzername should be called out on…
          or shunned for…
          Lying about longlining for halibut out of Homer to boost her creds as a real American isn’t an issue? That’s another piece of this story…

          Yapping all over America about the standin’ up for the Constitution crap and then acting here like a total celebrity boor on private property to a private citizen isn’t an issue?
          Sure is here…LOL

          • Pretty sure you got your news from a very newsworthy Shannyn Moore, who also lied about her with the FBI investigation. What else did you get from her?

          • LOL-ROFL…
            Come on over to my neighborhood and ask around about the big quit. Remember you will be talking to Alaska Dems, who are pretty darned conservative, a Republican state Rep, and mostly folks who register as non-partisan and undeclared because they choose to stay unaffiliated (by far the largest blocs of registered voters in the state ). Ms Moore’s take on the quit thingy is very mild compared to the on-the-street take…
            Especially since we had just had to put up with Whatzername playing political games with our vacated state Senate seat for most of session to the point the Republican State senators chastised her publically…

            And spend some time reading the Alaska State Constitution . It is an interesting document in many respects, not the least of which is the full and complete affirmation of the US Bill of Rights in the form of inserting those rights in full text in the state constitution…
            We take those rights very,very seriously and poor old Whatzername never has understood that except as relates to herself … especially as relates to the speech other Alaskans/Americans may make.

            Ah- and the halibut lie…
            As I have been hollering about that for a couple days before Ms Moore said anything… pfft.
            Stuff up your ears with that cotton neighbor… Ignore the whispers from Wasilla like we did… until it’s too late…then come back and talk about issues.

    • News Flash, Sparky:

      It wasn’t the liberal left that came up with all those ethics investigations.

      It wasn’t the liberal left that accused her of stealing clothes from the RNC.

      It was the McCain campaign insiders who said she was ignorant and unprepared for ’08 campaign.

      Just because you don’t like the truth about $arah Pay-lin, don’t blame the liberals for your woes.

      • Newsflash. It’s never the liberal left.

        • You forgot to palinize your word salad with an “also”

          • ALSO forgot to call me a racist

          • Any chance you guys are going to address what WAS said, rather than what wasn’t?

    • You sir are an idiot

    • mark slim are you palin or her lil broods ?? Because i don’t think anyone out there likes her or really cares too? jus her family, sooo sad…. Oh and alaskanpi u sound like u too is her kids, poor have to act like someone who cares for them, and not have the real deal…. pathetic

  14. WOW…Bristol came off as a real pleasant little conservative christian who has sex before marriage.

  15. Did you watch “Countdown” yet?

    I’ll give it Ken Vogel (one of the few at I enjoy) for pointing out that a woman is when a 30-foot banner reading “WORST GOVERNOR EVER” might not be a fan of Sarah Palin.

  16. ALSO forgot to call me a racist for opposing Obama’s liberal views.

    • Sounds like you called yourself a racist and ALSO a racist.

    • I didn’t see where you said anything racist. Are you often called a racist? That might be a symptom of a problem.

  17. I really enjoyed the article. Very nicely written.

  18. Sarah Palin… inch deep and a mile long

  19. I don’t know, it just seems like all you people who purport to despise her and have no respect for her and snark and snarl and make cheap shots at her, well, you’re certainly obsessed with her.

    I feel about Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank etc. as you seem to feel about Palin: that they are unintelligent, that they are not merely misguided by actually malevolent, that they are bad for the country. The difference is, Palin is a private citizen. Why are you so obsessed with her? Why do you spend so much time talking about her? She only has power in that she can control the conversation, and you are certainly little sheep, following in her wake.

    If she was so useless and unintelligent and worthless, you’d think you people would just ignore her, Instead, you’re magnifying her power to communicate. She got her message out in this video, I don’t see anyone blocking the vid camera, and she comes off as gracious and personable, not the ogre you wish her to be. She even charms the lady with the classless poster.

    I have to conclude you leftists are mortally afraid of her. I’m not a huge Palin supporter, but you have to love the way she pisses off the right people. I’d love to see her elected president just to see your little heads explode 😉

    • Docweasel, Palin is just sooo fake n so into herself and also annoying, aint no one scared of her! She is a disgrace to alaska, making us alaskans look stupid. C’on ALAASKa is that all we got? Palin?? so embarrasing! Docweasel your just probably her relative or kids or might just be palin herself pretending to be “not a huge Palin supporter” hahaha
      if you weren’t a fan of palin you wouldn’t even waste your time sticking up for poor lil palin, by the way i wonder why she has sooo many haters in alaska oh and not to mension all over USA, making fun of her on the cnn news and snl, elsewhere, And she thinks she’s all that, poor lil palin she jus can see it does she, she wants it sooo bad i guess, its to bad she won’t!

  20. Stay classy Sara!

    She is just utterly despicable, and her daughter is a graceless hick.

  21. How is it that the *one* female ballot candidate became Sarah Palin?! How utterly unfair to the female population. Republican or democrat, she makes us look as if women are, like, shopaholic run-on sentences. SO not cool.

  22. this really is a revealing video and i appreciate the guts and integrity it takes to post.
    Stand proud and tall because we are with you. against the bullies, the bigots and pr hit squads, you have set a brief reality check of truty against their ill gotten and vengeful power.

    Im glad to see the video getting so much play and think the debate ( or lack of debate) is pretty revealing.
    It’s saddening too.
    I feel sorry for those whose dependent and manipulated world view is shaken by glimpses of the truth .
    No-one likes to find out how they have been played by a palin.
    Basically my outrage swells to pride when i consider what seeing the truth may mean for some of those who were on the fence and not deeply enough hypnotized by her to begin to see the light and think for themselves.
    proud that it was a teacher who stood up to her for her lack of ethics and irresponsibility.
    I thank you for making my day
    I hope she runs.
    that will make the choice between honest and right vs her brand of BS so much easier for the country to make.

  23. Just as I hate Obama blaming Bush for our CURRENT economic problems, I hate Palin blaming the media for her own STUPIDITY!

    • Bush IS responsible for our current economic problems.

      Just thought I’d point that out to you, since you obviously don’t understand that.

  24. I would have put the banner right back up.

    AND I would have called the police and filed papers for destruction of private property, trespass, intimidation and whatever else I could think up.

  25. I am very proud of my Alaskan Home Town of Homer!! You guys rock! Way to stand up for what you believe in. I voted for her, I don’t claim a political party, but thought she would do a good job. I have heard myself say time and time again the very words this Homer teacher told Sarah. She let the people of Alaska down and she reacts rudely and disrespectfully to the teacher, as does her daughter as well. Eye rolling? Teachers are the backbone of our education system. I wish I never had voted for her, but because I did, I have every right to complain about her rise to celebrity status and her abandonment of the Alaskan people. She is only about money and facetime.

  26. So, Kathleen thinks Palin was the “worst governor ever,” but is upset that she didn’t finish her term? Yeah, D’OH! I suppose all other Americans have the right to quit a job, except politicians, unless they commit a felony. And the [not a leader, climber] comment, what a cliche. Is a General just a climber? It’s called moving up the ranks. Palin was worth more to her party, causes, & finances as a larger public figure.
    It’s been too cool for too long to attack Palin. Letterman bashed her nightly for a year, until he got caught whoring on his wife & child in his romper room above the studio, & the media let him slide.
    I’m a libertarian-leaning independent, & while I don’t care all that much for Palin or her family, she’s better than the elitist ivy-league pigs that have taken over the Dems. As for 1st Amend, Palin walked right up to Kathleen & conversed with her & her sign. As for Search & Seizure, I’ve been frisked 4X in my CA life by police, & I’m a white college grad with no criminal record. As for The Constitution, be more worried about socialist world citizen we’ve got now than the ‘drunk cowboy monkey & darth vader’ we had before.

  27. WTF was the oh so sorry you are a teacher look like being a teacher of American children and adults lacks importance or respect

  28. I think the writers of SNL absolutely NAILED it when they had the Tina Fey version of Sarah Palin describe herself as “…a little bit of high school bitchy.” That really does apply to the real Sarah Palin…and Bristol too.

  29. Sarah Palin, an inch deep and a mile long…that is a good one, ceegee! LOL

    This is a great post…I enjoyed listening to Sarah Palin be as flat as a halibut…but let me ask you this…does Sarah Palin have another canned reply to questions asked to her…???

    Sarah Palin is a dangerous nit-wit and I am going to post this on my blog.

    How can the general population not know her one minute and adore her the next?

    I bet that we could go to any American high school civics class and they would know more than Sarah Palin does, on a wide base of subjects.

    I only have one negative thing to say about this post…and that is that Sarah Palin is a she devil and she is about as helpless as a barracuda.

    Her “poor-poor-pitiful me routine does not fool me for a NY second.

    I like this blog and as Arnold says, “I’ll be back…” I never miss an opportunity to dish Sarah Palin.

    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

  30. I wished I had been there when The Crazy Woman started babbling about the Constitution.

    I would have asked her what she thinks about that part of the Constitution that says that Muslims have the right to build mosques.

    If her response was along the lies of, “it’s inconsiderate build a Mosque at Ground Zero”, I would have told her: “Nobody has proposed building a mosque at Ground Zero. You’re a liar, and you should be ashamed of yourself.”

  31. Where is the video of the “Palin goon” ripping down the sign… sorry I refuse to belive that ambush you tube moment wishing hag until I see the video. You mean they wouldnt roll on Your video is LAME! nice try though… trying to enflame a class act who continued to act classy. Stay unclassy …

    • The goons waited until the guy with the phone taking the video had left before they tore it down. There is a still of it, though.

  32. im afraid of palin, yes. like i would be afraid of hitler.

    bush isnt to blame for the current economic crisis, you’re right – he’s a puppet nobody. lets follow the money back to cheney and bush sr…

  33. She’s good for a laugh or two in this sick, reality show-obsessed world we live in, but she will never be anything more. High school bitchy may get you the head cheerleader gig, but it won’t get you elected president.

  34. Is it true that the Paliban is now out in full force to discredit Kathleen by saying she’s not really a teacher but a drag queen? I am disgusted with these people. Fascists, all of em.

  35. Funny how Mark Slim keeps trying to get people to call him a racist by suggesting several times “you forgot to call me a racist.” You see, because the Conservatives believe that by using those pesky words “play the race card” it will negate any negativity they spew because calling someone a racist is just something the Liberals do to distract from the issue. Nice try buddy.

  36. Hairy christ. I’m having a PTSD flashback to 6th grade….the playground…the bullies/mean girls circling around…

    And holy hell, that screeching voice and the balled fists. Worse then Axel Rose hiting those high notes. What a pathetic display. What got me was not the eye roll, but the look of distaste and the exchange of glances with the “daughter” that equated being a teacher with digging shiter holes. Bitches.

    When my husband and I crashed her repub fundraiser when she was running for gov she gave us the same eye rolling routine in response to someone’s comment about “greenies”. To much of this is why she is cross-eyed, you know.

  37. What would have changed my mind about her:

    Palin – “I see your sign here, there’s a nice little coffee shop we go to sometimes if you want to go talk somewhere.
    ::looks at the camera guy::
    Come on along if you want”
    ::Tells her daughters and husband and body guards to go wherever they were going. Buys everybody a cup of coffee and a slice of pie::
    “Okay, I’m listening”

    Kathleen – “Well I’m concerned that you left your duty being governor to go be celebrity. I’m concerned that your private security force is searching my husband and myself while we just are trying to work. It just seems hypocritical to me. Also the way you wink at everybody makes a lot of us feel like you think you’re better than us.”

    Palin – “Well I tell ya. Those are really good questions. First leaving the governorship. A lot of people say I quit and to be honest, I see their point to be honest. But the truth is simple; I had to strike while the kettle was hot. I couldn’t do both.

    During the campaign, I became an icon for small government and I really seemed to connect with a lot of people. If I had waited until my term was up, it would have cooled down too much to do any real good with it. I am more valuable to the party as a republican celebrity spokesperson… if I’m out and talking with folks and getting people charged up than I am actually being a politican.

    To a lot of people that looks like I quit, and I see it, I really do. And it’s not really un-true.

    I believe I’m in a unique position to really fire people up over the Republican and Tea-party messages, which I believe are very important.

    Now for the pat-downs. I understand. I really do. But the truth is, politics really seems to touch people in a personal way. There are people out there that want to do me and my family harm, plain and simple. I will not abide my family being in more harms way than need be. I know you guys are truthworthy, but there are people that arent. I’m truly sorry about that. We’ll try to find some other place to dock.

  38. But as it is, it just shows her as who she really is. An airhead who married an airhead and raised little airhead brats.

  39. 27 yr old male from CA. Got linked to this blog from the Huff Post. Poked around. Odds are I’ll never return. But I’m glad it exists. Keep on.

  40. The most bothersome segment of the video was the ‘face’ Mrs. Pailin made when the woman said she was a teacher. What was that all about? It’s true that most teacher unions support liberal candidates, so in her mind that negates the good work teachers do every day–even in Alaska..

    • A disgusting human being….

    • The “face” was an exchange between Palin and her family, because most of Palin’s family – grandparents, father, brother & sister – are teachers. I doublt Palin thinks all teachers are government robots, especially in fiercely independent Alaska.

  41. The daughter in the video is “Bristle”, aptly named. See how her arms are tightly folded and her body language says it all. She’s pissed off and disrespectful of Kathleen, probably because of the banner. Palin and her kid are mocking Kathleen that much is for certain. Palin is not only the “worst governor ever” but the bitchiest. Apparently the entire family feels that they’re entitled to frisk and sass the “American people” who happen to be on what they perceive as their turf. Give me a break.

  42. Kathleen Gustafson, one of my role models, used Palin’s energy (aka buying her way to the white house) bonus a couple of years ago to put on a show that raised over $5,000 for our local family planning clinic. Thank you you Sarah for supporting comprehensive sex education and easy access to low cost contraceptives.

  43. […] And sadly, I give you the delusional conclusion: They claim poor Sarah was “set up” by evil Shannyn Moore (huh?). Yes, Shannyn Moore apparently has the keys to Palin’s eyes. Hey, Shannyn, I’d be careful with those if I were you. I’m just sayin’. Putin and all. Now, maybe they’re mad that Shannyn wrote about this yesterday and posted pictures of the sign she says Palin’s entourage tore down. A sign on private property. Because, yeah, that doesn’t strike me as super American. And it certainly isn’t presidential. Shannyn reported: […]

  44. I had no idea that Alaskans were lacking in a sense of humor.

    No one has ever called anyone an A hole, but if it’s a Palin it’s tyranny – it’s hypocrisy. It’s not the Palins acting uppity it’s the rest of you expecting to have your collective a$$e$ kissed.

    It would be nice to see that same critical judgment turned inwards lets see some comments on how the other people involved, could do and behave better…or doesn’t that count because they aren’t a Palin so they can behave anyway they want – they have rights…the Palins just have critics.

  45. The more I learn about Sarah Palin, the more I admire her.

    But I really have to wonder what YOUR motives are.

  46. Mrs. Palin is such a strange case. I hadn’t ever realized that folks like her existed until she popped into the national spotlight.

  47. Wow! Did she really just roll her eyes at a TEACHER??? These under-paid public servants who take care of, educate, and guide and inspire our kids every day??? This might be the eye-roll to be seen around the world…

    Speaking of celebrities…I saw this on a Facebook post from my neighbor in Castle Rock, CO….well done Shannyn! Thanks for showing this.

  48. Overheard in D.C.: Folksy Advice…

    We’ve linked to you on . Could you put a link back to us?…

  49. did I miss something important? oh nevermind, it’s just our economy going into the tank and job losses mounting, and a President who needs Warren Buffet to tell him what to do..but yeah, let’s focus on a youtube video of Sarah Palin on a fishing trip. Now THAT’S news!!

  50. I think all these people obsessed with government on any side have way more time than I do.

    an average mother of 3 who doesn’t know how she got to this stupid blog…LOL!

  51. I think more people should speak out to TLC about the absurdity of this half-term governor representing Alaska to the world on this television show. I just did. You can, too:

  52. This woman is undoubtedly awful and possibly even dangerous if she would be able to gather up enough support around her.

    I’m writing from Italy.
    Here the news have been reported only by some bloggers.
    But basically according to an “italian” point of wiev.
    I mean : they have written more about Mrs. Palin as an odd “character” than what the “character” actually did in this last chapter of the story of her life.
    The event has been simply reported more o less as a marginal (and even funny) episode of thuggery.

    Above all, a typical feature of American way of life has been completely ignored.
    Namely how deep-seated is, in the opinion of an average American citizen, the idea of “private ownership” so evidently violated by Mrs.Palin’s gang.
    And how deep this feeling could be, has been widely witnessed by the plenty of messages posted in this blog.

    I’m rather more surprised by another feature of this clumsy raid.
    Palin’s clan has seen the banner as a “personal affront”.

    I wouldn’t consider their reaction as “mafia like” (as some people has written above) but rather more similar to the revenge of some members of a primitive tribe in order to restore the honour of the whole tribe.

    There is something of ancestral, of primordial in the way they (they NOT she) face the “enemy”.
    Todd is grotesque in his attempt to prevent from shooting the scene.
    And the destruction of the banner seems more the collection of a debt of the tribe’s honour than the revenge of a mafia gang.

    Mafia only want to make money, the most it can and in any way.
    It makes its business doing horrible “actual” things according, when it’s possible, to its own “symbolic” ceremonial.

    Palin’ stupid crew just did the opposite.
    Their performance gave them a bad publicity and no economic advantage.

    In a certain way Mafia may also be the perverted and criminal degeneration of ancient values and apotropaic habits that a community deep-rooted in its territory, can share.
    While the former “Alaskan first husband”, Todd is “only” an important member of a “tribe”.

    Please don’t let me be misunderstood (even because English is NOT my mothertongue).
    I’m not talking about “Alaskan natives” or stuff like that.
    I’m only talking about wrong “collective” behaviours acted by “single” members of a “community”.

    And I think this is not accidental if it has happened in the only State with so peculiar geographyc and climatic features.
    Features that had been able to heavily forge, through centuries, the habits of part of its inhabitants.

    So the real crime is neither the possible disregard of some Amendments nor the trespassing and destruction of property ; in both cases big important Words referred to very paltry events.

    The true real crime is allowing such a social climber lacking of the fundamental principles of civics, to hold high public offices.
    My blood just runs cold when I think she could have been the substitute
    of a U.S. President old and not enjoying excellent health….

  53. “Sister sara of The North” is a JOKE,,,if you buy it,,,it’s your fault. She is a self serving social climber who only cares about the spot light and how much MOENY she can stuff in her pockets.

  54. Well, I certainly did my best to make my disgust about “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” known to the Discovery Channel/TLC by expressing it through email here:

    I would encourage anyone disgusted by Sarah Palin and her gang’s D’oh disply while filming for TLC in Homer to express their views to Discovery as well.

  55. So now Sarah Palin isn’t a celebrity but “a hard working fisherwoman”? ROFL!!

    Hats off to Kathleen and Billy.

  56. I enjoy the content of your blog site. The last person who tickled me this much was Molly Ivins of the Fort Worth Press Telegram. My kinda lady. I want to put money where it can do some good. You and your activities seem the place and person where I want to make an investment for the future of our country.

  57. BRAVO! THANK YOU! The fact that anyone anywhere still listens to Palin and that anyone anywhere even pays her to open her mouth is proof of a serious under-education problem in our country.

  58. Just a minor detail in Sarah’s 1st reply – Will you be setting your book as in setting nets, bait, etc while on your Alaska adventures, by the way is a beautiful state?
    Good luck in SELLING your book. You may want to use your check spelling that should be located on your toolbar or have one of the kids to proofread your work.
    Also just read somewhere that there’s a sex scandal brewing about Todd. What is wrong with these men? Then again, I feel like if a woman says no – a man has to abide by her decision. I just felt sick about John Edwards’ mess, RIP to Elisabeth and God Bless their kids, and I know God will bless you and your family as well! God Bless America!!!

    • I am so sorry – I must be going blind!! I went back and read it again and darn – Sarah was talking about fishing. I do apologize and good luck with your fishing, book and all of your many adventures. And I really do hope there will be nothing else written about the sex scandal article about Todd. sorry again about my mistake about SETTING!!!! Good luck to you in all that you do for our Country!!

  59. After blogging about SP in 2008, I’ve ignored her for the past 2+ years. On the fourth of July this year, I fell back down the rabbit hole of the Palin story. I’ve read posts, looked at photos and videos, and wondered how anyone could have ever thought this woman was a viable candidate. “Wild Ride” aside, she simply does not have the ability to lead, to compromise, or to engage in much other than self-aggrandizement. Of all that I’ve seen over the past few weeks, this video made me feel physically ill. To call Sarah’s responses juvenile is an insult to juveniles.

  60. […] Courtesy of Shannyn Moore: […]

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