Posted by: shannynmoore | August 9, 2010

Alaskans hold breath…another plane crash near Dillingham

Reports say former Senator Ted Stevens is on the flight.

If I had less tears this would be easier to write. We will have official reports in the morning.

T. I. A.



  1. Waiting too…

  2. Shannyn: Sorry for any loss you’re feeling. I certainly don’t want to add to your pain & apologize in advance if that’s what I wind up doing in the following.

    My late associate Sherman Skolnick, Chicago area legend, taught me to watch plane crashes. His 1st experience in that regard was the deadly crash of a commercial flight at Midway Airport in ’65. Every1 on board perished. Among the passengers was Dorothy Kilgallen who was carrying a briefcase containing damning info regarding the assassination of JFK; Kilgallen had been obsessed w/JFK’s tragic end since 11/63, pursuing many leads.

    According to Sherman, within 5 minutes of the crash, which I subsequently confirmed thru a neighborhood eyewitness, 150 FBI agents invaded the site & began combing, almost literally, the entire area of the wreckage. Had those agents been dispatched from the Loop, arriving in >5 minutes would have been impossible. But, at no time would 150 agents been on duty at that hour of the night.

    Sen. Stevens, not that you need to told this, knew the exact grave locations for a multitude of skeletons. My ?: Was he about to reveal some crucial info re really bad behavior and, if he was, who knew?

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