Posted by: shannynmoore | August 10, 2010

Ted Stevens Killed in Plane Crash

Channel 2 is reporting Ted Stevens was killed in the Dillingham plane crash.

Posted: Aug 09, 2010 11:03 PM ADT Updated: Aug 10, 2010 8:17 AM ADT

by Channel 2 News staff
Monday, August 9, 2010

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Dave Dittman, a former aide and longtime family friend of former Sen. Ted Stevens says Stevens was killed in a plane crash near Dillingham Monday night. Nine people were on board, including former NASA Chief Sean O’Keefe. Five people were killed in the crash, but other identities were not known, nor are the conditions of the survivors.

Late through the night rescue crews were battling bad weather conditions to reach the scene, where Good Samaritan personnel had already made it, said Air National Guard spokesman Maj. Guy Hayes.

A military C-130 and a Pave Hawk helicopter were waiting in Dillingham for the weather to break and reached the site just after 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The Air Guard received the call about the crash 17 miles north of Dillingham at about 7:00 PM Monday night.

A woman who answered the phone at former State Sen. Ben Stevens’ home said they would not comment.

FAA records show the plane is registered to GCI.

The National Transportation Safety Board is sending a “Go-Team” from Washington D.C. early Tuesday morning to the crash site. An NTSB official said the team is responsible for investigating the most high profile, and catastrophic crashes.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Senator Stevens’ family and the families and friends of the other victims and survivors.

Rest in Peace Senator Ted Stevens.



  1. Keep That white trash hillbilly from Wasilla away from his funeral services. Just watch her this week….either her or her creepy family members will try to do something totally outrageous to get a bigger headline in the news. I am sad to
    have another aircraft in Alaska go down. My thoughts are with the Stevens family. He was a force to be reckoned with, and he did love Alaska.

  2. Ted Stevens was one of kind.

  3. I am heartbroken. To have been an airplane crash survivor and widowed from it, to die this way decades later. . .he dis so much for Western Alaska and our Natives. Once upon a time he didn’t even want to utter the word Tribes when it came to Alaskans. But when President Clinton officially recognized Tribal status for us in 1995, Senator Stevens brought all the services to bear for that constituency.

    He was unapologetic in trying to improve the living conditions and promise of Statehood and the American dream for our State. I’m grateful for his service and his legacy.

  4. So sad. Rest in Peace Sen. Ted Stevens. Prayers for all involved. Prayers for safer air travel. So very sad.

  5. I am so sorry. Senator Stevens was an Alaskan Statehood pioneer, and his work for the state he loved so very much will never be forgotten. My sympathy to his family and all those who admired the man. My sympathy to all those who loved the others who died as well.

  6. Senator Stevens put Alaska first.

    He may have helped himself some along the way, BUT, he has factually done more for Alaska than others could ever espouse to in their lifetime.

    My thoughts go to ALL of the families who lost loved ones in this crash, it is utterly tragic.

    I am however appreciative of the final chapter in Ted Steven’s life and legacy.

    I think that it needs to be said, that after ALL ha has done for the state, the many, many years that he devoted to his beloved Alaska, the accusations and trial that he faced, in the end he literally left in a blaze of glory in the state that he loved.

  7. My condolences and prayers go out to all the families who had loved ones aboard this plane. And heartfelt thanks to those responders to the crash; your efforts are immeasurable.

  8. Senator Ted Stevens was a true Statesman. He will be remembered and honored by all of Alaska due to his energy and accomplishments he worked hard for and achieved for the State.
    Our prayers and thoughts go out to all.

  9. Addendum: Just learned from MSNBC that father of Mark Begich was killed in a plane crash w/Hale Boggs, former Warren Comm’n member along w/future accidental Prez Gerald Ford, CID Allen Dulles, as WC members, and exiting PA US Sen. Arlen Specter, as WC Asst. Counsel.

    The early reports are all casting the crash as perfectly understandable in light of the very poor conditions common to Alaskan air space. Is this like the perfectly understandable abandonment of the Governor’s office by Sister Sarah?

  10. Senator Ted Stevens has done more good for this state than anyone ever has. Alaska has lost a great advocate today.

    P.S. Sarah Palin, listen up. You had better take a low profile during this time and the funeral. DO NOT contaminate this tragedy further with your self-serving agenda. Got it????

    • I agree totally with the above poster….Sarah Palin you seriously need to get out of the limelight this week. Give her no airtime or ink what so ever during this period of mourning.

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