Posted by: shannynmoore | August 11, 2010

Shannyn talks with Thom Hartmann about Ted Stevens

Was it something I said?

Thom rescheduled us for tomorrow.

Shannyn will join Thom Hartmann Thursday, August 12 at 8:45 ADT/12:45pm EDT.  Shannyn will be giving her take on Senator Ted Stevens.

Tune in to KUDO 1080 Anchorage/ KXLJ 1330am Juneau or stream on line here.



  1. May his stardust bring sharing not selfish greed into the universe.

  2. sorry for the off comment,but i have to ask..?
    who regulates these infomercials for spca and feed the kids campaigns?
    i have been observant of a few direct E-Scams to others that cost them many dollars.
    “The Green Millionaire” for instance. Commercials are broadcast via infomercials corresoponding to a valid which robs you without producing the advertised goods.
    and why can i not phone my local BBB without a long distance card? these questions and moore to follow. please feel free to e-mail me with comments

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