Posted by: shannynmoore | August 12, 2010

Clem on Ted.

This Is Alaska. It’s so much bigger than Palin or partisanship…now I feel redundant. Alaska is reminded this week that we are bigger than our politics.


  1. well said. Alaska is simply big period. & with a not-so-huge population, I’m sure there’s a close-knit quality to the people you cover in politics, sports, etc

  2. Thank you Shannyn for bringing us this wonderful commentary from Clem Tillion. Another old lion known mostly in Alaska, but one of the great ones!

    Like many who are not Republican or who are but hold different views, Clem well expresses why so many Alaskans have such a high opinion of Ted Stevens regardless of the politics.

    For those from other places than Alaska or new Alaskans, Clem was a dynamo and a Democrat who continues to work for all people of Alaska even when he’s not in the legislature.

  3. @Bear Woman – Clem is still very much alive. Jill Burke interviewed Clem the day after Ted Stevens died. Clem may well be the last Eisenhower Republican standing in Alaska. Ted was the second to last.

    I was honored to attend Diana Tillion’s memorial in Halibut Cove on June 1. Clem didn’t need the PA system to speak to the hundreds of people who were gathered around Diana’s gravesite, but everyone else who spoke did. (Clem is famous for his booming voice. The Kilchers yodel to holler at someone far away. Clem just talks loud and everyone can hear him.)

  4. Very fitting tribute!
    RIP Ted Stevens.

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