Posted by: shannynmoore | August 18, 2010

Moore Up North TONIGHT 5:00pm Bernies Bungalow

This week’s Moore Up North will be taped TONIGHT, Thursday August 19th, at 5pm!

Our guests will be Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Hollis French and Ethan Berkowitz. With the election coming up on Tuesday, this show is MUST SEE TV!

Next week, Join us for a special GOING TO EXTREMES Wednesday edition of Moore Up North at Bernie’s Bungalow Lounge. Our special guest will be Joe McGinniss. Joe is in Alaska working on a book about Sarah Palin. He will be our guest on Wednesday to celebrate the re-release of the 30th anniversary of the Alaska Classic, Going to Extremes. We will have a limited number of new books on sale at the show. The new book has a new forward. Joe will be sticking around for a book signing after the show.

We are expecting a full house for Joe.  If you would like to guarantee your seat, and/or pre-order the NEW Going to Extremes paperback, email us at

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