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The Shannyn Moore Show Thursday, August 26, 2010

FIRST HOUR, NY Times best-selling author Joe McGinniss will be in the studio to talk about the 30th Anniversary and re-release of his Alaskan Classic, Going to Extremes.  Joe has spent the summer living next door to Sarah Palin on Lake Lucille.  He is writing a book called Sarah Palin’s Year of Living Dangerously that will be out next year.

At 11:45am, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka will be calling in.  Trumka is in town and will be leading the Alaska Hotel Workers in a march TODAY from the Captain Cook  Hotel to the boycotted Sheraton in Downtown Anchorage.  The march takes place at 3:30pm TODAY!

THIRD HOUR it’s Thursdays in the MUD with AKM MUCKRAKER, Jeanne Devon.  Jeanne will be in the studio at 1pm to talk about all things in the news and in the mud!


Grab a Red Bull and fasten your seatbelts.  The Shannyn Moore Show airs from 11am-2pm ADT/3pm-6pm EDT

Tune in to KUDO 1080am Anchorage or KXLJ 1330am Juneau.

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  1. I Have a Dream v Restoring Honor


    We are in bizarro world.

    If you were alive when Martin Luther King delivered his “I Have a Dream” civil rights speech, than history has repeated itself in your lifetime. This time around a negative has been draped across the earlier version of our nation. It’s been proclaimed from the public airwaves & seeped into the hearts of many people that most of what King stood for is now wrong. Those who tout this are going to try to complete their circular logic and claim King’s legacy as their own. It’s sad & pathetic. It’s in step with the undoing of critical thought & advancing the tyranny of mediocrity. It signals the event horizon from which the U.S. citizenry may never recover the control of discourse & whatever semblance of democracy we shared as a nation. Mega corporate barons are funding their mouthpieces to remake history in their image. No matter how inane their double talk hate speak is, their relentless delivery of it controls the popular mindset. Too many people buy it at face value. Others have to spend their precious time & effort speaking against it.

    It’s sad Glen Beck claims his “Restoring Honor” event on the anniversary of “I Have a Dream” is accidental. This is a quid pro quo of the most vile kind. It’s nothing short of, “there’s a black man in the White House, so I’m gonna co-opt MLK’s legacy.” Beck & Palin represent a new KKK – the backward thinking vanguard of institutional racism that made the government response to Katrina worse than the hurricane/engineering failure disaster. His snake oil solipsism & her yammering yapping signal new lows in U.S. discourse & the unraveling of the fabric of our nation. His twisted psychological projection that Obama is the one with deep-seated racial hatred, & Palin’s recent “shackled” tweet speak volumes about their attitude. It’s sad MLK’s niece has bought what they’re selling & is scheduled to speak at the event. Don’t be fooled for a second by the appearance of token African Americans driven by ego, greed, or misdirection to appear at this rally under the guise of supporting our military. The far right is against the common man. They’re against the common good. They’re against worker unions. They’re against nature. They’re for those who sold our economy out from under us. They use historical terms they don’t fully understand to deride attempts to improve the plight of the poor. They’re false idols – leaders with no plans. They’re pro war & anti peace.

    Beck, Fox/Stazi, Rush, & the rest of the Koch’d up radical right have more in common with Goebbels than they have with King. To state otherwise is to be hoodwinked or in on it. Draping this shameful “Restoring Honor” charade in a salute to the military only shows the depth of their treachery. The call to support the troops has superseded all other lessons the US populace learned from our war on Vietnam, but it’s far from the only lesson learned. What the right learned is don’t let the media report honest direct images of war dead (theirs or ours) to the folks back home, & quell all dissent from the get go (recall all the literal shouting down of anyone who knew before it began the war on Iraq was immoral). Corporate interests that pull the strings of government & profit from war control much of the media. Yet they have half the populace convinced otherwise. Under the guise of protecting the delicate sensibilities of the U.S. news consumer, real images & accounts of war are withheld from interrupting the flow of entertainment. What the left learned from the Vietnam era is if you stick your neck out for peace you get a bullet in your head.

    MLK spoke against war. On the anniversary of his inclusive national civil rights vision Beck, Palin & whoever else shows up will skew it through the looking glass. Those who follow Fox/Stazi news down the rabbit hole to have a tea party with the devil will spew vile vitriol. It’s not enough the deck of cards of Congress & the Supreme Court are stacked against the commoner’s ability to pursue liberty, happiness, housing & healthcare. Citizens United v Federal Election Commission will go down in history as the landmark decision to dismantle our government & national unity to a greater degree than Brown v Board of Education served to make it cohesive & inclusive.

    Yes, not all the rabid Rush/Fox/Stazi Republican Tea Party followers are white, but the overwhelming majority are. What these flag waving, gun toting, bible clutching jingoist followers of this negativity of the new evil don’t stop to ask themselves is how a governor who quits mid term has any political clout, or why the people our military kills have darker skin than they do. They don’t consider how improbable it is that it’s so black & white how everything Obama does is “wrong.” The right wing pundits advance an endless veneer of emotion-based cynicism repeating pronouncements they clearly know aren’t accurate & posing questions to which they know the correct answers don’t advance their agenda. Their mesmerized followers cheer every hateful jab, no matter how illogical, no matter that the the pundit who delivers it may have said the opposite last week or the day before. These are the same sheep who didn’t so much as bo-peep when the Patriot Act sopped up civil rights. Accepting election results only applies when their candidates are victorious. Freedom for them only applies to their kind & their religions.

    August 28, 2010, will go down as the day the hoods came off. Beck & Palin say they’re reclaiming civil rights, when they & their ilk are the ones aiming the hoses at Muslims & Mexicans. If you didn’t notice it when G. W. Bush was appointed instead of elected, if you didn’t notice it when lies were told to substantiate an unjust war on Iraq, if you didn’t notice it during TARP, then notice it now. Subverting democracy, siphoning & whole hearted looting of the U.S. treasury into the controllers of the military financial corporate regime, speaking with hate, racist fascists are thriving. They’re throwing a pep rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

  2. Crap heads!

  3. Appreciate your insight, thanks for telling the truth Henry!

  4. Hooray! I could not have said it better! I have long called the Republican Party the American Communist Party. They will take this country down to a level we can not even imagine.They have the time, they have the corporate backing and money and enough crazy and mis led followers to do it. Perhaps not in my life time but certainly in the first half of this century.
    What we have on our side is the decency, the hope and the freedom of speech to do everything in our power to stop them.
    Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.
    Live every day as you wish the world to be. And thank you Shannyn for this blog and Henry for your words.
    Check out to see what they are doing about Fox News. And did you all know that Fox just donated one million dollars to the Republican party? Hardly a fair and unbiased news organization.
    Hope to all.

  5. “Live every day as you wish the world would be” ~ beautiful!
    Thank you Lauren!

    And thank you to you also Shannyn…
    Really enjoyed your TV show today with “Going to Extremes” author Joe McGinniss.

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