Posted by: shannynmoore | August 27, 2010

Wild Times At The Alaska State Fair

A loaded weapon was found on the protester. Hmmm…what do you think about this? Free Speech or buy a damn permit if you want to hold court on the fair grounds.


  1. Just about any anti-war protester can tell you the state fair grounds are not “public property” as this dork kept insisting. He was pushing a political agenda with a banner: that’s soliciting. Fair security ordered him off the fairgrounds and he refused: that’s trespassing. Security tried to escort him off and he resisted (jerking a hand or arm away is considered resisting)–it was not “assault” by the security guard. The dork harangued the crowd to get them to interfere: disturbing the peace. If the state trooper hadn’t intervened there could have been a riot. This guy is in for a real surprise when’s he’s arraigned before a magistrate.

    • Perfect reply. Nothing left to say.

  2. I assume they sell beer at the state fair so even if this was “public” property, AK law says you cannot carry a loaded weapon where intoxicating beverages are sold AND that you need to tell any PEACE officer (which security guards fall under) that you are carrying a concealed weapon-
    But the state fair people say state fair is private property and they can ask people to leave, they asked, he did not comply, they had the right to detain him- when he fought, they had the right to put him to the ground. Apparently he has previous arrests and convictions which brings the weapons law into question.

  3. Personally I’d say Free Speech, but mostly because I love the beard and crutch combo.

    But Isn’t the State Fair a private organization? If so I’d imagine they can ban all types of things.

    • Poor soul, in ill health and angry, armed and stupid. What more could we ask from the loyal opposition?

  4. He’s a near-constant presence at the main intersection in Palmer. I often enjoy showing him one of my fingers… Standing on the corner with his wacky “The Sky Is Falling” sign is within his rights. Apparently, however, several patrons at the fairgrounds complained of his interfering with their enjoyment, & there’s absolutely nothing wrong with security people asking him to leave. My favorite part of the video is where he’s imagining himself as some sort of patriot-hero victim of oppression, & attempting to convince “the people” to join his nutty little revolution.

  5. The video should be entitled LaRouche Supporter Assaulting Alaska State Fairgoers!

  6. The people in the crowd all think they’re attorneys, they all think they know the law. That’s ridiculous.

  7. They handled the situation correctly as he was in violation.

    The Alaska State Fairgrounds are not public (private property & you pay to enter). Free speech is not covered on private property. Had he just worn a t-shirt, he would be legal as he is wearing clothes which is considered the same as speaking at the fair.

    What he was trying to do is create unrest (under the guise of “peaceful assembly” he is inciting hatred/dissent). Had he been outside the fair OR even probably at the train station he would be legal.

    Also, as an ex law enforcement officer he was being restrained…not assaulted.

    Lastly, I did not vote for Obama (I still have my McCain/Palin signs & shirts from the campaign when I volunteered) but I do know the law…and he was wrong.

    • If Palin was president, she could have referred him to the Department of Law down there in D.C.

  8. Actually, security guards have no legal authority to put their hands on you as long as you are not being violent. The moment that security guard grabbed the man’s hand (and bent his fingers back to make him comply and possibly damaging his hand) he committed assault. Simple as that.

  9. Since he says he is disabled and had that really nice big sign I wonder if he was getting paid to do the free speech spectacle on the fairgrounds? Maybe if someone had indeed hired him they had no idea what a gun carrying drama queen he was.
    I did laugh at the guy who wanted the off duty troopers “badge number”. Why do idiots think they are so original? I was all for taking them in too. Nothing like a good ole bar brawl in broad daylight with the kiddies present at the state fair.
    Ask Glenn Beck tommorow to restore honor at our state fair! LOL

  10. First watchthru of the video shocked me and I thought security used unreasonable force. After watching it more, it became clear that they tried to talk him away, then walk him away. He wrapped his legs around one of the guys and they couldn’t walk him out. Shortly thereafter, they are heard saying he had a gun and at that point they IMMEDIATELY went for restraining him on the ground and removing the gun. The gun really did change it for me. There were hundreds of people around, lots of kids. Lots of people getting riled up. He had proven that he was angry and a little wacko. Righteous anger plus wacko plus gun plus kids around. Fun fair day?

  11. He was looking for a reaction (duh!) and then he got one (just not the one he was hoping for). A state fair is for having fun with one’s family & kids. Not for a mayhem event or induced riot.

    Then he cries he’s “disabled” so they can’t keep him on the ground. As a dual disabled person myself, his actions SUCK!

    I hope they slam him into the poky for a bit to cool down and give him a chance to reconsider his outrageous behavior.

    • And you KNOW he’s going to ask for a public defender…

  12. This guy parks his rig on the shoulder of the road at the intersection of the Glenn and Palmer-Wasilla Highways, with his pleasant signs all over his truck.
    He is very animated and sometimes pretty angry. I think he is traffic hazard as close to the intersection and on the shoulder of the road.

    I must admit though a few weeks ago I saw a video posted on the Daily Dish of some teens messing with some tea party zealots, it was pretty funny so I stole their idea and the last time I saw him at the intersection I screamed out the window to him “YOU ANTE GOT NO PANCAKE MIX” it had the desired effect on the guy and had my spouse in tears.

    I am glad they asked him to leave the State Fair is no place to disparage our president. I am really distressed by the behavior of some of the bystanders and the complete lack of understanding law. I know my rights being the battle cry, well mostly the were wrong.

  13. he just seemed dirty, uneducated, and more unfit mentally than his apparent age.

    • Indeed. If ever there was a prospective candidate for a 72-hour hold for psychiatric evaluation, this guy’s it.

      That guy was using his crutch to hold up his sign, nothing more. From the way he was resisting the security detail, he looked pretty spry and not-disabled to me.

      (is he on Workmen’s Comp? SS Disability? /smirk)

  14. The security guys were much nicer than in my town. Our PD would have let the police dog latch on to him first. Then they would have broken the pole holding his sign into little pieces, and oops! The sign would have been ripped accidently, so let’s just throw it in the garbage. I think that the security men were exceedingly polite and careful in handling the man. I too like the beard, crutch, rant combo. I’m guessing Viet Nam vet.

  15. For a “disabled” person, he sure put up a fight against those two guards, each twice his size. If the man hates Obama so much, he should just move to a different country. That’s what everyone told me to do when I went off on one of my insane anti-Bush crusades.

    • Basically saying if anyone hates Parnell they should move out of Alaska. Your intelligent.

  16. I wonder what the crowd would have said about during the Bush administration when anyone who came to a Bush speech wearing a t-shirt which was non-Bush supportive was forced to leave. Or how they would have felt during the Republican convention of 2004 when any protesters were fenced into a “free speech” area blocks from the convention site. It works both ways, guys.
    (Also bothers me that the crowd blames Obama for the actions of security.)

  17. I was shocked at the ignorance of the crowd for supporting this fool thinking hhe had the right of free speech on private property, and the fact he was being very obnoxious to people, including the private security guards. I think they acted very responsibly and showed restraint in an attmosphere that could have erupted into an ugly situation. Not only did he not know he didn’t have any right to free speech on private property, his idea of impeaching Obama with no legal grounds to do so says a lot about his character and maybe his mental stability. What is even more disturbing is the fact this potentially mentally disturbed individual had a loaded gun in a crowd.

  18. Wasnt pursuit of happiness part of our founding. The fair grounds should be free of all political and religion booths. Why is the state fair mared by this. when we have all the great vegies and animals. the crafts and what not. I stopped going years ago because it got so tacky. It was sad to see folks not knowing standing up for him. They meant well but were not aware. People moved from a place of ignorance is a scary thing. And we will see much more of it.

  19. I spent (too much) time on YouTube yesterday battling same type of idiots declaring, “If I had been there, I would have jumped those security guys, etc. etc.” A) People have no idea what “free speech means (even though they heard all about it from Dr. Laura. B) They don’t know protocol of law enforcement and crowd control. C) They’ve been incited to disrespect law enforcement by shills like Glenn Beck and his ilk. Further study of the video shows that the reason they brought him to the ground was they had discovered he had the gun. The trooper did a great job at that point getting people to move back from the situation. He knew the guy had a gun; the crowd didn’t.

  20. You Google “video of man at Alaska State Fair with Impeach Obama sign”, and you get the gamut of blogs weighing in on this.

    Most people commenting on these blogs seem to be sadly misinformed about just about everything regarding this story.

    The following two are the worst:

  21. I’ve talked to this guy… ALL OVER THE MAP. He claims he was elected twice to a democratic seat in California? He hates Sarah Palin and republicans! I know? When I told him that those are the people he is appealing to with his Hitler/Obama sign he said with a lot of animosity, “I don’t care, I’ll take their fugging money!” I told him that I had seen him around for a while and noticed that he had a lot of free time on his hands, I asked if he was receiving any government assistance… He avoided answering that question.

    Syd is damaged goods. I am glad the peace officers got a man with a questionable psychology and a loaded gun out of the fair grounds.

    Syd did get me to research LaRouche. Not impressed.

  22. Holy crap, did Homeless Bill learn the art of sign making and find a rich woman? Palin you ho’.

  23. Sorry, but this whole episode just infuriates me. Look, I have no tolerance for Lyndon LaRouche or his supporters.

    However, I thought crazy old guys hollering incoherent nonsense were part of our nation’s “political” landscape. It used to be that people would laugh or roll their eyes and just go on about their business.

    Apparently we have become so intolerant of dissent in this country that we find it OK to arrest people (even obvious whack-jobs) for even the most ridiculously minor “infractions”. He was harming NO ONE. Yes – he was loud and annoying and SO WHAT? Lighten up, people.

    Yet he was assaulted by private security guards, and wrestled to the ground and then HE was charged with ASSAULT!!! Give me a break. The only person I saw assaulted was him. Period. I hope he sues the ass off of the supposed non-profit corporation that runs the fair.

    Welcome to Amerika where you can only dream of real freedom.

    • What does “Your comment is awaiting moderation” mean

  24. I believe the fair is organized to make a profit on anyone disseminating anything. I do not pay for that crap…take it to a public place. If you think the fair is you are batty…let him use your yard, or talk him into using your grandmother’s house for a rally point if you are so comfortable with the vibe he puts out around your loved ones.

    He is a nut job. He should stay outside the fence…if he was thwarting my ability to hear the sweet vibrations of the Navajo musicians or the sweet smell of the 4-H building, I would kick his ass myself.

  25. My understanding is that he was on an easement to the park grounds. Easements are public. Plus I used to work Security, and most states have laws that say unless your a peace officer you can not put your hands on some one unless it is to save your life or someone else. Since they touched him first, they were wrong.

  26. I see that the only post up here are those that support the police state. Nice one, your site seems to be a bit one sided.

  27. Does the Alaska State Fair really have no connection with the State of Alaska? Is it really a private organization or just a pseudo-private organization? Could they put the Alaska State legislature on private property and then bar any protesters from the vicinity?

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