Posted by: shannynmoore | August 30, 2010

Moore Up North – Going to Extremes with Joe McGinniss

Last week, I sat down with NY Times best selling author Joe McGinniss on the 30th Anniversary of his Alaskan classic, Going to Extremes. Joining us was local attorney Hugh Fleischer and former Anchorage Times Editor and current Anchorage Daily Planet Editor Tom Brennan. Hugh was the North Slope Borough attorney back in the 1970s when Joe penned Going to Extremes.   Joe has known Tom for over 45 years, going back to their days at the Worcester Telegram in Massachusetts.

We still have a limited number of the new re-released edition of Going to Extremes.  For a $20 donation, we will have Joe personally sign your book.  Send an email to to check availability and reserve your copy.

Joe’s fine haircut by Corky Wheeler



  1. Hi Shannyn,

    I know YOU know Patrick from Gates, I’m just reposting this EVERYWHERE this morning.

    He has a very important warning for ALL today:

    From Patrick at PalinGates, which is out of Germany. These people know exactly what is happening here:

    I have witnessed in Germany in 1992/93 how a racist “mass rage” can spin out of control.

    This kind of mass rage can easily happen again in other places as well. All you need is an incident, a reason to ignite the flame. There seems to be already a broad base of people in the USA who are heavily prejudiced against Muslims, and we have seen the first “incidents” against Muslims. What would for example happen if a Muslim “hits back” and hurts a “white person?” Wouldn’t that give people a reason to “strike” against the Muslims?

    That’s why Glenn Beck’s and Sarah Palin’s game is so dangerous: If you whip up the masses, you might as well see some (unwanted?) results.

    Thanks for all you do Shannyn!

    • I don’t know Patrick nor do I read his blog.

  2. Just watched the show and can’t tell you how MUCH I enjoyed it. Long a McGinniss fan. We took an Alaska cruise (Seattle to Juneau, Glacier Bay, et al.) this past May and were immediately mesmerized by Alaska. Coming from Western Washington (I was born in Olympia in 1947, when Oly was a SMALL town!), it’s just “more” of what we can see here in spots. And the people described there were/are like those that surrounded my childhood (my parents are still alive and my dad is a salty 90 year old). This program was superb. I really enjoyed hearing the history as Joe described it. Thx so much for posting this so we all had access to it! I hope it stays “posted” so I can see it again sometime!

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