Posted by: shannynmoore | September 1, 2010

“NO Jo(k)e”…Get This Man A Beer!

I’m not sure where Joe Miller’s body guards were the other night, but they may have been cashing in their free drinks when Joe needed them most.

Watch the guy come in to the shot…it’s classic Alaska politics and I want to buy the young man a beer!



  1. Too funny…I am surprised that he did not put finger hprns up in back of Joe Miller….LOLOLOL

    • Opps…LOL make that finger horns. I think I need a power nap…


  2. Shades of Thanksgiving turkeys… 🙂

    He seems pretty uptight already, not? We’ll see how long he can keep himself on top of the fray.

  3. Hilarious!!!!!

  4. What is funny is that Lisa lost and Joe won.

  5. Tks, Shannyn…that was good! I’ll buy him the second beer!

  6. I thought it was Levi Johnston at first. Surprised Sarah the North Star chaser doesn’t have her “thugs” out aerial tracking this fine young man.

  7. LOL! Thank you.

  8. It’s Turkeygate x 2. We can expect Miller to blame it on someone else just as Palin did when the camera caught the guy feeding turkeys into the machine in the background of her Thanksgiving interview. The only issue is how long it will take Miller to start the blame game rolling.

    The guy in the background is too funny!


  10. And what a cutie, yes?!?!?!?

    • That was my first thought too! Caught my attention immediately away from the blowhard in the foreground.

    • Looks like a young Billy Crystal.

  11. Oh, so awesome. Take up a collection, let’s *all* buy him a beer!

  12. If he wants to fight “socialism” why is he running for a “socialist” office? huh?

  13. That was just hilarious, thank you for sharing this. I’m going to be smiling all day long after seeing this.

  14. Hysterical!

  15. Very funny and cute too, also. Loved the young man mouthing “no, no, no.”

    • The camera man must have a good anti-shake mechinism on his camera ’cause there’s no way he could have kept the camera steady when he started to laugh!

  16. Wonder if he’d come to Illinois? Bravo!

  17. She if Joe Miller wins, is he going to waive his salary & all of the perks that come along with it?

    That guys needs a case of beer!

  18. Bwahahahahah! Freakin’ funny! (And good advice, too).

  19. It’s early in the morning and it actually gave me a chuckle. Thanks for starting my day off in the right mood!!


  21. The most convincing head shake EVER!

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