Posted by: shannynmoore | September 5, 2010

Moore Up North-Andrew Halcro, The Republican Party and Scott McAdams

After the turmoil and the tearing within the Alaska Republican Party this week, I wanted to get Andrew Halcro‘s take on the situation.

Andrew is an effete young chap, social moderate and fiscal conservative who was a 2-term Republican State Representative, and Independent Gubernatorial Candidate who ran against Sarah Palin in 2006. He is a former KENI talk show host, proprietor of AVIS Alaska and a popular blogger at

The Alaska US Senate race is heating up.  For the first time in three decades, there will not be a Murkowski running on the Republican ticket.  It promises to be an interesting and exciting contest.  Check out this short clip from this week’s Moore Up North.

Did Andrew Halcro just endorse Scott McAdams?

To contribute to Scott McAdams campaign click HERE.



  1. I, too, like Andrew Halcro and read his blog regularly.
    It was a great show and the 2 of you appear to work well together.
    More shows with Halcro!!!

  2. Let’s be honest. If Murkowski stays out of it, McAdams won’t have a chance.

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