Posted by: shannynmoore | September 10, 2010

$arah, Glenn & Joe



  1. Rupert Murdoch organized this 9/11 gathering as well as Beck’s rally in Washington.

    Sarah and Glenn aren’t smart enough to pull these events off on their own. Check the man behind the curtain.

  2. so… they can only “remember…” when $$ crosses their palms?
    and Mr Beck hates
    (HATES???) some of the families who lost folks ?

    Well, I’m into the hopey-changy thing…
    Please ANC , do us proud tomorrow !
    Let’s have a bigger show outside the Center!
    Am with you in spirit if not body!

  3. Wish I could be there with an air horn. Bless all of you who show up to protest.

    • Better make that a bull horn because there will be lots of that going around.


  4. I wonder how much they will charge for drinks in the WET area?

    ANYTHING for a buck.

    What a great idea, serve alcohol to THIS brain dead hate-filled crowd!

    I can just see them whipping these suckers into a frenzy, while the morons are getting drunk and have their “2nd amendment rights” on display and loaded.

    This is nothing but a recipe for disaster.

    I just hope the protesters leave BEFORE Glen the Weeper and The Tin Cup Grifter’s crowd comes out, full of liquor and looking for trouble.

  5. Well good luck Anchorage. What a bucket of worms you’all will have up there.

    I am going to be at Rev. Terry Jones tomorrow in Gainesville, Florida, protesting his Quran burnings. He called it off and now it is maybe on again. He is soaking this for all it is worth.

    He has bought new suits and got his face and hair done. It is quite the 3 ring circus.

    The damage he will do will be horrendous if he goes through with this horrific action.

    Watch BBAC to see my report on it, unless they block us from going in. My car is gassed, oil and coolant checked and ready to go.

    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~
    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

  6. Hurray Shannyn! Hurray Anchorage protesters! You all make me proud. I was just up visiting, and had it been a different week I’d be there with my

    “Peck and Bailin’ – Pallin’ Around with Crybabies and Quitters”

    sign or something else. Given a little time, I can come up with some pretty awful signs.

  7. Even way before the public outcry about the opportunistic grifting, Beck had always planned to donate the proceeds of the 9/11 event…to his own pocket.

  8. I read somewhere that McAdams will attend.
    Is that true? I sure hope not! I hope McAdams stands with the protesters against HATE.

    • see Mr McAdams’ schedule
      for Sept11 7-9pm
      Mr Beck and whatzername are due to start their horsepunky in ANC at 8PM…
      at give or take 115 road miles and whatever the Airtimes in airports, Mr McAdams won’t be anywhere near ANC.
      Would rather see Mr McAdams out meeting Alaskans, away from charged events like the fruitlooporama coming up tomorrow myself

      • Thanks Alaskapi – whew.

  9. I for one am going to let these goons have their hatefest and stand back and neither attend nor protest.

    Somehow I think that the admission numbers will speak for themselves.

    Of course, Fox News will report that there were 10,000 people at the Beck/Palin shindig, when the venue only holds 3,000.

    I suspect that they will have about 500 in their audience. They aren’t worth attending, much less protesting.

  10. So now the idiot is going to donate his profits to charity.
    It will be a tax write off. For him and not the fools who pay to see him spew.

    Is Sarah going to bring the vicks vapor rub to smear on his eyes to for some tear drop effects?

  11. Palin is a agitator, she thrives on controversay – others controversay – nothing original comes from Palin’s lips she is one of the most unproductive opinionated impersonators in the news……let her show up somewhere, bendy straws and all and she’ll have a check in her purse and air time on FOX, Some say she’s savvy, others a con-artist, she’s a coward. The minute Palin is brought to task she pulls a “pete” and repeat….same ole same ole of what ‘s she’s been told. Palin is a fraud.

  12. I would be at the protest rally getting acquainted and inhaling Alaska air…!

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