Posted by: shannynmoore | October 9, 2010

Scott McAdams on Moore Up North

This week on Moore Up North we were joined by Tom Begich and Scott McAdams.

Tom has worked on over 150 political campaigns.  He was the State’s Expert Witness for Reapportionment for the 1992 and 2002 reapportionments as well as the State’s Expert Witness for Campaign Finance Reform.  Tom shows us the mathematics and statistics about Lisa Murkowski’s chances of winning a write-in vote ala Glenn Beck!

Scott McAdams, the Democratic candidate for US Senate, joins us for an in-depth discussion about his plans to move Alaska forward.  His opponent, Republican candidate Joe Miller, was invited on the program but did not respond.

Join us every Thursday at 5:30 for the taping of Moore Up North, at Taproot (3300 Spenard Road, in the old Fly By Night Club).  Or check them out any other night of the week for live music, great organic and locally grown foods, and one of the best beer lists in town.


  1. I did catch a bit of your radio time the other day. You were wondering how to do the Joe Miller voice. What came to mind was that you drink whole milk so that there is so much fat in your mouth you cut out resonance. Try creamy top yougurt!

  2. So glad to watch and listen to this show- thanks Shannyn!
    Have gotten to hear Mr McAdams through 2 candidate forums and a brief talk when he opened his Juneau hdqtrs.
    This is the first time to hear him expand and discuss a lot of his ideas …
    Thank you so much!

  3. Outstanding! These discussions have totally validated my gut feelings as to why I’ve been donating & donating to McAdam’s campaign!!!

    I had believed he was honest and earnest, but didn’t realize how well researched, experienced, and able to discuss his views in terms of, not only progressing Alaska, but the national interests too (in such a positive sounding way).

    The input by Tom Begich was especially helpful, very heartening & educational. Thanks!

  4. My room mate has been a life long Democrate (same as myself) . But not knowing much about Scott he was going to vote for Lisa. he just couldn’t see himself voting for a deck hand….
    I recieved an invite to the town hall meeting in Spenard tonight but couldn’t attend and asked him to go instead. He did and came back home a Scott McAdams fan…he was very impressed with Scotts ideas, his knowledge of the issues and his personal background and his passion for Alaska. Scott earned another vote tonight. He already had mine!
    Way to go Scott!

  5. Love that you had Tom on the show, and I would love to believe him when he says that the only way to beat Miller is to vote McAdams. HOWEVER, I believe the numbers to be misleading. He used two different numbers to give McAdams and Miller their point spread. He gave Miller the polling numbers which is 35%. But then, he uses the number of the least performing candidate in election, the “minimum a dem is pulling these days”, which is 31%. That would be all well and good, but polling numbers give McAdams a 25% share. Seems as thought Tom is not comparing apples to apples. I think his numbers are misleading and actually very optimistic for McAdams. True as I wish it were. If someone can convince me otherwise, McAdams has my vote. But as it stands, I’ll be writing in a republican for the first time in my life.

    • This is certainly the election NOT to vote Republican for the first time in your life! Tom is using the lower end average of no-name Democrats like Thomas Higgins, A Clifford Green, etc. Those Democrats had no backing. They had no funding. They drew usually around 10%-16% of the vote against Ted Stevens, Frank Murkowski and Don Young. If you throw these ten percenters out, the average for Democrats WITH FUNDING, jumps up to 39.56%!!! Scott has a massive war chest of $870,000 and is trending quite nicely. The Daily Kos PPP polled people BEFORE Scott’s great commercials started running and BEFORE Scott knocked it out of the park with the Chamber of Commerce! Scott is an incredible candidate and has an incredible chance of winning. But he needs the votes of Democrats and moderates. Scott will continue to climb in the polls as Joe Miller melts down and people realize who Lisa really is and that she cannot win.

      But the real question is why on earth you would vote for your fears over your best interests? Lisa Murkowski, at one time, was a moderate Republican. She has ran to the FAR RIGHT! If elected, Lisa has already said she will be Mitch McConnell’s girl again. You know, the Senator that stood up at the height of the Oil Gusher and defended the paltry $75 million oil cap on legitimate claims resulting from negligent oil companies? Lisa Murkowski, representing the state that lost so much as a result of the Exxon Valdez? Lisa Murkowski spat in the eye of Alaskans when she defended that cap! That was absolutely disgusting. But then there was her vote on the Military Commissions Act of 2006-legalized torture and suspended habeas corpus, or her vote for the credit card corporations on the 2005 Bankruptcy Bill, or her other votes listed at

      Take a look and see if this is the Republican you want to vote for for the first time in your life…

  6. Thank you for your reply Shannyn. And you are right, why would I vote my fears over my best interests? Well, because I have more to lose if my fear comes true than I have to gain if my dream comes true. You certainly don’t need to sell me on Lisa’s crimes. I’m sold. But really, Joe scares the living crap out of me, and so many others I’ve talked to. Thought I COMPLETELY disagree with everything Lisa stands for, at least she’s (arguably) not a wing-nut. It just seems like an impossible situation…I’m wavering.

    • In the end…Joe and Lisa will vote EXACTLY THE SAME! Perhaps the most important thing a US Senator does is confirm Supreme Court justices. Lisa confirmed Roberts and Alito and blocked Kagan and Sotomayor!

      Lisa realistically cannot win. Joe is tanking. Most people are not political wonks. They are busy putting food on the table and running their kids around. They will show up and do their civic duty on election day. They will see a Libertarian, a Green, an Independent, Joe Miller and Scott McAdams. Most WILL NOT fill out an oval and write Lisa’s name in the space provided. They will see Joe Miller and think whack-a-doodle. They will see Scott’s name and remember his great ads and that he is like them-an Alaskan making his way in the world. And they will cast their vote for Scott McAdams.

      A vote for Lisa is a vote for Joe Miller. Vote for your heart and not your fears.

      Vote for Scott McAdams.

  7. AK COS-
    Mr Miller IS scary but not scary enough to vote for Ms Murkowski to ward him off.
    There will always be Joe Millers in Alaska politics, always…
    We’ve seen what Ms Murkowski has done to accommodate the JMs and it has not been pretty for the rest of us… nor the whole of America.
    And it sure hasn’t stopped the Joe Millers.

    I’m voting for a whole new direction.
    I’m voting for Scott McAdams and ignoring calls to throw myself on the sword of saving-alaska-from-joe-miller.
    I understand the fear but have had it with the same-old method of trying to cope with it.

    BTW, should Mr Miller get elected, we will need to be getting ourselves organized to make him miserable, eh? REALLY miserable…

  8. Ok, ok. Sold! I have my sign and made my donation. Wasn’t that easy? Wish McAdam’s ads really addressed these issues for the many on the fence. At this point, he’s just not persuasive and charismatic enough. He needs to address the fears straight on and say “Look, we CAN pull this off!”

    • He really is charismatic and persuasive… we just need to yard all our family, friends, and neighbors to venues where he speaks… an ad can never capture the person…
      There are videos of him talking besides the interview here with Shannyn…
      and he has his schedule of town hall meetings and meet and greets posted on his website.
      It’s hard to get around and past the media love affair with the other M’s but Mr McAdams is really, really available and out there for folks to find out more …
      he’s just not hanging out in the soap opera drama lane.
      Go Scott!!!!!!!!!

  9. Shannyn, I love your show. Is there any way we can force SP’s emails to be turned over before May. I want to see that viper face the music.

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