Posted by: shannynmoore | October 24, 2010

Moore Up North: Cuffgate

Here is this week’s Moore Up North:


Tony Hopfinger is a journalist, co-founder and editor of the Alaska Dispatch.  Tony recently spent some time in Joe Miller’s brig and lived to talk about it!


Tom Brennan is the former editor of the Anchorage Times and regular columnist for the Anchorage Daily Planet. He’s also the author of the new satirical thriller “The Snowflake Rebellion”.

Eric Croft is an Anchorage attorney, a former mayoral and gubernatorial candidate and served 10 years in the Alaska Legislature.

Craig Medred is currently a writer for the Alaska Dispatch and 30-year veteran reporter in Alaska-much of that time spent at the Anchorage Daily News.

Moore Up North is taped every Thursday at the Taproot located at 3300 Spenard Road in the old Fly By Night Club. 

Taproot has a full bar with a comprehensive selection of fine Bourbons, incredible single malt Scotch and a gargantuan beer menu! AND…Taproot recently expanded their food offerings! They offer a wide variety of tasty options available to meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Everything from their kitchen is prepared to order, fresh from scratch! At Tap Root they focus on wholesome, natural foods, and use only organic & free range proteins, and locally grown produce.

AND…Free Parking!


  1. Great show! Great panel!

  2. I tried to watch the program this morning on local television where it was advertised but it didn’t come on. Any ideas about where it went?

    • What time did you tune in? On KYES Channel 5?

  3. That was a fabulous show.

  4. I called your show finally because I couldn’t believe that you and Rachel Maddow are finally gonna be live together and I had the bad luck to be on the road! This is the most awesome opportunity that Alaska has had to put a sane face on its politics. I’ve seen every broadcast of you on Keith Obermann and I can’t believe I missed you on Rachel since I see the show everyday. You go Shannyn!!

  5. One thought that occurred to me is it’s a good thing the elementary school didn’t have metal detectors–just think what would have happened when Joe Miller walked in and set off the metal detectors.

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