Posted by: shannynmoore | October 30, 2010

Seriously Sean? The Earth is 6 Thousand Years Old? Another Reason to Vote for Ethan Berkowitz for Governor

As if we needed any more reasons to dump Sean Parnell.  No wonder he makes the kinds of decisions he makes.  No wonder he appointed Al “Genesis” Barrette to the Alaska Board of Game.  He is clearly OUT OF TOUCH WITH SCIENCE!

Ethan Berkowitz is the CLEAR choice for Governor.

From Talking Points Memo:

At last night’s Alaska gubernatorial debate, Gov. Sean Parnell (R) wouldn’t respond directly to a questions about the age of the earth. “Only God knows,” he said.

Parnell and Democrat Ethan Berkowitz were asked which number more accurately describes the age of the earth, 6000 years or 6 billion years. After Parnell’s answer, Berkowitz said: “I’ll go with 6 billion.”

Check out Ethan’s appearance a couple weeks ago on Moore Up North:

and here is the rest of that show:

Panelists Steve Heimel of APRN, Bonnie Jack, former Republican Woman of the Year, and Vince Beltrami President of the AFL-CIO of Alaska discuss election season politics.


  1. As a republican Ethan can count on my vote!! Sean is a mess in a suit.

  2. As a Biology major from the same university where Mr. Parnell received his undergraduate business degree, I’m quite embarrassed !!

    Hello, Sean !?! You, too, had to take a required Science class to earn your degree, not to mention a number of religion credits. Did you forget what you learned?

    Diversity, tolerance, servant warrior-ship — are all incredible attributes reflected in campus programs. What happened to your global view of the world that an education at our alma mater emphasizes? FYI, have you responded to the annual fundraising campaign calls by current students for the continued support of University programs? Just wondering.

  3. I am just a little angry and disgusted. Yesterday (Friday) Sean Parnell stopped the $5 million dollar BTOP grant that will enable all public libraries in Alaska to have broadband internet access. Looks like a political move, doesn’t want to be accepting federal money right before the election. It is rumored that the ‘reason’ is because of lack of filtering, that the children might see something they shouldn’t.

    Hogwash! Criminal! Sean would like to take us back to the stone age – of course that must be less that 6000 years ago according to him.

  4. Geez, fooled again by those politicians from the valley. I need to conk myself in the head with a stone tool from the caveman days. It’s about being nice and phoney I guess. Don’t need those kind in charge. I’ll save my quarters for the Food Bank.

  5. Where do I complain about the TV reception for ‘Moore Up North’ here in outer Wasilla. Seems to be digitally censored EVERY week! We have antennae reception that works before and after the show, but keep getting blocked by no signal during or those horrible little digi squares. What’s up with that?

  6. I think his childish email calling Ethan and Diane Oberkowitcz and Obenson revealed his inner-mean girl Sarah.

    Captain Zero can look affable and disarming, but he is a fundy in sheep’s clothing, looking for ways to chip away at our legally protected rights so his ‘conscience’ is clear.

    When those 1,600 women and children in need of health care come to his comfortable home or Governor’s Mansion, maybe he can call a Prayer Warrior’s order and give them cookies to make them feel better.

    It sickens me this loser can sneak in his own Gubernatorial win and still run again in 2014.

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