Posted by: shannynmoore | November 21, 2010

Moore Up North

Here is this week’s Moore Up North guest line-up:

David Shoup, an attorney specializing in civil litigation and sued the Alaska Division of Elections on behalf of the Alaska Democratic Party.

Rick Steiner, a Marine Conservation and Sustainability Consultant. Anytime and anywhere there’s an oil spill, from the Exxon Valdez to the Eastern Mediterranean to the Gulf of Mexico they call the professor!

Lois Epstein, an engineer and the Arctic Program Director for The Wilderness Society. She’s served on numerous federal advisory committees and recently advised the Department of the Interior on its safety report to the President following BP’s Gulf spill.

Walt Parker, an International Diplomat to the Arctic Council and President of the Prince William Sound Citizens Advisory Council.

Join us Thursdays at 5:30 at the Taproot (3300 Spenard Rd. in the old Fly By Night Club) for the taping of Moore Up North.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving Shannyn. I leave you with this thought.

    “Sarah Palin is a MOOSELIM – and she thinks NORTH Korea is our ally”

    God HELP US ALL!

  2. How can I get tickets to view the taping of her show .. You go girl !!!!!!!! I love non corp directed info. We Alaskans have lost so much respect due to the “ramblin IDIOT form Gov. S.P.) that it is refreshing to actually hear honest dialog with a bit of humor. YES NEED THE TICKETS LOL Thanks

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