Posted by: shannynmoore | December 30, 2010

The Indigo Girls on The Shannyn Moore Show

Amy Ray and Emily Saliers-Indigo Girls!

Tune into The Shannyn Moore Show today, December 30, at 1pm. Her special guests will be Amy Ray and Emily Saliers…the Indigo Girls! The Indigo Girls are playing the Beartooth Tonight, December 30, and New Years Eve.

There are still a few tickets left but they are expecting both nights to sellout. If you don’t have your ticket…DON’T MISS THESE SHOWS! The Girls play different shows each night and it will be the best $40 you have ever spent. (New Years Eve Show is $50-party favors included).

The Shannyn Moore Show airs live from 11am-2pm Alaska Time/3pm-6pm ET. Listen terrestrially in Anchorage on KOAN 1020AM and in Juneau on KXLJ 1330AM.

You may stream the show here or here!

Call the show at 907.522.1020.

Or email Shannyn at

Facebook a question for Shannyn here!

FYI…MOORE UP NORTH is on hiatus until January 2011. Happy New Year!!!



  1. Utterly fantastic! They had this gig booked before “Bristol’s” lame lesbian joke to Margaret Cho? How perfect.

    Indigo Girls defined a time for me, “Blood & Fire” still has the power to wreck me every time I hear it.

    Rock in the show today, rock in 2011 ladies!

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