Posted by: shannynmoore | January 5, 2011

Moore Up North-First Show of 2011

Join us tonight, Thursday, January 6, 2011 for the 45th taping of Moore Up North with Shannyn Moore, at the world-famous TAPROOT!

Taproot is located in the Republic of Spenard at 3300 Spenard Road. It’s Mr. Whitekeys’ old Fly By Night Club!

The taping starts around 5:30pm.

Here is this week’s Moore Up North guest line-up:


Corwyn Wilkey and Rob Woolsey from the Taproot talk about their business and their latest venture-a nod to their new home’s dinner theater past.



Lyda Green served in the Alaska Senate from 1995-2009 and was elected president in 2007. She decided not to run for reelection in 2008.

Tank Jones is best known as Levi Johnston’s body guard.  He is a private eye in Anchorage and has his finger on the pulse of our fair city.

Tom Begich is a singer-songwriter and statistics savant that has worked on over 150 political campaigns. He was the State’s Expert Witness for both Campaign Finance Reform and the 1992 and 2002 reapportionments.

Check out Taproot‘s website here and their facebook page here.

Taproot has a full bar with a comprehensive selection of fine Bourbons, incredible single malt Scotch and a gargantuan beer menu! AND…Taproot expanded their menu! They offer a wide variety of tasty options available to meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Everything from their kitchen is prepared to order, fresh from scratch! At Tap Root they focus on wholesome, natural foods, and use only organic & free range proteins, and locally grown produce.

This is our first show since our dear friend Roger Ranch departed this world for that great beyond. We are dedicating this season to his memory. We will miss him at every taping.

Rest in Peace Roger.  We’ll leave a cup of coffee out for you.



  1. I am looking forward to all the new show’s. First i would ask Lyda who over see’s funding for alternative energy in the state. I know none wish to hear my side but we would all like to be free of HEA. And Tom!! When i met him last fall i could have sworn we had partyed at sometime? Next time he’s down in the hamlet, he has to come for dinner. Or a hey-howdy works fine for me. Bob.

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