Posted by: shannynmoore | January 17, 2011

A Tribute to the Great 1960s Liberal Leaders on Martin Luther King Day

Tom Clay, a Detroit DJ, wove historic audio clips of the great liberal leaders of the 1960s who were all mowed down by crazy lone gunmen with “What the World Needs Now”.  A stirring tribute to JFK, MLK and RFK on this day, Martin Luther King Day.



  1. Thank you so much for posting this… the desire of each of these men to see the world become a better place for everyone permeates their words with such astounding sincerity it puts todays pollies to shame. If ever the world needed a Bobby or John or Martin it’s now.

  2. The world does need love. Astonishing, miraculous examples of love that out compete, for lack of a more appropriate term, for the horrific examples of hate we are exposed to every single fucking day. There are amazing liberals out there doing amazing things for social justice. But our mainstream media channels, the ones most watched by Americans, are terrified to cover these people and what they are doing. They’re terrified the rightwing will accuse them of “bias.” And for that, these cowards that pass for news sources need to do more soul-searching than possibly any other individual or group of individuals in America, to figure out why accusations of covering all that is decent and good is so frightening to them. In a better world, it would be a badge they would proudly wear.

  3. Was a very painful reminder especially of the day JFK was assinated.I still cry when I see those clips.Everyone should watche this Thank you Shannyn

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