Posted by: shannynmoore | January 30, 2011

“No static at all…FM”

Was it something I said?

The Shannyn Moore Show goes FM!

Starting today, FOX NEWS TALK KOAN 1020AM will be simulcast in the Anchorage Bowl on KOAN 95.5FM!

Tune into The Shannyn Moore Show from 3pm-6pm EST/11am-2pm AST.

As always, you may stream the show on either KOAN Anchorage or KXLJ Juneau . Miss a show? Podcast it here!

CALL THE SHOW AT 907.522.1020!


  1. 1020 AM Anchorage Palmer Wasilla
  2. 95.5 FM Anchorage Eagle River
  3. 1330 AM Juneau

Truly, like Steely Dan sang…NO STATIC AT ALL!!!



  1. HURRAY :~)

  2. Shannyn: I’d love to listen to you live, but I can’t stand tuning-in or logging-on to a FOX station! I still can’t believe you allowed this happen! You must’ve been contractually required to go onto to a FOX station when KUDO/IBEW sold (out). True? Or… what? Please, tell us what’s going on here.

    • Tim,

      It was either a FOX Station or NO Station at all. I own my show so please tune in from 11am-2pm Mon=Fri. 1020am and 95.5fm.


  3. I was watching Gavel to Gavel and saw Tom Wagoner co-chair a Resources committee meeting where he had Parnell’s new Fish and Game Commissioner in his sights.

    Our legislature is just beginning it’s new session, and this is what I saw.

    The Resource co-chair just told the Fish and Game commissioner that he ‘expected’ the Dept. of Fish and Game to become ‘pro-active’ in support for the Susitna Dam Project.

    Here we have the co-chair directing Fish and Game to support a project that Fish and Game should be expected to evaluate impartially as to the risks or negative impacts of this dam project. That evaluation shouldn’t come from a position that is directed by the Legislature to result in support of a project that will certainly have effects on renewable resource habitat and the very survivability of bio-diversity.

    Fish and Game isn’t charged with boosterism for Parnell’s pet projects, they’re supposed to be watching out for and protecting fish and game resources.

    While this co-chair was wrapping up his directive to Fish and Game to support the dam, he also slipped in a few remarks about his denial of climate change inferring that Fish and Game shouldn’t be wasting time trying to get out ahead of the damaging effects of ocean acidification, or species fragility due to rising temperatures.

    I think some Alaskans might be interested to know about our new Resource Co-chair and how he is figuring to use his position.

    The transcript of the new Fish and Game commissioner appearing before the Resources Committee should be available and it might make for some good radio if Shannyn called Tom Wagoner and asked him about his abuse of office trying to impose his will on the department of Fish and Game.

    What do you say Shannyn?

  4. Shannyn —
    OK. I understand. I’ll try to catch your show in between the other doltish offerings on the Fox station. Not that I’m not interested in the conservative perspective; I am, which is why I regularly read David Brooks, David Gergen, and other thoughtful right-wingers. But I can’t stand the shrieks and rants of the Fox lineup, including Sarah-what’s-her-name. In any case… I believe in you and I’ll try to tune in and as always check out your website. But I can’t wait until you can get back on a credible media outlet — and I’ll bet I’m not the only one of your fans who feels this way.
    Carry on and keep the faith.

  5. Listening to Ken and Paddy show last Saturday when one of them, seeking to clarify once and for all the difference between Islam and Muslim, went on to emphatically explain that Muslim refers to a race and Islam is a religion. No one disputed this. How someone this ignorant is given air time(their own show!) on KOAN is beyond me. I didn’t know who to contact at KOAN to complain to so I used this forum.

  6. Shannon,
    I’ve sent this message and video to the Supercommittee and to other members of Congress. (My friends around the country have been sharing this with everyone they know.) Sometimes we don’t believe the individual can make a difference in today’s political climate, but “not doing anything” definitely will not make a difference. So I’m asking – would you read the following message or play the attached video on your show?

    Attention: JOINT SELECTION COMMITTEE ON DEFICIT REDUCTION (often referred to as the “Supercommittee”)
    To: Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, Rep. Xavier Becerra of California, Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan, Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan

    My name is Frank Butto. I’m a 63 year-old teacher who lives and works in Anchorage, Alaska. I am not representing a particular organization or political affiliation, but the message in my words could readily come from a senior, a single parent, a college student, little children, a soldier, a family, people from all walks of life. I know you have been charged with issuing a recommendation to Congress by November 23, 2011, for at least $1.2 trillion in national deficit reduction steps to be undertaken over a ten-year period. I understand that you can examine a variety of areas and that political agendas might color your examination.
    It is imperative that you develop a plan for deficit reduction that your entire committee will stand behind. It will take courage for any one of you to bridge that divide between differing political agendas and find common ground in this step toward resolving the nation’s economic recovery. I (we) need all of you to build that bridge and meet somewhere on it. We need a joint action that reflects your will to support the needs of this country. Inaction is not ethical nor is it acceptable.
    The needs of the country at this time may not match the political agenda of either party’s current economic program. Your commitment to bipartisanship will be an important symbol to remind us that we are at our best as a nation when we put the needs of the people above dogged adherence to party ideologies.
    I am expecting each of you to be courageous in the task put before you. You must build a bridge to common ground and set aside partisan agendas. There are pundits around the nation that say that you do not have the will to make this happen. I would say that it is critical for you to seize the moment and prove that you have the will to be “the start of the solution.” It is time for you to stand-up for the people of this country.

  7. Have you ever noticed you only use your condisending voice when you are imitating a republican?

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