Posted by: shannynmoore | April 21, 2011

Shannyn Moore on Thom Hartmann’s RT Television Show Talking Pebble Mine

Thom Hartmann did a segment on both his radio and his television show, The Big Picture, yesterday with Shannyn talking about Pebble Mine.

Largest wild salmon fishery wiped out by corporate greed?


  1. I was listening to the Thom Hartmann show while Ms. Moore was a guest. Terrible story about the possible fate of one of the few, and largest, wild salmon runs left in the ocean. Keep up the good work in spreading the story. Ms. Moore is a capable and intelligent advocate for many progressive issues.

    I also heard Ms. Moore’s comments in response to a question about the birth of Trig Palin. It’s hard for me to understand why anyone who pays attention would believe Ms. Palin on this one. The story is way too convoluted, and the facts are just not there to support the pregnancy. The photos do not show Ms. Palin to have been pregnant at the time, no one knew about it until she stated she was pregnant, and her actions immediately prior to the alleged birth, and immediately afterwards, are not what a woman in her situation would have done. Add on other facts, like the tubal ligation, the visit to the massage therapist, the failure to notify any of her security detail, and the lack of any verifiable documentation of the birth (no certificate, no announcement, no medical records) all point to her not being the mother of Trig. I would have thought Ms. Moore would have been slightly more skeptical of Ms. Palin’s version of events than to accept it at face value.

    • The Pebble Project if built, will be a large mine, probably on the scale of Bingham Canyon. Even a two mile wide pit is a speck on Alaska’s landscape. Furthermore, the mine site isn’t near Bristol Bay and while it is near some head waters of drainages to Bristol Bay, there is no earthly reason why this mine should adversely affect the salmon runs or the fisheries. This potential mine will create a large and sustainable mining district for local employment and tax base to improve the standard of living in the region.

      Much of the Bristol Bay commercial fisherman and open entry licenses are held by non-Alaskans. The red-herring of the mining company who wants to develop this being ‘foreign’ is a non-issue. We are in a global economy and the US environmental laws have systematically degraded US mining opportunities which is why we don’t have many world class mining companies anymore.

      What has damaged salmon runs in the past is dam building in the Pacific Northwest by the US Bureau of Reclamation, not my any mining whatsoever.

      The left wingers are captive the the Green movement in the same way the Republicans are captive of the religious right. Both have similar anti-human rights problems.

      Let’s wake up and allow the private sector to create an economy. The governments can’t feed us, we need a private economy to create a sustainable economy.

  2. The greed of the multinational corporations is disgusting to seize Pebble Mine and and destroy an outstanding source of salmon. Shannyn Moore, once again, is articulate and cogent in explaining why turning this land into a copper and gold mine is a dreadful idea. Let’s hope there continues to be 80% of the people refusing to have them mine there.

  3. Back in the early-70’s Murramar Ghadaffi issued a “Manifesto “to the oil companies in Libya in which he declared, among other things, that Libyan oil field and administrative workers were to be paid at the same rate (Libyan equivalent to U.S. dollars) that U.S. oil companies (i.e., the Arab-American Oil Company, or “ARAMCO”) was paying their U.S. expatriates for doing the same job(s) as Libyans were doing. ARAMCO for one flat refused to do so, claiming that the U.S. (and French) oil companies had explored, found, drilled, pumped, stored, and shipped that very high quality (i.e., low sulfur) Libyan sweet crude, and all that the Libyans were owed was the relatively small (at that time) royalties ARAMCO and the other oild companies were paying to the old Libyan government (old in the sense that Col. Ghaddafi had overthrown the old government). I was working for Bechtel Corporation in Personnel at Bechtel’s San Francisco headquarters at the time, and read (but regretfully did not keep) a copy of Ghaddafi’s Manifesto. As I recall, it was a very fair document, radical only in the sense that Ghaddafi wanted Libyan workers to be treated as equals to their U.S. counterparts. Due to the oil companies effectively sneering at the upstart Colonel Ghaddafi’s “workers manifesto” and refusing to go along with Ghaddafi’s fair demands, and the oil companies’ stated belief that “… we found the oil, drilled for it, recovered it, and it’s OURS, not Libya’s,”, Ghaddafi took the next step to ensure fairness for Libyan workers. He nationalized the Libyan oil industry and kicked the foreign oil companies out of Libya. Since Bechtel Corp. was a major construction company in Saudi Arabian, Middle Eastern, and north African oil field development, and worked hand-in-glove with ARAMCO, we at Becfhtel SFO started finding ex-ARAMCO executives getting executive positions at Bechtel’s headquarters. We had one ex-ARAMCO installed alongside us in Personnel as an “advisor”, and all he did day in and day out was bitch bitch bitch about “those damned rag-head, dumb ass Libyans who stole our” oil …”
    So what I see happening up in your Bristol Bay is the reverse of what we did to the Libyans … foreign exploitation of U.S. national resources and U.S. natural resources, all of which is being allowed by America’s wealthiest and richest people who, by the control of using their vast, aristocratic wealth, effectively buy not only Congressmen and Congresswomen, but also “buy” by high political connections and influence, the actions of high level political appointees to federal agencies. I sincerely believe that we, “the People”, have reached a revolutionary point in our nation’s history where we must reach out and seize control of government and economic institutions which have been taken out of our hands. I believe we must, as “the People”, for one, begin the revolutionary process of nationalizing, regulating, and controlling the health insurance industry to insure good health care for all citizens, and also for another, begin the revolutionary process of classifying all minerals and natural resources, renewable as well as non-renewable, as “national resources” which must also be nationalized and put under the absolute control of the federal government, and which (keeping in mind Bristol Bay) can not be taken out of the country in any form other than as completely finished goods and/or products, and, more importantly, cannot be owned by or controlled by foreign entities.
    The tea-hatters keep talking up the Boston Tea Party as an act of “patriotism”, when all it was, in fact, was an act of vandalism, the destruction of private property, chest after chest of privately owned tea dumped into the polluted waters of Boston Harbor, tea chests owned by the East Indian Tea company … which Parliament declared did not have to pay any taxes other than that very nominal three-penny tax on tea, an act which put all of that company’s colonial competition (and colonial tea smugglers as well) out of business. Sort of what GE had done to American workers by having products and services performed and manufactured offshore, making huge profits … and not paying any taxes. Maybe what we need is a “Rust Belt Rebellion”, where the unemployed (like the colonials at Boston Harbor) make lightening raids into WalMart, Target, and other China-import stores, taking GE products off the shelves and dumping them into the Ohio River (or any other close by river). If destruction of private property is an icon of the Tea Party, then certainly a “Rust Belt Rebellion” might signal the start of a larger, much needed revolution in our country, where exploitation as proposed for Bristol Bay will be militantly resisted and prevented.

  4. I too believe that it is treasonous that our natural resources are being more or less handed over to foreign entities, essentially making Alaska a third world country. That we allow the powers that be to give away ‘our’ minerals, forests, or whatever, to companies for promised jobs, that usually go to outside employees, without much coming back to the state, is just insane. How hard would it be to use some of the permanent fund to build the infrastructure to create factories that make furniture, musical instruments, modular housing, etc. out of OUR forests in a sustainable manner for a fair price, or use ‘our’ gas on the slope and minerals to create energy and steele to run, say, a Mag lev train, or transport that electricity to other regions without a pipeline mentality. The minerals held within our borders should be held until some kind of understanding as to their best use can be figured out, and not just the fast grab of territory out from under the people before they know what is going on here…we need to be asking that…what IS going on here? That our country allows it’s big industries to offshore factories and jobs that are paid for by US taxpayers(under the guise of ‘jobs’, without ANY benefit to ‘our’ people, only to the shareholders..well, who can’t argue that the road the corporations of this country as a whole have taken is pathologically destructive to everything we thought that America is/was( but is no more.) We have a culture that glorlifies violence, good for the defense industry, bad for the people of the world who have resources that some corporation desires, as ‘American interests overseas’ and the subsequent armies and munitions we send over to ‘protect’. Where are those right wing, right to life people when the subject of killing comes up? Or living in a country that condones and is the biggest perpetrator and arms manufacturer of killing machines…I don’t even know where to stop the madness, but it begins by asking…what is going on here…who is manufacturing the opinions, and who profits? And then stand up to the powers with support of the peoples of this world and all it’s wonders, and ask WHY? Not only for the generations past, but for ourselves and the future of the planet and ALL it’s inhabitants….(Is anyone out there?)

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