Posted by: shannynmoore | October 30, 2012

Two of Alaska’s Former First Ladies Endorse the Re-Election of the Members of the Senate Bi-Partisan Working Group

A Statement by Former First Ladies Ermalee Hickel and Bella Hammond

“As our husbands were known for putting Alaska first, we, too, are dedicated to this guiding principal. Now, multi-national corporations are attacking those Alaska legislator running for re-election who stood together in the past session to protect Alaska ’s interests.

“We thank and endorse Senators Hollis French and Bill Wielechowski and their colleagues in the Senate Bi-Partisan Working Group for their courage and leadership, and urge our fellow Alaskans to support them in the upcoming election.”



  1. I keep channeling our past Republican governors, Hickel and Hammond, wishing they were here to protect our state from big oil. I am so happy that their wives have taken a stand. I hope it helps get people to vote to keep Hollis and Wielechowski. We need Republicans and Independent voters who respected them to see what is going on! If big oil gets a foothold, the work of Hickel and Hammond would have been in vain.

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