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  1. I have reported 40-60 rapes of Yupik teenagers in Togiak, AK jail between 1985-2000 to DOJ in Washington and they say they are taking the case. Need help to navigate system. Have 20 page school paper as am Masters student at UAA. Am 83 year old retired city manager in bush Alaska for 30 years. Big due to documented cover-up by State Troopers in Dillingham to protect protigee of Col Godfrey supper star VPSO in 1991.

    FBI appears to agree this is bigger than Penn State but every body in Alaska is afraid to tackle the case for publication..



  2. Dear Shannyn,
    Anchorage will be voting very soon on whether or not to retain several judges. At least one of these judges, Guidi, was mentioned in one of your previous articles regarding Judges appointed by Sean Parnell. It appears that the judges in your previous article were appointed primarily based on their anti-abortion viewpoint. Is it possible for you to review or research some of these judges so we will know whether or not to vote for them.
    Thank you,

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