Posted by: shannynmoore | September 9, 2008


OK, I’m out. I’m not voting for President or Vice-President. Too many things I don’t like. There’s the “Team Faux-Maverick” and then there is “Team FISA-Light”. I’ve decided to take out iconic influence and not vote for “a team.” No shiny ads, no candidate crush, no homecoming king or queen for me. I’m breaking up with all of them. I’m voting for the Supreme Court.


As an Alaskan, I certainly feel a connection to Sarah Palin. But her potential as vice-president to influence and legislate her religious beliefs terrify me. Her “no choice” stance on abortion causes me great concern. I’m not a liberal with an abortion punch card, but I agree with Roe v. Wade. What happens in my uterus or anyone else’s is a private matter. Abortion should be legal, safe and rare.


As a Governor, her fundamental beliefs and legislative influence will pass like a thief in the night. Spending priorities and state policies change with administrations. That said, the lasting and devastating impact of a McPalin Administration would be in their Supreme Court appointments. Three of the four members of the liberal bloc-John Paul Stephens (age 88), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (age 75) and David Hackett Souter (age 69)-are expected to retire or expire during the next president’s term. By comparison, three of the four members of the conservative bloc-John Paul Roberts (age 53), Samuel Alito (age 58) and Clarence Thomas (age 60) are spring chickens by Supreme Court standards and will actively legislate from the bench for many years, perhaps decades, to come. Antonin Sclalia (age 72), is an old tough Italian and not expected to leave anytime soon. John McCain is on record saying he admires and would seek justices like John Paul Roberts and Samuel Alito.


“I have my own standards of judicial ability, experience, philosophy, and temperament. And ChiefJustice Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito meet those standards in every respect. They wouldserve as the model for my own nominees if that responsibility falls to me.”

John McCain May 6, 2008


Consider the recent Exxon Valdez verdict (audio interview on the day of the ruling with Greg Palast). Exxon, the company that set and broke planet earth’s quarterly profit record three quarters in a row, was let off the hook. Future corporate punitive damages are now forever minimally capped because of a conservative John “How much more can a corporation do?” Roberts Supreme Court! The Court based their activist ruling on 19th Century Maritime Law! 21st Century Corporations can now view punitive damages as the small cost of doing business. Due to Exxon’s negligence and the corporate sympathy of the Supreme Court, one the largest acts of environmental terrorism in history was treated like an accidental littering.


A “McPalin” Administration would also threaten legal cornerstones like habeas corpus. AGAIN! Habeas corpus is not an amendment to the Constitution, it IS the Constitution. It is the 13th Century right to challenge your detention. Our revolution against England was in large part a rejection of the disappearing citizens; shackled in dungeons, imprisoned or killed without charges. The Military Commissions Act (signed by Bush October 17, 2006), suspended habeas corpus and undermined America’s rise over the tyranny we’d fought against. On June 12th of this year, the Supreme Court voted to restore Habeas Corpus in a 5-4 decision. Roberts and Alito led the RATS (Roberts Alito Thomas Scalia) in dissent. Dissent of the Constitution itself. A vote for McPalin is a vote for a clone of Roberts and Alito! It is a vote against the Bill of Rights and the deletion of our rights as citizens. If you trade Stephens, Ginsburg and Souter for three Roberts-Alito clones, a future court ruling on habeas corpus would have permanently eliminated the right of American Citizens to challenge their detention with an 8-1 landslide and landmark decision.


In Sarah Palin’s RNC speech, she said of Barack Obama. “Al Qaeda terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America … he’s worried that someone won’t read them their rights?” Hard fought rights are who we are, what we stand for, what we’ll do, and what we won’t. They are not about who or what we fight. If the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were because terrorists “hate our freedom”, they will surely love us with a McPalin Supreme Court. John McCain is willing to turn our service men and women into those who tortured him. He had the credibility to say no to the Bush Administration when it came to waterboarding. He knows it doesn’t provide accurate information, and turns men into monsters. McCain wants to be a maverick, but instead put politics above principles; the rule of men over the rule of law.


The Supreme Court has been a motivating factor for voters in elections past. This round, however, is truly an unprecedented moment where the scales of justice are threatened; like never before. A vote for Obama keeps those scales level. A vote for McPalin shifts the balance of the court to the far right for decades and threatens that which so many have given their lives for.


While there is a part of me that roots for Sarah, I feel like my local hockey star got traded to a rival team. And that rival team is all about buying the refs, juicing up, starting fights, and betting on their own games. Her new team wants to trade Liberty for Security. They are not mutually exclusive. I’m breaking up with the candidates. I’m voting for The Constitution and Supreme Court nominations.



  1. They may be light on FISA, but an Obama administration is the key to saving the Supreme Court. I think there will always be a “lesser of the two evils” in every election because there will always be that race to the middle to get as many votes as possible which will turn off both right-wingers and left.

    btw congrats on the MSNBC appearance. That was awesome.

  2. You rocked on Olbermann! Keep up the good fight!

  3. Shannyn, I just saw your clip on Keith Obermann. Great performance. The “blond bombshell” attack dogs on the right have met their nemesis with you. Now, to take full advantage of your abilities, you need a small staff, and a good editor. Some of your stuff is wordy. Take a tip from M. Dowd. Being a little bit catty is Good!
    Further advice: fly to Fairbanks with a cameraman for the send-off for Track. Turning the event into a campaign rally is badly conceived and and error on the part of the McCain campaign. Someone should pounce.

  4. Shannyn,

    You may enjoy this:


  5. Shannyn-
    THANK YOU for your expose on Rick Barber’s KOA 850 show! I knew Palin was rotten to the core if she had any appeal to the GOP. However, Obama offers NOTHING more than total B.S. and he openly demonstrates the inability to be open and honest; by promoting the Democrat party, you offer nothing better, as the “change” they proffer is nothing more than MegaTaxation and Socialism/Marxism. This country is TOTALLY out of our control, from City to State, to Washington D.C. I fear nothing short of violent revolution will change the NON-representation of We People. TIME TO FLUSH CORRUPT GOVT & REPLACE EVERYONE. Unless G.W./Palin-McCain initiate armageddon first. Democrats were so corrupt and inept, they STRUCK OUT on 3 easy pitches, now it looks like it’s SongBird McCain/Piggy Palin… Ron Paul/Dennis Kucinich were the only reasonable PATRIOTIC AMERICAN choices; THANK GOD Hillary washed out!!! What do you think? -Marvin the PatrioticTruther says 9-11 was an INSIDE JOB, WAKE UP YOU SLEEPING SHEEPLE!!!

  6. Great post. As a Liberal Democrat to the core, obviously we aren’t going to agree on every issue, but on the Supreme Court, we agree wholeheartedly.

    I watched youtube clips of Gov. Palin’s gubernatorial debate. It was chilling. I don’t know that I have ever heard anyone say that they would choose life even in cases of rape or incest, even if it were her own daughter. That moment let me know that this election, more than any other, needed to be about The Court.

    Sometimes Americans really make me wonder. I thought after George Bush we were finally past that whole notion of voting for people that you wanted to kick back and have a beer with or set up play dates with the kids. It’s beyond idiotic.

    I’ve never been able to understand why being smart is a liability. I, personally, have had enough of stupid and will cast my vote accordingly.

    Thanks for the link to your blog. Looking forward to seeing more of you on Countdown w/Olbermann.

  7. Shannyn,

    If there’s one thing we all should have learned during the past two election cycles, it is that neutrality –studied or otherwise– is Not An Option.

    As the friends and family members of 4155 (and counting) dead servicemen can no doubt attest, it actually matters who is elected President.

    A McCain/Palin administration would be an unthinkable disaster for our nation. I’ve spent the past five years fighting all of this ‘Papers, please’ nonsense; and while I understand your dismay over Obama’s FISA position, I ask you to seriously reconsider sitting this race out: the democracy you save may be your own.

    Your favorite radio coach,


    PS: Love the look of the blog.

  8. a squeek from the lower 48.

    for our sake please vote!

  9. Like your blogs and how they look!

    Good to see you on Olbermann, hope he asks you back!

    You do need to vote you know.

  10. Olbermann was a joke, as was your smear effort and the title they put under your name “radio journalist”.


  11. Shannyn:

    No one has given you back drama queen rights. You are now a public figure, and a damn good one. For you to state publicly that you are going to sit out this presidential election is irresposible. you have one of the best minds I know: for God’s sake, use it.


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