Posted by: shannynmoore | November 18, 2008

UPDATED:Ted Stevens’ Birthday Present? SENATOR Begich!!!

The end of the 40 year Stevens reign is over.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Stevens.

Happy Independence Day, Alaska!

Mark Begich released the following statement following the count:
“I am humbled and honored to serve Alaska in the United States Senate,” Begich said. “It’s been an incredible journey getting to this point, and I appreciate the support and commitment of the thousands of Alaskans who have brought us to this day. I can’t wait to get to work fighting for Alaskan families.”

This just in from Bethany Lesser:

With the final ballots counted for the day, just wanted to clarify what happens next.

At this point, the majority of the total ballots have been counted. Mark Begich is up by 3,724 (Begich – 150,728, Stevens – 147,004), according to the Division of Elections. Approximately 2,500 overseas ballots remain outstanding, but Stevens would need more votes than that to change the outcome of the Alaska Senate Race.

As part of the standard process for the Division of Election’s certification process, the State Review Board is also meeting today to conduct a hand count of 40 randomly selected precincts to confirm totals from the machine counts. These precincts represent at least 5 percent of each district’s voters from the general election on Election Day. They will also hand count absentee and question ballots from 2 districts each for verification as well.

Target certification will be the week of December 1, as soon as the State Review Board has completed their review the director certifies the election.
With the margin of 3,724 votes, the likelihood of a recount has been reduced, since it would have to be paid for by the Stevens campaign. The only time there is an automatic recount is when there is a tie. If the final vote is within 0.5 percent, a recount can be requested, and the state will cover the bill. If the final vote is more than 0.5 percent (+/- 1,600), a campaign can request a recount, but would have to pay for it. A recount may be applied for within 5 days of certification, by either the defeated candidate or 10 members of the defeated candidate’s party. If a recount application is filed immediately, the Division of Elections must commence within five days of receipt of an application. A recount is done by machine in Juneau for the entire state, and would take approximately 3 – 5 days.

Begich, Mark DEM 150728 47.76%
Bird, Bob AI 13113 4.16%
Gianoutsos, Ted NA 1375 0.44%
Haase, Fredrick D. LIB 2482 0.79%
Stevens, Ted REP 147004 46.58%
Write-in Votes   871 0.28%


  1. It might not be a present he appreciates, but as an Alaskan constituent, its the BEST present I ever got!

  2. It sure works for me….lol And I don’t live in Alaska.

    Thanks Shannyn for the update.

  3. Time to offer you a HOT cup of COCO they can’t have that many ballots to count hmm I hear the fat lady warming up….. so to speak

  4. I think by losing we did Ted a favor. This way he gets to keep his retirement…. Well he won’t spend much as soap on a rope is only a couple dollars. Wonder if his new home will have an electrical outlet for his “borrowed” massage chair? a liitle advie to Uncle Ted,” Keep your back to the wall, don’t bend over to pick up the soap, and sleep on your back.”

  5. AP just called the election for Mark Begich….

  6. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on this important race. I am happy for Alaskans, for Mr. Begich, and for the rest of us who are relieved that at least one route to Washington for Governor Palin will be closed.

  7. Thank you for all your work in keeping us up to date. I do not live in Alaska, but have been praying for 2 yrs. for Stevens to be “GONE”. My prayers are answered. It is time for him to retire–enjoy life and get a better attitude. He was so arrogant, yelling, and feeling entitled. Great Step up for Alaska–now just get a Gov. that really cares for the state, its people and its animals.. Beautiful state and more beautiful today.

  8. Congratulations to Mark Begich, Alaska, and to you, too, Shannyn. I’m doing a happy dance for all of you in Alaska, and for those of us in the Lower 48, who will be glad to see the back of Uncle Ted.

    Now your beautiful state will finally have someone in DC who has Alaska’s (and not just Exxon Mobile’s) best interests at heart. How ironic that Ted would lose on his birthday.

    Thank you for all of your hard work keeping the rest of us informed, Shannyn. I’ve learned so much about Alaskan politics and life reading your blog and listening to your guest spots on John Elliot’s show.

  9. Blue, Baby, Blue!

    Doesn’t it feel great???


  10. Our very own Fairy Godsenator.

  11. Congratulations Alaska!

  12. Hi Shannyn,

    Good to see you on MSNBC… but who decided how to spell your first name? (Forgive your parents, it’s the right thing to do.)

    We’ve been watching the growing fiasco of your senior senator — so glad this is over. I don’t know much about Sen. Begitch, but I’m sure that will change.

    Warm regards,

    Ellen Kimball
    Portland, OR

    Read about my pioneer radio and TV pursuits. My career began in 1957 — before you were born! I’m one of the first women to do a daily call-in talk program in Miami and Boston.

    CNN commentator Larry King’s birthday 11/19 (Last year’s post: I DATED LARRY KING but didn’t marry him…)

  13. Painting a red state BLUE, one stroke at a time… This is a broad, blue stroke.

    Congratulations, Alaskans!

    Does this mean you get to go back on Rachel’s show?

  14. man, i can’t stop smiling, i have goosebumps. the post-stevens era! can’t believe it. what a relief.
    now, go GA and MN!!! or if we can’t get ’em both, for f’s sake, some senator, kindly defect and get off the sinking republican ship. we have a lot of damage and carnage to try to undo in ’09 and beyond.
    ’08 sure has been a strange roller coaster, the most unpredictable year of my life. higher highs and lower lows. i want to laugh and cry at once.

  15. Congratulations to all Alaskans! Saw the news from the AP tonight on MSNBC. This election year just keeps getting better and better.

  16. Congratulations Alaska! Keep up the great work and stay strong!!!!

  17. Oh, good gravy, Alaska! I’m so happy and I hope that Keith and Rachel call you back really soon to talk up your coverage of this rollercoaster ride. You’ve set an incredible example to the rest of the country – the power to get the government the citizens want is right there in that beautiful and diverse body of people it is constructed to represent. I’ve come here a thousand times since August and have been in awe of every rally, every story, every principal you demanded be upheld, every injustice you fought to make right. And I’ll be back every day until you get the governor you deserve – my money is on Walt Monegan. Hey, if he runs, you email me! I’d like to make a campaign contribution.

    Big hugs, Shannyn! Now. Go get drunk! 😉

  18. Way to go! It’s karmic baby.

    I’m sure that Ms. Palin is a bit upset about God closing this ‘door’ on her. Will she still try to plow through it?

    C’est la vie.

    C’est la vie.

  19. That makes 58 for the dems!! we still need 2 more. Send support to Jim Martin in georgia now for his re-run campaign and Al Franken for his recount in Minnesota. Every dollar helps…

  20. Congratulations Senator Elect Begich!

    No disrespect Senator Stevens…but, maybe now we will have someone represent us who will actually honor their oath of office: “…I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

    Senator Stevens voted for the unpatriotic USA PATRIOT ACT-twice! He voted to suspend habeas corpus-the right to challenge your detention. Stevens also voted to provide retroactive immunity to law breaking telecoms who wiretapped American Citizens PRIOR to 9/11. Stevens also voted to legalize torture retroactive to 2001-a sort of pre-emptive war crimes pardon. In this century, Stevens voted to shred the Bill of Rights.

    I can’t say I’ll miss him.

    Alaskans voted against someone who hates the Constitution and therefore HATES AMERICA.

    Now…let’s change the name of everything named after him…starting with the Airport!

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