Posted by: shannynmoore | January 21, 2010


Republicans Rep. Craig Johnson-Anchorage and Rep. Mark Neuman-Big Lake want to bail out the Oil Producers with HB 308.  Their bill would cut in half the progressivity when oil is above $56 per barrel.  Johnson and Neuman want to ensure more record profits for oil companies when oil prices are high at the expense of the state treasury.  They apparently aren’t interested in pesky facts that reveal how well ACES is actually working.

For instance; employment is rising on the North Slope and jobs were at a record high last year under ACES.

Take ConocoPhillips for example.  Let’s look at their earnings and profits two years into ACES.  Alaska is 12% of ConocoPhillips’ world-wide portfolio.  Alaska, under ACES, brought home the bacon to ConocoPhillips’ shareholders in a stable, war-free environment!

1st QTR 2009: Alaska’s 12% represented 29% of ConocoPhillips overall Earnings and Profit

2nd QTR 2009: Alaska’s 12% represented 55% of ConocoPhillips overall Earnings and Profit

3rd QTR 2009: Alaska’s 12% represented 36.4% of ConocoPhillips overall Earnings and Profit

REALLY CRAIG JOHNSON?  You want to bail out ConocoPhillips?  Who are you representing?  District 28 or The Producers?  Apparently, you get your “facts” from right wing radio!  Enough!  Withdraw this nonsensical bill.

Maybe ConocoPhillips is interested in developing oil elsewhere on the planet.  Since Alaska’s tax is so high, perhaps they’re making bigger dollars overseas.  Iraq’s oil has been nationalized since 1972.  Recently, as a result of our neverending occupational war, Iraq accepted bids for various fields.  ConocoPhillips ended up bidding LESS THAN $2 PER BARREL to extract the oil out of Iraq.

So, with HB 308, Republicans Craig Johnson and Mark Neuman want to lend a friendly Alaskan hand to those poor mom and pop oil companies that are struggling so much they are willing to extract oil from war-torn and occupied Iraq for $1.39 PER BARREL!!!

I’m all about Alaskan hospitality…but this is like having a house guest and giving them your home free and clear!  Alaska’s Constitution mandates the citizens of Alaska get maximum benefit for our resources, NOT The Producers!

Remind Represenstatives Johnson and Neuman that they should be working on behalf of their constituents-NOT ConocoPhillips!

Rep Johnson 907.465.4993

Rep Neuman 907.465.2679


  1. Well said! I LOVE the bailout analogy!!! I hope you talk more about this on your show tomorrow!!!

  2. More corporate welfare. We are more demanding of our poor than we are of the rich asking for more welfare handouts. It’s more imbalance in this world just as investment bank bonuses = $47billion and Haiti’s GNP is $7billion and they are truly in need. Alaska’s government is for sale. At least I hope he gets more of a bribe than that Rep did for her oil company vote.

  3. I guess now after what SCOTUS just ruled,they can wear their Corporate logo lapel pins while in Juneau. It’s hard to even hold down oatmeal this morn. Good luck with the show tonight.

  4. johnson and neuman had better start bailing, their p.o.s. Boat is SINKING FAST!! Thanks Shannyn!

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