Posted by: shannynmoore | February 10, 2010

Kennedy’s Bite On Bipartisanship

President Kennedy knew how to deal with his opposition.  Bipartisanship? Right…that works….as long as you give up everything.


  1. Wonderful clip!

  2. Sadly bullets ended that! It was when America was taken over in a silent coup. It was also when I became very interested in Politics, oh and I was only in the third grade.
    Still one of the worst days in American history to this day, in my opinion.

  3. Whether or not we’re over the psychic shock we’re going to have to fight like we are. 2008 was easy.

  4. WoW I do not remember that. Of course I was in High School at the time. That you for that. I agree with ABS above.

  5. It’ll work as long as closed door meetings won’t stop.

  6. Can someone please send this to our current President?

  7. President Obama is very smart (to put it mildly), and I think all his bipartisan talk is to actually get it out in the open and let everyone see what a bunch of obstructionists the Republicans really are. He has really been laying it all out on the table and it is quite clear the Republicans have no intention of working with this administration, and no intention of doing what is right for American citizens. I think he is just making sure, everyone, even the Teabaggers and Fox followers can see it for themselves.

    Not that he wouldn’t like everyone to work together, but he is not naive, and he knows what is happening.

    I bet he has already watched this. I needed to wait for it to load and will watch it right about now.

  8. That is why I wanted Howard Dean to run against Bush instead of Kerry.

    Howard Dean doesn’t pull punches and doesn’t mince words. He’s not timid. He’s not stupid.

    The Democrats needs to stop being so polite. Stop thinking about how they’ll be perceived before they act. They need to take charge.

    And the first thing they can do is support the Filibuster Rule by bringing it back to it’s original form. If the Republicans want to filibuster, let them put on their depends, stand up and start reading Robert’s Rules of Order and How to Play Cards. Let them do it the old fashioned way. We’ll see how far they last and how often they decide to filibuster.

    And let’s see it all on cable. Every minute. So the American people can see just how obstructionist they are in real time.

    You know what they say about a picture. The Democrats need to push the Republicans into showing the people the real picture of what is going on.

    No more Mr. Nice Guy.

    • I agree completely with your post.Because the democratic part is big tent and doesn’t make everyone walk in lock step they let things slide by that should not. Why did they seat Brown so fast.they could have waited till the allotted time especially after what the republicans put Frankin thru.
      I remember the General election though not Nixon that time only Kennedy because there was such a fuss made about him being a catholic,they did not think he could win,but like 08 Yes We Did even though i wasn’t old enough to vote at that time.

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