Posted by: shannynmoore | November 11, 2010

Moore Up North: The Election…What Happened?

This week, we consulted our all-star election experts to breakdown November 2nd’s Sacrament of Democracy.  We began with an interview with the best Bill in Juneau, Senator Bill Wielechowski.


Bill Wielechowski was just re-elected to his second term in the Alaska Senate representing the Eastside.


Michael Carey is an independent commentator and regular columnist for the Anchorage Daily News.

Mr. Whitekeys is a regular commentator on KTUU Channel 2. For decades, Mr. Whitekeys owned the famous and legendary Fly By Night Club.

John Bitney is longtime friend of Sarah Palin and her first Legislative Director.  He was fired in July of 2007, and now works with the House Majority Caucus. John directed Senator Lisa Murkowski’s primary campaign.

Join us Today for our live taping of this week’s Moore Up North with Shannyn Moore.



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