Posted by: shannynmoore | March 4, 2011

UPDATE! Moore Up North on KYES Channel 5 TIVO ALERT!

UPDATE! There was an editing problem that got caught at the last minute. The show with Senator Bill Wielechowski will now air TOMORROW (Sunday, March 6th).


Tomorrow, SUNDAY, March 6th, Tune into to KYES Channel 5 for Moore Up North with Shannyn Moore. This week’s show is truly MUST SEE TV!

Shannyn’s guest was Senator Bill Wielechowski. Senator Wielechowski completely eviscerated the Anti-ACES propaganda campaign that could cost Alaska $20 Billion dollars!

AND, the best Bill in Juneau used Governor Parnell’s OWN INFORMATION to show how well ACES is working. Whatever side of this issue you are on, tune into KYES Channel 5. Arm yourself with education.

Moore Up North airs Saturday, March 5 at 4pm, and repeats Sunday, March 6 at 9am on KYES Channel 5.



  1. Thanx Shannyn for what you do. nem

  2. Crackers-check
    Stinky cheese-check
    Red wine-check

    Ok new plan-coffee and oatmeal- check.

  3. That’s too bad; I’m sure that’s totally frustrating and disappointing for you, but it’ll all work out OK. Two different “Moore Up North” shows on one weekend is actually a bonus for your viewers.

  4. Shannyn, are you going to be able to do a write up of Senator Bill Wielechowski’s presentation since a lot of residents aren’t able to watch it? Or, will he be putting it out in a newsletter? I’m certainly upset about all the false advertising on TV.
    Thanks to him and you.

  5. Yes Let’s relegate 9/11 to the past. Cease concentrating upon it and begin to grapple with the real financial problems the country no faces.

    Where have our jobs gone? They have been outsourced overseas.
    Where have all our taxes gone? American companies have moved their Head Offices overseas to avoid paying USA taxes. That’s just fine, but why do we allow them to sell their goods here in America and continue to make a profit off our people? Why ar we not producing our own goods here at home. Cease the importation of all foreign goods, and put our factories and our people back to work. Why are we printing funny money? In 1923 the printed dollar said “One Silver Dollar” Every Dollar should be guaranteed as being worth something like a Silver dollar. To borrow money from foreign countries and then pay back with inflated/devalued dollars is cheating. We need to deal honestly with our worst enemies. But to cheat our friends! Shame on us as a nation. Let us have a silver or a gold standard.

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