Posted by: shannynmoore | September 20, 2008


Political partisanship has nothing to do with the current outrage of many Alaskans. McCain-Palin Stormtroopers have dropped into Alaska and taken over the department of law. Alaska has become a battlefield in the war for the White House. Senators Hollis French, Bill Wielechowki, Kim Elton, Investigator Steve Branchflower and Walt Monegan are the public targets. The Alaskan Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the Citizens of Alaska are the collateral damage. It isn’t too dramatic to say we are having a Constitutional Crisis when our Attorney General, Talis Colberg, is instructing Alaskans to break the law by ignoring subpoenas.

Years of FBI investigations, indictments, trials and subsequent federal penitentiary sentences for Alaska Lawmakers have taken their toll; the Alaska political landscape was already fragile prior to the nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice-President. The thugs from the McPalin Mob suffer from “Reality Deficit Disorder.” Their lies are hurting Alaskans. When the Governor’s Spokes Model is calling journalist at home and bitching out their wives, and Special Agent Ed is practicing law in a State he isn’t licensed to, it is time for Alaskans to take back the state.

Truth isn’t always easy, remember Morpheus in “The Matrix”; “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland. And, I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”




Abraham Lincoln said, “Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.




Sadly, it seems fitting to quote George Orwell. He said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.




Feel free to share the Truth. Wash down the facts with a Red Bull. Be the Revolution.




Top Ten Reasons the Investigation into Sarah Palin is Fair.

1. It began with a 12-0 vote of eight Republicans and four Democrats.

2. The President of the Senate, a Republican, voted in favor of the investigation.

3. The Speaker of the House, a Republican, voted in favor of the investigation.

4. The investigation began in July, well before Governor Palin was placed on the national ticket.

5. Governor Palin pledged over and over to cooperate with the investigation. Here’s a quote from a KTUU story July 18, 2008. “We would never prohibit, or be less than enthusiastic about any kind of investigation. Let’s deal in the facts, and you do that via investigation.” And another from Sharon Leighow, Governor Palin’s press secretary in an Anchorage Daily News story from July 29, 2008. “The governor has said all along that she will fully cooperate with an investigation and her staff will cooperate as well.”

6. The Project Director, Hollis French, was not a member of the committee that started the investigation.

7. The Republican senator that supplied the crucial vote in favor of subpoenas has a John McCain for President sign in his yard, and he represents the area around Governor Palin’s home town.

8. At the meeting when subpoenas were issued, every member present from the House Judiciary Committee voted to support the Senate’s subpoenas, including the Chairman, a conservative Republican, and the vice-chair, a conservative Republican.

9. The investigator, Steve Branchflower, who is actually gathering the facts and writing the report, has no ties to either party.

10. Because filing a complaint against yourself, and then moving to have that complaint dismissed, is not a good way to get to the truth. (“Palin Calling for an End to Investigation She Requested”
ABC News:


11. Palin flip flopped on Trooper Wooten. Here’s her glowing recommendation!



  1. Wow Shannyn, you quoted from “The Matrix”.

    Way to get instant geek cred among the Cheetos stained, parents basement dwelling, internet surfers. I see numerous marriage proposals from WOW playing asthma sufferers in your future.

    Just messing with you.

    I like your top ten list so much I won’t even steal it. And your point about this being a non-partisan issue for true Alaskans is dead on.

  2. I’m thinking now Governor Gump wishes she had blinked when she had the chance.

    I wish there was a way to gauge how much of her declining favorables in the lower 48 are attributable to her mishandling of this investigation and how much to her seemingly endless string of gaffs?

    At first I thought she must be pretty bright but after hearing about her leap frogging her way to her degree and not knowing “Under God” was not added to the Pledge of Allegiance until the 1950’s (something the founding fathers never heard of) is not grounds to make her ineligible.

    She’d never past muster were she subjected to the 25th amendment.

    Sorry, but I don’t want a VP or President to be someone just like me to drink beers with or go to PTA meetings. I want really smart people sitting in the big chair who listen to advisors and not God for advice on how to govern.

    I’m just sayin’….

  3. Great write up Shannyn. Talis Colberg has some explaining to do. So does Sarah. Lying can only get you so far in the polls.

  4. Give me the Red Pill or give me death!

  5. Thought you were terrific on Olbermann. You need a facebook group — and a show that reaches us in the lower 48.

  6. The unwillingness from the conservative movement to be tried for their crimes is one of the biggest problems with it. They have a strange idea that governing officials should not be held accountable for, and are somehow immune to breaking the law. It’s pretty pathetic and entirely anti-American.

  7. I’ve heard some discussion about citizen filing and ethics complaint against the AG for advising state employees to break the law.

    Has anyone heard any reliable information on the viability of doing this?

    Here is some of the information from the Alaska Bar Association.

    You must review the below links before submitting your form.

    * Lawyers Must Act Ethically: Examples of Misconduct
    * How a Complaint is Investigated
    * What the Bar Can’t Do
    * Alaska Rules of Professional Conduct
    * Alaska Bar Rules Part II-Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement

    Instructions for Submitting Attorney Grievance Form:

  8. Saw you on Olbermann, you were fantastic. Great blog. Love “reality deficit disorder” and the Orwell quote, both sum up the entire fiasco. I’ll be back as soon as I can figure out which pill I can take so I don’t have to sleep & work–I’ve got a lot of reading to do!

  9. Great work, Shannyn. All eyes are on Alaska now and the outcome of Troopergate may have far reaching effects on this election.

    Thanks for your work from one who is hopeful in Maine

  10. We thank you from the lower 48. Why can’t Alaskan civilians sue for a speedy and thorough investigation. Five (staffers) private citizens sued to stop it,, so why don’t you guys do the same to let it go,, and to be expedient.

    If enough Alaskans wrote to the legislators, they might be inclined to call a special session to enforce the subpoenaes. With the eyes of the world upon you, it is worth a try.

    Start a writing campaign, and give us the addresses, and we will support you.. A few million emails might spark a protest.

    thanks for all you all are doing up there to protect our constitution,, and hey, what about those private email accounts and Plain instructing her staff to use them to avoid investigation? Isn’t that an ethics violation too? Can’t you file a personal complaint about it?

    It is your state that is being dragged through the mud, but we can’t help from here if we are not AK citizens,,, we have already been discussing it,, but you have to initiate it..

    Write Branchflower and tell him he has your support.

  11. Here is the URL to the letter of recommendation that Palin wrote on her mayoral stationery with her seal and signature that got Wooten the job.

    Compare to her police testimony about him.

    If Palin thought Wooten was dangerous, why did she wait so long to mention it. Wasn’t she at least suppose to withdraw her wonderful letter or recommendation? And, by the way, Molly, Palin and her dad were all accomplices to the moose shooting.

    Palins shiny letter that got Wooten his trooper job

    Palin’s crazy police report, would you leave your sister to get beat up

  12. Just a girl from Homer should be running for VP (even though I do like Joe Biden), not SP. Excellent column.

  13. Hey Jay I want to post your letter since I have not seen that recommendation anyplace else.

    However since this is Shannyn’s blog I feel like she should have first crack at it. But if she does not post it soon can I use it?

  14. You are so cute 😉

  15. To whichTruth: I did a teeny tiny bit of research and Alaska has its own judiciary system? (anyone correct me if I’m wrong here) and their laws can only be overturned by the supreme court which is out right now. So I did email Madam speaker of the house, and told her I was “gravely concerned” about gov. palin abuse of power investigation and how she told all of everyone subpoenaed to not show up, and they all, including her, should be held in contempt of court, arrested and she should be made to step down as VP candidate and John McCain censored or legal action if he is block the investigation.
    Hey, its still our America…well at least that’s what they tell us…:0
    Oh BTW Shannon keep up the good work! 🙂

  16. I think we will see the ADN stop putting Palin stories on the front page. Watch.

    Also, is Bailey who is still on leave working for the McCain campaign?

    ****Note from Shannyn: I just asked Frank Bailey that question and he is 100% not working for the campaign.****

  17. Re: “When the Governor’s Spokes Model is calling journalist at home and bitching out their wives, and Special Agent Ed is practicing law in a State he isn’t licensed to, it is time for Alaskans to take back the state.”

    And to think that she only holds the post of governor for the time being — how fascistic will she be if she gets to be a heartbeat away from the White House.

    I agree — time for the citizens of Alaska to take back the state.

  18. When I heard you on Air America describing the scene of the McCain storm troopers busting into town and terrorizing everyone my blood ran cold. I can’t get my head around who these people think they are. From Bush, Cheney, and their little cabal right on down to the McCain campaign, which appears to be just another extension. What is this, “monkey see, monkey do” on an epic scale? Thanks for having the guts to speak up. I only wish there were more ears to hear who had the power or could muster the might to stand up to these unrelenting hypocrites and force them to swallow their own bitter pill.

  19. I noted and linked over at my place, Shannyn M. Thanks for the visit and keep up the good work.

  20. Love this blog, and you were great on Keith Olbermann. So happy to see you on that show.
    We all appreciate the truth you give us. Can’t you have a recall? Gov. Palin has been outrageous, and I hate seeing a man{husband{ trailing after his wife and jumping when she speaks, I don’t care how much he portrays the , the big Dude on a Machine. The cover-ups, and McCain running your Government, is a shame.
    She has allowed this to be a tragedy for Alaska.
    I hope McCain will retire, when he loses, because he is worthless for Arizona. Good luck to you and thank you.

  21. Well, it seems her popularity has managed quite well. The “publication” you write for also seems to be a less-beefed-up version of the Huffington Post to say the least.

    Here’s what Americans perceive as an “investigation.” When Palin said to hold her accountable, I have a feeling she was under the impression that the investigators weren’t going to take almost two months to INVESTIGATE. Now suddenly, they want her back in Alaska now and want to drag it out over the next few weeks?

    Is any American with a brain supposed to believe that it is sheer coincidence that the process of investigation is merely happening during the most crucial weeks of the campaign? Are we supposed to believe that these incompetent investigators show the desire at the same time Palin is bringing in droves of crowds where ever she goes with screams, goats, shouts, and cries of support hurling from tens of thousands of supporters at one time – at one rally?

    Are we supposed to believe that a new commissioner is managing to keep his job even now that Wooten is still employed, yet Monegan was allegedly let go for the same reason?

    Replace his tazered son with Rodney King or Sean Bell and miraculously liberal opinion would sway. Where’s all the anti-cop rhetoric when we need it?

    The fact is Monegan could not control a budget and he’s a pompous hot-head using this newly acquired internet-fame to bolster his severly deflated girlish ego.

    Prosecutors and “investigations” have been used for years to derail candidates loved by Americans. We saw it with Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald when he used Plamegate as an opportunity to drag out a tax-funded perjury trap for Scooter Libby even after it was revealed that Iraq-war opponent Richard Armitage was the one who revealed her name and even when it became apparent that Valerie Plame was not anymore covert than Obama is “really” black.

    We saw it when it took liberal Ronnie Earle in Texas to empanel six grand juries in order to win an indictment against Tom Delay forcing him to step down at Majority Leader just within a year of the 2006 Congressional elections. Delay; like Palin was (and is) a politician Republicans loved and one who energized his base. It’s been over three years now and still no conviction.

    We see it takes three years for a phony investigation and indictment of Delay. We saw it took almost a year for a phony perjury trap in the case of Plamegate.

    Not anymore, liberals! Your wildcard that uses taxpayer money and candidate time to move forward with botched-partisan investigations to prevent Americans from getting to know a terrific person and from stopping America from moving forward has been played one too many times. It’s expired, it’s utterly apparent to Americans, and it’s never going to work anymore.

    In a year where an election should have been handed to Democrats with absolutely no problems, this year will indeed serve as a national embarrassment to their party.

    Take a bow liberals, we still need your hysteria and support for just 50 or so more days!

  22. GAY CONSERVATIVE! You are SOOOOO wrong! This investigation has been held up because Palin STOPPED COOPERATING! You obviously don’t know Caribou Barbie or you wouldn’t defend her so much-especially when it comes to her stance on gay issues. Oh wait…you’re a gay CONSERVATIVE so I am sure you’re ok with keeping who you are in the closet-if you’re a Republican legislator then you are no doubt busy passing hypocritical anti-gay laws, while having sex in public bathrooms! Your Lipstick on John McCain’s pig has attended a church since childhood that believes gays can be cured of their “disease” with counseling.

    Just before Palin took office in December of 2006, The legislature passed a bill that called for a non-binding, advisory ballot measure asking voters whether the state should adopt a constitutional amendment overturning the recent Alaska Supreme Court’s decision that the state must provide same sex domestic partner benefits.

    On Dec. 20, 2006, in one of her first legislative acts, Palin signed that bill saying it would lay the groundwork for a state constitutional ban on the partner benefits. This vote cost the state $1.4 million dollars.

    In the end, the vote failed to garnish the 66% required to amend the state consitution. It passed, but only by a margin of 53%-47%. It took the wind right out of the anti gay legislature’s sails.

    So…before you post, why don’t you buy a clue. Tina Fey is more qualified and would make a better president than Sarah Palin.

  23. What do you think of HAARP?

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