Posted by: shannynmoore | September 25, 2008

RALLY REQUESTS: What’s your sign?

OK, America, we need your help here! We have the rally coming up on Saturday, and a few friends and I are making our fresh, new signs tomorrow night. There will be pictures posted for you that aren’t able to come, and I’m wondering what messages you think would be most powerful.

I still love the “Thanks, but No Thanks on that Platform to NOWHERE.”

“Tell the Truth, Sarah”

“Help! McPalin has Alaska Hostage!”

“Where is Sarah?”

“Palin is Bush with lipstick”


What’s your sign? (said in a cocktail voice)



  1. Alaska, just one more place invaded by the Bush administration.

    Keep Alaska free for Alaskans!

    We are all prisoners of the McCain/Palin campaign!

    The only thing transparent about Sarah is her ambition!

    When did we elect John McCain our Governor?

    Has anybody noticed you don’t see Sarah and Dick Cheney in the same room?

    Sarah Palin: Making Alaskans look dumber one interview at a time.

    Even Russia is too smart to invade Alaska.

    That is all I have for right now.

    I wish I could join you but I have a debate, or town hall meeting, one man show, or something to watch tomorrow night.

  2. You are doing a great job, keep up the great things you are doing. Wish you luck, and wish I could be there.
    Take Alaska back.

  3. i liked progressive alaska’s ransom note-style slogan: give me the 700 billion or the economy gets it!
    [the final fleecing, before we run these guys outta DC on a rail, eh.]

  4. lots of ideas here!

  5. My daughter’s sign:


    ….In what respect?

  6. And my husband’s:
    Yup! I can see through all your lies!

    This one’s up for grabs:
    If you thought Dick sucked, wait till you see Palin!

  7. I can see the end of Sarah Palin’s political career from my front porch.

  8. Community Disorganizer

  9. Governor Palin, would you please repeat your answer – I didn’t understand the first seven times.

  10. “Dude, where’s my governor?”

  11. 3 cheers for the rally from Virginia!

    Here’s a bit of rhyme — feel free to use any of this (i’m afraid line breaks may not come through well in copy)

    The Nomination of Sarah P.

    (a memorial for Robert W. Service 1874-1958, with apologies to “The Cremation of Sam McGee”

    There are strange things done in the midnight sun
    By Republicans seeking votes;
    The campaign trails have their secret tales —
    Indeed their own “Deep Throats.”
    The Northern Lights have seen queer sights,
    But the queerest they ever did see
    Was that night in the hall in old St. Paul:
    They opted for Sarah P.

    John McCain, of Vietnam fame, was handed his hat by the Bushes.
    His gang changed its game, became McSame — and fought to save their tushes.
    Exxon John was shuffling on, his campaign was as dull as Nebraska.
    For Hillary’s votes, they donned fur coats and off they flew to Alaska.

    The economy tanks, while old John banks — on beer and big cuts in taxation.
    As the gas price soars, corporate whores are buying and selling the nation.
    Georgia’s got oil, attractive spoil; John’s guy knocks down hefty fee.
    They need oil that’s clean, know what I mean? Voilà: there she is, Sarah P!

    “We’ve got her!” they cried, “big win for our side — a babe who hunts and fishes!”
    The right wing crew confirms it’s true, the gal of all their wishes.
    They shivered and shook, took one more quick look, and snuck her to Arizona.
    As Rove assays “It’s all ‘God, guns, and gays,’ you’ve found the ideal persona!”

    John’s of an age. At his advanced stage he can’t remember his houses.
    The moola is Cindy’s, that pisses the Indies. Perhaps he’s forgotten his spouses!
    Up in Alaska no one’ll ask ya how many houses or just how few.
    Freezing weather? Palins huddle together in their snuggly exurban igloo.

    John McCain fiercely dreams he’s John Wayne — he wants to bomb Iran.
    With Sarah Palin, John aint failin’ his crusade on Islamastan.
    “Shia and Sunni, they’re both kind of loony,” neither one can tell them apart.
    “Just kill ‘em all fast, with a nuclear blast — plus elitists who think they’re so smart!”

    John used to say, in that bellicose way, “First priority: getting Al Qaida.
    We need a guy of experienced eye – or a beauty queen snowmobile rider.”
    Sarah P. on Iraq is not deep – but she never asked to be veep.
    It was McCain, war on his brain, making the choice in his sleep.

    Is there a scandal? One John can’t handle? You’ve heard of troopergate.
    Sarah loves sister Palin, so she’ll give her ex a flailin’. An independent state?
    “Let’s break away from the old USA, and the army of occupation.
    Oil drilling is fine, as long as it’s mine, to hell with your forty-eight nation!”

    What now GOP, you oil oli-GOP-oly? Signs are that you’re ailin’.
    Swift boats are sunk, no thoughts are thunk, just a family soap with Palin!
    Asleep at the wheel, John’s lost his feel, the party sure is sinking.
    But Sarah’s young, with a silver tongue, let’s hear it for unthinking!

    Her style: naughty librarian. Talk: libertarian. But are things what they seem?
    She’d ban some books, belies her looks, plays for the GOP team.
    Not a librarian, not libertarian, she’s a censoring barracuda.
    She knows Jesus will do as she pleases; shut up with your crap about Buddha!

    God’s will, Sarah knows, is to drill; she’s privy to His plan.
    At end of days the good Lord pays – did you say Taliban?
    “Pray away the gay” – her church says today. Alaska’s a “refuge state.”
    When rapture comes, her Christian chums throng Nome’s pearly gate.

    “Country first”: it’s well rehearsed, at the post-disaster convention.
    She’ll be a heartbeat away from holding sway– watch your hypertension.
    Creation’s in for guv Palin, and choice she’ll surely ban.
    And get this Pentecostal threat: no sex ed in Alaskastan.

    There are strange things done in the midnight sun
    By Republicans seeking votes;
    The campaign trails have their secret tales —
    Indeed their own “Deep Throats.”
    The Northern Lights have seen queer sights,
    But the queerest they ever did see
    Was that night in the hall in old St.Paul:
    They opted for Sarah P.

    Gary Shapiro

  12. Maybe something like…”Sarah, Name that Doctorine…A)Bush B) Monroe C)Triad D)Lipstick E) You have no clue


    “Harvard Law Degree + Constitutional Scholar” vs “Hockey Mom”-who do you want answering the phone at 2am in the White House


    “McCain-Free Palin….let HER talk to the Press if you are SO IMPRESSED WITH HER!”


    Sarah says, ” Pay for your OWN RAPE KIT”, thats how much she values women!


    So, let me get this straight…..Jamie Lynn Spears-pregnant, unwed at 17=irresponsible Liberal parents that are caught up in celebrity, but Bristo Palin, unwed and pregnant at 17= family that supports each other?


    Sarah, can you SEE IRAN or North Korea from your doorstep?


    Sarah, if you are SO qualified why won’t you take unscripted questions?

    Sarah, you are NO Hilary Clinton

    McCain campaign strategy-“Sarah, sit there, keep your mouth shut and look pretty”-thats liberating!

    I am from the lower 48, but just couldn’t resist supporting you up there!

  13. Ooops, I guess I can’t post pictures. My husband’s says “SARAH, COME CLEAN ON ALASKA POLITICS. WE TRUSTED YOU,” and it’s got a sponge and a bar of soap.

    Mine says on one side, “Sarah! You gave us your word. “We will fully cooperate wit the Legislature’s investigation.” And on the other side it says, “Rovian politics out of Alaska. “We have absolutely nothing to hide.” Sarah Palin

  14. Minus the typo, of course.

  15. I admire your courage, determination and willingness to hold your Governor accountable.

    And hope that you continue to do so when the voters return her to Alaska on November 5th!

  16. Who’s Watching Russia?

  17. How about:
    “I can see the moon from Alaska, does that make me an astronaut?”

  18. I know its kind of late but…

    “If currency was measured in BS, Sarah Palin could bail out the economy herself.”

    I want that for my sign… seeing as I don’t have one. 😦

  19. oh that one is awesome Dani!!!! hope i get to see it on a video.

  20. Mine says “Sarah- where’s your ethics?” My three year old son’s sign says “Ms. Palin- I deserve better”.

  21. We support you!!!

    Check out PUCKYOUPALIN.COM. It was created for and dedicated to all those individuals (including hockey moms) who are insulted, disappointed and just fed up with Sarah Palin.

  22. Granted, I’m not an Alaskan (rather a New Hampshire Yankee and proud of it) but I have been reading, mud flats, and Shannyn Moore’s website since the hyperkinetic Hee-Haw Palin was thrust upon the country; and I wanted to mention a couple of points just in case you’re not so overrun with emails that you’ve quit reading them.

    1. I’m concerned by Palin’s lack of qualifications for the vice president (Peter Principal at best, dominionism probably), intellectual incuriosity, and her penchant for only rote memorization of Bush/Cheney/Rove/Shueneman talking points.

    2. I’m concerned about the fact that Palin’s Alaska administration/state employees (especially the state attorney general) seem to be only close friends (“I like cows”) rather than qualified top-notch employees that answer to the state, rather than Palin.

    3. I’m concerned that Palin appears to have run the Alaska bureaucracy much as Bush/Cheney et al have run the Washington bureaucracy–into the ground.

    4. I’m concerned that the Anchorage Daily News appears (to this outsider at least) to be/have been complicit in hiding her incompetencies (i.e. her torture of the English language, her lack of judicial temperament or knowledge, her harassment of Mr. Monegan, her dominionist beliefs, her lack of empathy–i.e. Joe Biden’s debate emotionalism–etc.)

    As a footnote, I’m also concerned that the Anchorage Daily News’ complicity is also evident in last weekend’s coverage of the Palin rally (a few filled seats in a large meeting room) vs the virtual lack of coverage of Obama’s streetside rally of hundreds of people supporting Obama and risking retribution by the restrictive Palin administration.

    These points are what I think I know (superficially of course). I guess I’ll think I know more if does not fully cover a court ruling against the Palin supporters and their Texas law team later this week–or whenever.
    Cynthia Bond
    email address not to be published please

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