Posted by: shannynmoore | June 28, 2009

Just a Girl & Mudflats Roadtrip

Many of you have already given me a vote on the Democracy For America scholarship page. AKM has already been voted up in a different round to attend the Net Roots Nation conference. We are looking forward to attending together, and I’d love your help.

Go to the Democracy for America and give me a bump! Thanks, for your help!



  1. you already have my vote. Hope you two.also go together. I listened to the talk show today and you and AKM are great together. You guys and gals are so brave. I admire you all a lot.

  2. Yes, I have voted as well. I loved the radio show, my first time hearing it and you both were wonderful.

  3. Yes, I voted and also my Sis from Phoenix voted a couple days ago. Good luck! This would be an awesome experience for both of you. Keeping my fingers crossed. Given how sharing all the AK blogs are up there, I know you & AKM will come back to share all you’ve both learned.

  4. You had my vote the day after your entry went up! Hope they keep rolling in…

  5. I voted early, think I was number 7…somewhere around there anyway?

    I’d do it again if I could! 😉

  6. Shannyn… glad to ad my support to your page! i am the caller you had on the last 2 minutes of your show last week. (Micheal from AZ) my question that i didnt have time to ask: (and maybe you can answer next week)

    What are the chances of getting the Personnel Board out of the hands of the Govenor (any Govenor) and back into the hands of the people?

  7. 304-173 at Democracy for America, Shannyn. Pack your truffles and wine!! LOL!

  8. Ahoy from Southeast! Goodness sakes, who would have ever thought a Governor could bring so many people together in unity.

  9. Already done it. You will be going. can’t wait to hear all about it from you and AKM.

  10. I did it immediately. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

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