Posted by: shannynmoore | March 8, 2010

Mayor Sully’s On Thin Ice

On February 24th, the Anchorage Daily News reported:

The city has disbanded the Anchorage Fire Department’s wilderness rescue team and cut back some other specially trained teams like divers.The move was made to save $150,000 this year in spending, said Mayor Dan Sullivan.
City firefighters will no longer trek into wilderness areas like Flattop Mountain to rescue people, Sullivan said.
They also will stop taking boats out to save people stranded in Cook Inlet, such as the two 16-year-olds caught in the tide when they tried to walk from Fire Island to shore last June, said the mayor. That’s because the city’s boat needs repairs, he said. The city is asking state legislators for money for a new light-rescue boat, and money to repair the old one.
Other special Anchorage Fire Department teams, such as hazardous materials specialists, swift-water rescuers, climbing specialists and the dive team will be scaled back. The swift-water team, for example, will only operate between breakup and freeze-up, instead of year-round, the mayor said.

I spent some time going through the mayor’s budget. I was looking for what the mayor would spend $150,000 on.  It didn’t take long.
What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks?

So, the mayor “respectfully submitted” the purchase of two Zamboni machines, but doesn’t think the “fall through the ice” rescue team should be funded during the winter months?  I wonder if his friendship with Assemblyman Dan Coffey has anything to do with it. Coffey is one of the owners of the Alaskan Aces hockey team.  The Aces practice at the Ben Boeke Arena.

What happens when one of the new Zambonies plows into a freon pipe? The cuts to fire department special teams include hazmat responders. They sure came in handy in May 20, 1992.

Hey, Anchorage! You might want to have some hazmat gear in your hockey bag. With the Zambonies we can make ice, just be careful you don’t fall through any if you’re outdoors having a “Big Wild Life.”

This makes me wonder why assembly members even declare a conflict of interest. Epic Fail.



  1. You poor folks in Anchorage.
    Back in high school we called him wedgie boy because when he walks, it looks like he has one.

    Yup, Dan and Dan go waaaaaay back.

  2. wedgie…. that’s what they called reggie, in the mad comic book satire of archie. he was the mean kid.

  3. This is hilarious!

    Imagine, a flaming Liberal going through a budget and criticizing how taxpayer money is spent!

    Thank you for the laugh – it made my night.

    • Not nice to use “flaming liberal” in such a prejorative manner… somethings are wrong no matter the politics.

    • What does being a liberal or conservative have to do with the factual budget information Shannyn posted? Facts are facts and priorities are priorities. Clouding the stated issue with pejorative name calling and stereotyping shows a lack of critical thinking ability, does nothing to add value to the discussion, and merely disrupts communication.

      Hagens, you are dismissed from seminar until you learn to seminar appropriately.

  4. What a revolting development!
    Seems obvious that there’s a dangerous bias towards sports entertainment, the commerce that it attracts – and the property maintenance limited to that – over the public’s safety in your part of the nation. Though I have no say in it, I hope for your sake that this guy doesn’t make it to the US Senate.

    • That’s what he really wants. He doesn’t really give a rat’s behind about being Mayor. He’s like Palin that way, just stepping on heads to work his way up. He’s really gunning for Begich’s job, which is why his administration spends so much time and energy flapping their lips about Begich long after he’s gone. They think they are preparing us to vote Begich out and Sullivan in.

  5. It just gets worse.

    I wonder if he’ll get a black eye like that Fuld fella from Lehman Brothers. That was righteous – I’d like to see more of it.

  6. Really I mean really. You think it’s for the icerink but i bet it’s needed to keep YOUR street in perfect condition.

  7. So this in addition to helping himself to 193K for a non-existing “insurance policy” payout?

    Unbelievable hubris.

  8. Anchorage hasn’t quite cornered the market on wasted funds. The Matanuska creamery has it’s hand out (again) for another loan to pay its’ debts. Free enterprise seems to be working well for that little incestuous group.

  9. It might be a great idea for the masses to rise up and flood the council with their personal stories of how they and their family members are alive today due to rescues by the very same professional rescue teams whose support is now cut from Sullivan’s budget.

    I doubt the firefighters and other rescue groups can go before the council and speak to the needs of the people, but the citizenry sure can, or is this “august” council closed to the public’s comments?

    Then, of course, it follows that the speakers would follow express their outrage about the budget cuts and demand the jerks there begin to prioritize people’s lives over buying new Zamboni machines that help their buddies’ ice rinks.

    What’s the likelihood that the damage done by Sullivan’s insane budget cuts, his Zamboni support, and the outrageous death benefits grab will get his butt kicked out of office the next go-around?

  10. How is Dan Coffey really even allowed to be in the assembly, anyway? Every time I hear about him, it’s because he has to “refrain from voting because of a conflict.” I appreciate his service, but maybe someone with less conflict of interest would better serve the municipality of Anchorage.

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