Posted by: shannynmoore | September 15, 2010

Alaska Matters

I know, it’s hard to imagine there are bigger problems in Alaska than our most famous Quitter. For all the resources we export: oil, timber, fur, fish, coal, gold, and crazy politicians; we have a hard time getting national attention on a true, urgent and important crisis.

Sarah Palin has a shelf life.  Cyanide mining lasts forever.

The proposed Pebble Mine is the biggest threat to wild salmon on the planet. The largest open pit mine proposed in North America is smack dab in the middle of the headwaters of Bristol Bay. 60 million wild fish return to Bristol Bay every year with ZERO salmon enhancement.

We need you to help us stop it. We had a chance to stop it on a state level in 2008, but Sarah Palin betrayed the Bay her husband fishes in as well as the state with her opposition to a ballot measure 4-the Clean Water Initiative.

First, I have several articles linked below to give you a lot of background information. Second, we have a U.S. Senate candidate who opposes the Pebble Mine. His name is Scott McAdams and he needs your help. A $10 donation to an Alaskan campaign translates to $200 in Texas. Third, stay informed.  Tell your lawmakers about the Pebble Mine and forward this to your friends.

Get informed:  SAVE BRISTOL BAY

The Pebble take over at The Mudflats!

Robert Montgomery wrote this for ESPN:

That commercial fishery is the most valuable in the world, according to the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska (SAA). It accounts for more than 30 percent of all Alaska salmon harvests and 52 percent of all private sector jobs in the region. It generates about $270 million annually to the Alaska economy, with the sport fishery contributing more than $60 million.

How, then, is it even conceivable that state and federal officials are considering permits for placement of what would be one of the largest mines in the world at the headwaters of Bristol Bay? Based on recent history, this should be a no-brainer.

The L.A.Times wrote this:

It is an unfortunate coincidence of geography that this lush region of wild rivers, grassy tundra and windy sea is home to two competing treasures of almost unimaginable value: the world’s largest sockeye salmon run, supporting a fishery worth $440 million a year; and in the hills behind it, a massive deposit of copper, molybdemum and gold worth at least $300 billion.

And if that isn’t enough, fish farmers have “created” a new fish. They combined genetically modified Atlantic Salmon with eel-like DNA  in order to double the growth cycle.  They are looking for a market this week. How about this…NO Frankenfish!  Your voice is needed right now to stop a fake fish from competing (unmarked) against wild Alaskan salmon.  The Food & Drug Administration is about to approve genetically engineered salmon, but the FDA doesn’t do its own testing of genetically engineered animals- it relies on information provided by the company that wants approval. And because GE salmon is being considered as a new animal drug, the process isn’t focused on what happens to people who eat genetically engineered animals.

Click here to protest Fake Fish!

It’s going to take everyone rowing the boat.  Your help and interest is coveted. Thank you from more people than you will ever meet or know.

You are saving more than what we catch, what we eat, or where we live…you are saving who we are.


  1. Oh yes! I’m going to support another candidate who is running as a centrist just like Begich did and will vote with the liberals who will quadruple Bush’s mess.

  2. I don’t necissarily agree that genetically modified salmon is a bad thing. I would like to see the data before coming to that decision, even if the tests do come from the people that did the genetic modification. Their test have to meet scientific guidlines established for the FDA by a outside scientific committee. The studies are also generally performed by outside groups paid by the company whose product is they’re testing, andthey can not benefit from the results. Ususally state universitys perform the studies. Environmental factors are always a factor that gets the highest priority.

    If these salmon create no negitive environmental hazards, they could be of great benefit in helping to feed a world that is always one climatic catastrophe from famine.

  3. OMG. You gotta get in touch with Jeffrey Smith (Seeds of Deception) and get him on your show!!!

  4. “A $10 donation to an Alaskan campaign translates to $200 in Texas.”

    umm… is this done magically? lol

    could you explain please?

    • This is because Alaska’s TV and radio markets are VERY cheap compared to markets anywhere else. I believe $20 buys a radio ad; tv is easily accessible and cheap. That is why the Tea Party’s dumping of $500,000 into the Alaska markets with ads disparaging Lisa Murkowski and supporting Joe Miller were so successful.

  5. I don’t recall Palin supporting the opening of Pepple Mine at least directly unless she lumps it under “vast” untapped state resources.
    I don’t recall Palin supporting the special olympics at all, some held reccently in Anchorage, in fact the day after the Beck deal on 9/11.
    I read the news often enough and haven’t heard any mention of either.

  6. Thanks for raising the awareness level of key issues facing Alaska these days.

    No on Frankenfish – Yes on Alaska’s wild salmon.

    We have to change how the CDQ’s do business in Alaska. We are now part of the problem of the salmon bycatch issue of the Bering Sea Factory Trawler Pollock Fishery.

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