Posted by: shannynmoore | September 22, 2010

Why The DSCC Loves Sarah Palin

It’s mind-boggling how the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee hasn’t shown up for Scott McAdams, Alaska’s Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate.

They’ve had weeks to help secure a now open seat they didn’t think they had a prayer to take. Why aren’t they fighting for Alaska? Lisa Murkowski asked McAdams where his DSCC support was. When it didn’t show, she threw back in as a write-in candidate.

The front page of their website features a picture of Sarah Palin. Fear of her brand of crazy has been an ATM for the DSCC. They’ve raised millions off of Palin word salads with guano dressing. The DSCC website also has a link to Palin’s anointed Alaskan proxy for US Senate, Joe Miller, but they haven’t financially supported his Democratic opponent.

Alaska is the cheapest place in the country to run a campaign. One hundred dollars of campaign money in such a small market is equivalent to $2,000 for a race in Texas. With Palin’s negative numbers over 50%, her candidate, Joe Miller, is vulnerable. The Tea Party is recruiting people with “Lisa M” type names to run a write-in, and every Murkowski vote will be challenged by their attorneys. It will make the Franken/Coleman recount look like Play-Doh hour in kindergarten.

52% of Alaska’s voters are registered independent or undeclared. Nate Silver thinks Murkowski could win a write-in campaign? He’s wrong about Alaska – again. Ask NOT-Congressman Ethan Berkowitz. Silver projected Ethan would best incumbent Don Young in 2008. He didn’t.

Nationally, both Democrats and Republicans are underestimating Sarah Palin. The DSCC and others do this at their own peril. There is a chance to drive a political stake through the heart of the Palin king-maker meme. I realize Palin is a money maker, but neutering her politically by electing a Democratic Senator in Alaska is priceless.

Please help Alaska take our state forward. Save yourselves. Support Scott McAdams for U. S. Senate. Contribute to Scott McAdams‘ campaign.

Call the DSCC and ask them to financially support Alaska’s democratic candidate. 202-224-2447 Email them at



  1. I called and they said McAdams is their candidate. Who knows what that really means.

  2. I do not think that a stake run through the heart (?) of Sarah Palin would kill her. The zGOP has her as immortal.

    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

  3. Have you questioned Mark Begich as to DSCC support? He’s got a mouth and the connections to use it to get in touch with the right people for support & $$. Begich knows the registration breakdown in AK and that it’s not what the media reports as being GOP.

    Sorry – but I see it as Begich dropping the ball here and I don’t see anybody dumping on him for not doing his job to help the support of McAdams.

  4. The DSCC told me Scott is their candidate, but hedged on whether/how much money will be coming his way or when. Keep beating that drum.

  5. Dear Shannyn. So glad this is getting picked up and hope it does even more. I made the mistake of giving cash to the campain. They tell me you can only give $100 as cash to the campain. Now i have to get them to send it back so i can write a check to make it all right. I know cash is untrasable but isn’t that what the new corporate donations are all about? So we the people cant use legal tender but the corporations can do what they want.
    Had to stop and watch Miller on KTUU now that is so nice for them to give him all that prime time. Think i need to go outside and work off some steam.

  6. It does seem like they know how to blow an opportunity don’t it? Didn’t they support Blanch?

  7. Gladly made a small contribution to McAdams’ campaign even though I live in Arkansas. Hopefully Miller & Murkowski will get so ugly that McAdams will prevail.

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