Posted by: shannynmoore | July 5, 2009

Shannyn Moore Will Not Be Muzzled!

I’m holding a press conference today at 2pm ADT/6pm EDT in front of Governor Palin’s Anchorage office.  My prepared statement is below.  I will be taking questions.

On the Fourth of July, when Americans everywhere were celebrating our most sacred national holiday with parades and barbeques, Governor Sarah Palin was busy having me, Shannyn Moore, declared an Enemy of the State.

In a rambling quasi-legal letter, the most powerful person in this state accused me of defaming her for pointing out the fact that there have been rumors, -rumors- of corruption, rumors that have been around for years.

When Sarah Palin gave her three-weeks notice to the people of Alaska, aborting her term as Governor, a lot of people wondered why she quit.  Mid-level managers turn-in their notice, not elected public officials.  It didn’t make sense.  It still doesn’t.  People have been trying to guess why she really quit, and everyone in Alaska has been playing the guessing game.  They’re rumors. There are a lot of rumors.  And with all the corruption we’ve had here in Alaska, of course we wonder what’s really behind her resignation.

Governors don’t just quit.  But Governor Palin did.

The governor’s massive overreaction -on the Fourth of July no less- should make any reasonable person wonder what’s wrong with her.  The Lady protests way too much.  Eventually we’ll all find out why she really walked off the job.

Sarah Palin is a coward and a bully.  What kind of politician attacks an ordinary American on the Fourth of July for speaking her mind?  What’s wrong with her?  The First Amendment was designed to protect people like me from the likes of people like her.  Our American Revolution got rid of kings.  And queens, too.  Am I jacked-up? You betcha.

Sarah Palin, if you have a problem with me, then sue me.  Shannyn Moore will not be muzzled!



  1. Go get them Shannyn, we have your back!!

    • A good piece of advice from the world of journalism: Be careful and be tough. Good luck.

    • I am very proud of you for standing up to Ms Palin. Thank you for letting the world know that the barracuda’s teeth are harmless. Every journalist in this great country should be taking her to task for totally screwing up the meaning of the First Amendment. Keep on keepin’ on!

      • She is harmless indeed, but her followers are fanatics, and not so harmless. They are the ones who scare the Hell out of me.

    • The best things we can be as women are smart and strong. I cited you in my own blog tonight. Looking forward to see how this one pans out.


    • Shannyn, even if they were successful in muzzling you, then I would take it off. Again and again. Your voice must be heard! Our Founding Fathers would be proud that you are standing up for the First Amendment in the sea of tyranny known as Palinland.

    • Hi Shannyn:

      After reading your articles on Huffington Post regarding Sarah Palin I am now a life long fan of yours.

      I appreciate your courage, something Sarah Palin has never displayed, to stand up for yourself. Mrs. Palin is obviously messing with the wrong person.

      As sick as it sounds, I hope that she is a contender for 2012. What a joy it will be to finally unveil through the mainstream media that her wonderful husband was a 7 YEAR MEMBER of a secessionist organization. Isn’t that well, un-American! As a 2012 contender, let’s discuss the fact that when she got tired of fighting the good fight, she QUIT on her state! She actually quit. Let’s expose the hypocrisy of family values and well, we know how that ended up or knocked up as the case may be.

      I applaud you taking the fight to her office, though we all knew she wouldn’t be there as she is never there, but the symbolism is commendable. You are not afraid.

      Keep speaking up and out; loud and proud! You betcha…

      Your cheerleader,

    • Every single time I read the line, “Sarah Palin, if you have a problem with me, sue me,” I get goose-bumps, and often feel like I’m about to cry. God, am I glad you’re out there. I’m almost regretful about leaving Alaska.

      Thanks to you, we are truly seeing the actions and words of a classic bully. SP thinks you will cower like so many others have, but you’re not flinching. You’re standing up to her, which makes her look foolish, much the way all bullies look when someone finally says, “Enough!”

      As another poster said, “Do NOT go Letterman on us”! We NEED you to be brave and use your voice! Bravo sister, bravo!



    • i want to see video of this press conference. i saw the cameras in the pic of the presser so i know somebody’s got vidz! anybody got linkage? holllaaaaaah!!!

    • Keep fighting the good fight, Shannyn!!

      Sarah’s “war on the media” (and you in particular) is more proof that she’s not operating with a full tray of ice cubes.

      As a satirist, I am obligated by my First Amendment duties to shed further light on rumors of a scandal involving her $1.2 million igloo.

      I’m kinda hoping she’ll sue me for this humor video:
      Fox anchor-puppet satirizes Sarah Palin

      John Breneman

  2. You go girl.

    Your readers are behind you and Mudflats’ and Celtic Divas’ and … and.
    If she sues the whole blogssphere, and much of the MSM will be picking her to bits.

    She would have to prove damage and prove that what she claims you said was a lie and an intentional lie and was intended to cause damage.
    I seriously doubt she could prove any of that.

  3. woohoo, take dat buttacup. =) I so wish we could listen to you Shannyn.

  4. Shannyn….I loved you before…but today I love you even more. You are an admirable woman with integrity and whole lot of humanity. Sarah Palin could not even walk in your shadow. She should not even be on the same side of the street with you.

    Blessings to you today and always Shannyn.

    I cannot wait to see you on countdown!

    • Thank you Shannyn. I have thought from the first this woman was a bigoted fraud. It should be “Very Interesting” when word finally gets out why she resigned. Again, in typical fashion she tries to muzzle our frist amendment rights. She sounds very self-serving.

  5. You’re standing up for all of us who have harbored serious questions regarding Sarah Palin’s actions. You have my full support and appreciation.

  6. To be honest, I’d not heard of you until Palin’s statement today. Now I am a huge fan! I plan on spending the evening catching up on your old posts and I can’t wait until your next one!

    -h (Oklahoma)

  7. Bravo!

    Give ’em hell Shannyn!

  8. Wonderful! But I want to hear you give the statement!

    WooHoo—-talk about a great American Tea Party!

  9. Go Shannyn! We’ve got your back.

    She’s all about fear and intimidation and trying to shut people up.

    SLAPP – she can’t do it. The law protects your free political speech. She can’t stop you “just because”.

    You’ve done an awesome and amazing job. She’s jealous of your airtime on MSNBC and she’s jealous of your popularity. She’s also a narcissist and she’s decompensating.

    Hang in there … you’ve got a ton of support. We’re behind all the Alaska bloggers.

    Rock On Shannyn!!!

  10. You are a new revelation to me. What a voice.
    Keep using it please. I’ll surely listen.

  11. I think I am in love.

    A coward and a bully. You freaking nailed it.

    And we know what happens when you confront a bully, don’t we?

  12. great statement! and good for you, i am impressed. it is ironic that you are the first person to really challenge her after one of her infamous rants.

    will it be televised or broadcast anywhere?

  13. Sarah Palin IS a coward and a bully. She doesn’t have the balls to sue.

    Shannyn Moore is no coward or bully. She HAS balls — and integrity.


  14. Yes! Stand strong, Shannyn.

  15. “aborting her term as Governor” – nice choice of words – subtle but clear

  16. Wow! Good for you Shannyn! Bullying will not be tolerated, and you nailed it!

  17. Bravo Shannyn.

    But watch your back. You are dealing with some erratic personalities with those jokers.

    But I’ve got to say I’m jealous. I wish she’d threaten to sue me.

  18. Did you really say “Suck it up Buttercup”? Love it! The response from her lawyer is what she was trying to get Steve Schmidt to do during the campaign, except he wouldn’t bite and handled the AIP “scandal” quite well. This letter from her lawyer is such an over reaction – but then so is everything with this beauty queen. Looking forward to hearing from you on Countdown this week.

  19. Love ya and love the fact that she will forever be known as Buttercup!!

  20. You GO GIRL! Fingers crossed that your presser will get National coverage. I suspect that other than Zeigler, Rush and the Buttercup’s unmerry little band of rabid fans – all America is on your team.

  21. Wowza. Freakin’ awesome, Shannyn! Hoping that the conference will end up on MSM somewhere that I can watch (with the Q&A also, too).

    I’ve still gotta wonder WTF Van Flein was thinking when he put you (and HuffPo, MSNBC, et al) “on notice” … bad, bad strategy.

  22. BRAVO!!!!!! my only regret – that I can’t be there cheering you on in person!! But this will be heading across the internet you betcha!!!

  23. You rock, Shannyn!! Open that can of whoop ass, sistah!!

  24. You go girl!

    We need far more intelligent, informed people like you to counter the fat gas-bags and psycho Barbies on Fox News and other right-wing media sites.

    You don’t need my encouragement, I’m sure, but I admire you.

  25. Awesome, Shannyn! “Aborting her term” – priceless!

  26. Shannyn Moore you are the bomb! Isn’t Alaska becoming the most interesting place to live!

    Love you, and so glad this is bringing out the BEST in you.

  27. Good for you. Palin is a bully. And most importantly proved that she hasn’t the stomach for real politics….

  28. A mockumentary show of solidarity for fellow blogger Shannyn Moore


    Jason Linkins on the Huffington Post

    TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads


    OMGZ HA HA SARAH PALIN! She’s resigning! And suing the entire internet for defamation! And breaking new ground in CRAZY AWESOME? Here’s the super-media ready Sean Parnell, the Lieutenant Governor who is now governor. Palin used the word “crazy” in her remarks, as well as a tortured metaphor involving point guard

    Huckabee says that the challenge Palin will face is basically that she’s a big old quitter who runs from challenges. Rove says that it’s “unclear what her strategy is,” but doesn’t that mean that her strategy is potentially AWESOME and CRAZY? Plus she’s SUING THE INTERNET, with lawyers, and stuff.

    Oh hai! Sean Parnell? Forgot all about you and junk? You’re the guy who did that “Lazy Sunday” rap, or something? He says Palin went to Kosovo and proved that she “didn’t need a title” to effect change, because she laid on hand and healed wounds and make cotton candy appear in mid air.

    It could be a brilliant strategy,” Huckabee says, “we just don’t know.” Rove says she’ll have to be unconventional and that she’s “lost control of time.” IT’S LIKE SHE’S A DOCTOR WHO EPISODE. OH, JESUS! Is Sarah Palin going to fight the Daleks, or something?

    What’s up with North Korea, launching their crazy missiles? Mullen says that they are trying to “send a message.” That message: I AM RESIGNING AS GOVERNOR OF ALASKA, TOO! POINT GUARDS! MOOSE! SHUT UP BLOGS, OR I’LL SHUT YOU UP.

    PANEL TIME: Hey, Bill Kristol? Explain what your girlfriend, Sarah Palin, is up to? Kristol says that it’s a “high-risk” move, but that being Governor of Alaska is for losers like Sean Parnell and that it’s time to study issues and travel the country shooting everyone’s wolves and fighting Daleks alongside the TimeLords, from Gallifrey. He says that the “media” has been really tough on her, but she’s gone “all in” now, and will probably be awesome, and hey, “Bristol Kristol” has a nice ring.


    Today! VPOTUS Biden! Shiny! Plus a panel that I believe has been de-Liz Cheneyed in favor of bringing in Todd Purdum, to talk about crazy Eskimo grifter Sarah Palin and how everyone on the McCain campaign hated her, except Randy Scheunemann, and now she’s going to become the White Oprah in the hopes of putting Meghan McCain on her Anti-Book Club. Then her lawyers will sue the entire universe, and the Sun.

    GS points out that half of the United States are going to fail, and require Sarah Palin to come and protect them from Wolfen with her YouBETCHACopter. Biden says that nobody knows for certain is a second stimulus is necessary, and that time will unspool and more of the first stimulus will hit the economy.

    Finally, Biden has to talk about deranged frostvixen quitterface Sarah Palin, because he was the last person to run against her and her expert point guardery. Biden says that “personal decisions” have an impact on politics, and that maybe she wasn’t happy with her personal life, but that he doesn’t know and won’t “second guess” Palin. As for it being a result of “political bloodsport,” Biden says no, it wasn’t. And hell, he’s got a point! Palin has always shown a real eagerness to dispense the bloodsport, herself. Anyway, she will now sue stimulus packages, with her team of gobbling lawyertwits, and it will be awesome.

    PANEL TIME, woo! Sarah Palin tells the world that staying as Governor of Alaska would be apathetic, and dead fish like, and point guards and BURN THE INTERNET FOREVER. CLEANSE THIS LAND IN THE WHITE-HOT FIRE OF MY ESKIMO ANGER! But what does the panel think of this?

    GS is like: “Were you driving you car, or living your life, when Sarah Palin decided to go foxtrotting CRAZY in front of cameras, while seals and moose gamboled around in the background moaning in sexual frenzy? Because WOW WHAT WILL MITT ROMNEY DO TO TOP THIS EPISODE IN OUR LIVES.

    Sarah Palin will not accept being a “lame duck,” by which she means, “have a few years left in my very first term in an office of even marginal importance.” She will also not be a “turkey, shoved in a woodchipper” or a “raven, at your chamber door” or a “bluebird of happiness” or a “murder of crows” or a “point guard for the Washington Mystics” or a “figure who is talked about on blogs” or a “realistic contender for any public office ever again.” SHE WON’T PUT ALASKANS THROUGH THAT. Instead, she will put the rest of the country through something, and Alaska shall secede from the United States and blast off into space and settle on top of the Hale-Bopp Comet, where they shall forever glide through the celestium on a ribbon of white-hot ice.

    George Will, fresh from setting off pinwheels and roman candles at the recent Washington Post Lobbyist Foxtrot-Fest And Hot Baby Oil Rubdown Hour With Fred Hiatt, says he does not understand why Sarah Palin did what she did, maybe she is from that alternative universe in FRINGE where the World Trade Center still stands and David Letterman is kept on a leash for Bristol Palin’s own amusement. Anyway, whatever, she’s BORED of working and wants to quit and wants “peace.”

    Cynthia Tucker is all “bish pls!” “If she wants peace, we won’t be seeing her on the campaign trail.” And now Palin’s lawyers are suing Cynthia Tucker for slander and assault and arson.

    Todd Purdum says he “can’t rule out” that there’s a scandal or another shoe to drop. Tony Blankley says, “I think she’s the best intuitive contender in the Republican party.” GS, is all, “Intuitive? What the Foxtrot are you talking about, Tony Blankley?” He says, “She has good political gut-sense on how to talk to the American people.” Wow. To think that on July 3rd, America needed to be talked to in such a loopy and rambling way, on the importance of quitting your job and giving up and GOIN’ ROGUE and launching a weaponized polar bear attack from Galt’s Gulch. AWESOME. This was so foxtrotting intuitive! Maybe Tony Blankley can intuit up a box of ball peen hammers to fall from the sky, on everyone’s head, so that we could better align ourselves mentally, with our snowbilly savior.

    Blankley says that it’s just impossible for Palin to be President and run for Alaska, let alone sue the media for pointing cameras at her as she self-immolates. Will says that there is no “plausible comaback strategy,” but he’ll consult with any lobbyists who are willing to pay him $25 to rub butter on his bare nipples. Cynthia Tucker calls Palin “Richard Nixon without the policy experience.” SHE’S LIKE SPIRO AGNEW WITHOUT A RECORD DEAL.

    Todd Purdum slaps her around for her self-regard and grandiosity. Speaking of: Purdum’s editor is Graydon Carter! And now they’re all talking abour narcississm and self-involvement. Pots are shinin’ up kettles!

    George Will goes off on his “RISING GENERATION OF GOP STARS” which he mentions every foxtrotting week. SHORTER VERSION: “PLEASE NO MORE SARAH PALIN, GAH.” Blankley insists that Sarah Palin is the only Republican giving off “positive energy.” “There’s a lot of pulsating going on,” he says. Dowd says, yeah, “that’s a huge problem,” because she’s like a million carnies or something.

    Oh boy, it’s over! I can sit back, have lunch and wait for Sarah Palin’s lawyers to show up at my door and Foxtrot me, but good. Have a nice Sunday, everyone! Finish shooting off those fireworks, for America!

    By the way: Pourmecoffee, for the win:
    Beers inside me but I am still releasing this one-word Palin joke which is killing here at party:

    • Wow! Way to go, Martha! Serious laughs there.

    • Nice comment Martha! I thought Ferlinghetti was dead? Guess not.

    • Shannyn Moore: This is your moment! That half-wit just dragged you into the spotlight, and I can not wait to see you shine!

      Marth: Great screed! Where do we get more?

    • Martha, can I be your new bestest friend? This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a very long time. You RULE!

  29. Wish you were streaming so I could hear your eloquence in real time. I’m so glad you picked up this gauntlet. Thia

  30. Thank you, Shannyn. Once again, we can take pride in calling ourselves Alaskan.

  31. I now pronounce her, “Governor Buttercup. . . soon to be ex-Governor Buttercup.”

    Wait, would that be Ex-Governor, ex-Governor, or is she all lower case?

    • What’s wrong with Buttercup? She stood by Westley even when she thought he was dead!

      This one is more like Humperdinck — all pretty package and bluster — let her live with her cowardice.

  32. Shannyn, you button-pusher, you! The term “abort” will send her into total meltdown.

  33. Speak your truth! I love what you have to say and I am sure it will be with passion, grace and power.

    Little miss nothing is a little bully and a big coward.

    Stand your ground and rock the house down!!!!

  34. I just want to say, Shannyn, that I appreciate all that you are doing for the GREAT STATE of Alaska.

  35. I am so very proud to have made your acquaintance, and will support you to the utmost in this battle of wills. GINO cannot win, no way, no how.

    I’d be pleased to stand next to you in court, as I have heard the rumors too, and told others that these rumors exist.

    I have even just sent a CD of Rumors to AKM that will arrive in a few days, so make sure AKM shares said Rumors with you when it arrives!

  36. Where can we see/hear this???
    Aborted her term, Bwhhaaaaaaaaaaaa! Suck it up Buttercup!!!

  37. Palin’s lawyer seems to forget that her client is a public figure. This brings in the following extra requirement she must prove if she wants to start suing people:

    “That the statement was made with “actual malice”. In translation, that means that the person making the statement knew the statement to be false, or issued the statement with reckless disregard as to its truth”


    Unless she can prove that, they’re just puffing smoke.

    • Or INHALING smoke. We should call her Inhalin’-Palin because I swear she’s smoking something.

    • Excellent point!

    • What I like the most about the link was the subsequent paragraph:

      “Why Commencing A Defamation Action Is Not Aways A Good Idea”

      Let the Great White Dope file suit. Her career is toast.

  38. Palin’s reason for leaving office is “Frivolous Lawsuits” against her, so what does she do? File frivolous lawsuits against you…msnbc…the blogosphere…et al!
    Hypocrasy thy name is Sarah, you betcha!

  39. Shannyn Moore for President

    • Or most certainly governor of Alaska.

    • Shannyn Moore for Air America radio host!

  40. I don’t know you, but I’m so proud of you. You’re setting a really great example, and you have a lot of people behind you. Keep it up!

  41. Rah-Rah! Awesome statement! Those troops that Palin likes to thank so often for protecting our freedoms also protect the freedoms she doesn’t like!

  42. I am SO proud of all of you. Go, Shanynn!!!!!

  43. Shannyn – please post an update/synopsis of your presser for those of us who cannot hear it? Many thanks.

  44. I also posted on the 3rd over at Mudflats that we should Beware of (exGINO), the Rise ofThe Revengelical.

  45. Love you, Shannyn!

  46. Excellent response!
    By making the announcement in the manner she did, Sarah Palin opened the door to speculation from all. Instead of answering questions, she created them.
    It is only right that the citizens of Alaska attempt to find answers when an elected official abandons her post and refuses to give a straight answer as to why.

    • Down here in Philadelphia, Pa. you have support.

      Bye the way we booed her big time at the flyers game.

      She parades her kids around and we don’t like that either- she uses them as scape goats!

  47. Love it, Shannyn.

  48. So very proud of you for calling her out!!

    KO is scheduled for taping tomorrow and can’t stand the anticipation of what you’ll say then!!

    WTG Shannyn!!

  49. Get ’em, tiger!

    I don’t suppose you’d going to ask them for an apology?

    I mean, the derogatory way they maligned and defamed you and all… an apology might be nice. Impossible, but nice.

    Besides, it would send certain persons into a tailspin of Biblical proportions and we can’t have that now, can we?

  50. wow! I didnt know who you were until you were cited by soon to be Ex-Gov Palin. Now that I know I guess I have to thank Gov. Palin for gifting you to us!
    thanks for sticking up for the Constitution on The Fourth of July!

  51. I was disturbed to see a blogger mentioned by name in this way and I am very concerned. I don’t consider this a laughing matter. I don’t find it comfortable living in crazyland but that’s where we appear to be living now.

    Thank God you aren’t intimidated, but please please be careful.

  52. Down with imperialist tyranny! Up with open and transparent government, of, by and FOR the people!


  53. Shannyn, glad to see you not afraid to, ya know, “exercise those first amendment rights”. Hope you don’t mind this rise to national fame. Power to you!

    Alaska sure has become the most talked about state in the union, for sure.

  54. GOOD for you. Stand firm; lots of people are watching. (I’m in the UK.)

  55. Dear Shannyn: I’m studying for the bar exam now, and I was inspired to visit your blog after reading Van Flein’s entertaining threats. Any first-yr law student can tell you that your comments re. Palin definitely do NOT constitute defamation. (Although Palin’s “palling around with terrorists” comment on Obama is suspect)…

    Next, I think you should remind Mr. Van Flein of Rule 11 sanctions, which are imposed on lawyers for frivolous claims meant to HARASS, embarrass, humiliate, etc. Thankfully, you and the rest of the country iis too smart to fall for his empty threats.

    But of course, all of this is really backfiring, as your blog is gaining fame, Palin’s name is further being dragged though the mud (and rightfully so!), and Van Flein is just coming across as incompetent.

    • Hi Melissa,
      thanks for the info. This is very good to know for all of us. Maybe you can also send Shannyn an email, not sure if she has time to read all the comments. On HuffPost she had more than 10’000!.
      Her email is
      I hope you don’t mind if I copy and paste your comment to other blogs, of course by mentioning your name etc..

  56. Who really knows what is going on here. No doubt her resignation makes no sense for her and a viable political future. (Although in my opinion she really had no future in national politics, this latest move by her just seals the deal.)

    If there is a scandal lurking I’m sure it’ll eventually come out. But maybe she’s just going to grab the big $$ in the private sector. There are enough rightwing nutcases who love her and enjoy her incoherency.

    I just found you through Twitter this past week and have seen nothing you’ve done to warrant any threats from her and her lawyer.

  57. Well, ol Sarah has proven once more that she is a media hog and egotistical idiot. Stand up to her and her BS! She can dish out crap and rave against the “big” government all she wants – she doesn’t make any sense to anyone except ignoramus right wing has beens. Yea, she’s going with “higher power” – first she’ll cash the check for the book she’ll write – of coure with the help of a real writer – then, she’ll have her “higher power”. Good riddance to her but I fear she’s not going anywhere but to the air waves!

  58. Shannyn, I just read what happened to you with the Palin attorney and wrote about it on my own blog. I read about it on Huff Post and of course I had read your original blog I didn’t even know you had a blog on wordpress, glad to know that. Love your writing

  59. Yes, definitely beware. But you already know that. I’m so glad to see that you, and everyone else, aren’t buckling under this empty threat. Either her lawyer has to know that there are no grounds for this law suit, or he should go back to law school for a refresher course in First Ammendment rights.

    And just when I thought that politics in Alaska might be getting a bit ordinary.

    I needn’t have worried.

  60. Oh, Shannyn….YOU ROCK!!!!! I love it!!! Liberals with backbone!!!!

    Stand up to that bully, girl!!! She has no right to intimidate private citizens — she should be impeached before she resigns for this blatant and outrageous abuse of her power. Sarah Palin is no patriot. I believe we are seeing her secessionist roots in action; she doesn’t care about anything this country was founded on — not separation of church and state, or freedom of speech and press. Quite to the contrary, she conducts herself as if she were Queen, married to Henry VIII.

    Good for you! I hope you rile her up good, so she goes off of her rocker and sues you…then we can get her under oath and go through her financial records:-)

    Please consider tossing in something about the AIP, since that upsets her so much…and the MSM refused to cover it. Well, you know best– you rocked your show out last night. America was listening!

    You brave girl!!! You are my hero!!!

  61. Texas appreciates you, Shannyn! You Alaskans keep on keeping us informed about that quittin’ governor everyone has been so “mean” to…I wish I had been here all along, finding like minded types who look at SP as if she were President of the Student Council, elected on the “pretty” ticket, not “brains” ticket…

    • Philadelphia does too!


    • thanks from go brave girl..just be safe.

  62. Go Shannyn! You betcha, too also.

  63. don’t forget to remind the world how Scarah is “funding” this attack against a citizen.

    • Good point!!!

      Especially since she was bragging to resign mostly because of the costly and time consuming pesky lawsuits — and the very next day she threatens to sue people! Who is stupid enough to pay this for her? Transparency!!!

  64. Maybe now Sarah will learn to keep her own piehole closed for a change. Thanks for sticking up for regular Americans!

  65. Shannyn, you rock!

    Palin is mentally unstable as well as a coward and a bully.

    Looking forward to your appearance on Keith tomorrow. I’m glad you’re not backing down.

    Keep up the great work!

    Di in Florida

  66. There are several more RUMORS going around.

    Such as: Palin was found guilty of abuse and misconduct for wrong doing with her ‘Legal Defense Fund” (WHY DOES SOMEONE ETHICAL NEED A LEGAL DEFENSE FUND?) millons of dollars are said to be un accounted for RUMORED embezzlement- Sarah Pac sponsored?… She was given an ultimatum (I think this is highly improper, possibly unlawful) by her appointed 3 member personnal board that she, if continues to be the Gov the TRUTH of the matter would have to come out and the whole mess and paper trail would have to be released to the public. However, it’s RUMORED if she RESIGNS she was told by that appointed 3 member board that determines ETHICAL matters in the State of Alaska that she can essentially TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just a RUMOR

    • Sounds interesting. We’ll see if it is one of the many rumours or if there is something to it.
      Yet the sudden, jerky resignation leaves one wondering why she would end her political career in this way and so quickly. Although she is known to be a quitter – this is a very strange way to end a position where she was elected to. Still very puzzling!

  67. If this Hillbilly A-Hole and her A-Hole Attorney sue you, I will donate to and raise money for you.

    Please exp[ose this Fascist for what she is: The Queen of The Quitters (she even quit three or four colleges)

    The Diva of Exposing Herself while asking Why are They Looking at Me

    The Wasilla Crybaby

    Oh Poor Sarah!!!!

    What a disgrace she is and her husband ought to get on a snowmobile and head for the North Pole.

    I feel sorry for her children having a mother who is the stay of every show but cannot stand any heat.

    And her followers are pathetic. Some think Palin suing you will end up getting you put in Jail. Like Sarah, they have a single point IQ blown up by vanity into a stench.


    • I love that one “Wasilla Crybaby”.

  68. Applause…..applause…..Go, Shannyn!

    Me, too, got your back!

  69. Bravo. Brilliant.

    Don’t change a word.

  70. Shannyn I wish that we could hear your press conference, but here in Colorado Springs Palin is revered by the right wing crazies that are the majority here.

    Keep it up. It’s unreal that she thinks she can sue the whole media. It’s typical of people like her, they love to intimidate and they figure that everyone will then slink away.

    I cannot help but wonder how they did get that house if they are so poor. Todd and his buddies built it? LMAO

  71. Regardless of the party or policy… Every citizen should be able to critizes and hold public officials accountable. Without FEAR of Retribution and Vindictive Confrontations. I support you Shannyn and appreciate that you are articulate, no matter what you talk about.

    • Amen to that! Part and parcel of the 1st Amendment.

  72. Hello Shanny,
    We have a daughter, Shannon, 27.

    Here’s a thought about home.

    Poet Walt Whitman is known for celebrating the human spirit and wrote, “The United States themselves are essentially the greatest poem.”

    Many are traveling this summer and seeing the home place and new sights and wondering what connects them.

    This summer I spent time in my hometown and marveled how it is familiar but it still retains that inescapable impression that no matter how much a person achieves, it’s not enough. Metropolitan Washington, D.C., is a place where so many are so talented that even the best seem second-rate.

    After a trip North to Gettysburg or West to Louisville and South to Columbia, S.C., and farther to St. Augustine, the tarmac that begins after leaving I-95 and cresting the low-rise of 421 leads to a feeling of affection.

    Within the boundary of rural Harnett County is America in miniature. Within our churches are the great including a former U.S. senator and a physician who studied at Princeton and the great within including small business owners, students, the mothers committed to the vineyard of family and so many others who seek to do more than do no harm. They want to help.

    Along another highway outside Angier is the county’s answer to American Idol where two taverns offer good-natured rivalry over Wednesday night entertainment. One bar features a sign promoting weekly Karaoke just a few hundred feet from a second sign where the competition brags his Karaoke is ‘Kick-A**.”

    Whether in the church house or the public house, Harnett County has a way to make a person feel at home.

    Harnett County’s tribute to the traveler, the transient and the home grown alike is the sense of communion. It’s a place where a person can recall the things he forgot for a time but smiles when it comes back.

    Harnett County is a place where the past can be ground up and combined with the ground up parts of others and then baked into a sweet loaf. This shared identity is experienced differently at different times but it retains the sense that we are one. We are neighbors, different but beating with a single heartbeat for a county and country we love.

    Whitman called the United States the greatest poem. You and I share this lyric and it is this sound that unites us as community. And that’s why I love Harnett County.

    Michael Ray Smith is a professor at Campbell University and lives in the heart of Harnett County. He thanks theologian Cameron Jorgenson for his idea on communion. Barbara, his wife of nearly 30 years, influenced these thoughts.

    I know this piece was long.
    Best to you, Shannyn Moore!

  73. It figures that she would pick a lawyer with just about the same amount of brain activity, they deserve each other.Go get them Shannyn! Gods on your side!!!!

  74. I have a idea as to why Sarah quit:

    Todd told her to.

    Seriously, think about this. Her traditionalist upbringing teaches that women are supposed to be subservient to husbands. He’s been the Svengali all along, right? He even set up shop in the GINO’s office.

    Watch her when she gives that speech. She reminds me of women I’ve seen who quit jobs because they were terrified of offending their husbands/boyfriends.. they’ll never say that, either, because blaming it on them would offend them further.

    Make any sense?

    • Todd needs to get a job to buy his own silk underwear. They are both politcal whores, now he needs a real job.

    • No one tells ms palin what to do. mister toad was off fishing when she made up her mind.
      Ms. Moore you and the other Alaskan bloggers have done much to keep ALL of the United States of America safe. Thank you.

  75. Shannyn: the poor pathetic soul AK has for a governor. She’s a quitter! And she dared to run for VP?

    What the poor soul does not understand is that a public figure is NOT protected by the same standards of slander and libel as a private citizen. Even her attorney failed to note that, but he had received his marching orders from Sarah.

    The next major blunder Sarah has made is failing to avoid the golden rule of politicians: NEVER ARGUE WITH INK (OR MICROPHONE). She will never beat a newspapers reporting – nor a comedy or talk show host.

    Put these two things together, and one can only be thankful that Mc Cain failed to get elected.

    The big question has to be, however, what is wrong with the electorate in AK? This lady is a politically incompetent person.

  76. Go,Shannyn, go! You’ve got it just right.

  77. Shannyn … you are the sh&*! You go! Give ’em hell and then some! We support you!

  78. “..a coward an a bully” : You nailed that description exactly. God bless you Shannyn.

  79. Rock on Shannyn!!! The 1st amendment gives you the right to speak your mind about whatever subject you see fit to speak about. Palin is only showing that she is the worst kind of government official: the kind that can’t take criticism, and the kind that would attempt to muzzle regular citizens when they have a differing opinion from their own.

  80. Keep hitting back. The “aborting her term” bit is soundbite ready!

  81. way to go Shannyn! Strong women rock the world! We’ve got your back, and we’re all busily repeating all the rumors we hear about Buttercup on our blogs and facebook pages so we can be cool just like you!

  82. Shannyn, good response, and here’s what I encourage you and all the blogs to do: publish a list of all the rumors and include links to the best documentation of each one. Obviously you’re under Sarah’s thin skin!

  83. Just read the WaPo saying that insiders close to Palin said the attacks on her kids got to be too much.

    NOW Palin starts worrying about her kids? SHE’s the one who dragged pregnant, unwed Bristol on the national stage, SHE’s the one who promised Bristol “would be married soon”, SHE’s the one who pulled the kids out of school so she could follow her ambition, SHE’s the one who let baby Trig get passed around like a football on the campaign trail.

    She doesn’t seem like a woman who would ever put her kids first. There’s a lot more to this hasty resignation than worrying about her children.

    Thank you Shannyn for your good work.

  84. Sarah Palin is a coward and a bully. And the natural mother of 4 beautiful children.

  85. Great response Shannyn! I’d be so mad that I could no longer write or speak coherently, but you always seem to rise above it and deliver a cutting edge response. Great job!

    I was just thinking to myself, holy crap, Sarah has just gone and hijacked the entire 4th of July for her own purposes….always in my mind now will be “on this weekend, 4th of July 2009, the Alaska Governor lost her mind and created a complete shitstorm of news ALL ABOUT HER!”

    It’s not good, no matter how it gets spinned. It’s just nuts and she is and this whole episode of unbalanced behavior from her is just inexplicable. Sorry that you got targeted but hey, you put yourself out there unapologetically and you never ever whine when the heat gets put on you.

    You live by example, the same example that SP touted when saying that women politicians should just suck it up and not be a whiner when the going gets tough. You take Sarah’s words to heart (though you are a journalist and not a politician, but still) and you walk the walk instead of just spouting talking points.

    So take that buttercup! Put it in your pipe of hate and smoke it down. The people that you feel so threatened by really do act in the civil manner that you are unable to…

    Sorry so long, but good work.

  86. “Sarah Palin is a coward and a bully”

    You are correct, but forgot the most obvious…hypocrite. This is the same woman who, just a few weeks ago, came to the defense of Carrie Prejean for speaking her mind and being attacked for it. She is now attacking you and threatening a lawsuit for exercising these same principles.

    So to summarize the “World According to Sarah”… she applauds your right to give opinions in a public forum…as along as she agrees with you.

    Every time Queen Sarah opens her mouth, she exposes herself as a bigger fraud then any of her harshest critics thought possible.

  87. You’re smart and you’re clever (not exactly the same things) and you have a microphone. No wonder she’s scared.

    Don’t ya know the first amendment is only for beauty queens, and everyone else is supposed to sit down and shut up?

    I hope you get lots of coverage and ride this star to where ever you want to go. I admire you and Linda very much.

  88. Wow….. never boring in Alaska. Bravo Shannyn!! Saw you on Countdown and have been a fan since, but this is extraordinary. Keep it up!!! It will provide her with a much needed civics lesson!

  89. If Sarah sues you then Caribou Barbie will have to sue the internet. Keep up the great blog and the great work!! And if you need a defense fund I don’t have much but would gladly send you $10 for legal fees. 🙂

  90. Hurrah for Shannyn!!!!

    Your statement is brilliant.

    You go, girl, and take it to the Queen of Mean!

  91. Way to go! Finally, someone who understands that one must stand up to the Mean Girl Queen Bee.

  92. Shannyn, I admire you so much. Palin won’t know what hit her if you get started.

  93. shannyn, you rock!

  94. Well done!

  95. So the woman who accused President Obama of “palling around with terrorists” is having a fit because of your comments in your blog. How ridiculous. Don’t worry about it at all. Millions of Americans, the ACLU, etc. will step up to defend your right to freely express your opinions and cite facts on your blog.

    I have been scathing in my criticism of Sarah Palin on my blog and I refuse to have my free speech “chilled” by Sarah Palin or her lawyers. This is the clearest demonstration yet that Sarah Palin has NO IDEA what this country is all about and it also becoming apparent that she can dish it out, but she can’t take it. Her “thin skin” is no reason for any blogger, opinion maker, or reporter to be intimidated. Keep up the good work. I will follow this closely and will be prepared to make a contribution to a legal defense fund in the unlikely event that a case is filed.


  96. Keep your chin up Shanynn!

  97. Hip Hip Hooray for Shannyn!

    Your statement hits home for me! I applaud your statement and I am in full support of you when it comes to Palin!

    She is scared of the truth coming out and wants to shut anyone up that she feels is a threat to her and obviously she feels threatened by you!

    You are priceless and I hope you will continue with your edgy views with politics!

  98. Buttercup Smackdown by just a girl from Homer!

    Shannyn excellent!!!

  99. Even Sen. Lisa Murkowski called Palin out on Friday, “I am deeply disappointed that the Governor has decided to abandon the State and her constituents before her term has concluded,”
    – Sarah Palin is a quitter, and should be acknowledged as such.

  100. Go get her girlfriend:)

    Love your statement. Remember she still thinks she is in HS so watch your back! Some of us just never grew up. She is still the crazy mean girl in HS who thought she could rule the HS. Too bad it doesn’t work when you get out in the real world!

    • Bwahahaha! “Remember she still thinks she is in HS so watch your back!” That’s hilarious because from the very beginning, even back during our PTA days, I used to say the same thing. That she behaved like she was still in high school with a group of her favorite flunkies in tow. It’s crazy to think that she still acts this way. Very few would understand what I meant when I would say that she behaves like a spoiled adolescent (no offense teenagers).

      • You think Sarah Palin is in high school??? Like, wtf… she acts worse than those mean little girls in 7th grade. Except most of them can speak coherently!

  101. Shannyn – you have US. She has them. We see how well that has worked out for her so far, too, also. We won’t be bullied either, and I want Sarah Palin GONE out of my life forever!

    Get lost twit Sarah – couldn’t say it enough while you were the Gov, but now you are just a lame duck, by your own admission, so get a life and get out of OURS.

    You pick a fight with Shannyn, you are picking a fight with Alaskans and free speech. This is not a fight you are going to win by any stretch of your warped imagination. Go swim in your dead lake.

  102. Please add my name to the list of those proud of what you are doing right now!

    I live in Illinois, and up until a couple days ago, we thought our ex gov was the world’s biggest eejut.

  103. Shan: You are an american hero today! Kudos to you for standing up for everyone’s constitutional right of free speech. Intimidation of the press could be a charge both against Van Flein and Palin right now and people may pursue it against them.

    Sara-cuda didn’t realize she was attempting to bully not only an intelligent, articulate, woman like yourself who is cognizant of her rights and the laws of this country but she grossly underestimated the majority of women (and men) in this country who abhore her and view her as an intellectually-challenged quitter and perpetual “wannabe”.

    Keep up the great work for this country, Shan!

    Women everywhere are behind you 100%!

  104. Another funny, in solidarity……… much support for Shannyn, Palin has created a $hit storm against herself:

    John McNamara

    I know how victimized you feel about the lies being spread online and in the media. I know you believe it’s your right to threaten and silence those who would question or disagree with you. So let me offer my help in giving you the grounds to sue me for defamation, win and drive a stake into the heart of the First Amendment.

    Because everything I’m now going to write about you in this public forum is a total lie:


    God, I admire you.

    You are a skilled public speaker, a thoughtful public strategist and a natural leader.

    You should wear longer skirts because your legs are an embarrassment.

    The thought of you holding political office fills me with pride and joy.

    Your reason for resigning will soon be revealed as measured, selfless and strategically brilliant. In future histories written about you it will be referred to as “the genius move.”

    You have been the recipient of more unfair attacks than any figure in world history.

    And in the future, the words “quitter,” “diva,” “crybaby,” “psycho,” and “Little Miss Pouty Pants” will never be used against you.

    I hate your hair, especially when it’s kind of down and loose and… y’know.

    You are a lock for president in 2012. Obama should just give up now. Because that guy’s the kind of leader who, when he’s questioned or attacked, just fires back low level insults then stomps off to sulk. You will wipe that guy off the map. Poor Obama.

    You are the Democratic Party’s worst nightmare.

    You are respected.


    And will never be a political punchline.

    I love you and truly hope that after you sue me, beat me and silence all dissent, you ascend to the heights of absolute monarchy and bring about the nation of intolerance, ignorance, fear and greed you see in the rabid faces of your followers.

    You don’t remind me at all of the President in THE DEAD ZONE. Not even a little.

    That’s it.

    Consider yourself defamed, Madam, and let our journey together now begin.

    I await your attorney’s first threatening phone call by holding my breath starting… hang on… now.

    Yours Truly,

    John McNamara

  105. Some day in the not-too-distant future you will see how your honesty contrasted to her pathetic lies has launched you into the realm of a media ‘superstar’. Maybe you can send the ‘cuda a thank you note.

    I am proud to see your determination and valor in standing up to this chronic bully. She’s been outed once and for all now.

    We love you Shan!

  106. Glad your in box is over flowing with offers of legal counsel. Palin is worse than the ayatollahs.

  107. hahaha…I love the post McNamara! How creative.

    Indeed, the Palin $hitstorm is about to consume her.

    I deal with psychiatric pathology every day and it’s so clear to me that her personality archetype is that of “victim”. When a victim’s life is running a bit too smoothly, they must invent a snidley whiplash to demonize or they cannot tolerate the peace and tranquility. In essence, it is this perpetual state of conflict which provides a sense of “being” where only a vacuum exists. This is the case of the Baracuda. If no conflict exists, invent one as we’ve seen with the Letterman intentional misinterpretation which backfired and made her a national laughingstock.

    Now all of this. It’s very reminiscent of the troopergate scandal and what she attempted to do as a vindictive act against her BIL. It’s reminiscent of how she, as Dictator of Ak, demanded that employees sign a resignation contract prior to their employment as a condition of loyalty to Herr Palinsky.

    Bonaparte and Hitler both suffered from narcissistic disorder and this is beginning to also reek of serious disorder-land to me.

    It’s good that she’s excusing herself from any possible future in politics because she really needs to take a nice long R & R – with a good shrink in order to come out of it on the other side as whole as one can be under these circumstances.

  108. Happy 4th! Keep on pushing, Shan!

    “fill me up, buttercup, before you let me down….tralalalal” Who sang that oldie? Anyone know?

    • The Foundations:

  109. “Sarah Palin is a coward and a bully.”

    You nailed it, Shan! Speak truth to power – time is on your side.

  110. Has anyone else noticed that that 4 page letter from Palin’s attorney arguing no wrongdoing looked far too thorough to have been written in one day? (especially over a holiday weekend?) Numerous articles are cited from the ADN, the Frontiersman and other sources dating back to 2001 and 2002. Are we to assume that Van Flein culled through years of on-line articles to slap this memo together in one day?

  111. Power sister!

  112. ‘Who sang that oldie?’

    You’re testing my old memory but I’m pretty sure it was The Foundations.

    • Yep. It was the Foundations. sometime around 1968 I think?


  114. Shannyn, this old lady from Colorado loves your spunk and talent! Hope your presser went (goes?) well. I look forward to details.

    And this bears repeating:

    “You are correct, but forgot the most obvious…hypocrite. This is the same woman who, just a few weeks ago, came to the defense of Carrie Prejean for speaking her mind and being attacked for it. She is now attacking you and threatening a lawsuit for exercising these same principles.”

    • You are sooo right. The Ice Queen from the Tundra wanted to show her solidarity with another (empty-headed) beauty queen.

  115. You rock Shannyn!!!

    Stand your ground, sit back and enjoy the show.

    GINO is destroying herself from the inside out! Getting rid of GINO is the best thing to happen to Alaska in a long time!

  116. Remember she thought freedom of the press was to protect politicians from the press not the other way around.

  117. Victory for Shannyn. Palin is a loser.

  118. There are those who say we “palin haters” just can’t stand the thought of an attractive, intelligent, self-motivated and strong woman moving on up.

    How wrong they are. It’s just that it takes a lot more than winkin’ and blinkin’ and lyin’ and whinin’ to be a woman deserving of praise (or a man, for that matter).

    Here’s to you, Shannyn, and the national recognition of your strengths and beauty you’ll receive as a result of Palin whining to Van Flein and demanding send a letter.

  119. There is a video on

    Palin talking about Hillary and the press. you have to scroll down a little. its titled.

    Palin 2008: Clinton Whining About Media Criticism “Does Herself A Disservice To Even Mention It”
    by: Paul Rosenberg

  120. Keep going Shannyn Moore. Just read an article in the Seattle Times … sounds like her douche-bag lawyer wants everyone to know what an idiot she is … legal action for free speech … WTF?

  121. You’re standing up for all of us Americans who have asked serious questions regarding Sarah Palin.

    Down here in Philadelphia, Pa. you have support.

    Bye the way we booed her big time at the flyers game.

    She parades her kids around and we don’t like that either- she uses the a scape goats!

  122. Go Shannyn! As a fellow ordinary regular American woman, I am so proud of you and I support you 100%

    You are a brave courageous woman unlike Palin who is a coward and a bully!! Keep talking out-you have tons of supporters.

    Syrins rumor is interesting and frightening at the same time! If it is true, the personnel board must be held accountable!! The truth must come out! She should not be alloweed to take the money and run. And yes it’s a rumour, and I am and will repeat it as a rumour. Tough luck buttercup!!

  123. I loved it too, also. I hope your meeting went well please let us know. Take care and I have to say I do admire you. Buttercup should take lessons from you.

  124. WTG Shannyn!!!

    I’m thinkin” Sarah Palin is messing with the wrong American citizen.

    Keep on fighting lady, you have my support.

  125. EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! Your words are so well thought out.

    Hmmm, I wonder if Sarah knowns because according to her Tweets, she has literally gone fishing. She even mentioned that Todd is “slaying salmon”.

    All I can say is —

  126. I like your style, and if I were in Alaska, I’d stand with you waving a huge placard that listed all the rumors that circle Palin.
    Go Shannyn!

  127. Jeez, not bad for a blogger sittin her mothers basement, eh! Buttercup is so clueless.

  128. Way to go— You tell her!

    If your attorneys want to consult an attorney/therapist who is an expert in litigation with people with personality disorders (Buttercup), I highly suggest Bill Eddy. (He politely calls them “High Conflict” people.)

    P.S. I’m an attorney, but out of state, so I can’t represent you in Alaska. But I volunteer to do any research that may be needed if she continues her path of self destruction and sues.

  129. Hi there Shannyn.

    Hope Alaska is a SLAPP state!

    Having said that I confess I love what Palin’s doing to herself. If she plans on running for anything but cover;

    the lady is in for a big surprise.

  130. Me thinks that Wailin Palin has catapulted Shannyn to the most popular blogger on the planet.

    Way to go having another media event blow up in your face Sarah. What a maroon!

    Good for you Shannyn! Karma has a funny way of workin’!

    Di in Florida

  131. Superb response, Shannon!! The law and reasonable people are on your side!

    Palin is a coward and bully….and a quitter.

    Kudos to the person who coined “Iquitarod.” It fits the quackjob perfectly.


  133. You are a strong and very brave lady. I admire you. Take care.

  134. ^^^Just became aware of you TODAY!

    • better late than never, eh?

  135. I didn’t know who you were until yesterday, when Sarah Palin introduced us. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. Please continue to write, please continue to assert your rights as a citizen of the United States of America, and please know that this ordinary American fervently believes in your right to free speech.

  136. Redsongia … that didn’t escape me either: methinks that Van Flein has been preparing for this moment to have that much history of the sports complex center (and the URL’s/links) in this handy little press release.

    However, I do have to wonder if this wasn’t part of a computer file that he’s had prepared for some time now in the event that Housegate would/could come up as a viable issue, considering that it’s been questioned since last October (and he’s been on retainer presumably all that time for every issue that has come along, I believe).

  137. From sea to shining sea we’re behind you….even out here in Massachusetts! Stand strong. Stand tall!


  138. are as wacko as your ex-Governor! Not one published difference of opinion on your site? Talk about controlling the spin! I had never heard of you until I was reading CNN today about Sarah Palin’s lawyer’s statement. I just came to your site to check out the debate “up there” in Alaska but, unfortunately, looks like only one side visits here.

    • lori,
      they just let you comment on here but beside the insults, you didn’t say anything substantial…
      So why don’t you be respectful and “publish your difference of opinion”….if you have anything intelligent to say

    • That is the way most blogs are. New to the Internets? Must be Buttercup supporter.

      • To Lori: This is Shannyn Moore’s blog, not “Point/Counterpoint.” You sound so lost.

        • Professor Geezer,

          “Point” taken. I don’t sound lost. I just got lost turning into this blog looking for something different. Thanks for the correction.

      • Mattie, definitely not a Sarah Palin supporter. Though I am a conservative, I don’t want this woman anywhere near our White House. She has the attention of the Republican party but for the life of me I can’t figure out why! I am praying the polls are wrong for 2012 and that she really isn’t a front-runner for the Republican nomination. She is not the kind of representative I want for my family and our conservative values…she doesn’t even know what the hell she represents from day to day. And, I’m definitely not new to the “internets” or blogs. I just ususally like blogs that have a little of everybody’s input…

        • Well, Lori, as you can see, your input is welcome here. There are plenty of others who are conservatives who post here, too.

        • Lori – if you spend some time reading comments on Shannyn’s blog, you’ll find some differing opinions. I suspect what has happened – as is the case with many of the blogs which have been critical of Palin – is that the palinistas lack the courage to post non-fawning comments which support Palin or her policies or translate her word salad. Those types would much rather fight with each other over in their own areas, ie, p’land, while those of us who comment in places like here tend to be a bit more respectful of other’s opinions. I know it’s a change not many neocons can stomach but that’s how many of us in this country would like things to be.

    • To Lori, oh I see, Robyn is now responsible for what other people post? Everyone should bow down before Sarah Palin simply because she cannot own up to her responsibilities as a public figure? Even though Sarah’s views are COMPLETELY UNBALANCED, everyone else’s views should legitimize Sarah’s idiotic rantings and ravings? Why don’t you and your neocon buddies move to a nice conservative place like Afghanistan or North Korea, where freedom of speech is just a pipe dream and you won’t be tortured by intellectuals or the elitist media? Maybe the Khmer Rouge could make a comeback in Cambodia with your zealot-like (zeal + idiot) support? And keep watching FOX NEWS, they use lots of small words, so you can “understand.”

      • Andy, even though your rant and name calling don’t really deserve a response, here goes-
        I already stated I am not a Sarah Palin supporter and will have to vote on your side, like I did in 2008, if she’s on the ticket. But, honestly, your attack on somebody with a different political persuasion is ugly. You certainly don’t do much to help others with opposing views (unlike the many other thoughtful posts on this site) get the insight into why Sarah Palin should not be in elected office. Your reply was ignorant.
        Since conservatives are welcome here, too, contrary to what I first believed when reading the posts, nice to meet you Andy!

  139. MUDFLATS has the story on the presser. Head over there guys for details!!!!

  140. Shannyn,

    What a powerful way to stand your ground! You have my admiration, respect…and heartfelt thanks!

    Didn’t know much about you before this…but like what I see! I’ve become an instant fan! Keep doing what you do so well…and know there are a LOT of us who are supportive! Not just those in Alaska, either!

  141. take it too her Shannyn….we have your back….
    ohhhhhh u r just beautiful

  142. “aborting her term as Governor”

    funny stuff!

  143. Shannyn,
    as you see, a lot of us barely knew about you and here we are today blogging on your page encouraging you! ….”you are doing a great job”!

    Amazone, from the “not real America” (wink wink)

  144. Way to go shannyn!

    She really is The Godzilla from Wasilla!

    Sending you peace and love!

    Keep strong!

  145. I just did a google search (Wassila Sport Center Palin Home) and got over 77,000 hits. Even if only 1% of these question wrong doing, you’ve simply reported what is out there. Truth to Power.

    Yes “aborting her term as Gov” is a nice choice of words.

    You did good!

  146. Now, wait. Let’s be fair. Shannyn–if I may be so presumptuous, I think it would be appropriate to list the sort of statements which have been made about the President, First Lady, and Vice President, such as:

    1. The President is a Muslim. He is not a U.S. citizen. He wants to impose Sharia law on the United States. Oh, and of course, he’s a socialist.

    2. The First Lady is a bitter, angry woman who hates all Whites.

    3. The Vice President is stupid. His daughter is a crackhead.

    Now, I am morally certain that we can all find examples of Sarah Palin having asked Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, commenters at C4P and politico…to NOT make such statements. I am certain that she has pointed out that it’s unfair to say such things. That people really don’t know these things. And that they are not expressions of opinion or disagreement–they are slanderous statements of fact and she, Sarah Palin, will not stand idly by and tolerate them. No? Well, then, I’m confused. What’s her objection? Particularly when the statements about her tend to deal with her performance in office or her public statements or the difference between her words and her actions….as opposed to screwball made up crapola?

    • LOL….
      and remember Sarah Palin herself insinuated Barack Obama was a terrorist!


  148. Shannyn, I just found you and your wonderful blog!

    You are what free speech and journalism are all about. Sarah Palin is a thin-skinned idiot. She can call people names and insinuate all types of foul and untrue things about them, but if someone mentions “rumors” about her she is ready to sue.

    Why, oh why, can’t she just go away and never come back?

    I wish you had a national radio show!

  149. Go get ‘er Shannyn!!!

  150. got ya on my yahoo page.

    will be sending you a donation tomorrow!

  151. is there audio from this posted?

  152. You go, girl! I am so proud of you and will do whatever I can to watch your back.


  153. Shannyn, you are beautiful, erudite and you comport yourself with dignity. Thank you for representing real Americans. Thank you for standing up to this Twitter bully.

  154. Dear ex-Gov Palin,

    F you and the horse you tried to ride into my life here in the lower 48, you lyin’ sack of moose nuggets.

    Thank goodness you were stopped at the “door’ by the American people, and finally you had some sense in stepping and abdicating your throne prior to whatever “it is what what it is” that is on the way.

    Thanks Shannyn!




    Great job- again!!!

  156. To quote Sarah Palin:

    “That’s three yes’s and one HELL yeahh!!”

    You rock hard!

    • That’s not nearly enough “hell yeah’s”….around the internety thingie bloggy places, I think the number’s up in the thousands….

  157. Great find Rhonda Davis!

    Di in Florida

  158. Thank you Shannyn. This country needs more great citizens like you, Linda Kellen, AKM, Gryphen and so many others who so eloquently speak up for the rest of us.

  159. Mmmmmmmm…. look…….. fish in a barrel.

    (. \
    \ |
    \ |___(\–/)
    __/ ( . . )
    “‘._. ‘-.O.’
    ‘-. \ “|\

  160. Proud to call you a fellow non-secessionist American, Shannyn!

    “SO SUE ME!”

  161. Clap! Clap! Clap! (Standing ovation) You go girl.

    We’ve got your back! There are only three things you can’t hide: the sun, the moon and the truth. Buddha.

  162. Dear Shannyn,
    You are a shining example to us all. Hold your ground and know that good-hearted people all over the world support you and your good work.

  163. Hopefully, Keith has already contacted you about appearing on his or Rachael’s show early next week.

    The TRUTH has got come out about Palin’s storm troopers and among the crew of truth tellers you guys have up there and all the support you have down here it WILL get out…Don’t let these bozos EVER get under your skin…

    • Shannyn is supposed to be on Keith tomorrow night. Just awesome….

      Di in Florida

  164. Well since I live in Phoenix I had never heard of you but now you are in my RSS reader and I will be donating. Probably not exactly the kind of public reaction Palin had in mind when she threatened you.

  165. So good to see you stand up to that overinflated egotistical bully. You have my wholehearted support and the support of of most of us independent Wyoming women.

    You go girl!

  166. That was the ultimate Palin smack down I am just beside my self the part where Shannyn says am I jacked up you betcha that is priceless

  167. Looks like Shannyn had more of the press at her conference than did La Palinista the Quitter!

    Attagirl, Shannyn!

  168. All the best, Shannyn, you are inspiring! I just posted your article on Newsvine:


    in Spain

  169. Shannyn, you’re a legend! Never heard of you ’til Palin made the mistake of taking you on! Tell that looney tune to “Bring it on!” and let’s make some mincemeat of the Caribou Barbie!

  170. Shannyn, I’ve just strolled in from the Huffington Post where I’ve been following your blogs since last election cycle. There are plenty of people there that are ready to contribute to your legal fund should the need arise so rest assured that we’ve got your back.

    Personally, I hope she DOES file suit. That will open the door for even more investigations into the grifter’s activities.

    I’m hoping you get an award for your coverage of this travesty of a woman. You certainly deserve it.

  171. Stay at it, the first amendment is there for a purpose, just like this. The public has a right to know what is going on, and more than just, I’m upset and I’m going to take my toys and go home. Keep digging and keep reporting, we’ve got your back.

  172. You represent the best of America and I am so proud of you. We must always have people who question the status quo and your blog helps fulfill that need.
    As for me, I swore I would never visit Alaska until Sarah was no longer governor. So glad she made a nice vacation in your beautiful state possible. Inside passage, here I come – bringing my tourist dollars with me – I think Alaskans can expect a lot more of those now.

  173. I’m not a religious man, but Sweet Jesus I love you.

  174. Thank you, Shannyn. Strength we should all strive for.
    It is so absolutely rare to read about someone really standing up.
    Dmn, how inspiring!

  175. I just loved it Shannyn said gotta a problem with me sue me thought palin was against wasting money frivolous suits. Oh yeah not her money legal defense fund , Shannyn said Bring it On. OMG what is palin gone do next?????? The ultimate Palin slap smack down. Shannyn Moore will not be muzzled

  176. I love you shannyn! Our soon to be Ex-Gov wouldnt be half as angry or scared of you and other bloggers if some of those rumors weren’t true.

    She can definitely bring it on. Soon she’ll have only a smidgen of people behind her anyways.

  177. You know what is fishy about this whole thing? Olbermann covered what is now dubbed the “Iceberg Scandal” back in October, 2008. It was called “Housegate” back then.

    Why is Palin suddenly attacking Shannyn for eluding to it? If Sarah and her Podunk lawyer is stupid enough to sue Shannyn over it, I see another big loss in Palin’s future.

    Di in Florida

  178. Hello Shannyn!

    Thanks for not backing down. We all have that same feeling deep down inside that tells us Sarah is just not right and that she is off her freakin rocker! God help us if she ever held another political office….If you need donations to a legal fund for you, I’ll donate!

  179. Shannyn you rock.

    But just a word of caution.

    Be careful with “going third person”. As a rule, statements like “Shannyn Moore Will Not be Muzzled” from Shannyn Moore, sometimes can come across as a little self-important.

    And the avalanche of well-wishing adulation (which I am quite happy to add to) can turn one’s head if one is not well-grounded.

    I get the sense that you are pretty well-grounded. But we’re only human.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

    Chuck from Portland.

  180. Bravo, bravo Shannyn!! You’re my hero!

  181. Very well Done. Good job!

    Shannon; I have made this offer to some of other political bloggers in lour state. If you ever feel in danger (due to political what-ever) and its not an “in danger” the police can deal with. Feel free to call upon me, I am skooled in those kind of things. I am just the helpful kind of person.

  182. Totally support your right to free speech. Ms. Palin has a serious problem and it is in her own head. Keep up the good work. I’m down here in Tucson, AZ. enjoying your free speech on MSNBC and on Huffington Post.

  183. Shannyn…that comment about the marriage proposals.

    Is there any wiggle room there? Is that like…definite?

    I think about a million of us want to know! (just kidding, but love ya for what you said today…)

  184. Shannyn, you are truely a Real American Hero!

    Can’t wait to see you on Countdown tomorrow!

    And I wish I could have been there for your presser!

  185. Shannyn, I pulled this video off of YT and it’s on my desktop. If you need it for your counter-suit, please let me know via email, and I’ll send it to you.

    • HAHA! Great minds… I posted that link a few posts back…

  186. Standing ovation to you from Virginia!

  187. John Adams was villified for his Alien and Sedition Act… it’s a gift that Palin issued her weak and pathertic version of that on the 4th of July weekend. Let her try and muzzle every blogger out there.

    And oh, PLEASE let her be the GOP nominee! It will be just so much fun!

    Keep it up, Shannyn, we got your back.

  188. Wasila hililbillies looting from coast to coast

  189. Shannon as much I respect what you are doing I don’t think you can take the place of a good investigative journalist. I saw how the ADN had in depth articles how Ted Stevens corruption had evolved over years. He eventually got convicted on just one small details of one of these articles. What needs to be done is getting boots on the ground up here in Alaska and really find out what’s going on. Now that she has stepped down as Governor I don’t think this is really going to happen now. Remember, not even Bush could be brought down during his presidency and he was shoving it in our faces for 8 years. While you and Sarah make for fun reading, unless you really have the goods on her or know someone who does I would take a breather and let her and her hillbilly clan hang themselves.

  190. can you post the letter?

  191. I support your right to free speech. If it comes to a legal defense fund I will be first in line to donate. Americans have died to keep our rights intact.

    • Uh, we died for the right to free speech, not the right to slander and defame others. You should be old enough to know the difference.

  192. Shannyn, Nice job in the press conference.
    You are making Alaska women very proud again…
    You Rock!

  193. Nice work.

    Put me on your email list and if you get sued and I’ll send some cash.



  194. OUTSTANDING. Well said!

  195. Just wanted you to know that if this happens I hope you set up a way for your fans (thanks to Sarah’s mention I’ve now bookmarked you) to help you with ANY costs necessary….

    …and if we DO get to help with the costs can we be there for the discovery?


  196. awesome press conference.
    you rock shannyn!
    don’t ever stop.

  197. Gee Shannyn why don’t you tell us what you really think:)

    That is laying down the gauntlet and you have put her in a lose/lose position.

    IF she sues you, I will sell a kidney to attend the depositions.

    IF she fails to sue you, then she is 1) a quitter (again) 2) a coward (again) and 3) she loses credibility. To be sure she would “spin” why she doesn’t sue ( and she won’t ) but the explanation will be as paper thin as her reasons for quitting as governor.

    Now please get busy putting out a “Suck it up Buttercup” bumper sticker with an appropriate photo of Missy Palin.

    What you did today is what feminism is all about. It is time to take off the polite kid gloves and respect normall utilized in civilized socities with their politicians.

    Palin want to be a cult leader like Jim Jones was she will not be stoped by the likes of our limp dicked legislators.

    Good going Kiddo.

    P.S. Did you know San Francisco once gave Jim Jones it’s Martin Luther King Humanitarian award?

    Yup, he was that good a con artist, just like Palin.

    She is quitting politics to join with her “base” base and lead them just like Jones did.

  198. Isn’t it nice that nobody has Shannyn’s name wrong? 😉

  199. More solidarity for Shannyn and the blogesphere !!!

    Howard SchweberAssociate Professor of Political Science and Law at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Posted: July 5, 2009 03:59 PM

    Sarah Palin, the First Amendment, and Santa Claus

    Dear Santa,

    Sarah Palin, through her attorney, is threatening to sue Shannyn Moore for reporting the existence of rumors about a pending investigation of Palin’s dealings with a firm called Spenard Building Supply and various contractors, in connection with the construction of the Wasilla Sports Complex and the Palin residence. The implication is that investigators suspect corruption. Palin categorically denies the implication and is threatening to sue for libel.

    oh please, oh please, oh please

    That American protection for free speech goes farther than that in other countries is a cause for celebration on this July 4th weekend. Nonetheless there are serious questions when involuntary public figures, or non-political public figures, or especially the family members of public figures are swept within the ambit of the Gertz rule.

    But! Governor Palin isn’t threatening to sue people who say bad things about her children, or even her husband. She is threatening to sue a blogger who accurately reported the existence of rumors of an investigation of wrongdoing by her in her at a time when she was already a government official.

    Please-please-please. I’ll never ask for another thing, I promise.

    Now, I haven’t practiced law in a while, and I do not have a current Bar membership. But I will go get one if Shannyn Moore will let me represent her. The thought of the deposition of Governor Palin alone is enough to make it worth the money, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg; a motion for sanctions followed by a counter-suit for vexatious litigation is just begging to be heard.

    Oh please, oh please, oh please. I’ll do the dishes and put the cap on the toothpaste and everything.

    Never mind Santa. Shannyn? Fellow Huffpo blogger? Are you listening? Pleeeeease?

    Read MORE here:

    • I give this the Best-Post-of-the-Day-Award. Great post Martha. HuffPo is on fire this evening.

      Between here, Facebook, Twitter and HuffPo I am having quite a time keeping up. =)

      Di in Floirida

  200. From another comment: “I’ve still gotta wonder WTF Van Flein was thinking when he put you (and HuffPo, MSNBC, et al) “on notice” … bad, bad strategy.:

    HE wasn’t thinking. He was doing as he was told.
    And he will continue to do as he is told because that is the way he gets paid. NO attorney with self-respect lets the client dicate legal strategy–THAT is what the client hired the attorneyt to do !

    Van Flein knows a gold mine when he sees one and it’s name is “Buttercup.” Palin pays him to do HER bidding, not to listen to his advice.

  201. All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    –Thomas Jefferson

  202. Isn’t it interesting that your press conference made the front page of the Newsminer’s online edition, but not the ADN.

    Go figure….

  203. Shannyn: Why didn’t Andre Mitchell interview you while she is here in AK? Seems kind of strange since you are on MSNBC a lot and you seem to know a lot about the Sarah story. Maybe she came to AK. to see the person that told her Sarah would be out of politics for good. Very strange she usually goes with the Pres. to foreign countries and here she has traveled all the way to Ak. for a 3 min. spot in front of Sarah’s house. Strange isn’t it?

  204. Shannyn, I support you completely. In stark contrast to Sara Palin, Your posts are spot on, articulate and intelligent. Her resignation announcement was so appalling on so many levels. If you are holding a press conference, to abdicate your elected office, would you not PREPARE a speech? She is an embarrassment to educated women everywhere. I hope you will continue to expose her for the hypocritical clown that she is.


    That awful fascist bully doesn’t realize that her days are over! We’re the ones keeping an eye on her-not the other way round.

  206. Your response was witty, smart and beautifully written. God Bless you and give you strength to fight the bully Sarah Palin.

  207. I thought you might be interested in this minor historical gaffe on the part of the Governor.

    This is the last line of her resignation remark:

    “In the words of General MacArthur said (sic), ‘We are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction.’”

    Well, it was actually Marine Major General Oliver Smith who said something like: “Retreat? Hell, we’re attacking in another direction”, this after glamorpuss MacArthur and his sycophant Ned Almond hung Smith and his 1st Marines out at the Chosin Reservoir. The remark is considered apocryphal, the sentiment is attributed to O P Smith.

    Smith getting his forces out intact from the biggest trap in world history is one of the all-time great feats of American arms, and it was critically necessary. Thank you, Chosin Frozen, and all your comrades for saving the world (which by your sacrifice you did).

    Sarah Palin is no O.P. Smith, but she may be a Douglas MacArthur megalomaniacal diva backstabber (takes one to know one; and I know), for sure. It just figures she’d revere that knucklehead, but can’t get her quotes right. She needs to be quoting his “old soldiers” remarks given to Congress.

  208. Shannyn, You have been doing a great job- I have left messages over at Immoral for you…Know this good woman- we are all watching and the Lower 48 is HERE for here- whatever you need. We will not stand by and let a “governor” BULLY a good citizen. You have every right to voice concerns and ask questions- that is what makes you a good citizen.

    Sara as an Elected Official is not allowed to bully or sue, or threaten or harrass good citizens…and to do so would be Hubris…

    At this point one has to ask is she Competent ? or Deranged ? or Impeachable ? because she is not acting within her job description , or in an appropriate manner for a State Employee….

    And just for the record, Thousands of Bloggers blogged about her being McCain’s VP choice and questioned whether she was competent….and they were NOT just from AK- they were from Around the Country and The world.

    And now the very concerns we raised are Visible to all…

    We have your back Shannyn and are here for you….

    Stay Strong, Stay Brave…Speak Your Truth.

  209. Shannyn,

    I finally saw your interview on MSNBC, on YouTube. And your comments were honest and very insightful. Particularly in pointing out the support of the legislators in trying to get a gas line for Alaska.

    There’s nothing wrong with that!

    If you need to establish a legal defense fund for this unprofessional, and non productive conduct, let me know. I’ll be glad to donate.

  210. I didn’t know you (Shannyn Moore) are or what you were posting in the blogosphere. You see, I’m from Florida.

    Because the Palin’s attorneys mentioned you, I now know who you are and so does everyone else in the lower 48. Great blog BTW.

    Do remember to send the Palins and their attorney a Christmas card this year – for all of that free marketing of your blog.

    Oh yeah, I lived in Alaska and went to West High in the 90s. Good times. Glad that my reasons as to why I would never vote for Palin have been validated. You don’t just quit being a governor. What a flake.

  211. What a fantastic retort to psycho-bully. Great Job. Couldn’t have said it better.

  212. Hey, I had not heard about you until today on my favourite news site Huffington Post. I immediately looked you up to check who you are and ended up here… Wow! is what i got to say. You are amazing, p/ze bring a camera person with you so you could record that Press Conf thing for us to see here in Australia! This Palin person is really nuts to pick up on an ‘innocent’ blogger like you – you are not alone, so be brave! Peace!

  213. I’m from New Jersey and never heard of you. Thanks to ex-gov. Sarah Barracuda I’ve become a big fan of yours. Stupid Sarah didn’t know she has just increased your popularity and support base. I will be listening to you on your radio show as well. WE IN THE LOWER 48 LOVE YOU!

  214. Shannyn,
    When I was listening to you on KBYR last night, I couldn’t help but wonder what Eddie Burke will have to talk about with his beloved GINO leaving public office. Today, you go and give him weeks and weeks worth of material! He owes you!

    For those of us in the lower 48, please make sure to share what his slimebag-self has to say about this over the next few days.

    Thanks for standing up to the Bully Queen.

  215. Hey never heard of you until Sarah brought you up. Just want everyone to know that shes increasing your exposure and influence. Good luck…

  216. Bravo for standing up to Sarah and the Palin gang. I am so glad to see that you have so much support in Alaska, but be assured your support extends all the way into suburban Washington, DC. Just give a yell if you need help putting down that dismal twerp of a woman!

  217. Shannyn,

    I’m living outside, but was a 25-year Alaskan, and in fact knew the Heaths when I was young. Nonetheless, you are speaking truth to power and this ex-patriate Alaskan stands firmly behind you. I hope she does sue, so that you can clean her clock.

    You do, in fact, rock, and if you start to waver on that marriage proposal thing, be sure to let me know.


  218. Shannyn, bravo!! You are a true American hero for standing up to that fraud and speaking the truth on Independence Day.

    Please keep speaking your mind and we will keep supporting you.

    Let us know if you set up a legal defense fund. I will send money immediately!!

    Thank you, Shannyn! Keep strong!

  219. Awesome. Brava!

  220. You are my hero–you and AKM muckracker!

    Daily Kos is building a memorial to you! And I want to lay a brick…

    Suck it up, Buttercup–I wants me a t-shirt!

  221. Kudos to you, dear Shannyn, for standing up for your rights, and for speaking clearly, intelligently, and concisely!

    However!…I don’t know…even after the shocking surprises of the past couple of days, I still have this feeling that the other Naughty Monkey shoe that’s going to drop won’t be the shoe we expect.

    (re-posted here from P.A.) The next 3 weeks is an A-W-F-U-L long time to wait on tenterhooks while Palin plays the game, “will I…won’t I…maybe….yes…no…WAIT, I never actually SAID I RESIGNED!! Bwahhhhhhahhhhahhhahha!”

    Someone in authority — a state judge, perhaps? — should take away her Blackberries NOW, ask for her office keys and badges, and tell her to go home to Wasilla and wait for the 26th.

  222. I am behind you all the way
    This woman needs to learn the depth of her own stupidity and finally feel abit of embarrassment.

    Her level of Immaturity is Incredible

  223. As a fellow blogger you have my support! I’ll be posting your statement on my blog as well. Remember, SP fears you because you have the truth on your side. Keep up the great work!

  224. I know this is cliche, but all I keep thinking in reading the lawsuit threats and your response is:

    You go, Girl!!!

    Great statement Shannyn. You’ve been articulate and interesting in every blog post and Olbermann appearance that you’ve done but this is your best yet. Thanks and praise to you for standing up for all Americans and our free speech rights. Adding my support from California to the chorus of cheers.

    Please let us know if you start a line of “Suck it up, Buttercup” bumperstickers and t-shirts, I’ll be first to buy one.

  225. Rock-n-Roll, Shannyn!

    We’ve got your back.

    Palin is a classic sociopath.

  226. About Sarah Palin: why is it the press is so reluctant to note the obvious facts about Sarah Palin’s personal history? According to her own physician’s report, released on the very eve of the presidential election, her first-born child was full-term, which means 9 months plus or minus 2 weeks of gestation. Yet her marriage, by an apparently hastily arranged elopement, took place only 8 months before that delivery. These facts are readily available on the Internet. The conclusion is virtually unassailable, namely that the conception occurred before the wedding. And thus has practiced pre-marital sex, much as she preaches against it!

    And yet she strumpets around, this holier-than-thou, abstinence-promoting, anti-sex-education, fundamental moralist . . . who is in fact, a total and unabashed hypocrite . . .

    • That’s because with Queen Sarah it’s “Do as I say and not as I do”. You’re darn right she didn’t practice what she preached.

  227. Good job Shannyn. Just don’t go walking in the woods alone anytime soon. (ha ha) and if you need anything..your Huffpost fans and Twitter followers have your back!

    Proud of you!

  228. Thank you, Shannyn! You’re standing up for our rights, too, & the dignity of women, for that matter! Well done.

  229. all the way from Sydney australia and even this far away this freak looks dangerous. We had a ‘sarah’ a few years back in Australia – name of Pauline Hanson and it was a really weird time. Sort of brings all the crazies out of the woodwork. And while I’m sure she’s good target practice, one has to be very scared if she actually got in to power federally – I don’t know what she had done there in Alaska but imagining her representing the US internationally make me alternately cry and laugh.

  230. Give her hell!

    sarah palin stands for everything I loathe from the extreme right.

  231. I’m with ya, Shannyn. You in no way, shape or form discussed these rumors as if they were facts.

    Methinks Sarah is scared of something.

    Maybe she can do some sort of reverse class-action – sue the lot of us. If she wins, we can each send her a check for 37 cents or something.

  232. Shannyn, DU is IN LOVE with you today. Drop by and check it out. 🙂

  233. I applaud your sudden catapult into the national spotlight. Please do not get me wrong, I have enjoyed your work for some time.
    The problem with spotlights is that they tend to illuminate everything. such was the cause of the Palinators meteoric rise and cometetic demise.
    We both know that the internet and bloggers did not derail the Palin train. Avarice and naivete did.
    Good luck Shannnyn.

  234. I did not know about you till yesterday; from what I have seen I am very impressed.

    Best of luck standing up to Palin.

  235. didn’t know the blog existed until ms. CUT AND RUN mentioned you. glad to see it.


    q. what’s the difference between a hockey mom governor and a pit bull?

    a. pit bulls don’t run!

    i see CUT AND RUN is in juneau today. i guess the good thing about her QUITTING is that it won’t take her long to pack her stuff in the governor’s mansion!

  236. Isn’t Sarah the one who sat in her governor’s office and belittled Hilary Clinton for, I believe it was – “whining.” Poor Sarah.

    Good on you Shannyn! You stick to your rights!

    I hope to gawd it’s serious ethics charges and, on behalf of women and girls everywhere, Palin doesn’t rear her ugly head in the lower 48 again.

  237. Good for you. As a blogger who has been similarly threatened in the past, my advice is simple: tell her to go fuck herself. In those terms.

    If she wasn’t a complete idiot she’d realize that she wouldn’t have a chance in hell if she took you to court, so call her bluff on it early and often.

    • LOL

  238. Congratulations – your hard work is finally being recognized! Having spent some time in AK, I know that Alaskans can only be labeled as “un-labelable,” having little regard for those Alaskans who try to be something they aren’t. Early on, you called Sarah Palin for doing just that and took heat for it. Now your constituents are realizing you were right.

    Isn’t it curious, she chose to try and intimidate you for merely stating a rumor as just that, a rumor, but declined to sue “Vanity Fair,” with all its unnamed sources, for being untrue. Why? Because fact, trumps defamation. (Note: I did not say “defamation of character,” because she sorely lacks character.)

    She probably figured as long as she screamed slander at someone, her lock step followers would dismiss all media critique and accept her whining excuse that “they are out to frame me.” Anything to keep believing her vomit. And hell, until she was in it, she didn’t even read Vanity Fair!

    What punks.

    Much respect from Seattle!

  239. Sarah Palin says Hillary Clinton shouldn’t whine about tough media coverage:


  240. Shannyn,

    You rock better than Big Head Todd!!
    (that’s my highest compliment)

  241. Van Flein states that Governor Palin has no plans to sue at this time!

    It was nothing more than an empty threat designed to try and silence those she doesn’t like.

    Nothing new there. This is what Palin does.

  242. Shannyn – I found this in the comments at Mudflats and want to be sure you get to see it. Stand tall.
    Alaskan Sisu Says:
    July 5th, 2009 at 6:54 PM

    Aloha from Juneau – it’s almost 7:00 pm and it’s still 80 and sunny outside.

    We spent the weekend in Gustavus, Alaska – “Glacier Bay” area. Gustavus has a neat little parade every year. We were all entertained by the full size Cutout of Palin this guy was walking in the Parade with. Around GINO’s neck was “UNEMPLOYED PALIN” WILL WORK FOR BEER OR FISH. Hope to get a photo.

    My favorite southeast pilot wrote in his flight log on July 3, 2009 – Alaska celebrated Independence Day from Governor Palin. There were lots of campfires burning in harmony around the State of Alaska this weekend.

    Palin’s behavior with Shannon Moore is just one more piece of the puzzle. Thank you Shannon. Anyway, will keep posted and hit the ground running if necessary. :-} the Alaskan way. Anyway, way to stand tall for all of us.

    There were campfires around the state this weekend – celebrating the peace that has come over Alaska. We are Blessed – United We Stand Alaskans and the whole rest of the entire world!

    And Shannon Moore – we gave you a shout out and some fireworks at our campfire in Gustavus! Hip Hip Hooray!

  243. @EyeOnYou
    Where does it state that Palin has no plans to sue at this time. (?)

  244. Good on you for standing up for your rights.

    I think that you’d have a better case of defamation than her at this point!

  245. Hi Shannyn, would love to see a “Follow Me On” Twitter and Facebook button on your website. Personally, I became aware of your site today via MSNBC and CNN and love your site..

  246. Gosh i can’t wait for the new season of SNL to start…. Lots of good material. LOL

  247. what a snivelling bunch of sycophants

  248. We got your back from California! Shannyn Moore for Alaskan Governor 2010

    • Shannyn Moore for Alaskan Governor 2010…. I hope she realizes the same rules she has put on Sarah Palin will apply to her. Dirt and lies and lots of them! Don’t think truth will be important… because it isn’t!

  249. If Palin sues, we will do fund raising for Shannyn Moore’s legal defense from California. Wipe that silly grin from Palin. Go Shannyn.

  250. Do not back down….I also say bring it on

    This woman must be stopped and like yesterday, had just about enough…this time she is taking on the people and not one in government who quote has to be nice……we do not.

    She puts it out there she is picked on then gives something about dead fish that flow and basketball ends games..then her comment about her’higher calling’

    She is insane and we must end the madness…where do we send any money you might need to pay for ads, fees or assistance in anyway

    This MUST not be allowed to go away…we must fight for our rights to speak and say whatever we want as long as it does not truly harm anyone…look at the comments she made about the President…hanging around with terrorists..can we sue her for having to listen to her rants and whines about the dreaded press and media…she never said a word for first to weeks during elections, then she spoke…w.o.w…end of Mc Cain…then she ran her mouth off none stop and now wants to sue a blogger because they wrote something about her

    Enough…this is her END GAME

  251. Wow. I don’t think there has been enough outpouring of support for Shannyn judging by the mile long comments list, so I will post again.

  252. Nice work Palin/Van Flein. Celebrate the 4th of July by threatening an American citizen with a lawsuit for merely exercising her constitutionally protected right to free speech.

    Cirque de Sarah, indeed.

  253. Hey Shannyn
    Has anybody heard from or talked to Fmr. Sen Lyda Green? She and Sarah have ALWAYS butted heads. Remember when we tried to get her kicked out of the mayors office? I’m sure the Sen. Green has a bunch to say. I do know that a bunch of us owe her (Green) an apology because she tried to tell use way back in the late 90’s that Sarah was a conniving bully.

  254. I have to know:
    How soon do we get rid of the crap on the State of Alaska website that belongs to the First Buttercup Gentleman, that uhhh, unethically, links to his snow-machining sponsors?
    And also too, those unethical, immoral, self-serving, lying statements posted there that claim our Governor did not commit any ethics violations?

  255. How ironic that so many people were not aware of you until Palin pitched a fit about you.

    Alaskans keep saying “she’s not very smart, really,” and I have to agree.

    About the “Suck it Up, Buttercup”…

    Please, you MUST have bumper-stickers printed up, have your supporters in Alaska put them on their vehicles, and then caravan down to Wasilia where you can cruise back and forth in front of the Palin house.

    Is it legal to put up a billboard near the Palin residence? Just that phrase, in very, very, VERY big letters, would do the trick.

    If you want to start a billboard fund, let me know. I’m in.

    • A lot of us in Alaska did know about Shannyn before this. I guess you mean in the lower48 right? Yeah, she’s got a big following here in Alaska, but we all just let people live their lives here and come out FULL FORCE when we’re needed for backup. Basically Shannyn was holding it down very well on her own. But when they started threatening her with legal action, that’s when we need to step up. That’s pretty much what has happened here. Shannyn knows she got support and plenty of it. I’m just happy to see the national support for her pickup.

  256. Can you link us the Full Press Conference video.
    Im dying to watch it.,

    We are with you the all the way

  257. Shannyn…girl you are doing the damn thang! When I saw you on the news broadcast tonight I had to rewind my DVR. I couldn’t believe my ears! You ROCK SISTAH! You keep doing what you’re doing, I’ve got my hat ready to pass around for the legal fund donations and my check is already in! 🙂

    Oh and that BUTTERCUP statement is priceless!!!!

  258. Great job Shannyn! Thanks for standing up to Palin and her minions. Free speech is the right of ALL Americans, and it’s a crime for a public official (in name only) to try to muzzle the public.

  259. Hey Shannyn, loved your statement.

    I’d like to add to the “housegate” discussion. Let me just say that Palin is lying. She can sue me whenever she likes.

    I am the daughter of a licensed contractor and worked as a credit manager for a large building supply chain for 10 yrs.

    Palin would like everyone to believe that Todd built their house and a bank financed it. I’d like to know what bank that was. No bank in their right mind would finance a construction loan without the owners having a “licensed” contractor who also had builders risk insurance. What would happen if Todd screwed up and burned the place down or one of his buddies fell and broke his neck? You really think the bank is going to be on the hook for that. Heck, most banks I’ve dealt with have to approve of the contractor you choose.

    Google construction loan requirements and find me a bank that will float a guy a loan who’s sole qualification is having a daddy who sells lumber and I’ll eat a bowl of Palin’s moose stew.

    Oh, and, keep given Palin hell!

  260. My original dissent was deleted.

    Free speech, won’t be muzzled, yeah right. But you’ll muzzle a dissenting opinion.

    How typical.

    • I personally hope that rude comments are deleted everywhere. Whenever I post on blogs of opposing political views than mine, I try to be polite. Try to emulate me, Scott. I will be your blog comments mentor. Let’s try for less rudeness in the world.

      • Professor Geezer:

        You assume my comments were rude. I guarantee you they weren’t – just an opposing viewpoint.

        I strive to be civil in my discourse, yet present my views. There are more negative comments on Mrs. Palin here than I could ever think of typing for someone I disagree with.

  261. Sarah has been just dying to go after you. Her mistake, and what a bunch of hot air from her attorney.

    You are brilliant and we are fortunate to have you! A big thank you for all the energy you have dedicated to truth. Keep up the good work and know you do not stand alone. WOW! look at all this support.

  262. Just learned of you moments ago from Palin’s letter. She is crazy and I would love if supporters could finally see this fact. I think she left because some big scandal is about to be aired. I certainly haven’t seen the media making fun of her family as she states – I could be wrong.

    Can’t wait to read the rest of your blog now.

  263. Great job Shannyn! This is so great I’m not even going to complain about having that dang buttercup song stuck in my head. LOL

  264. Shannyn, you are a TRUE American standing up for one of our most basic and unalienable rights, like every true American should. If Palin is bucking for a fight over free speech then she has seriously miscalculated the volume and tenacity of her opponents – she’s going to have to fight all of us. She can’t shut everyone up.

  265. Video of press conference is up at ADN

  266. mentioned you in my own blog…I say Game On!

  267. Is this not a typical response from a republican?
    Screaming about too much government, but the first to use it.
    Screaming about frivolous lawsuits, but then threatens to do the same.
    talking about whats so wrong with America, yet walks off not one but 2 state jobs, one the highest ranking job in the state.
    Screaming about liberals hating America, but again leaves her state in a lurch, because she …
    Why again is she leaving? Doesn’t want to work any more
    Blaming everybody else but themselves, when things go wrong.

  268. It seems to me that the general consensus among youse of the frozen tundra that your so-to-be-ex governor has another shoe about to drop, n’est-ce pas? What are the educated guesses as to what the nature of that shoe might be?

    This desert dweller’s only interest in Palin is in her political demise. I’m sticking a pin in my Palin doll right now. Did she wince?

  269. To: Scott on July 5, 2009
    at 8:38 pm

    Shannyn can delete what she wants. It’s her blog. She can say what she wants too. Know why? Because it’s her blog! If she doesn’t like what you wrote, she’s free to delete it. Know why? She’s the blog owner so she can do whatever the hell she wants.

    Sara Palin on the other hand, doesn’t have the right to dictate what Shannyn or anyone else says on their own blogs! SEE THE DIFFERENCE? So if you have such a problem with what Shannyn wrote, or what Shannyn deleted, get your own damn blog and rant away. Otherwise shut up.

    BTW, Shannyn, I think Sarah Palin is a toothless chihuahua with a bad case of fleas. That’s my opinion. Now let’s see if she wants to sue me.

    Bring it on, Sarah.

    • “She can say what she wants too.”

      Free speech does not extend to slanderous or defamatory statements. Knowingly spreading false rumors and other untruths can indeed be a crime.

      • To: Lenny on July 5, 2009
        at 10:18 pm

        You said: “Free speech does not extend to slanderous or defamatory statements. Knowingly spreading false rumors and other untruths can indeed be a crime.”

        Well, if that’s the case, then Sarah freaking Palin should be arrested! Given all the UNTRUE crap she said about President Obama, she should be serving hard time by now.

        Since you know so much about the damned law, lets see how fast whiny ass Sarah’s lawsuit (that’s if she has the balls to file one, which I doubt) is tossed out. The b**ch can dish it out, but she can’t take it! I hope Shannyn rips her a new one.

        • What untrue things did Mrs. Palin say?

          • See my other posts. yawn…

          • Taliese is just making things up now.

            And Shanny won’t be ripping anyone a new one. She’ll instead be paying a pile of legal bills. Defamation can be expensive. 🙂

          • Lenny scribbled: “Taliese is just making things up now”

            Oh, great response, Lenny. I speak about direct quotes from your bimbo Sarah, and you accuse me of making stuff up. roflol. Are all Sarah’s fans brainless twits like her? Jeez.

          • Sarah doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on. She’s just making an ass out of herself like she always does. Shannyn is going to wipe the floor with her. The only reason you’re taking up for that silly cow is you probably want to jump her bones, just like all the other stupid men who’ve defended her. Idiots. Think with the brain in your head. Ignore the one in your pants! roflol

      • Oh, and btw, how’s this for a defamatory comment:

        I think Sarah Palin is a cowardly, incompetent, brainless, spineless, lying, DUMB, deceitful female dog. It’s also my OPINION that she’s a horrible mother. I also think she’s got a mental disorder. It’s called Narcissism.

        This is just a repeat of what I said in an email I sent her a few weeks ago.

        Let her sue me.

        • Why are you so angry?

          • What do you care? lol

          • @Scott – Why so obtuse? 🙂

      • Lenny,

        Look at my post and watch the interview. Shannyn said nothing wrong. She was polite and professional.

      • Let me fix this for you:

        Free speech DOES extend to slanderous or defamatory statements.

        You can say whatever you want to say: slanderous and defamatory statements INCLUDED. You don’t like what I call you? No problem. Bring a civil lawsuit.

        Knowingly spreading false rumors and other untruths ARE NOT crimes.

        What crime? Slander? Defamation? Those are NOT crimes. They are civil wrongs.

        PLEASE read a law book and learn the basics instead of ranting nonsense.

        • Actually, there is such a thing as criminal defamation. It was well-nigh universal in the 19th century, and i’s still on the books in a couple of states, of which the only one I remember right now is Kansas. I don’t think Alaska has it, though. California doesn’t. How the states that have it get around that pesky First Amendment, I honestly have no idea, but I remember reading about a criminal-defamation case in Kansas within the last five years or so.

          • We are not discussing something that happened in Kansas, so to bring up what the law might be in Kansas is nonsense.

      • She can say indeed whatever she wants, but no one said there are not consequences. Shannyn is very careful in what she says and how she says it.

        Sarah? Not so much.

    • Taliese:

      So, it’s only free speech when Ms. Moore agrees with the comments? How is that different than what Mrs. Palin is accused of?

      From what I understand, Mrs. Palin isn’t dictating anything, but pursuing her legal right as a citizen to file a lawsuit if she feels somewhat has violated her rights.

      When and if Ms. Moore files a lawsuit, I’ll bet the tone will be different.

      Now, in all fairness, I’ve been trying to think of three things Mrs. Palin has done that is positive for the state of Alaska. 1) She raised taxes on the oil and gas industry to something that is more in line with other states. 2) She facilitated a process that has TWO competing natural gas pipeline proposals. 3) I can’t come up with a third.

      However, on the flip side, I can’t think of anything negative or detrimental to the state of Alaska. Can you?


      • Let me try this again. It’s Shannyn’s blog. She’s the moderator. She can delete anything she wants. You in turn have the right to open up your own blog and say what you want. And if Shannyn comes to YOUR blog you have the right to delete what she says. Free speech gives her the right to delete what she wants on HER blog. Free speech also gives her the right to discuss her opinions, news items and RUMORS on her blog.

        Palin does not have the right to dictate what Shannyn says on her own blog. She was discussing RUMORS she heard, RUMORS that have been floating around Alaska and the lower 48 since forever. If Sarah wants to sue Shannyn for discussing rumors, she might as well go after then whole blogsphere if not the entire country.

        Palin can dish it out, but she can’t take it. This is why we in the lower 48 look at her as an even bigger joke than Dan Quayle. The woman is train wreck.

        • And don’t forget SLAPP. It is my understanding that the letter sent from Sarah’s lawyer was NOT sent to Shannyn but to Megasaurus to send out. So you’re going to sue someone but the letter is addressed to the “mouthpiece” of the “sue-er” (actually sewer is more apt).

          Honestly, the 1st Amendment protects against infringement of political speech and SLAPP means you can’t attempt to suppress FREE SPEECH by filing frivolous lawsuits. I believe SLAPP is valid in Alaska (it is a State Law).

          Palin has NO law behind her. She LIED to the McCain campaign about Todd’s AIP involvement and there are emails to prove it. She is – therefore – a bald faced LIAR.

          Now – sue me too.

          Posting as: SuckItUpButtercupAK

          • Great points! That witch isn’t going to sue anybody. Shannyn pegged her correctly. She’s a cowardly bully. I knew girls like Sarah in high school and I didn’t tolerate them. Looks like Shannyn isn’t going to tolerate Palin’s nonsense either. About time somebody put that spineless female dog in her place.

        • We all have the right to speak freely. Ownership gives Shannon the right to delete what’s written on her blog. If Sarah had a blog and Shannyn wrote on Sarah’s blog, Sarah could delete it. Why? Because she’s the owner. Private property, get it? However, in THIS medium, Shannyn is the moderator. She gets to pick what goes on her blog. Don’t like that? Well, you’re free to get your own blog. The internet provides plenty of outlets for free expression. If you can’t understand that, then I give up.

  270. Way to go, Shannyn! You are more woman than Palin ever thought about being. Thanks for standing up to that pitbull….I think she sounds more like a yapping chichihuaha these days.
    Please be careful and hopefully you have some security, ‘cuz you never know who the wicked witch has watching you. My prayers to you. DON’T BACK DOWN! You have lots of support.

  271. Dear Shannyn,

    Thank God (though I am an atheist, so feel free to substitute ‘Higher Power’ here) for your courage in speaking truth to right wing evil. The GW Bush years tragically revealed the greed and anti humanism totally in conflict with the New Testament Jesus I was raised on which formed the foundation with which I view life. Palin’s shameless grab for power and celebrity abandoning any sense of character, integrity or the Christian faith I was raised with has been an affront to the American spirit inside me (my b.d. 7-14-55 so I’ve been around to have seen some stuff). For Palin to call you out like she did given the murderous violent core of the Republican right wing (see Oklahoma City’s McVey and Dr. Tillerfor prime examples) to me pulls back the curtain on what is a completely vindictive and soulless individual. I’m so thankful and find it to be inspirational bearing witness to your courage and moral outrage standing up for what is right and just and hold politicians claiming moral superiority to be held accountable to the pious standards they vehemently judge and persecute others.

  272. Oh by the way: Twitter is starting a new “stream” especially for Gov. Palin since she’s using it so much. It’s called, you guessed it, “Quitter.” ba dum dum

  273. Knowingly spreading false or slanderous statements about a person can indeed be a crime.

    With animus as her motivation, Shannyn Moore can not fall back on the ‘objective reporting’ standard which would provide her with much broader legal protection.

    And those slandered and defamed have always had legal protection under our system of civil and criminal law. And that is the legal protection Sarah Palin can avail herself of.

    Sorry Shannyn, but your ‘free speech’ canard has little legal support for you in this case.

    • “Knowingly spreading false or slanderous statements about a person can indeed be a crime.”

      Oh, really?

      “Our opponent [Barack Obama] though, is someone who sees America it seems as being so imperfect that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country”–Sarah FREAKING Palin

      Palling around with terrorists? LIES! ARREST THIS WOMAN! She has knowingly spread a falsehood.

      ha ha ha ha

      • Are you denying that BO knew Bill Ayers, who admitted ties to the domestic terrorist group from the 60’s?

        • Knowing and palling around with terroristS (PLURAL) are two different things, buddy. By your standards, I guess I can say Sarah likes to pal around with terroristS … er … I mean, secessionists. 🙂

          “The AIP has long been aligned closely with paramilitary militia groups — the kind that fear black helicopters and a United Nations takeover of the US. Indeed, under the leadership of AIP’s tough-talking founder, Joe Vogler, AIP allied itself with the Islamic dictatorship in Iran in 1993 so that Vogler could appear at the United Nations to appeal for Alaska’s freedom from US “tyranny.” A fellow AIP member murdered Vogler before he could take the UN stage.”–Frank Naif, The Huffington Post

          These are treasonous dangerous people who threaten the stability, foundation and safety of our country. Sounds like terrorists to me. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw bricks, sweetie pie.

          • AIP is a secessionist organization to the bone. That’s treason in 2009. She and her silly husband have been associated with these nutbag people in the past, so she’s in no position to point fingers. As far as character defamation, she’s as guilty as anyone. She incited mobs by her reckless statements. People made death threats against then Senator Obama because of all the shit she said. The bitch was an enabler. She loved every minute of it. Try to explain it away all you want, but those are the facts. If Obama is guilty for his so-called questionable associations, Palin and McCain are ten times guiltier. (AIP & G. Gorden Liddy to name a few)

        • Are you implying in some way or stating as fact that Barack Obama palled around with Bill Ayers when he was 8 years old? Are you therefore stating that Barack Obama is a terrorist by association since he knows someone that did something horrible when he was an 8 year old child????

          Typical tortured logic.

          • Scott,

            *You* don’t have to IMPLY “that because Mr. Obama knows/knew Mr. Ayers that Mr. Obama is a bad man,” because Sarah Palin already made that implication–over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. THAT was the point. Which is why she’s in no position to cry about defamation, considering her WORDS incited people to make death threats against Obama. And he’s STILL dealing with the repercussions of Palin’s caustic remarks. So again, the witch has a lot of nerve whining about defamation after all the damage and hurt she caused. She’s a damn hypocrite through and through.

    • Lenny: you assume that Shannyn’s statements are actually “false or slanderous.” Let’s let that be decided in a court of law.

      Palin threatened to sue for defamation. Shannyn has called her bluff and is waiting to be sued.

      But here’s the real problem: Palin doesn’t have the balls to sue Shannyn. Palin is all talk and no action. If Palin sued, which will never happen, she will have to prove that her reputation was defamed and that the factual basis of the rumors are false. Palin doesn’t have the balls to subject herself to discovery and disclose all of the facts concerning Housegate.

      And your snide remark: “Sorry Shannyn, but your ‘free speech’ canard has little legal support for you in this case,” is more hallow nonsense from Palin’s camp.

      Instead of whining about what “support” Shannyn does not have in this case, why not help Palin grow a pair so she backs up her veiled and lame threat with an actual defamation lawsuit?

      So far I know that Palin, her lawyer and you are cowards and bullies. All you can do is talk and threaten.

      Here’s the challenge: either bring on the lawsuit, or shut up and slink away.

      You and Palin are not intimidating anybody here. So take your bully act and try it on somebody you can try and intimidate.

      Or, to say it in very simple terms that I’m sure you can understand (and have probably heard before): get lost, punk — and take the ethically challenged moron, Sarah Palin with you!

      • Applause! 🙂

      • Actually, in a defamation suit, wouldn’t Sarah have to prove that Shannyn’s reporting on the rumors defamed her, while Shannyn would only need to show that the rumors were out there…?

        The key being that Shannyn did not state that Sarah did anything wrong – she only reported that rumors abound regarding the (lack of) logic behind Sarah’s odd resignation.

        • SP would need to prove that Shannyn INTENDED to defame her. The key word is INTENT. SP is a public figure. The bar is extremely high in this case. She voluntarily put her face out in the public realm and is therefore fair game.

          Shannyn’s rights are protected under SLAPP AND the 1st Amendment. Defamation is a scare tactic and they won’t dare risk having Sarah deposed.

    • Bravo! @ NYHawk for above rebuttal of Lenny’s hollow rantrum.


      Are you Squiggy?

    • Dear Lenny:
      SLAPP prevents suppression of free speech by the filing of frivolous lawsuits.


      SP is a public figure – she cannot suppress free political speech. The following of rumors on blogs, if that happens, is PROTECTED. SP has NO legal leg to stand on here but it will be fun to watch her fail yet again.

      She will never do this. The deposition would kill her. She has way too many secrets to open herself up to a public deposition.

    • Lenny, I don’t know if you are an actual lawyer, or you just play one on TV, but Shannyn would have had say what she said with knowledge that what she was saying was false. Saying she heard rumors was true, saying what those rumors were is protected.

      • DivaBabe: You are correct – that proves INTENT. She “knew” it was a lie but reported it as fact. Shannyn did not do that. Therefore no intent.

        Oops no intent.
        No lawsuit.
        No money.

        And for the GINO, no public deposition (for which many of us would pay money to see!)

  274. My goodness Shannyn you really know how to blaze onto the national scene huh? Girl I betcha Chris, Ed, Keith, and Rachel can’t wait to get to work in the morning 🙂 Hell Andrea Mitchell is already here in Alaska! I don’t know who all else is here (I’ve seen some activity around the lake this evening), but I guess it would be safe to say that you need to go ahead and cancel any fishing or camping plans you may have ’cause you’re gonna be HELLA BUSY over the next few days. GO GET ‘EM and don’t you dare back down from this. GO DO US PROUD!

  275. By far the best response you could have made and by far the best reply to a bully and coward I’ve ever heard.

    Sarah “Thin-Skin” Palin….5’2″ of Epic Fail
    (or however tall Buttercup is)

    • I can’t take credit for this. I read it on Huff Post. A poster there referred to her as “Sarah Gump.”

      *****Governor Gump is a nick name from my old radio show.*********

  276. Palin will become more powerfull by this move.

    She wont run for president (which she never would of won anyways) but she will win lots of senate seats for republicans and make millions of dollars in the next two years.

    Can’t do either of those in Alaska.

    Lower 48 here she comes

    • I’m sorry but I just spit coffee all over my new monitor!

      I don’t know what you’re smoking, but please share it with us?

      The GOPers are dead for at least the next 16 years. No one wants to be allied with these perverts. The lie, they troll for sex in bathrooms, visit D.C. madams, fly to Argentina to be with their soulmate, cheat on their wives (plural). I am loving this personally.

      The demagogues will screw what is left of the Republicans and SP will be the cherry on top of the sundae. She’ll take down what is left.

      So let her go .. please … HELP those Republicans regain credibility, you Quitter.

    • Yeah, right… she’s a great fighter because she threw in the towel before the 2nd round was over.

  277. Shannyn,

    Hi from California! I caught your radio show on Saturday. You dare to speak the unspeakable, as in, “the emperor has no clothes!” It’s a crappy job, but you do it so well! We in the sunshine state support you all the way – you’ve got truth/integrity on your side. Stay Strong!

  278. Standing ovation from Hawaii Shannyn! Great press conference. I cheered all the way through. My only regret is that you didn’t say “Suck it up Buttercup” at the end like you did on your show yesterday. But since you did call Sarah a coward & a bully, that makes up for it. LOL! Also LOVED your reference that the American Revolution did away with Kings & QUEENS! Also dictators also, too.

    You have done such a wonderful service for America and the world. Thanks! Keep it coming!

  279. Holy you’ve become a superstar overnight! 🙂 The soon to be ex governor has opened the floodgates and given you an even bigger audience. Like most of her ill thought out schemes this one backfired! I love that “suck it up buttercup” line Kat referred to, that would have made a perfect ending!!!

  280. This is wonderful–even a casual look at blogs (and not simply ones that trend liberal) shows overwhelming disapproval of Palin’s/Van Flein’s attempt to intimidate Shannyn, other bloggers, and the press.

    As for those of you (e.g., Lenny) who carry on about Palin’s legal rights, please advise when she ever expressed disapproval of the “rumors” about the President being Muslim, being Socialist, not being an American citizen, or the like. When did she ever suggest that it was inappropriate, much less actionable? Her campaign was built on and encouraged the cheapest sorts of dishonest attacks. In contrast, Shannyn has (a) expressed disapproval with Palin’s policies and actions; and (b) offered the entirely truthful observation that Palin’s hamhanded “resignation” has given rise to a whole range of rumors.

    • Hi Donna: I have a quick question that you might be able to answer. Am I correct in assuming that even if Shannyn repeated a rumor and didn’t know if it was false, it doesn’t prove intent to defame? Shannyn would have to intend to defame her for whatever braindead reason HillbillySnowbunny decides, right? We have all heard rumors – I for one had never heard the FBI rumor – I heard the IRS rumor. I repeated it. I “heard” something. Everyone is talking about “something”. That is not libel, slander or defamation of character (didn’t know she had a character??) I am not intending to slander her, simply repeating something I heard from about 400,000 other people.

      Defamation is all about deliberately repeating something knowingly false with intent to cause harm.

      I for example, could say that HillbillySnowbunny is batsh*t crazy. I am not defaming her, I am offering a personal opinion. She looks crazy, sounds crazy and acts crazy. Therefore in my view, she IS crazy.

      I can also say. she is a bald faced liar. I offer the emails from the McCain campaign denying her request to repeat her lie.

      Go ahead Sarah Palin…sue ALL of us because you are an undereducated, incoherent moron.

  281. I hope you have some deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep pockets there lady. Lawsuits can cost dearly, Should have stuck with the facts instead of posting fictous rumors.

    • Oh get a life. In your wildest dreams with Sarah Palin sit for a deposition.

      And in your wildest dreams will Sarah Palin sue. She has no case. There was no intent to defame.

      Try this on for size: Sarah Palin is a bald face knuckledragging liar. I’m stating it as fact. As proof I offer the McCain emails re: AIP.

      Now sue all of us. This is a personal blog. Opinions are simply that, opinions and free speech politically is protected under the 1st Amendment. SLAPP prevents suppression of free speech by politicians to save their ass*s.

      Try another one ok?

  282. You go get ’em. This woman scares me even worse than GW did. The more that people like you stand up against the whackosphere’s threat and intimidation, the more people like me are inspired by your courage and determination.

  283. Interesting that the AP is also reporting on rumors of a scandal… Sarah gots lotsa suing to do!!

    “Some party officials, including some once close to Palin, wondered whether she departed in advance of a brewing controversy, an assertion her camp denied. During the presidential campaign, McCain officials fretted about six or seven areas of personal and professional concern, according to a former official who helped investigate Palin’s background after her rocky rollout.”

  284. Well done. These morons don’t realise that by making this sort of threat all they do is give publicity to the allegations they’re so stongly denying.

    If I was you, I’d file or get a friend to file a grievance complaint on your behalf with the Alaska Bar Association based on an attempt to intimidate you from exercising your constitutionally protected rights. It probably won’t succeed but it’ll cause him all sorts of extra work and stress answering the complaint, and some adverse publicity to boot, which I’m sure will make his firm even more happy about this shit storm.

    They even have a handy form.

  285. The only women who don’t like Governor Palin are those with very low personal self esteem who have no family values and who simply want to try to draw attention to themselves because they have nothing to offer of any value of their own. And, of course, those who are running scared of Palin Power, like yourself.

    Homer, AK – must be an awful, place to live and raise children when one looks at the foul likes of Moore. My guess is it is a town void of decent human values and should be avoided by all.

    • “family values”???

      which would of course include:

      letting your underage daughter hook up with a sullen dropout mook,

      making her have the baby of said sullen dropout mook,

      beauty pageants!!!

      joining secessionist groups,

      intentionally creating a high risk situation for one’s (supposed) special needs fetus,

      using one’s children as props in one’s own personal drama,

      and that’s just the “tip of the iceberg”, as they say.

      the Palins are cheap white trash whose disgusting excesses should have been nothing more than fodder for a Jerry Springer episode.

      now take your sanctimonious cr@p and stuff it.

    • Let me guess…you live in Governor Sanford’s state? Mr. GOP Republic Family Values? Oh wait, you voted for Larry Craig? You live in Chicago and love Blago right? Maybe Nevada and you are a John Ensign fan? Maybe you’re from New York, so Giuliani is your cup of tea? Oh wait, Gingrich right? Mr. Divorce-wife-dying-of-cancer? Diaper Dave one of your buddies? You remember, Mr. Family Values who uses the D.C. madam? John McCain your hero??? Mr. divorce wife to marry beer heiress?

      The list goes on…and on…and on.

      THIS is your idea of family values politicians?

    • You have got to be kidding me. For your information, I don’t like Sarah Palin because she’s an unqualified disgrace. She’s ONE of the reasons I didn’t vote for McCain. I’m a freaking Republican and even I could see what an unqualified mess Palin was. She set women back three decades.

      The thought of that bird brain getting into the White House chills my blood. I would be fearing for my country 24/7 if she’d gotten into office with McCain. Your assertion that women who don’t like her have low in self esteem is as asinine and absurd as Palin’s whining about defamation. This from the same woman who thought Hillary whined too much about the press. I can’t stand Hillary Clinton any more than I can stand Sarah. Both rub me the wrong way, but at least Hillary has brains and intellect. Sarah is an empty-headed boob.

      I think for myself, which is why I didn’t vote for my party. I put my country first. The last thing I wanted was to give John–the rage machine–McCain and Sarah–the dumb bimbo–Palin access to the nuclear codes. I voted for Huckabee in the primary btw.

    • Actually, DeeDee, the conservative women I know consider Sarah Palin to be an incoherent idiot who does not represent them or their point of view.

      As for family values… well, let’s not get into that apple did not fall far from the tree discussion on abstinence again.

  286. Absolutely Awesome!

    Olbermann is calling.

    We need the latest podcast of your show!!

  287. Bravo, Shannyn!

    She is a bully. She bullied Letterman, do not let he bully you. She cannot handle strong, independent women; she could not handle Katie Couric, and she cannot handle you.

    Take care


  288. I just discovered your blog through another blog on Huffington Post. And I’m now a fan… Has Sarah Palin lost any decency? Reading that Vanity Fair piece, I think she’s stupid and mean… Don’t let this mean “b***h” intimidate you, girl!

  289. Boy, there sure is a lot of hate on this blog.

    What happened to tolerance for those who aren’t quite like you?

    • This is a blog. If you don’t like it, why are you here? Most people trend towards blogs that represent their viewpoint. Many frustrated people here have waited a long time for this happy happy day.

      It isn’t hatred. This is PalIndependence Day in Alaska!

    • I never had much tolerance for brainless twits. Sorry.

  290. What you are all missing is this. Sarah is too big for your little state. She is too big for this blogger, which is why all Palin had to do was metion her name and she gets all these hits.

    Well enjoy the 30 minutes of fame, Palin is moving on to bigger and better things. She isn’t going to sue you, your a waste of her time!!

    • I’m sure I speak for many when I say, let her try it.

      She’ll have to be deposed – and that will stop her cold.

      Too big for the state? How about too big for her britches? Overblown, undereducated and incoherent.

      PLEASE let her represent the GOPers! We all hope she does.

  291. Hey, Shannyn,
    Speaking truth to power has always had it’s challenges. But if you need to form a legal defense fund, we will all help out!
    So keep on rockin’!!! The truth will out!

  292. YAY! Palin always did make me think of a female Mussolini…or should I say…Mooselini…

  293. Shannyn,

    I do not purport to give you legal advice, but here are two observations–one happier than the other:

    1) I read the “lawyer letter”. It links to the Barret piece in the Voice. I didn’t read the Barret piece, but the lawyer seems to be claiming that it it is where the allegations were first raised. If it contains the material they are claiming is defamatory, then they are defaming themselves! You can’t run around saying, “That SOB said I have sex with pigs,” and then claim that the statement is hurting your reputation! Someone claiming to be a victim can’t go around repeating the alleged defamation.

    2) I’d be careful about the rumor/assertion line. I think that it is no LESS defamatory (and I am not saying you defamed this nut case!) to say, “There is a rumor that he has sex with pigs,” than it is to say, “He has sex with pigs”. Ask a lawyer.

    If I am right, what you need to watch out for is knowing falsehood or “reckless disregard of the truth,” the language the lawyer uses to try to intimidate you. Palin is a public figure. You have a lot of latitude.

    And you have the admiration and gratitude of this Vermonter.


  294. Ms. Palin might want to read New York Times v. Sullivan before she starts filing lawsuits. It’s a 1964 Supreme Court case that severely limits the ability of public figures to sue reporters for defamation. The bottom line of Sullivan is that it just doesn’t matter, in that situation, whether or not the allegedly defamatory material is true or not; journalists are at liberty to print stuff about public figures that turns out to be untrue. In order to be liable for defamation, the material has to be published with “actual malice,” which means either actual knowledge that it was false, or “reckless disregard” as to its truth or falsity. It’s a virtually impossible standard to meet.

    And of course, that doesn’t stop the defendant from putting on evidence to prove that the material is true, either. So like any defamation trial, it can turn into a trial of the plaintiff (that would be Palin, in this case), over whether the allegations are actually true or not. Palin might also want to read about the Oscar Wilde trial. (Or maybe just watch the movie with Stephen Fry and Jude Law, since she probably doesn’t read books.)

  295. All I can say is… Shannyn Moore 2016.

    Seriously, that was some of the best commentary in reaction to Palin’s resignation I’ve heard yet. Donnie Deutch got his ass handed to him by the Morning Joe crowd just for pointing out that everyone was ignoring the obvious fact that Palin is a quitter. But, this is the first time I’ve heard anyone really tell it like it is.

    Yes, Shannyn, Palin is a bully, and a coward. And that 1st amendment is meant to protect you FROM HER.

    It’s rare to hear such a clear and unabashed voice from anyone in the Democratic party. I hope you keep it up, Shannyn. Thanks.

  296. Props from Colorado!

    Oh, and since I’ve blogged about her, she might as well sue me, too. Or tell on me to her mommy.

  297. Way to go !!!! Colorado is behind you.

    If there are any self-respecting, intelligent Repubs left and that is doubtful, they should kick Palin to the curb and move on.
    But, it’s kinda fun to see them self-destructing and my guess is that the hard line lunatic right will continue to worship at her feet.

    She is a joke and Alaska is well rid of her as governor. Too bad the governors of Texas, Minnesota and South Carolina, to name a few, haven’t done the same thing.

    So glad to have found your blog

    JEN CO

  298. Is this what passes for intellectual marksmanship on your blog? Not one word of dissent or any discussion; just banal drivel and “you go, girl!”. Wow, I found the desert. Glad I brought a canteen.

    • And your point is? *looks around for something intellectual under the snarky rocks*

      Spit it out, sir. Or was that all you wanted to say?

  299. Well done. You are allright.

  300. I think we all agree that Sarah Palin needs to simply GO AWAY! Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to happen since she’s already communicated with the Republican Governor’s Association about being available to campaign for its membership (you know, some of the governor’s that, according to Palin’s facebook declaration, have not accomplished as much in two terms as she has in less than one).

    So I got to thinking, maybe the RGA needs to hear from a few hundred people about what they think about Palin and why. Just in case anyone wants to join in, you can write to one of all of the people listed in the organization about your thoughts on her accomplishments and resignation:

    I know a lot of people could care less about how the Republican party uses Palin because they’re hoping that the party simply melts away, and perhaps she will help them do just that. I however disagree with that thought process.

    Colin Powell said in an interview yesterday that he wanted to see intelligent debate between qualified people of differing viewpoints for the good of the country.

    I couldn’t agree with him more. I may disagree with various ideologies but I appreciate knowledgeable and intelligent dialogue. My belief is that having Sarah Palin continuously in the limelight diminishes that dialogue.

    • EXACTLY, Claudia! I wish Sarah Palin would go away, too. She’s not the leader of my party I’m looking for. And like you, I appreciate hearing intelligent dialogue from both sides on issues that are important to all Americans. I thank Shannyn Moore for giving everybody a different perspective on Sarah Palin – one we all knew was true but were hoping wasn’t during election 2008. But this nasty back and forth between them is starting to look like nothing more than tabliod fodder. They both need to retreat to their respective corners and get over each other already.

      • I followed my own advice and wrote to the RGA, outlining my thoughts about Palin’s divisive political style as well as her lack of character (also citing her criticism of other governors “who have not accomplished as much as she has in two terms….” and asked if she might have been referring to one of their membership). I strongly encouraged them not to offer Palin a podium.

  301. You rock! I totally support you. I can’t believe she’s actually trying to sue somebody for their opinions. Somebody should sue her for all of those horrible lies she told about Barack Obama being a terrorist sympathizer and what not.

  302. It appears that your following are a bunch of sheep. Anyone have an independent though in their head?? I think your blog is terrible and what you’re doing to Sarah Palin is hateful.

    Who died and left you in charge?

    • I’m curious. All the dissenters on this blog are spelling challenged and verbally deficient. None of them can form a sentence correctly, use punctuation or even, heaven forbid, locate their spellcheck.

      Sue, if you don’t like Shannyn’s blog, you are not required by law to be here, post or participate.

      It is not our fault that you have bad taste and a hero worship complex. A psychiatrist might be able to help you overcome your need to defend someone like Sarah Palin on a blog that does not support her.

      I would suggest you return to the Peeing in the Sea blog. They will welcome you with open arms and reinforce your pathetic need for approval.

      Michael Jackson died…he left us in charge and thank you for noticing.

      • basheert – You’re a real work of human waste. All you can do is throw personal insults are people who disagree with you.

        You have no idea who you are actually talking to or about, but that doesn’t stop you from insulting everyone who has a different opinion than yours.

        And by your account, a drug abusive pedophile died and left you in charge. At least we know where you believe your authority came from.

    • Please give evidence that you are not a sheep.

      Please explain who you think is “in charge” and what they are “in charge” of.

      The scope of “you” in the statement “what you are doing to Sarah Palin is hateful” is not well defined. Also, what exactly is this “you” “doing” that is “hateful”?

      You may find that careful use of well defined terms and logic might invoke intelligent discussion and thoughtful discourse. Give it a whirl.

  303. If this is journalism you all have issues. You are slandering someone with no proof. And I hope yyou get the same ten fold. This woman’s children have been attacked and I guess in the loving, wonderful, peaceful world of the Dems that’s ok.

    The real problem is people like you are so hreaten by the Palins of the world you don’t know what to do other then slam her and her children. It will back fire on you people just as it has in the past.

    You can’t even figure out why you don’t like this woman.

    Is it because she believes in God?

    Is it because she has a wonderful family?

    Is it because she is a hunter?

    Is it because her child has down syndrome?

    So what is it that she make you so angry to start all these baseless rumors?

    And if you want her out of media so much we have YOU bought her back into this morning?

    And as for why she quit her governship, Do you think maybe its because of people like you!!!!

    I hope you all find God and learn to pray to not be so evil and spread so much hate into our world.

    God bless you if you don’t. I will certainly pray fo r you!

    • hahahahaha

      looks like the christo-fascist hillbillies have sobered up after their long weekend of teabagging and are now, like Pavlov’s dogs, obeying the command of their preachers and secessionist leaders to try and Astroturf Shannyn’s blog.

      i especially love when they talk in code, as in:

      “I’ll pray for you” = GFY

    • Yet again, someone who literally cannot ask an intelligent question, spell or use punctuation.

      Are the Palinistas ALL this dumb?

      • Yep.

        • Thanks.. I thought it was just me

          Basheert posting as: SuckItUpButtercupAK

          • Gee, I sure hope Shannon is praying for all those God fearing republicans who lied, cheated on their wives, slept with prostitutes and had their parents pay off their lover too. These right-wing nuts seem to always bring up GOD when they don’t have a good argument.

    • Questions, finally! You said,

      “You can’t even figure out why you don’t like this woman.”

      “Is it because she believes in God?”
      Not at all.

      “Is it because she has a wonderful family?”
      I think that is debatable, but no, my opinion of Sarah has nothing to do with her family, except for the way she lets her husband co-govern without being elected, and the way she uses her children as props and shields.

      “Is it because she is a hunter?”
      Hunting for food is just fine. Slaughtering wolves from airplanes en masse is not. But I don’t guess you can really call that hunting.

      “Is it because her child has down syndrome?”
      Absolutely not. More power to her and to all of caregivers Trig must have to take up the slack while Sarah is out and about working those efficiencies and looking for doors to bust open in her quest for a higher calling.

      So, you might ask, what IS it then that causes me not to like Sarah Palin?

      1. Her 7-mountain dominionist religious underpinnings are akin to the Taliban, and frankly, I don’t want any extreme sect to take over every aspect of life in America. That’s a biggie for me.
      2. She is woefully unsuited for political office. She abuses her power and throws away people once she can no longer use them. She is more divisive than any other politician in my memory — even GWBush. You can’t govern effectively when your primary tactic is to vindictively stand in the way. Just look at the debacle about replacing the Dem senator from Juneau a few months ago for an example.
      3. She is woefully unaware that she is woefully unsuited. She demonstrates many aspects of clinical narcissism. And those who support her by saying they’d die for her are simply enabling this malady.
      4. She LIES, glibly and often. She lies and twists and spins. I had it with the last Bush admin in that regard, and I sure as heck don’t want to see someone in power doing that again.

      I could go on, but there you go. I’d really appreciate it if you’d go back to whatever other forum you feel more comfortable on and disabuse the other “Sarasites” of the nonsense that progressives don’t like Sarah because she’s a woman, or because she is attractive, or because she cares for a DS child, or because we are so insecure that we lash out at her. That is total hogwash. There are real reasons, and until we can talk about these real reasons together, having a conversation is going to be real difficult!

    • Thank you for your prayers. I will keep you in my thoughts as well.

      In your comment, you state “You can’t even figure out why you don’t like this woman.” I believe you are misinformed.

      I, for one, know exactly why Sarah Palin should not be in a position to become President of the United States. Palin is too intellectually, educationally and emotionally limited for the job.

      “Like” and “dislike” are not relevant. Nor is Palin’s fitness for other roles of interest to me. When Palin no longer appears to have presidential ambitions, I will have no interest in her whatsoever.

      IMO, God respects that point of view.

    • Let’s not drag that “wonderful” abstinence-seeking family into this, okay?

  304. It is official!
    Sarah Palin is way more of a woman than YOU!

    • Mario, I regret to inform you that even if you post that Sarah Palin is the love of your life, and Shannyn is horrible, SP will STILL not SHAG YOU.

  305. Good for you, Shannyn! The “Pitbull with Lipstick” has no teeth. She’s simply another sad, angry, and delusional media creation.

    The Blue State of Colorado has your back! Keep fighting the good fight!

  306. You now have a giant fan in me. I can’t stand this whiny woman, and I am delighted that you stood up and told it like it is. Who parades around a pregnant kid and doesn’t expect people to be disgusted? She is a silly idiot, in my opinion. Awesome reporting!!!

  307. you go, girl!! be careful, and please consult a lawyer!

  308. Just wanted to reiterate there are many many people here in the lower 48 who are on your side. Palin isn’t our governor but she was almost the country’s VP and that would have led to a series of nightmares for the world, perhaps even the end of the world! We hope she completely fades away!!

  309. Keep it up, Shannyn!

  310. Our free speach rights are actually designed to protect us from the likes of Sarah Palin, not the other way around.

  311. Love your blog and completely support you !!!


  313. The EXACT right attitude. Keep at it.

    A new fan in Los Angeles, CA.

    – Michael Udesky

  314. “aborting her term as Governor”

    I cackled. Brilliant.

  315. Shannyn, picked this up off of Raw Story this morning. Apologize if this is previously linked to in the 344 comments!!!

    Posting as: SuckItUpButtercupAK

  316. Sorry – forgot link!!!

  317. ALERT: Shannyn is on Thom Hartmann Show on Air America this A.M.

    He just announced she will be an upcoming guest. It is 9:07AM in Phoenix, 11:07AM ET

  318. ALERT: Shannyn is on Thom Hartmann Show on Air America this A.M.

    He just announced she will be an upcoming guest. It is 9:07AM in Phoenix, 12:07 E.T.

    Apology fingers not working today….

  319. Well, this is typical “journalism,” isn’t it? Trite and petty. Interesting turn about: look who’s whining now.

    Where were you when Joe the Plumber was the poster boy of ridicule for your progressive chums? Only Governor Palin isn’t stepping on your rights, she’s merely defending her own.

    Mrs. Palin is defending her rights as a citizen. Yes, Shannyn, people (and governors are citizens too) have rights still.

    • Actually the 1st Amendment protects Shannyn’s right to free political speech. And SLAPP says SP cannot attempt to suppress free political speech.

      It’s a blog – we can redirect you to something that reflects your taste more accurately if you wish.

      How about “sux2beyou”???

    • Were we wrong to ridicule the guy whose real name isn’t Joe?

  320. You go, girl. Your work is very important.

  321. Well gosh darn that pesky old first amendment anyways. We all knows there’s only one that count, and that’s the second one, the one about the guns and how we need ’em for when the russians come across the border, or even worse, them dang liberals from that other america, you know, the bad one.

  322. Bulldog with lipstick, my ass. Bully with lipstick

  323. Atta Girl!

    The only thing bullies respond to is strength, so stay frosty and she’ll back down. =]


  324. Thom Hartmann:

  325. Lori, I see no nasty back and forth.

    shannyn made one press release. One. No blogs since then. Lots of comments of support though….

    Plain , on the other had, had taken every opportunity to whine and play the victim card. See Palin’s tweets and facebook comments (yep that’s professional, alrighty) if you have any doubt as to how many times Palin has brought this up.

    Palin is attempting to intimidate Shannyn into silence like she attempted to do with Linda Kellen.

    Neither will be, by the way. And I could not be more proud of all of these women.

    As you seem to be new here, would it surprise you to know that when Linda spoke out about Pain, she received nasty emails and, yes, death threats from rabid Palin supporters?

    If there’s anything nasty, it’s all from the Palin camp. If you have any doubts, go to palin supporter site and see the nastiness they are writing there. much worse than anything I’ve red here.

    Tabloid fodder? Tell that to Palin when she stupidly wouldn’t accept Letterman’s apology, and her supporters, filmed at a “protest” were calling dave’s wife a whore and his son a b*stard.

    Now that’s tabloid fodder.

    So is whoring bristol in People Mag for being and underage unwed mother.

    Sue me, too, Sarah Palin.

  326. Get her, Shannyn!!! The blogosphere is with you!

  327. wonderful stuff.

    refuse to be intimidated by this ghastly woman.

  328. […] Shannyn Moore) if they don’t stop expressing their negative opinions about her. Today, Moore replied bravely in defense of her First Amendment […]

  329. Stay strong Shannyn! Supporting your freedom of speech here in Fresno California!

    So happy to hear of the aborted term, Suck it Buttercup!

  330. Shannyn:

    I’m a blogger who has sassed Sarah Palin too. If she goes after you, she’ll have to go after the lot of us.


  331. Where can I watch the press conference this afternoon? Is there a local station streaming it?

  332. wow! I didnt know who you were until you were cited by soon to be Ex-Gov Palin. Now that I know I guess I have to thank Gov. Palin for gifting you to us!!!!!!
    thanks for sticking up for the Constitution on The Fourth of July!…..go Girl… rock

  333. Good job.

    Linked to your site from Atlantic Magazine,

  334. of course she would try to muzzle you! you are beautiful and intelligent and articulate – OMG! you actually have a brain and put it to good use!
    all qualities palin wishes she had. and then she tries to stifle the 1st amendment on independence day?!?!?

  335. Good for you!

  336. Good job, Shannyn.

    So in what trimester has Sarah Palin aborted her governorship?

    And are she and Todd going to race in the IQUITAROD?

  337. Keep doing what you are doing!! She’s on a whole different level of crazy.

  338. Sarah Palin’s fascist streak makes Dick Cheney look like Mr. Rogers by comparison.

  339. I found your site on Andrew Sullivans blog…


    I’m so happy to see that now everyone in Alaska buys into SP’s crap…and good on you for speaking your mind.

    Keep fighting the good fight! I’ve added you to my bookmarks.


  340. You go Shannyn! Speaking truth to power is a noble calling.

  341. Yeah, you need to ignore that olde addage of, ‘refusing to do battle with an unarmed (brains) opponent’ and keep doing what you’re doing. Palin has gotten away with being a whiney, bully for far too long.
    Best of luck.

  342. Good on you, Shannyn! Palin is a bully, who thinks she’s more relevant than she actually is. Thanks for pointing this out.

    • JeffR: You do realize this is all OUR fault don’t you?

      If we didn’t have Johnny McInsane none of this would have happened!

  343. Shannyn,

    Keep up your gloves. These mini-jabs from Van Flea are just sad. Much like our GINO leader SP. What a crock that she is now fishing in Bristol Bay. I guess she figures she should exploit the salmon resource as much as she can before her ‘friends’ of the open pit Pebble Mine enters the scene. S.P.M.D.B. (More Dangerous than Bush).

    p.s. You have my full support!

  344. Shannyn,

    You rock, and thank you so much for giving voice to the thoughts that so many have been having all along. Don’t you let her threaten you, you’ve got quite the following behind you. Take care, and keep speaking the truth!

    I don’t even live in Alaska and I’m enraged on your behalf, you’ve got support all around, take care.

  345. I have a question. What on the face of the earth is this constant refrain of “you are so threatened by her” or “your reaction shows you are afraid of her?” It would not occur to me to go on a blog (or anywhere else) and say “You must be so afraid of the President to call him a Muslim” or “You really are threatened by the President.” I actually read their stuff and think “huh–that’s dumb” or “what on earth are you basing that on?” And that’s it. But it’s like these people all have an instruction manual that says “now say ‘you are a hater’ or ‘you are so jealous.'”

    It’s ludicrous. I am neither threatened nor afraid of Sarah Palin. I don’t envy anything about her, including her life. My own life is just dandy, thank you very much, and I wouldn’t want to have a not-too-bright husband with a big vindictive streak or some screwed up kids. I don’t need witchdoctors or prayer groups to live my religious beliefs.

    So somebody–anbody!–what is their frigging problem?

    • Brilliant as usual Donna!!!

      Basheert posting as: SuckItUpButtercupAK







      You northern witches are big time strange.

  347. It is now official – from Van Flea (SP’s “lawyer”) … she is doing it for The People. On behalf of “The People”, we thank you Sarah.

    Her resignation is a form of self-sacrifice. Via Talking Points Memo (I would suggest this be consumed on an empty stomach).

  348. I keep waiting for the final punchline from this very bad joke of the last 2-1/2 years. Thought last Friday was it, but it keeps on rolling on with the whining and threats and bully tactics. But wait, Sarah! You just quit the job, and with it you quit that perceived power and popularity you’ve used as your bully weapon. No hint of credibility remains – just a narcissist who fancied herself the coronated Empress of Alaska, and now thinks the whole world is going to buy her bull, if she can just be free to run around the country tilting at windmills. Shannyn, I’m proud of you for calling her out.

  349. If you can get a rise out of Sarah Impalin, then you’re ok in my books.

  350. That’s totally whack. I’m glad she stepped down. Used to like her, now I don’t.

  351. Keep it up, Shannyn. Sarah Palin resigning early without a good reason is disgraceful,. It’s insulting to Alaskans, doubly insulting to those who voted her into office.
    Threatening you was even more shameful. Sarah invited such speculation with her poor choice of action and even poorer choice of words (or lack of them). She has failed to understand that without people asking, “Why?” the truth would never come out.
    Sarah Palin has broken faith with the people of Alaska. The future will tell whether she simply gave up, or thumbed her nose at her responsiblity–which she CHOSE to assume–in order to pursue selfish ambitions.

  352. […] år før perioden hennes utløper. Hun brukte anledningen på pressekonferansen til å angripe en kvinnelig blogger som hun nevnte ved fullt navn og mente hadde vært spesielt […]

  353. If it’s Sarah’s self-sacrifice, why does it make the rest of us feel so good?

  354. Basheert–didn’t see your question before. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I managed to get one of the few really large defamation settlements around a few years back. In that case, the plaintiff was a private person and the media was trying to portray her as public in order to get all of the defenses that go with a “public figure” case. So, I’m pretty familiar with the law.

    It wouldn’t be enough to just say “there are rumors” and then to say anything else. For example, I can’t say “There are rumors that X happened” if there are no such rumors. However, in most jurisdictions, you can state that something is being reported or said without liability–assuming that it is.

    In this case, I believe that Shannyn clearly covered herself with the follow-up questions and said these were rumors and she didn’t know whether, in fact, they were true. Had she said “these are rumors and I have it on good authority that they are true” that would be a different situation.

    Defamation is a fact intensive claim–and the whole purpose of the constitutional defenses is to weed out constitutionally protected speech early on in a case. Does that help at all?

    • Thanks, that’s kind of what I thought too.

      Now, what happens if you want to start a rumor? Can you say “Let’s start a rumor…etc etc”??? If you state it specifically as a rumor?

      Just curious on that one. It isn’t involved here.

      Thanks for the heads up – hope all is cool with you.
      I feel like celebrating….

      Basheert posting as: SuckItUpButtercupAK

  355. I must admit I’ve never heard of you or your blog before but now that I have…I LOVE YOU!

    Please keep on doing what you’re doing.
    Don’t ever go away.
    May you never be silenced.

    • Hey welcome! We love you too … join in the fun!

  356. When are Alaskan Democrats going to reimburse taxpayers for the millions of dollars wasted investigating made up complaints about Palin?

    Troopergate? Pack ‘o lies
    Charge for rape kits? Pack ‘o lies
    Wasilla Sports Complex? Huge pack ‘o lies

    Start adding those all together and taxpayers should be suing Alaskan Democrats for colluding to waste taxpayer dollars.

    • Millions?
      OK – put it out there. Let’s see totals, not Palinista totals, just the real and actual totals which I believe were a bit over $300,000 of which $167,000 was what it cost to investigate the one Sarah filed against herself?

      Let’s see your actual numbers Lenny? And source it!

      • “Source it”? LOL. Alaskan Democrats don’t ‘source it’, they just make accusations up and then give the bill to Alaskan taxpayers to pay.

        If people actually sourced things, they wouldn’t be facing possible legal charges for defamation and libel, know what I’m saying? 😉

        • “Legal Charges”?????

          Defamation requires INTENT. Reporting a rumor is not INTENT. This is not a criminal issue, it is a civil issue.

          Get off your high horse here Lenny. Let’s see a source for your statement “Millions of dollars” ok? I provided the ADN list that showed a cost of $300,000 with $187,000 of it from SP’s complaint against herself (now that shows BRAINS!!!)

          There is no millions here Lenny – and no “LEGAL CHARGES”. IF she chooses to file suit, it will be a civil complaint and Shannyn is protected by the First Amendment AND SLAPP against frivolous charges attempting to stifle free political speech.

          Try again Lenny.
          Let’s see sources Lenny, for your allegations.

    • Let’s discuss issues with reality based facts, instead of the fantasy facts Lenny makes up in his head.

      So, for example, when Lenny asks “When are Alaskan Democrats going to reimburse taxpayers for the millions of dollars wasted investigating made up complaints about Palin?” and then gives “Wasilla Sports Complex? Huge pack ‘o lies” as an example of a “made up complaint” (not sure what that could possibly mean anyway) Lenny is fantasizing.

      You see Lenny, in realty — not in your fantasy world — there has NEVER been any taxpayer financed investigation of the Wasilla Sports Complex (known to most folks as Housegate).

      And as far as Troopergate is concerned, you should be aware that Palin was found guilty, except for the other Troopergate complaint , the one slick Palin filed against herself. You seriously believe that the Alaskan Democrats should reimburse taxpayers for the cost of the complaint slick Palin filed against yourself? That’s idiotic.

      And as far as any complaint about “charge for rape kits” there was never such a complaint, except in your fantasy world. So obviously there was never any investigation about a non-existent complant.

      Lenny — learn some reality based facts. Don’t come here regurgitating half-understood Palinbot talking points.

      You have only convinced people that you are an ignorant fool.

  357. Fox news today:

  358. Check out this link to a video interview entitled,
    A Fox News Contributor Rips Into Palin:
    “The Woman Is Inarticulate, Undereducated” (VIDEO)

    Found at

  359. I have to agree with purplejesus over at Huff Po who declares: “the dim bulb has finally burned out”

  360. I love your blog. Palin is a mouthbreathing, batsh*t crazy religioius wingnut. I hope she runs in 2012. It will be fresh meat and further demonstrate how detached from reality, ineffective and generally stupid Palin is. Good job.

  361. Shannyn, you are one amazing, incredible woman. Have you ever wanted to go into politics? This might be the time to head over into that direction!

  362. Shannyn: thanks for calling out the wacko from Wasilla on her lawsuit threats. You rock!

  363. I know this gal works for FOX?, but she is certainly an accomplished journalist…….checkout her credentials in the Bio below!!….she doesn’t think much of Sarah Palin either…he he.

    Sarah will have to “sue” Liz Trotta also too for mentioning “the rumor”

    Liz just RIPS her , has her PERFECTLY PEGGED………..a must watch.

    Go to link for the video: :

    Liz Trotta is the former New York bureau chief of The Washington Times and is a contributor for FOX News Channel.
    The author of “Fighting for Air: In the Trenches with Television News,” Trotta was the first woman to cover a war for broadcast news.
    She began her career in journalism in 1965 working for the NBC affiliate in New York and won network recognition by taking on tough assignments including covering the Vietnam War and 1984 presidential candidate, George McGovern.
    Trotta has worked for Hillman Periodicals; Inter-Catholic Press Agency; Long Island Press; Chicago Tribune; Newsday; NBC and CBS. In 1960-1961, she taught a once-per-week journalism class at Stern College of Yeshiva University.
    The winner of three Emmy awards and two Overseas Press Club awards, Trotta is a graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

    • I’ve been LOVING that clip all day! And the responses on Huffpost…

  364. Lenny a little bit about blogging. You must ALWAYS source your allegations. Let’s see your “millions” with a source.

    THIS is a SOURCE:

    For your information and edification, from the Miami Herald as done by the ADN:

  365. This from HuffingtonPost. Wonder if she’ll sue because he asks if she killed Michael Jackson??????

  366. I’ll ask seriously, do you have a copy of the letter?

    And a transcript of the show they claimed contained the defaming comments would matter, too.

    I ask because what i love about the blogosphere is that mainly we put our information out there, and let us judge for ourselves. so rather than just your characterization of it, can we see the underlying materials?

  367. Wow! What a summer!
    I just love technology—you get all the nutty news from all over.

  368. Followed a link here and yes, you rock. You’re internationally famous now (in places nowhere visible from your house). Keep up the good tough kickass work!

  369. Thank you Ms. Moore for standing up to the bullies.

    I never really thought of taking a vacation in Alaska before, but now, I would pay money to come see the location where the real hero of Alaska knocked the bully out.

    In times when tyrants of varying occupations have left many penniless and without employment, you Shannyn Moore have proven that every one has a voice, not just the big wigs.

    You are awesome Shannyn Moore!

  370. Basheert–actually, you raise a really interesting question (i.e., can we say “let’s start a rumor.”). I’ve never researched it but my gut/experience say no. First of all, to get it started would likely be to convey facts as opposed to merely repeating something you heard. Second, many jurisdictions actually have something known as “intentional infliction of emotional distress” as a recognized claim. I’d worry that this might–again, I’m not certain–fall within that.

    So, I would be wary of starting rumors.

    • Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, in many (if not all) jurisdictions is an INCREDIBLY hard claim to bring against anyone. For instance, in many cases it requires proof of a physical injury (e.g., you shout ‘boo’ at someone who then has a heart attack and dies) AND knowledge of a risk of the injury (you knew that person had five heart attacks and a weak constitution and still decided to shout “boo” at them).

      Not sure what IIED is like in Alaska, though, but I’d be surprised if it’s much different (Any Alaska lawyers out there?).

      • I know, let’s ask Van Flea…maybe he’ll know the answer.

        Donna, I had in mind prefacing a comment by stating “let’s start an ugly rumor” so it is clearly an ugly rumor. If it is identified as an ugly rumor from the very source/beginning, it it defamation?

        Just thinking out loud.

        David, not intentionally to cause distress. More to make the idiot prick the beehive with the stick in response, something the Resident Idiot in Alaska does so well. While clearly stating it is an “ugly rumor” from the get-go.

        When you are dealing with an individual who is reactionary, it requires a lot of discipline to not shoot them with a rubber band, just to see them file a lawsuit for injury. And whether the trolls agree or not, lawsuits do not just get filed/heard/settled just “because”. They need “merit”. They cannot be used to stifle speech. And best of all, the “injured party” needs to prove INTENT to DEFAME. That is a biggie with SP a public figure. She cannot use SLAPP against Shannyn but Shannyn has SLAPP protection as a private citizen.

  371. You may find this information useful, Shannyn.

    McCain Adviser, Rick Davis, Lied About FBI Vetting Palin

  372. Shannyn, as so often is the case with the Palin cabal, the over-reactions, threats and attempts at intimidation have backfired splendidly!

    I discovered your blog through the smack-down message you delivered to Ms. Sarah at your press conference, and I’m now a fan for life….AND a contributor!

    Somebody wanna sue me???

  373. Oh God–The idiotic Mark Levin claims that the bloggers who “drove” poor SP out were likely paid by the President and Rahm Emmanuel (because, of course, he KNOWS what they’re like). [I am so embarassed that Levin and Savage are Jewish I cannot stand it).

    • ha ha ha ha. You knew that was coming. lol

    • Paid? Do we get money for this????

  374. Don’t take it personally. Sarah Palin is never wrong and nothing is ever her fault. It’s the media, it’s the liberals, it’s the Abdul Six-Packs, it’s Katie Couric, it’s John McCain’s staffers, it’s David Letterman the comedian.

    You are just her latest excuse and target for blame. Pretty much par for the course for a narcissist with a complete and total lack of personal responsibility.


    If you had some difficulty wading through Buttercup’s speech re: aborting her term, here’s the condensed version in 90 seconds. Count how many times she blathers, “No politics as usual”.

    BTW, I don’t think anyone could accuse her of “politics as usual”, since, occasionally, politicians accomplish SOMETHING productive, and actually care about their struggling constituents, even rural ones who must choose between not freezing by paying $9/gallon for heating fuel, or, buying food for their hungry families during the cold months of Alaskan winters.

    Oh, that’s right….Buttercup DID hop a quick flight out to a couple of the villages with a Christian relief group and bring them help….Let’s see, what was it? Oh yeah, a nice, tasty plate of cookies for the desperate Yup’iks. What a gal. You betcha. Also, too.

    • Elsie, she also bought an Evangelical Preacher to make it all better, remember? No relief, just prayer.

  376. If Sarah Palin comes to Virginia to campaign for the right wing candidate for Governor, Bob McDonnell, this fall, we will be there with a large banner “2 losers–McDonnell and Palin”
    Go Shannyn–you are the best!

  377. You go girl! Don’t let them bully you! And don’t quit either — “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.” ~ Napoleon Hill

  378. Shannyn: We have watched you for sometime as a guest on MSNBC. You are the same humorous, alert, tell it like it is person we used to knowin Homer.Don’t you dare let Palin and her Attorney[who sounds as crazy as she does] back you down. The rumors you mentioned have been here in Idaho for months and this is even not a BLUE State. Is she planning to sue everyone who mentions what is being discussed? Just more right wing crazy talk. You hang in there. Apparently Sarah has discovered that you have some media clout that she does not.

  379. This is the greatest, most amazing, and coolest way to handle Palin (who may technically be an “idiot”). Way to go, Shannyn!!!

    p.s. love the use of the phrase: “quasi-legal” — nice touch.

  380. Hi Shannyn, just heard you on Thom Hartmann…stay strong!

    Palin ditching is the biggest example of CUT & RUN I’ve ever seen!

    P.S., you’re real pretty.


  381. i heard that palin is a secret muslim, was born in kenya and isn’t really a citizen.

    • ha ha ha ha

  382. Sarah Palin will probably start Sueing everyone ,that’s in her makeup. She’s a Bully who has always gotten by with it.

    Is she Corrupt ,yes I think she is. was her house bought and paid for by that no bid contract ,probably so Ms Palin. What else are you hiding in your God Closet? That’s what I want to know and yes your a quitter. A real distance runner doesn’t know the word Quit ,we just do a head change and move on to our goal,which is what you couldn’t do.
    Finally Ms Palin,I as a woman am deeply ashamed of you and for you.As a mother Ms Palin, I would never parade my children as my personal body shields for power or money.

    Shannyn ,hope this wasn’t to off topic as I know her narcesstic self reads your blog.

  383. I love how her lawyer threatens to take the whole internet and the main stream media to court on a federal issue and then, rather than cite the United States Constitution and Federal legal precedents, he merely cites as his legal grounds the Alaska State Constitution:

    “The Alaska Constitution protects the right of free speech, while simultaneously
    holding those “responsible for the abuse of that right.” Alaska Constitution Art. I, Sec. 5.”

    Palin and her staff are nothing but a bunch of insular secessionists who are not aware of the laws of the United States and not ready for prime time.

  384. Palin was seen as a loser by the vast majority of people from the first time she stood at the mic at the republikkkan convention.

    Kick her butt!

  385. I know you won’t publish this because it doesn’t fall into the category of fawning and awe these other readers have but… If I defamed and maliciously maligned a private citizen the way you have on this blog, along with the other rants you have allowed to be posted above I would expect to get sued. Since Palin has resigned and has been a private citizen since that time she has every right to take you to court. I would be very careful from here on out. As a politician she was in a box and had to take a lot. She no longer has to and you may be the first pin to drop. If she is the vicious animal you perceive her to be you may get shredded.

    I thought the Age of Obama was going to unite the country and cure all this hate. Judging by your site this is one more failure to add to his list. Keep hating though it seems to draw a crowd which is what you want.

    • Thank-you…. appreciate what you wrote!

      • Really? Your not pulling my flipper?

        • Really.. =o)

    • It was Sarah who tried to reignite Faux culture wars by claiming her love for “Real America” that was small towns, real values.

      Scr*w the rest of us, i guess.

      Obama did unite us. Moderate Republicans and Lefty liberals were all horrified by Palin. Even Intellectual Conservatives like George Will called Palin “A Fatal Cancer” (has George been sued yet?)

      I see no hatred, I see tremendous support for Shannyn’s 1st Amendment Rights and a whole lot of Celebratin’!! You betcha!! Wink!

      • Moderate repubs voted for a “Moderate” democrat who turned out to be a raving Socialist. Hell, I was going to vote for Hillary over McCain but she got robbed due to “Proportional Voting” in Penns. McCain’s stock went up after Palin came aboard. People were voting against McCain as much as for Obama. If he hadn’t slithered back to Washington while Obama sat on his thumb, as usual, he would have won. Which wouldn’t have been much better than what we have now.

        • Big of you to admit that obama united us after Sarah attempted to divide this country into “us” vs. “them”.

          Palin rallied the rabid xtain base and that was the extent of it, the rest of us were horrified by her. America rejected the McCain/Palin ticket. Period.

          As Hillary said, “No Way. No how. No Palin.” The two are polar opposites in terms of political ideology….Hillary has one.

          • I don’t see admitting to anything other than Dem women allowed Obama to steal the nomination from Hillary due to “proportional representation” and that until Palin came along I would have voted for Hillary over McCain, until of course the corrupt Democrat machine robbed her. Where were you women then. I didn’t hear too much indignation.

            You libs are hard to make understand the facts. When Palin came on McCain’s ticket the value of the ticket went up. McCain lost this election because he was perceived as an older version of Obama. He turned off the Republican base, they didn’t vote, he lost the Repub center because they thought Obama was a moderate. Palin was an asset. I know you hate mongers can’t face simple facts but check out the charts. As far as us vs them Obama did more of that than anyone ever and did not win an overwhelming majority. 3% does not make a mandate and there is a lot of buyers remorse. Hence half the people going to tea parties (gasp) are Democrats that feel sold out. Which they are. He is working so fast on his drive to Socialism because he knows that people now understand his roots and proclivities and he has failed so badly on the economy that he can’t be reelected. The libs have 30 years of pent up spending and need to accomplish it in 3 1/2 years or less, probably 1 1/2. 2010 should go along way in eliminating their majority in both houses.

            Whether Palin runs or not is of no consequence to me. My hopes for her are that she will make a ton of money on speaking tours and book deals, expose abortion for what it is, baby killing, and have a decent quality of life, a quality of life you unremitting haters will not allow her to have now.

        • What you don’t get so-called voiceofmoderation is that if McCain needed Palin to have his stock go up, he already lost the race. Hillary wasn’t robbed of a damn thing. She lost.

          If you are so concerned about Palin, get her some mental help. After watching her breathless diatribe on Friday and watching her participate in a witch doctor exercising the evil demons from her on an alter in a church, one has to question her sanity.

          Palin is a joke who didn’t know that Africa was a continent, has no understanding of the issues and is an empty head. She isn’t qualified for dog catcher, no less the White House.

    • Sarah Palin is not a private citizen until she relinquishes the governship. The scheduled date is July 26, the scheduled time is the “Governor’s Picnic”. When Sarah Palin is no longer governor, she is still a “public figure” with respect to the law on defamation.

      To be blunt, your statement “Sarah Palin has resigned and has been a private citizen…” is wrong. If you could re-write your comment based on facts, it might be easier for your readers to comprehend whatever message you might be trying to convey.

      • Simple message. I’ll type slow so even you can figure it out. She resigned and will step away when her replacement is ready to go. She is a private citizen as of her resignation. If you weren’t so filled with hate you would understand that doesn’t really matter one way or the other. She can turn the tables on people running hate sites and sue them, whether she wins or not, and put them through the same torment they have put her through – the price to defend themselves in court. Everyone has a right to sue as I’m sure (almost sure) you know. With that said Shannyn Moore may be out of pocket reasonable sums of money simply to defend her defamatory and inflammatory rants. She sounds like my 8 year old daughter when she doesn’t get her way as do most of the people on this site. This site is being fed by far left contributors that do not represent the majority of American women even though they think they do. The past election was a fluke based on a Democrat who misrepresented himself as a moderate instead of a left wing Socialist and the country will make a move to the center in 2010 where it thought it was going in 08 and a full recovery in 2012. BHO will be looking for speaking engagement and more book deals, that is, if there is anyone left with enough money to buy books.

        I don’t blame you for being Anonymous please stay that way.

        • Sarah Palin is at this moment the governor of the state of Alaska. Sarah Palin is not a private citizen.

          Your statement “She is a private citizen as of her resignation. ” is wrong.

          Keep trying. You have a brain.

          • I was wrong you can’t see the bigger picture. Sorry I assumed amoebic intelligence on your part.

        • “She can turn the tables on people running hate sites and sue them . . . .”

          What part of Sarah Palin is a coward and doesn’t have the balls to sue anyone don’t you get?

          We’ve been taunting her to sue so we can use discovery and learn all about her illegal and unethical shenanigans and depose her under oath.

          So, please go away with your phony warning about any possible lawsuits coming from sleazy Sarah Palin.

          If you’re going to sue, don’t talk about it, sue, don’t threaten anybody. We are not intimated, not by you and certainly not by sleazy Sarah Palin and her punk lawyer, who sends a threatening letter, but doesn’t have the balls to back up his threats.

      • Thank you for your comment. We need to remember that the 1-st amendment protects us against the government not against each other. As long as Palin is the governor, she is still the government.

    • Here’s what Palin had to say when she was criticized for bravely (ahem) calling attention to the “rumors” that Obama was Anti-American because of his casual association with Bill Ayers. And take notice that no one threatened a lawsuit against Palin, no, that behavior is reserved for petty bullies like Palin and O’Reilly.

      “If [the media] convince enough voters that that is negative campaigning, for me to call Barack Obama out on his associations then I don’t know what the future of our country would be in terms of First Amendment rights and our ability to ask questions without fear of attacks by the mainstream media.” –Sarah Palin, radio interview with WMAL-AM, Oct. 31, 2008

      Neither she, nor you, can have it both ways. If Sarah thinks she has the right to ask questions, then so does Shannyn. Sarah does not have a monopoly on the 1st Amendment.

      • Obviously she doesn’t have an monopoly on the 1st. You people have been ranting for years. If she is the bully every claims she will press forward and hammer these sites. If not no biggee your pretty much on the fringe anyway.

        • Palin’s fake lawsuit was most definitely an attempt to bully Shannyn, and Shannyn stood up to her. Typical bully, once confronted, Sarah slinks away. Palin had no intention of following through with her empty threat. Bullies rarely do.

          As for the fringe, uh, I’m with the majority of Americans who voted for President Obama. Some fringe.

          I don’t think the earth is 6,000 yrs. old. I don’t think that people rode dinosaurs. I don’t think that you can “pray” the gay away. I don’t think that prayer can protect me from witches. I don’t think that the ability to see Russia gives one Foreign Policy experience. I don’t think Obama is a secret Muslim.

          I *do* think America is much better off without the likes of Plain.

          • We agree on one statement you made many times in the above post. “You don’t think”.

    • I’m sorry, Sarah Palin cannot be considered a “private citizen” just because she says she is turning Alaska over to the Lt. Governor. She crossed that “private citizen” bridge quite a while ago, and unless she is not mentioned or does not show up anywhere for several years, she is not going to be able to walk it back. And we all know that’s going to be impossible for her.

      Hey look! I hear she’s going to be interviewed on Fox tonight!

      Try again.

    • Let’s get real: Sarah Palin is a coward and bully. She does not have the balls to sue anyone for defamation. Never did and never will.

      Sarah Palin is a paper tiger.

      Palin threatened to sue Shannyn.

      In response, Shannyn promptly accepted that challenge and called Palin’s bluff.

      In response, Palin’s punk lawyer said on TV that Palin had no plans to sue.

      In other words, Palin was bluffing.

      The “threatening” lawyer letter was based on nonsense.

      Now we all know that Palin is nothing but a bully and a coward.

      BOOOO!! Run away Palin and take your lame Palin-bots with you.

      • Got hand ya that – you got it right Sarah has no balls.

    • Oops, I guess this got published.

      Thank you for expressing your opinion, as misinformed as it may be.

      I can’t really agree with you that Palin took a lot as a politician. She was the first to complain about how unfair everyone was being to her.

      As far as the comment about hating – the case is certainly proven with Palin, since her “hating” comments obviously draw large crowds.

    • Yer just pulling our flippers, vido.

      btw – as of this date, Palin remains the governor of Alaska. But given her habit of quitting, she might quit again before her 3 weeks is up.

  386. If only David Letterman had the conviction you do.

  387. Hey voice-of-un-moderation, it was perfectly fine for Palin to viciously attack Obama during the campaign, as well as to attack certain Americans as not being “real Americans, etc.” She literally made things up as she went along, the truth be damned.
    I have not forgotten all of the vitriol and unbelievably stupid things Palin has said since McCain made her his disastrous choice for VP.
    It’s about time that Palin stopped bullying others, which she has been doing throughout her career.

    Palin supporters are symptomatic of the anti-intellectualism rampant in this country. Listen to her presser, it was nearly incoherent. It is also extremely unusual for a governor to unceremoniously QUIT–perhaps she should be sued by the people of Alaska for dereliction of her duties.
    Obviously, there are people who simply CANNOT think for themselves. Another reason the Repub party is in the mess that it is.
    Palin does not have the right to use scare tactics (censor) the comments of bloggers.
    Btw, And I suppose it’s okay for wingnut morons like Limbaugh to say whatever they want, no matter how nasty it is.

  388. You go!

    New Colorado fan.

  389. P.S. – Liz Trotta is a hero!!!

  390. Never heard of you until yesterday. Glad to see someone who won’t let the “Queen of the Grifters” push them around. I’m really tired of her face, hearing her voice makes me nauseous. …see you on Olbermann.

  391. I am simply overcome by your show of courage. You are a hero to millions of Americans for bringing this fight TO Sarah Palin. I stand and applaud you and offer my full support.

  392. Kathleen Parker had it right when she wrote in National Review Online: “If BS were currency, Palin could bail out Wall Street herself.”

  393. David–not saying IIED is easy. Elements differ state to state and, in mine, it’s easier than some. But you raise a really good point.

    As for Palin being a “private citizen,” that’s not possible now–or likely ever. She is a public figure, regardless of whether she holds a public office at a given moment in time.

  394. Go Shannyn!
    To Palin: Suck it up, Buttercup!

  395. Good work & good luck!

  396. If she can profit by a book deal and speaking tours, publicly raise money for her cause and legal woes, call a press conference and cause the nation to think of her an entire Independence Day weekend, then she benefits from the very media press that she bites the hand of…

    • Palin is the Paris Hilton or Britney Spears of politics. Famous for being pretty (by GOP politician standards anyway), no substance, a diva-complex, and addicted to the spotlight. Many celebs whine about the media attention and then freak out when they aren’t getting any attention and then do something messed up and out-of-left-field, in order to get the cameras flashing again. So they can complain about it again. Rinse and repeat. They’re called spotlight whores, and Sarah Palin is one. Britney shaved her head, Sarah quit her job.

  397. My favorite bumper sticker—

  398. It gives me the willies when someone like SP says she has a “higher calling.” Yikes. Is she hearing voices now too? Hoping y’all can keep her up penned up north in her Beloved Alaska – now THAT would be putting Country First! ; )

  399. It’s great to see a strong voice coming from Alaska to (at least partially) cover the shrieks and word salad from the state’s Babbler-In-Chief.

    When I read your response on HuffPo, I got chills. It was great. And that’s what made me check out your blog. I’m guessing a lot of people had the same reaction and that your blog traffic has soared. So see? Sarah Palin did you a great favor by being such a whackjob to you.

    And the irony of Sarah Palin threatening to try to have you silenced, on INDEPENDENCE DAY, is just too funny for words.

    If anyone wants Palin to speak at their events, they should schedule the event to coincide with a MENSA meeting, because she clearly ain’t going to those.


  401. Hi Shannyn –

    I have also posted on my blog references to the rumors surrounding the reasons for Palin’s resignation. Not stating that they’re factual, just posting the fact that these rumors exist. I’m also inviting legal action – they can’t sue us all!

    In bloggy support…

    Dennis Scott
    Manchester, CT

  402. Poor wretched fools. Congress is selling us all down the river and the politics of personal destruction rages on. Obama was supposed to save us all. Who will save us from The One and Congress?

  403. Get ‘um, girl!

  404. Shannyn,
    Thank you for standing up to Palin. I admire your courage and convictions.

  405. You are my hero!!! Brava, baby, brava!!!

  406. “What kind of politician attacks an ordinary American on the Fourth of July for speaking her mind?”… a liberal!!! Every conservative is fodder for this kind of personal attack at any time of the year.

    “Shannyn Moore will not be muzzled!”… sad, but probably true.

    Actually, you almost certainly should thank Sarah Palin for putting you in the spotlight. I’ve never heard of you before… and here I’m responding!

    Regards from CA (where blue has bankrupted the state)!


  407. It took me a while but I figured it out. I know why everyone is so atwitter and you all have your panties in a knot. Without Sarah Palin around you will have no one to hate. What will you do? Who will you hate? This blog may disappear. Sorry it took me so long. Maybe you can level the guns on Michelle Antoinette Obama. There is plenty there to dislike. But that wouldn’t be PC now would it? Oh well time for a new blog Shannyn time has run out on this one. Who to hate next????

    • Well, we can start with you.

    • voiceofmoderation, although I don’t think you are that from what I have read in your comments here. If you are looking for hate, I guess you can read that in some of the comments here. Some of yours certainly ring of it. I see it more as a rally behind someone who has been attacked by a public official that was elected to represent the interests of the people, but who has instead used her platform to better herself and her own interests and who has now determined that she is no longer benefiting from the relationship and so its time to move on to the next thing. Even before finishing her shift. And then trying to pass it off as patriotism, even heroism. Try voiceofdelusion. I think it better fits the mindset. Just sayin…

      • She already made her choice. I won’t second guess her. She hasn’t finished anything yet and seems as if she is on the run. That is just an observation. She chose to put herself where she is, but cannot stand any scrutiny that comes with the territory. She was not prepared for the reality that is 21st century politics. Not my fault. I had my chance to vote.

        I know she will profit monitarily for her antics and namesake for the rest of her natural life. I think she knows that. Almost like a free ride from here on out. Book deal with a guaranteed best seller. She will not have money problems for a while. She can pay for tons of therapy, if needed. Live the good life away from the public. The kids can get anything they want. Life will be a dream, sweetheart….

        Maybe that is what it is all about. How many of those dollars can we get for our rant, cause by golly we are the ‘mericans. We deserve it! After all, our dollars say “In God We Trust”. We must be the righteous ones.

      • “500K in debt, 15 to 0 in the win column in the frivolous lawsuit category. Lawsuits that won’t stop, the State of Alaska expending millions”

        WOW: 4 facts stated and all wrong or unsubstantiated.

        1. 500K in debt. says who? Only Palin, who is a known liar. No verifiable facts, although folks have been asking for proof of this alleged debt. Palin refuses to provide proof. Palin’s lawyer said he can’t give any proof because of the attorney client privilege, which is a lie. The attorney client privilege does not apply to the issue of attorney’s fees.

        2. 15-0. Wrong. Palin had to pay back about 10K for improperly charging the state for travel for her kids. To characterize that as a win is absurd. Also, all complaints have not been decided yet so it is impossible and wrong to characterize the outcome of undecided complaints.

        3. frivolous lawsuits. What lawsuits? ethics complaints are not lawsuits. Please learn the fundamental difference. A lawsuit is a court case, an ethics complaint is not. This is not rocket science.

        4. “the State of Alaska expending millions” That is a lie repeated by Palin and her worshipers, but completely debunked by the State of Alaska itself, who acknowledged that the complaints cost less than 300K and almost 200K of that amount was because of the ethics complaint slick Palin filed against herself.

        Go away junior. Come back when you can base an argument on actual facts, not imaginary facts you and Palin make up.

        Sarah Palin is a fraud and a dishonest crook. Look up the word grifter in any dictionary and you’ll see a Palin family portrait.

        She’s also a bully and a coward, who threatens a lawsuit and then doesn’t have the balls to make good on her phony threat when challenged.

        • Another thing that repeatedly gets left out is the legislative investigation of “troopergate

          Palin WAS found guilty of “abuse of power”, it IS a fact.

          8 republicans and 4 Democrats deciding to take republican governor to task in Alaska, is unheard of!

          How many hundreds of thousands of dollars did that cost the state?

          Talk about frivolous!

          When there has been much money spent involving state lawmakers, independent investigators, hordes of lawyers and the fact that it takes precious time away from Alaskan legislators attempting to actually work on behalf Alaskans, frivolous does not begin to describe this ethics complaint.

          How on earth can an appointed, at will personnel board do a better job than the entire state legislature?

          It can’t.

          What it can do is give the governor the answer that she is looking for, after all the governor is their “boss”.

          Unlike the legislators, who are elected by the people, as such answerable to them, the personnel board is only answerable to the governor.

          Alaskans have the fox minding the hen house in this instance.

          The personnel board needs to be independent of the governors office, especially since the AG is “chosen” by the governor as well.

          It is high time that the personnel board are an elected group, answerable to all Alaskans, not whatever governor happens to be abusing power at the moment.

          The situation of a chosen AG and an at will, selected personnel board, creates a climate that will bring forth nothing BUT abuse of power.

          In fact this very situation IS an abuse of power, given to the governor the day he/she takes office.

          Alaskans need to reclaim the governors office for the people.

          If they do not, Alaska will look forward to many more Sarah Palins and perhaps someone worse, much worse.

  408. YOU ROCK! If you need a lawyer – call me anytime!

    Bloggers have different standards than journalists and thank god for that – many a genuine story starts as a “rumor” which can’t be published in the main stream media until it is confirmed.

    Sara Palin is both a bully and a coward (the bullies almost always are) and thank you for speaking THAT pure truth to power.

  409. Voice of moderation, at least have the decency to use a different name to post. Like maybe, “right wing mouthpiece” would be more accurate.

    Trackback: Good Riddance

    Stay strong, Shannyn, don’t let the right wing noise machine intimidate you!!!!! ((blows kisses)))

  410. Shannyn, you go, girl!

    The threats of lawsuits are nonsense. Bailin’ Palin has crossed the line into the delusional.

  411. You go, girl. We’re rooting for you!

    • So proud of you Shannyn for standing up to that bully and coward!

  412. Shanynn- I can’t add much more than what has already been said. Keep up the good fight. You are truly what is so great about this country.

  413. Abort, as per

    –verb (used without object) bring forth a fetus from the uterus before the fetus is viable; miscarry. develop incompletely; remain in a rudimentary or undeveloped state. fail, cease, or stop at an early or premature stage.
    4.Military. to fail to accomplish a purpose or mission for any reason other than enemy action.
    5.Rocketry. (of a missile) to stop before the scheduled flight is completed.

    • Shannyn used the word abort. You made it abortion. Are these your own definitions that fit your idealog? You can write it anyway you want it. Abort is a very appropriate word. And yes, I can see it strikes a nerve. You certainly reacted and can feel those barbs as well as fling them.

      Murder requires intent. Last time I checked. Even if it is a mere mental planning or thought, if you believe God. Do you know the intent of those who have had to undergo an abortion. You are quick to judge and use a wide brush. You are here to merely be devisive. Pull that plank out of your eye before you remove the speck in mine, will you.

  414. […] today released the following statement in her defense. On the Fourth of July, when Americans everywhere were celebrating our most sacred […]

  415. Shanynn, you are great!
    Palin is a bully and a coward!

  416. Good job- including your press conference and your interview.

    It’s interesting that the Anchorage Daily News is reporting tonight that Bailin’ Palin quit because of ethics complaints- the same tactics she used against against Frank Murkowski and Ruedrich.

    And neither of them quit.

    Someone needs to send her speech as posted on the official website to some journalism schools, so they can tell us if her degree has done her *((any good))*.

  417. Now if only the rest of Congress had your guts to stand up for what’s right and actually do their jobs, esp for Universal Healthcare, ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, this country would be a much better place to live in.

    Repubs ain’t going to be singing “cut and run” anymore after their “buttercup” did just that.

    Intimidation is for weaklings and lowlifes. Show her what a real patriotic American is all about.

    Happy 4th of July.

  418. For Sarah Palin so loves Alaska that she is sacrificing her valuable TITLE.


  419. Did anyone notice that an opinion in ADN by Ms Grimes was Libelous?

    She accused Moore of Slander. Ironic huh.

    • I did read the article. Libelous indeed. I posted as Legis_Rocks & let Ms. Grimes know my opinion. LOL!! Good Lord, Palin’s sheeple are as dumb as she is.

  420. Thank you all. Normally the “comments” area is a sad area of the internets, and I had very low expectations, thinking the FREEPERS or other assorted ilk would have overrun this place.

    The comments here blew me away. I haven’t smiled this much since last Friday! Wonderful site. Wonderful community. Stay strong and thanks!

  421. This link is to an open letter to Gov. Palin written by conservative Jonah Goldberg of the National Review Online. It is a critique of Gov. Palin’s resignation and her future plans. Good one.

  422. You are my new hero! Bullying the bully right back while we watch her cower. Good for you! Keep up the good work!

  423. We support you.

  424. where’s the link for the news conference???

  425. For an accurate portrayal of what America would look like under a Palin presidency, I respectfully suggest one rent the DVD “Idiocracy.”

    Hey folks, don’t ever underestimate the stupidity and intellectual laziness of the American people.

    If Bush and Reagan got elected, Palin could as well.

    Please be vigilant.

  426. Stand Proud, Stand Tall. You have alot of sane supporters applauding and supporting you. Sarah Palin and all her supporters are mental cases.

  427. Copy of blogger comment….is this true??

    The Los Angeles Times is reporting the Alaska spokesman for the FBI, Eric Gonzalez, says the feds are not investigating the governor or getting ready to indict her.

    “It’s just not true,” he told the paper.

    Eric is the end all be all of FBI investigations in Alaska, lol. Eric is an, Applicant Coordinator SSA, not a special agent or investigator.

    BTW, that is the lamest FBI page I have ver seen.

    Seems someone knows more then Eric cause even after the THREAT by Palin’s $185 an hour watch dog, Alaska Report updated their remarks to, Big dirty scandal about to hit the Palin universe
    Evidenced by Palin’s abrupt announcement that she’s quitting the State of Alaska without explanation. If it smells like a duck, looks like a duck, and walks like a duck. It’s a duck. Stay tuned…

  428. Shannyn, have been a big fan of yours for some time and think you are incredibly bright, insightful and well-spoken. I’ve enjoyed following you here, other blogs, Huff Post, and Keith’s show over the past almost-year since that disasterous nomination. My jaw dropped when I saw the headline about this lawsuit lunacy the other day, but as always you handled it with class and dignity. I think it is clear that reasonable, sane people know who is right and who is wrong here. You have volumes of support and this insane word salad can do nothing but strengthen that. Apparently it also brings the crazies to your blog, but hopefully also a showing of just how much support you have. Stand tough and strong!

  429. THOUGH it is unlikely you’ll get this far in your reading of comments, know that I have the deepest respect for what you’re doing re. Palin’s attacks on your integrity and freedom.
    BRAVO for being a rational and strong voice representing a hopefully large percentage of citizens of your state.

  430. Wow, there has been some serious disinfecting and cleaning of the aisles on this thread….

    • Truly sorry, Shannyn and everyone, as I might have gotten carried away.

  431. Congratulations on receiving the Buzzflash Wings of Justice Award! Well deserved.

    (You know you received an unofficial award for courage and bravery from us back on July 5, if not way before that, i.e. for your work on torture)

    Thank you for being an example of civic responsibility and accountability.


  432. Shannyn – looks like the Quitzilla brought a whole new audience to your blog – outstanding! She did something right for a change, kind of hard to imagine…

    Congratulations on the “Wings Of Justice” award! You ROCK.

  433. Homes–

    I don’t know how else to bring this to your attention. Someone has gone to the Alaska Governor’s site, and edited Sarah Palin’s July 3 statement. Specifically, the words that were UPPER CASE have been changed to lower case. Additionally, some (but not all) the punctuation has been corrected. For example–


    And my children won’t allow it either. ? Some will question the timing. ? Let’s just say, this decision has been in the works for awhile…


    And my children won’t allow it either.

    Some will question the timing. Let’s just say, this decision has been in the works for awhile…

    * * * * * *

    Talk about “Things that make you say ‘Hmmmm–‘”.

  434. Ms Moore-

    As an Alaskan, thank you.

    We didn’t listen to the whispers coming out of Wasilla before or after AP became gov.

    We didn’t pay enough attention to the snarky asides she made now and again the 1st 18 months in office- it was enough that our governor and legislature were taking up a full review of oil taxes, etc after feeling that Gov Murkowski sold us downriver on those issues.

    We didn’t realize she was ignoring early warnings out of the Y-K that poor fishing & sky high fuel prices were likely to cause undue hardship for those neighbors…
    We didn’t pay enough attention to her disengagement with “fishing politics’ to realize the ramifications of what her not being ready to stand up for Alaska and Alaskans in the March NPFMC bycatch meetings might mean to us…
    On and on…

    We didn’t really pay attention until Troopergate began to unfold.
    Folks will argue about the outcome for years but , for this Alaskan and so many others , the Legislative investigation ( cost $75 k out of $100 budgeted – those folks can manage their money !) and it’s results changed the live-and-let-live Alaskan way we tend to see each other as regards SP and ourselves. The gov let us down… “open and transparent” was just another campaign promise down the toilet.
    Every stop was pulled to play it down, smear Legislators involved, smear parties involved, and avoid following through with the promise to co-operate. Crimenently.

    After the way she tooted off the “pallin around… ” crap during the national election a whole bunch more of us didn’t want her back but glad not to send her on.

    Now, we’re getting shed of her on the one hand and putting up with her on a new front… yech.

    You spoke up loud and clear through it all. We should have been listening … way sooner.

    Listening now ,Ms Moore.

    Because of you and a few other bloggers and reporters we stand a chance of getting through it…

    Got your back Ms Moore-you had ours for a long time…
    We’ve got yours now.

  435. re-“after AP became gov. ”
    I’m so ready for us to move on to Alaskan issues instead of SP issues , I’m forgetting who I’m ready to move on from… sigh.

  436. Ms Moore, U did a service to “our country by speaking out & being heard. I love the “aborted”
    That is priceless! Keep on keeping on & go give em
    hell. We r right there with ya. 🙂

  437. YOU ROCK

  438. Republican Chris Christie is not planning on bringing Sarah Palin into his campaign for
    governorship. Smart move on his part because
    if he did he would lose alot of moderate voters.

    Sarah Palin is hugely unpopular in the state of
    New Jersey, not just among “liberal democrats” but “republicans” as well. Like Sarah Palin, we too read newspapers, “all of them and any of them” that we come across, only difference is we can name them!

    We see her as a “whiny bully” who relishes attacking citizens who disagree with her. The fact that she can lie while smiling is “scary”. She should get out of politics and do what she is best at, hunting and fishing. Yeah, and she needs to be a mother to her children especially Trig. I’m kinda surprised her kids weren’t named TICK, TACK, TOE.

  439. If you ever do need money for legal fees, just give us a shout out–we can probably have you a million dollars in a week.

    Love the line about “the likes of people like her”……I was married to a nutjob with the same kind of personality issues, and those kind of people will trample over anyone to get what they want (or have a collosal, whiny temper tantrum when things don’t go their way). They never change, and in fact get worse as they age. The Palin Springer show isn’t over yet.

    Keep fighting and know that there are plenty of PRO-Americans backing you up!

  440. I used to think that the American PUblic (spelled with a capital P-U) deserved the politicians they voted for, but we really need to work hard to prevent those imbecile voters from enthroning the ilk that is Palin. She represents the worst of the worst.

  441. Whenever somebody in a high position quits or gets fired, is asked to leave, etc. without a reason being given, rumors occur. Palin should have seen it coming. And she should have had the decency to tell the public why she couldn’t fulfill her term in public office.

    Good for you for standing up for yourself and your right to free speech!

  442. Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts.

    Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  443. From Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

    Good to hear someone isn’t afraid of her.

    you go girl!

    Me, I’m looking forward to in 2012, so we can say this about Palin:
    “She makes a lot of speeches but has little EXPERIENCE

    For the next election in 2012, I can see the Moveon ads already:

    A short clip of $aranarah screeching about Obama’s books and experience, followed by a VERY short summation of yet to be written 30 page Great American Fictional Novel (of which 28 pages with lotsa pretty pictures from photo ops) and then the devastating punch line: “And her speeches aren’t even that good …”

    I also wonder about the following:
    Are repubs STILL gonna say that she has more experience than Obama in 2012? And will she whine AGAIN (or STILL) that “overthere, in the White House, you have the Dept of Words, helpin the president with a lot of speeches…”?

    Will Trig survive his moms photo ops with mooses?

  444. Congratulations on being so successful at what you do that you got noticed! If Palin were to successully sue you, Fox “News” would go out of business for all the lawsuits that could then be successfully filed against them for their slander. Republicans aren’t going to let it happen.

  445. Its good to see there are individuals out there still…

  446. This blog died. No Palin, no updates, no hate – where is everyone?

    Lalaland hows the Purple Haze in Amsterdam? Put the bong down and step away.

    • As of Oct ’09 its still publishing, where are you?

    • Hey trailer-trash, please keep using that meth, and cling bitterly to your gun.
      Hopefully you do that at the same time, and while you point the gun at your low forehead.

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