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Is Dan Sullivan Running For Senate?

Sure, it’s a guess…but a damn good one.  This Friday, Mayor Dan Sullivan will cross the picket line at the ONLY boycotted hotel in Alaska for his “unity” dinner.  In May, the Hilton workers overwhelmingly voted to place their hotel under boycott because their employer degrades their quality of life.  Make no mistake, the media war being waged against the unions is partisan politics as usual. With all the vitriol against former Mayor, now Senator Mark Begich, I wonder if we aren’t seeing the opening salvo of a future “Sully” run for Senate.

Yesterday, Assemblyman Bill Starr released some serious allegations against Senator Begich.  Bill Starr alleges Begich was part of a cover-up conspiracy to put the city in the hole in order to get the union contracts signed.  An attorney just released an opinion stating the contracts are invalid.  The attorney was hired by Assembly Chair Debbie Ossiander for $5,000; an amount not needing approval by the assembly. He has admitted to not having any expertise in employment or labor union law.  Sources say the city has been billed for an additional $12,000. The unions rejected Mayor Sullivan’s proposal to cut their hours

Member Starr sent an email to the press:

These indicate communications from the former CFO (Sharon Weddleton) to former Mayor (Mark Begich) advising of revenue shortfalls and over budget indications in December 2008. This was just before the labor contracts of APDEA and IAFF were approved. A very specific email was sent on December 9th with back-up spreadsheet outlining a shortfall or projected shortfall of from 10 million to 31 million with warnings of 100 million possible. I do not have Mayor Begich’s responses to these written concerns.

I plan to consider rescission actions for these AFD and APD contracts and others, and request subpoena powers from the Chairman of the Assembly for further inquiry. I believe now that the assembly was intentionally misled on the fiscal condition of the City. It will be interesting to see if there was widespread knowledge of the financial position of the City, and a conspiracy to deceive the assembly amongst the leadership of the Begich administration. I do not believe the assembly would have approved the widesweeping contracts under consideration on December 15th 2008 if this information was shared by the executive branch, as required, with the legislative branch (assembly) of government.

Under municipal code (AMC) the Mayor has the requirement to disclose revenue shortfalls to the assembly upon knowledge. When this memo was received by Mayor Begich he purportedly “sent” Ms. Weddleton home without pay. These communications confirm the assembly was not notified as required. Needless to point out, we, as a body, approved the subsequent labor contracts under limited fiscal information. In some cases there was retroactive pay and benefits further impacting the 2008 budgets. I have additional emails from Ms.Weddleton in which she will not certify funds availability for the labor contracts costing. As you are aware we are in significant fiscal straights and our Municipality fund balances (savings) are depleted at year end 2008 and going forward into 2009. We may not recover from our obligation to restore these savings accounts (fund balances) in the 2010 budget plan.

Today, Sharon Weddleton, the city’s former chief fiscal officer under Begich, told KTUU’s Jason Lamb:

“I was disappointed in the claim that there was a conspiracy to deceive the assembly.  The administration went to great efforts to repeatedly communicate the state of municipal finance to the Assembly at numerous work sessions, beginning as early as October (2008).”

When Lamb asked about being “sent home”, Weddleton responded:

“That is incorrect. Absolutely false.  The mayor has always been a gentleman to me, he has never done anything of that nature to me, ever.”

Senator Begich released a statement that included:

“I am pleased to help answer questions city officials may have about budget actions under my tenure as mayor, within the constraints of my duties as a United States Senator. But I will not tolerate a character assault on me or members of my administration who worked so hard for the people of Anchorage.”

Hmmm.  It’s hard to put much stock in anything coming out of Mr. Starr’s mouth.  He asked us a few years ago to ignore what he’d said in a “private” conversation between him and Assemblyman Dan Coffey.  Coffey “butt dialed” Assemblyman Allan Tesche’s home phone and inadvertently left a damning message several minutes long.  You can listen for yourself here.

Their conversation was laced with vulgarity and Mr. Starr had some nasty things to say about the police union.

In the first part of the recording, Coffey and Starr discussed raising money for their favorite “conservative” candidates. They were doling it out $250 at a time to “show they cared.” In the case of Dick Traini, who was running for re-election, it would be used as leverage to ensure Traini voted the way they wanted him to.  After the tape went public, Coffey claimed it was just a joke.  They referred to Dan Sullivan as “Sully” and were giving him money to hold.  Funny joke.

In another section of the recording, Starr was mad the Anchorage Police Department’s union (APDEA) wasn’t endorsing him. Starr had supported a shooting range, but had been against them driving their police cars home to the Valley at night.

Mr. Starr:  “…You go my way or the freeway, you know. Here’s–I got a call from Del Smith today and I’m going to tell those sons-of-bitches to fuck themselves…”

Mr. Coffey: “...down on the mudflats…and up your ass…”

Wow, Mr. Starr…Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?  When the “butt dial” recording went viral, you told us your own voice and words caught on tape weren’t true…so why would anything you say now be gospel? You have been a muppet for Dan Coffey and Dan Sullivan for years.  Your contempt for the unions is articulated in your own words.  Your willingness to compromise the truth for “Team Dan” is evident. Your family values seem a little fetish.

“Sully’s” aspirations for higher office are obvious.  You would think a man with such dreams would be more cautious.  No recent mayor had ever taken a paycheck for the period of time between the election certification and the swearing in…until now.  It’s wasteful spending to pay TWO mayors at one time.  Dan Sullivan took a paycheck (check #710638) for $12,115.20 for a period of time HE WASN’T WORKING.  We were already paying Matt Claman to be acting mayor.  It’s not illegal to take a paycheck for not doing any work…because no one in recent history had ever pulled that stunt…until Mayor Sullivan.  My advice to the Assembly? Tighten that little loop hole. Now there’s a conspiracy you can believe in.

As mayor, Sullivan is “cracking down on wasteful spending.”  He’s pulled the city employee credit cards and made a lot of press doing it.  That’s fabulous…now how about you, Mayor Sullivan?   Leading by example is always a good start.  Though Sullivan is a minor owner (10%) of a local pub, he has, on at least three occasions, been reimbursed for dining there on city business.

PRO0685047 9/2/2009    MCGINLEYS PUB   Working lunch with staff member,  DAN SULLIVAN   $61.50
PRO0685047 9/2/2009    MCGINLEYS PUB   Working lunch with John Rodda,  DAN SULLIVAN   $31.50
PRO0682746 8/3/2009    MCGINLEYS PUB   Working Lunch with Assemblymember  DAN SULLIVAN   $30.50

Granted, not a huge amount of ownership or grand amount of money involved in the scheme of the city budget…it’s the HYPOCRISY!  Had Mayor Begich taken anyone to lunch at his wife’s establishment for a bowl of soup and been reimbursed by the city…well, it would have been a Depends moment for Sully, Coffey and Starr.

I find it ironic that the same people who say we are in “Obama’s recession” are the same ones blaming Anchorage’s financial condition on the previous mayor.  Funny thing; you never hear the dominant right wing radio jocks nor Mayor Sullivan mention the fact that the previous mayor, Mark Begich, inherited a deficit of $33 million from former Mayor George Wuerch. Unlike the current mayor, Mayor Begich didn’t complain about it-he just went to work.

Hey, fellas, when you’re done playing “Broke Bank Anchorage” and, “It’s all Mark Begich’s fault”, could you answer why “Sully” paid himself for doing nothing for six weeks?  Or why he demands pay cuts from the union employees but  not the city executives?  Or why is it OK for the mayor to dine at and receive reimbursement for an establishment he has an interest in?  Let us know when your next butt dial tape is coming out, OK? Thanks.

When you’ve got all that cleared up, maybe you could dig a little bit further and find out why the same speaker, Lynn Swann, hired for the “Mayor’s Unity Dinner” is also the headliner for a Republican fundraiser on the same day.  Hmmm…unity? What is unifying about a former Pittsburgh Steeler and Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate, with a $40,000 speaker fee? Oh, you meant partisan…easy mistake. It makes more sense that you’re holding it at a union-busting hotel now.  Something about all those “diverse” looking hotel workers not being paid a living wage must really “unify” your party.

Watch Those Hand, Mayor Family Values!

Watch Those Hands, Mayor Family Values!



  1. Great post Shannyn!

    What a hypocrite! All of them! I occassionally listen to local right wing radio. Those GOP Shills never mention ANY OF THIS! Sully took an extra paycheck; Begich inherited a $33 million dollar deficit, or that Sully and righty talkers bash the union contracts daily and never mention the fact that the Mayor’s office didn’t take an hour reduction nor a paycut.

    Your voice is needed 5 days a week to counter all the UNCHALLENGED right wing lies out there. I hope you get a daily gig soon…

  2. This is good, Shannyn. Thanks so much for the research and connecting the dots. And I believe you’re correct — he has 2014 on his mind.

  3. There is no group in this country with a greater sense of entitlement than wealthy conservative white males. I defy anyone to prove me wrong.

  4. Good Lord, do those women use Sarah Palin as a stylist? You really have pieces of work as politicians up there! Heaven help ya.

    • We most certainly did not use Ms. Palin as a stylist.

  5. If Lynn Swann is getting $40,000 for speaking at the ‘Unity’ dinner, they will need to sell 666.66666 $60. tickets to pay him.

    • Wow…you’re right. :scared:

  6. Shannyn, Keep saying it Girl! This is so important!
    I know you’ll keep on the radio waves!!
    Lots of love, you are brave!

  7. Well, that didn’t disappoint. I regret to inform you that we cannot afford to pay you $40,000 to deliver the keynote speech at the True Diversity Dinner. But I’ll buy you a beer! 🙂

  8. Here is the response from one of the unions:
    Police union rejects opinion issued by Assembly-contracted attorney

    The Anchorage Police Department Employees Association today shot down the notion that its contract with the Municipality of Anchorage is invalid.

    Derek Hsieh, president of the union, said he was baffled by the legal opinion commissioned by the Anchorage Assembly, which in part finds that union contracts are invalid because, it says, the city’s chief financial officer was not authorized to commit the city to the cost of the contract over its five-year term.

    “In short, we disagree,” said APDEA President Derek Hsieh. “Our union reached an agreement with the Assembly and the Municipality of Anchorage in good faith, and we’ve been providing the services described in that contract and holding up our end of the deal.”

    APDEA’s current contract was signed in December 2008. A number of factors in the contract save the city money, including the fact that APDEA members joined the city’s health plan, which is less expensive than union members’ previous plan, and offered volume savings to the city by placing hundreds more people on its existing plan. There were also changes to overtime provisions and work rules that saved the city money.

    In mid-May, the union voluntarily gave up a negotiated 3 percent wage increase in 2009 worth $872,773. This action was taken in response to the fiscal-year 2009 budget shortfall discovered by then-acting mayor Matt Claman. The concession made in May saves the city money every year until 2013, including nearly $1.8 million in 2010 for a total of $6.7 million over the life of the contract.

    “While all this is going on with the Assembly, the city and the media, our officers are out on the street doing their jobs,” Hsieh said. “It is my sincere hope that we’ll be able to put all of this behind us soon so we can keep the focus where it should be – maintaining Anchorage’s safety and quality of life.”

    The Anchorage Police Department Employees Association represents more than 560 employees at the Anchorage Police Department, which is the largest law enforcement agency in Alaska. APDEA is the city’s second-largest bargaining unit and a major supporter of youth activities and victim advocacy charities in Anchorage.

    • We know there are plenty of labor lawyers in Anchorage, because Sarah Palin has used them all to absolve her. The Assembly knows it, too also – so why would they pay twelve grand to an amateur?

  9. I just cringed when I saw Mr. Starr’s dirty accusations come out today. I remember how nasty he and Mr. Coffey were when they were caught on tape, and was glad you remembered, too and put the link up to refresh people’s memory on that. The rebuttals and responses have been very quick from Sen. Begich’s side, and that is vital to fighting back from these types of smears. Mr. Starr came on the evening news saying that he is not partisan and that this has nothing to do with politics, but I’m not buying it.

  10. Maybe Begich AND Sullivan are both crooked.

    Maybe getting Democrats to cry about Republicans and vice versa is a diversion – while all of the above broker backdoor deals for tax free development.

    Look around town. Look at the hundreds of millions (if not billions) in new commercial construction. Ask yourself which developments are paying property taxes (and at which value) and which “not so much”?

    Yet there is a budget crisis that Boy Wonder Mayor and his Boy Wonder predecessor engineered in an effort to push an agenda that seems to shift as fast as the tide in Cook Inlet?

    Read the Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein.

    Manufactured crisis, made to order solutions… with a very select few qualified to deliver those solutions.

    Begich says Alaskans aren’t deserving of healthcare reform – mainly a public option – because vested interests aren’t ready to give it to them. He’s advocating “incremental change”.

    Incremental change sounds a lot like a chronic disease that gets worse over time but doesn’t actually kill you – that’s left to a secondary infection.

    Who is Begich really representing? I’m pretty sure its himself at the exclusion of everyone else.

    Get Palin out of your head, she doesn’t deserve to be there. Don’t let the new crowd in power deceive you – they’ve learned from Palin’s mistakes and they intend to profit from those lessons – regardless of party affiliation.

  11. Sully should pay back the $12k or resign.

  12. Better yet, both.

  13. Wow, wow and wow

  14. Shannyn,

    You know, I thought at first that the picture was just an example of a guy having his hands mistakenly too close to a woman’s breast. I just saw his right hand.

    After looking at the picture again later, I saw where his left hand was resting. I then realized it was no accident.

    What a creepy guy!

    BTW, can’t wait for your take on Palin’s remake of Bob Hope’s movie, “Road to Hong Kong”.

  15. […] Shannyn Moore provides some additional context for the dinners in a post she wrote earlier today, “Is Dan Sullivan Running For Senate?” (crossposted at The Mudflats). [Ref #1] Dan Sullivan at his first Assembly meeting as Mayor […]

  16. The inhabitants of a police state experience restrictions on their mobility, and on their freedom to express or communicate political or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement.
    Pittsburg PA today is exactly this. Why in America do we stand for this?
    I moved here 15 years ago from Seattle Wa. to escape the cameras that were popping up all over the city on lamp posts. One was right across the street from my home. Why would anyone let their home be under constant camera view? Yet this is happening nation wide under the quize of security and crime fighting.
    But then I read of ammunition shortages all over the USA. Hummm suppose these two things are realated?

    • Just to add to this, Pittsburg PA has 4000 police in the city, some from as far away as Tuson AZ for the G-20 summit.
      4000 police all with tear gas, gas masks, clubs, and armour. It makes one wonder what are they affraid of?
      Are they affraid a decenting voice might be heard? And what if the protesters showed up in the very armour that the police wear.
      All of the police have been ordered to cover their badges. Some are even wearing black masks.
      I agree with protecting a city and the summit. But these police are looking to cause trouble, to paint people in the USA who protest as bad people. That is the danger.

      • You’d think if you lived in Pittsburgh for 15 years, you’d know how to spell it. This seems a somewhat inappropriate place to post your paranoia.

        • Nice that you can have an opinion. paranoia? No just facts. And I did niot say I lived in PITTSBURGH at any time.
          The paranoia is this, That if you think for one moment you can protest against Government your wrong. But thanks for the comments

          • Sorry. Guess I misunderstood where ‘here’ was in your initial comment. I still believe that we can protest against the government. Shannyn’s and many other blogs are just one proof of that. The G-20 conference is a meeting of world leaders (some legitimate, some less so), which has limited space for protest. I happen to disagree with your view that (a vastly greater than normal) police presence implies that we are living in a police state where protest is completely prohibited.

      • Obama has had more threats on his life than most other presidents, 20 world leaders are in Pittsburgh, teabaggers are showing up at town halls with guns, and you are wondering why 4000 police? You think the Secret service and FBI will tell us first, or just armor up to protect the President and the rest of the G20?

        Ten years ago in Seattle, thousands of protesters faced thousands of police with shields and tear gas, for the World Trade Organization summit. Don’t forget.

        • I was there, I was shot at with rubber bullets and gas. That is why I am so pationate about said subject. My crime was getting trapped in Down Town Seattle during a protest!

  17. Why is he posing like this with these young women? It seems highly inappropriate. Yes, very creepy indeed.

    Keep telling it like it is Shannyn.

  18. That is just the corruption at the City level. Imagine what it must be at the State level and above. Can we ever stop it? No and here is why.
    If American citizens try to voice an opinion on ploitics, or disagree with world ploicy as at the G20 summit in Pittsburg PA here is how it is handled.
    Pittsburg PA has proclaimed that it is readying up to 1,000 jail cells for protesters, importing 3,100 law enforcement officers from around the country to supplement its 900-member force, and mobilizing 2,000 National Guard troops.
    National Gaurd troops to use against American citizens protesting Governments policy. By the way all will be armewd with M-16s, tear gas, gas masks, and shot guns that shot rubber bullets.
    Pittsburg has closed all entries into downtown Pittsburg except three. Those three have police check points that are searching all vehicles entering the city.
    This is the REALITY of the America we live in. Protesting Starr, Sullivan or any law maker for that matter can and will lead to personel attacks, and an effort to make your opinions as radical. Shannyn has faced this head on from our former Governor. So stand by and watch people. Cower and do not get involved for god sakes. But for all who do, you get exactly whats comming to you.

  19. You would never see Senator Begich or President Obama in a photo like this. I am an open-minded person, but this behavior goes contrary to my beliefs. Conservatives are weird mixed-up people.

  20. Blue_in_AK said This is good, Shannyn. Thanks so much for the research and connecting the dots. And I believe you’re correct — he has 2014 on his mind.


    Is there an election cycle coming up before 2014? 2010, perhaps? If Sullivan quit his job to run for a higher office, whatever is available first, he wouldn’t be the first politician to do this.

  21. The City’s ethics commission is actually pretty tough. I don’t think they would accept allowing a business lunch where the employee has a personal financial interest in the profits.

    And $5,000 for a short legal opinion on a contract? Well maybe if he is charging $500 per hour, but then one would hope that at that price you were getting someone with a lot of experience in that area of law.

  22. KartenJ, I was thinking 2014 because I couldn’t really see him running in a primary against Don Young or Lisa Murkowski in 2010. Besides he seems to have particular animus against Mark Begich. He’s probably thinking he can have two three-years terms as mayor, as Begich did, and then be ready to run for Mark’s seat when he comes up for re-election in six years.

  23. 6 years, So much can happen in 6 years. Is it not a tad early to say he will not be re-elected? The future is not pre determined. America could be in a very different place in 6 years.
    As far as Sullivan or starr are concerned I would not vote for them as dog catcher.
    As for unions. The Unions are strong. The contracts will be found in a court of law to be valid.

  24. “We know there are plenty of labor lawyers in Anchorage, because Sarah Palin has used them all to absolve her. The Assembly knows it, too also – so why would they pay twelve grand to an amateur?”

    maybe he was extremely loyal? who knows.
    why was W.A.R. nominated for A.G.??

  25. Press Release

    September 24, 2009
    Contact: Amarjeet Chhabra
    UNITE HERE Local 878
    907-272-6036 (wk) or 416-856-9587

    Mayor to Cross Boycott Picket line at Hilton Anchorage!

    What: Press Conference followed by a Picket of the Mayoral “Unity” Dinner

    When: Press Conference – Friday, September 25th at 12:15pm

    Picket – Friday, September 25th from 6pm to 7:00pm

    Where: Hilton Anchorage (3rd & E St)

    Who: Speakers will include: members from the Alaska Federation of Filipino Americans and other groups who have pulled events from the hotel.

    The President of NEA-Alaska, Barb Angaiak, who will announce that the largest union in Alaska has voted to cancel their event’s contract with the Hilton as a result of their labor practices. NEA represents over 13,000 Alaskan working families.

    Others in attendance: other Hilton workers; members of UNITE HERE Local 878 from across the city; and members from the local Anchorage community and labor unions.

    Why: The new Anchorage Mayor, Dan Sullivan, plans to hold his “Unity” dinner at the only boycotted hotel in Alaska. After being alerted to the labor unrest at the Hilton Anchorage, the mayor knowingly plans to cross the workers’ informational picketline this Friday. In May, the Hilton workers overwhelmingly voted to place their hotel under boycott because their employer continues to degrade their quality of life, which also threatens to do the same to industry standards in Anchorage.

    During this week of supposed empowerment, Mayor Sullivan is knowingly stripping the diverse workforce of some of their bargaining power. While electeds in other cities across the country continue to take stands against hotel employers who provide poverty-wage jobs, the Anchorage mayor hides behind the guise that this is a private matter. In Baltimore, their City Council passed a resolution in support of the boycott at the Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel which is also owned and operated by the same employer as the Hilton Anchorage – Columbia Sussex.

    The hospitality industry is known for employing a diverse workforce. The Hilton Anchorage is no exception. Workers hail from the Philippines, Mexico, Korea, Central America, Africa, South America, and beyond. While continuing to negotiate with their employer, Columbia Sussex, for over one year, this eclectic group of workers has joined together and are speaking the only language their company seems to understand – money. While workers know that asking customers not to eat, drink, sleep, or meet at their hotel hurts their pocket books now, they do so to keep their jobs good jobs in Alaska for years to come.

    Please contact Amarjeet if you have any questions: 907-272-6036 (wk) or 416-856-9587 (cell)

    • Have you not heard? Its union bashing season at the Mayors office. What he seems to be forgetting is that Union workers out number non-union workers 5 to 1 in Alaska and WE all VOTE.
      As for Anchorage and their budget woes as well as their union woes. The get what the sow.

      • Thomas – your inference that union workers outnumber non-union workers 5 to 1 in this state is incorrect. You can find the correct data from two sources: 1. The bureau of labor statistics or 2. The union LM2″s that are filed with the US DOL annually; the latter shows that in 2008, union workers represented less than 30% of Alaska’s workforce. Those numbers come directly from the forms that the unions file and sign off on each year. The Alaska AFL-CIO claims that they represent about 60,000 union workers and the majority of unions ar members of the AFL-CIO; there are about 321,000 workers in the state of Alaska.

  26. Don’t forget for a reminder of how corrupt DC is…..

  27. All I can come up with is “what a jerk”, what do people have to be that way?

    So sad, It’s times like these I wish I believed in hell.

  28. I’m just curious, do you have any concept of the terms sympathy or empathy ?

    You DO realize that Mr. Sullivan’s father recently passed away, and this is the best that you can come up with ?

    Another political attack at a time when this man and his family are mourning the loss of their family patriarch.

    I don’t care what your’s or Mr. Sullivan’s politics are, can you NOT show just a sliver of respect to the man and his family during their time of mourning.

    You, Munger, Devon and the rest of your little crew should be ashamed of yourselves for your self-promoting exploits at the expense of the Sullivan family.

    Your words strike me as particularly vile and repulsive, how somebody can write and publish this tripe and not show some kind of remorse is astounding.

    Some some common human decency and shut the fuck up already.

    At the very least you need to apologize, that would be the right thing to do.

    Now whether you understand that concept or not…….

    That’s another matter.

    My gut tells me that you will not apologize, in fact you’ll most likely come up with a laundry list of reasons why you are right.


    EPIC FAIL on Shannyn Moore’s part.

    • This story was posted before the death of Mayor Sullivan’s father. It is a story that has been researched for more than a month. Having a death in one’s family is not a partisan event, and my condolences go to Mayor Sullivan and his family without any reservation. How dare you use the death of a family member to let the mayor off the hook for crossing a picket line and being a hypocrite. I remember the day Obama’s grandmother died, all the blogs and news stopped running any negative stories about him…oh, wait, they thought he was using her death for a photo op.

      • Hey Shannon; I actually appreciate some of the things that you write and your perspective- but a few thoughts – I’ve heard you say some pretty filthy things publicly – so your criticism of Coffey and Starr for saying off -color things in what they thought was a private conversation is a little hollow; in addition, Lynn Swann waived the $40,000 fee for the muni; you might want to correct that part of your post –

        • Rebekah,
          I am not a politician, and certainly not advertising “family values” when campaigning. My criticism of Starr & Coffey had to do with their contempt of Unions made evident in their “butt dial.” With all the talk of conspiracies, it would have been nice to get to the bottom of paying $250 for favorable votes.
          I did talk to the mayor’s office on Friday, and because of a busy weekend schedule, house guests and swine flu haven’t posted an update to the post. Mr. Swann was paid by the Republican party to come to Alaska — then spoke at the Mayor’s “Unity” Dinner…wow, same question…what is unifying about that? I linked Mr. Swann’s fee…and was trying to find out who paid him to come to Alaska. Mr. Swann crossed a picket line for free–priceless.
          Other updates include, Mayor Sullivan has paid back the city for part of the charges he was earlier reimbursed for meals at the restaurant he owns a small part of. This is a developing story…I’ll post updates as I can.

        • re: “heard you say some pretty filthy things publicly”

          Pot calling the kettle black, dontcha’ think ms. logun? Or as you claim to be a professed Christian maybe this resonates a bit better: Let she who is without sin cast the first stone!

          You seem a sorry excuse for someone representing….hmmm….now who is it you are representing?


  29. I posted a link to this story over at “the Alaska Standard” Dan Fagan had Coffey on his show and is now calling this a “scandal.” I hope those folks over there can read.

    • Who cares what Dan Fagan thinks. He is anti Union, anti gay rights, anti dieting obviously. Dan Fagan is a mouth piece for the Oil Industry, he speaks of family values yet has no wife or kids, he rails on property taxes yet owns no property in the city he calls home.
      He feels the oil industry does not pollute yet comes from the most polluted State in the union Louisiana. Which by the way said pollution was caused by the oil industry. It killed a shrimping industry, and made many many people sick, as well as depleting parts of the Gulf of Mexico of oxygen to the point that no life could exist at all.
      He also thinks he is the only voice that is right. To try and argue a point on his radio show is futile at best. He is welcome to his opinions as am I and anyone else who wants to be heard. But darn I sure wish I could be right all the time like him!

      • Eddie Burke, Dan Fagan and Jerry Prevo are the most homophobic right wing men in Anchorage with microphones. Max Blumenthal was on Shannyn’s radio show and referenced this study mentioned in his book Republican Gomorrah The study showed that homophobic men were aroused by male gay pornography; the non-homophobic men were not aroused by male gay pornography. Conclusion? Thou doth protest WAY TOO MUCH! Perhaps Eddie and Dan and Jerry have some skin in the game…literally!

  30. […] politically advantageous for some (if so, I hope they’ve read Shannyn Moore’s recent post).  I sincerely hope that’s not the […]

  31. just to be clear you are saying that Mark Begich inherited a 33 million dollar defecit from the Wuerch admistration???

  32. Just scrolled up again and yes it is stated that
    ” Mayor Sullivan mention the fact that the previous mayor, Mark Begich, inherited a deficit of $33 million from former Mayor George Wuerch.”

  33. […] If the city is in such financial disarray from the previous administration, why did Dan Sullivan take a mayoral paycheck for the weeks BEFORE he was mayor? Matt Claman was already being paid to be the acting mayor.  Because of Sully, the good taxpayers of Anchorage had to cough up an extra $12,115.20? […]

  34. […] Anchorage has lost a great public servant with the retirement of Bart Mauldin, the MOA Purchasing Officer.  His service was lauded tonight and he left to a standing ovation.  As one assembly member told me, “they are dropping like flies.”  No one wants to stay on with a mayor running for Senate 2014. […]

  35. […] think I am being too unfair to little Danny Sullivan let me remind you that he is the same guy who charged the city $12,115.20 for a period of time BEFORE he physically took office, simply because he could. The fact that other […]

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