Posted by: shannynmoore | January 30, 2010

Moore Up North – SCOTUS

This week on Moore Up North, we delved into the nonsensical and pathological hatred of Senator Mark Begich by Mayor Sullivan and the “Fascist Five”.  Bill Starr was invited on the show and didn’t return our calls.  Mr. Starr wants to lower the cities bond rating so that he can blame it on Begich!  Assembly Vice Chair Mike Gutierrez joins Shannyn in the first segment.  Was the earthquake in Haiti Mark Begich’s fault?  Check out our interview.

Mike Gutierrez is the Vice Chair of the Anchorage Assembly and a Legislative Liaison to the Federation of Community Councils. 

Bill Starr is an Anchorage Assemblyman from Eagle River.  He chairs the Public Safety Community & Economic Development Audit and is the Liaison for the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation. Unfortunately, Mr. Starr did not participate.  We very much would have provided him a forum to make his case.

This week’s panel consisted of Tom Brennan, Bob Poe and Steve Heimel.

Tom Brennan is the author of four books, including a thriller about Alaska seceding from the union.  Tom was an editorial writer for The Voice of the Times and now writes a weekly on-line column for the Anchorage Daily Planet.

Bob Poe is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Alaska.  He has had a 29-year career in both the Alaska private and public sectors.

Steve Heimel is a 29-Year Veteran Alaska Broadcaster. On his Sunday Americana music show, The Truck Stop, he is “The Old Bull Rider!”

This week, we took a hard look at the recent Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and its impact on Alaska politics.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:


  1. Great show – sorry I wasn’t able to make for the taping.

    You can and should do more on the SCOUS decision.

  2. re.: brennan’s desire for a filter for information that comes with a point of view… only the privileged will be able to buy one of those [from the multinational of their choice]. i wonder if the result would be dead silence?
    i think the thingy he’s really looking for was invented 15 years ago — a key fob device that runs all 120 unique codes and turns off a TV in any public place.
    reversing citizens united is going to be a little tougher. first we have to understand it.

    • So we take what we learn and pass it on to all of our friends and relatives and perhaps one of us might have the genuis in our crowd who will then interpret the decision and bring it down to common language for us. Thank you Ms. Moore for making this happen.

  3. Great show! I am so grateful for the intelligent discourse on these great topics you bring forward every week. Loved the Bill “star”!

  4. Great Show! I really enjoyed this one.

    Also, if you’re on Facebook there is a group I hope you’ll all join. It’s called

    1,000,000 strong against Sarah Palin.

    It’s up to over 202,000 members now. Let’s bring it to 1 Million, what do you say?!?!

  5. Great show this week Shannyn. Your politics up there sounds a lot like ours here in Kansas, except I have never heard of another town coming in to mess with city ordinances ….

    Of course there are no gay people here in Kansas to want to put an ordinance in place for (I kid, I kid.. they are all shaking in the closet hoping Fred Phelps won’t come picket their homes or businesses)..

    I was thinking that Alaska political kooks were more colorful than ours here in the middle of the country, but then I remembered old Fred Phelps and realized I couldnt point and laugh anymore…(I cringe every time someone mentions Fred and Kansas in the same breath)…

  6. Is Bill Starr any relation to Ken Starr?

  7. Andrew Sullivan has a good little article about S’error Palin…

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