Posted by: shannynmoore | April 24, 2010

State Legislative Wrap Up – Moore Up North

This week on Moore Up North, I interviewed Alaska Attorney Jeff Feldman.  Mr. Feldman expressed his opinion about Governor Sean Parnell’s decision to join 20 other states suing the federal government over healthcare reform.  Mr. Feldman maintains an active trial and appellate practice and has argued cases all the way up to the United States Supreme Court. 

Our panelists were the only two legislators we could find willing to sit down in the same with each other for an hour.  We talked about everything from the Cruise Industry give-away to Alaska’s response to Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, and of course questions from our audience:

  • Les Gara, State Representative from District 23- Downtown Anchorage
  • Bill Wielechowski, State Senator from District J- East Anchorage


  1. Here outside of Palmer, the KYES on-air signal has been static for a few days now. They had the problem fixed early Saturday afternoon (which made me very happy), but apparently the transmitter died again sometime before 4pm. Any chance we can convince them to rebroadcast this “episode” when they get back on the air? Maybe some late-night hour they’re not really using for anything vital?

    My internet is terribly slow here, frustratingly slow, so damn slow that I never even attempt to view video — but I really want to see this, & I’m going to try to do so via the youtube links, hopefully without getting really angry at MTA & yelling & breaking things… Thanks for your good work.

  2. Shannyn, You have reason to be very proud of Sen. Mark Begich. He just got up in the Senate and said to the country, almost word for word, what he said earlier on your program. He schooled the Senate!!!

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