Posted by: shannynmoore | August 29, 2010

Best Hate Mail EVER!!!

I get hate mail. I have had my own death and my daughters described in detail. I think Palin calls them haters, I call them the Paliban. Here’s an example of what I find in my email box. Popcorn? Enjoy.

Subject: sarah palin is a coward and a bully.

dear michael…i mean…shannon moore.

i think you’re an ass. a big fat ass with
a big fat mouth. get a life..get a job.
i don’t believe you’re a woman. i think
you’re some fat loser sadsack posing as
a man on the internet. your man boobs
and beer gut must hang past your knees.

i don’t hate you because you’re a democrat..
i just think you’re going to hell because
you have to harass sarah palin and other
people to make your pathetic homely obese
zit ridden self feel better about yourself.

if you’re so DAMN great, you run alaska,
join public office..become a mayor..
a councilman..err..”wo”man…

i bet if you found out you were giving
birth to a kid with downs’ syndrome, you’d
abort it.. you’d probably murder on
tv, on keith olberman. left wing lunatic
performs full term abortion of her just
to be born baby because it’s not perfect
like her…oh wait, you’re a dude that
can’t give birth to kids.

if you have kids, they probably look
like the back of quasimoto’s balls.

you probably have to mate with brown bears
because noone would have sex with you.

if i remember correctly, you are big
fat and ugly. and a man…

you need a life…because nitpicking sarah
palin’s every move makes you look pathetic,
sickening, retarded, and sociopathic.

are you a sociopath? do you like beating
up old women too? do you kick little
puppies and

people like you tend to.

go back to living with the taliban where
you belong. wait… or do you live with
al quaida? you’d be a nice fit you commie
loving traitor.

i wish sarah could sue you.

harrassing and stalking people online
is not a “1st ammendment right”..

it makes you a sarah palin obsessed stalker
and misanthropic ATTENTION WHORE.

too bad you contribute to the huffington
post..i thought they had DECENT writers
on there…not stalker trannies with a
3rd grade education.

i hope karma hits you over the head like a
baseball bat…

if you’re ever reincarnated, you’ll come
as a big piece of bear shit.

that about suits what kind of like you deserve..

..being eaten by flies while a bear lives
a nasty stanky witless uneducated asshole
stalker like you in the mud. enjoy the

you would since you’re a maggot.


somone who hates stalker tranny michael
moore looking pieces of shit like…YOU


  1. …………………………………………………………

    that’s f’ing hilarious. and really, really sad.

    dude needs to get out of his mom’s basement 😉

    • I think it’s hilarious how idiots like him always insult women with either cracks about our looks or weight, tell us we “need a man” (who – like him? LOL!) and that we’re “jealous” of Sarah the sheep-faced, overpainted moron with the voice that would curdle milk.

      • I think they are body snatching my sweet grandmother too…She still thinks repubs are like Mr. Hickel.I think the masses are almost totally blind to whats going on..are they putting downers in the Anchorage water? Was the movie Dark City true?….can u be a victim and forgiven for monumental transgressions to freedom for human beings?.. Yes praise Jesus. And Sarah Palin.

      • oh i know. like having a man makes our little pea-pickin’ hearts just burst at the seams. because that whole thing in the 60s never happened, women never gained the opportunity to get out of the man trap into the business world. oh yeah, and that whole voting thing never occurred, either. why are GOP men stuck in the 40s? seriously?

        never mind that shannyn is gorgeous, smart, and well-spoken. anyone who speaks out against caribou cheney is automatically envious of palin’s plastic surgery, push up bras and spanx.

        it’s insulting to those of us who actually think.

  2. I think that’s the same nutcase who sends me personal hate messages on FB. He is also illiterate, he cant spell, he can’t use punctuation, his thought process is like that of a state mental hospital inmate, his run on sentences are like Sarah’s word salads. It has to be the same person….oh wait, all of Sarah’s cult are just as ignorant, they all say the same stupid things to anyone who has a different opinion of the quitter.

    Keep up the excellent work Shannyn, you’re the best!

  3. That’s funny, he must have no clue whatsoever who you are or what you look like. BTW maybe he should have glanced around at the Beck rally. All those diabetes-ridden, fat, unwashed slobs on the public dole were republican “patriots”, not democrats.

    “Stalker” must be one of the new buzz words with the palinbots. This describes anyone at all who dares speak to the queen, write about the queen, or be in an airport the same time as the queen.

  4. I think we should all send mail to Sarah Palin, with just one sentence:

    “Get off the Cross, ..there are folks who need the wood!”

    • Thanks for the laugh!

      • That’s an old Dolly Parton quote I never forgot. It’s a reminder to us that most country people used to share dem values, hated hypocrisy as much as we do, and were decent people who struggled financially at the bottom like many of us. Somewhere along the line unfortunately, the GOP co-opted them, and got them to be militaristic and judgmental.

  5. WoW

  6. I guess he doesn’t believe karma works both ways.

  7. You know what…I think I have seen this insult on an other site…this pitiful person is not able to write his/her own insults. Truly sad, for him/her.

    I wonder if Sarah Plain wrote it? Or her husband or one of her children? They are all pretty mean (haters)…like when they attacked folks at the tearing down of Katherine’s sign “Sarah Palin THE WORST GOVERNOR EVER.”

    Not being a Palinite or part of the Paliban, I am surprised that they have not made it over to

    Well, there is always an open invitation for the white hooded clan members. Just this week, I was called a “mudshark.” I had to look that word up. At least I understood all of your insults, LOL

    I guess that they do not realize, that we do not have to make up “stuff” about Sarah Palin…she gives us all the ammunition that we will ever need, from her actions, by what comes out of her mouth, and what she tweets.

    Thanks for all the good material, Sarah!

    ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

  8. Ha! Seeing as the “Bad Hemingway” contest appears to have been discontinued – – maybe we can fill the void with a “Bad Palin Tweet” contest, instead.

    O! How our cultural reference standards have fallen.

  9. Hilarious.

    Sorry, Palinbots. Your insults don’t wound; they’re funny.

    That was a semicolon. I’ll wait.

  10. That’s some potty mouth…must be one of Bible Spice’s church friends. Or Joe Miller. LOL

  11. my goodness shannon..after hearing about the rally in DC, the social phenomenom called beck was such a big hit with the people, i heard one rally attendee said *he was runnin for God*.. does that mean $arah is runnin fer Jesus? coming from canada point of view and i mean View… Idiocracy is becoming more alive than ever and population is so big down there that if you have not seen this movie *idiocracy*,please see it ;you will know what i mean.
    shannon, i am sorry to have read that email of trash sent to you and as you say its only one type of garbage that is sent.. i guess thats what *freedom of speech* is all about? and i am also sorry for $arah p. being the voice of the Herd that she loves to have follow her allowing her to be very rich… and them.. very poor.
    see the movie people and get above the Idiocracy
    that is oh so evident in the US of A..

    • Sarah run for Jesus? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…she is the “Blessed Mother”…she will run for the Virgin Mary.

      ~The Baby boomer Queen~

  12. That email is sick revealing a sick mind at work.
    The fans/bans are obsessed with extreme rhetoric e.g. “stalking” and react to words. Sadly the fans/bans are ignorant and throw words around like their leader slinging their mud.

  13. That is so unfair. You get all the cool stuff! Bless that author’s scrawny heart. Probably caught a reflection of itself in a mirror and used that memory in its description.

  14. Wow, Shannyn, that was pretty amazing and pretty pathetic. Thanks for sharing. It’s not often I get this kind of entertainment with my morning coffee.

  15. Eddie Burke must have time on his hands since losing his job and placing a very distant third for Lt. Governor with nary a word of support from his idol Mama Grizzly.

    So much for her iconic love of her palinbots from day one.

  16. Scary that one needs to express like this, all for the love of a woman. I pity the fool.

  17. Never thought I would have to apologize for some of the actions of the human race in the 21st century… I am sorry Shannyn.

  18. It’s hilarious that someone who can’t write a coherent rant says that someone who writes very well has a 3rd Grade education! Shannyn, I’m sorry that you have to put up with people like this one sending hate mail to you. View the emails as badges of honor for telling the truth about who/what Palin is underneath the glitzy facade she has developed to mislead the millions who think she is the best thing since sliced bread.

    You go, girl!

  19. After all this time, the emotional maturity of these people still stuns me. Un-f_ _ king-believable.

    It sounds like it was written by an 8 year old, except that I don’t believe an 8 year old could have learned to hate that much in so few years.

  20. Thank you for hanging in there despite having to endure the rants of a sick, sick mind. For some reason my own mind was building a visual picture of the patient as I read the rant: twisted and ugly.

    People who indulge in such manifestations of their illness don’t seem to realize that the more they feed their own beasts the more control said beast has over their own persona, making them more and more intensely alienated from the normal world. Obviously this sad soul is already feeling isolated and desperate. What a shame.

    I notice the poor devil didn’t leave a moniker of any kind…..must not be proud of the thought or the words either one.

    The rest of us are out here behind you, proud that some members of the citizenry are still independent thinkers and now cowed by sick minds. Thank you again!


  21. Most of these types suffer from projection syndrome. And if that holds true for this example then the writer is everthing that they accused Shannon of. Specifically, they’ve described themselves as an overweight, dermically challenged, sexually confused transvestite with a 3rd grade education and who desperately wants to have sex with a bear.

    • Now wait just a minute. Certain bears, with the right hair and make up, can be quite attractive.

  22. Oh my goodness, Shannyn………I guess you have really “arrived” with this hate mail. It is so Typical of the Beck-a-Bachma-Limba-Palinistas. They no doubt spend hours chugging down the coolaid !!!

    Talk about attention whores……the idiot Palin will prance her trollopie self across any stage for a cool zillion dollars and now her daughter has joined the gravy train.

    Damn you to hell John McCain for visiting the Palin freak show on this country.

  23. I.Am.SO.Jealous!

    I want some wingnut Palindrones! Darn! Why is Alaska so far from West Virginia?!

  24. I see John McCain figured out how to use a computer.

  25. wow that’s a real piece of work!

  26. to the hate mail author: lol, you suck monkey balls.

  27. Wow, that was a display of ignorance and grammatical errors!! It’s no wonder these guys want to abolish public education, they want everyone to be like them…stupid, ignorant, and not able to form a complete sentence without starting it by saying “let me tell YOU something”. Keep up the good work Shannyn!!

  28. angry much? Did anyone else get that this person used one grown up word in the whole salad. A little bland for my taste. Needs salt LOL

  29. If that showed up in my in-box, I’d be upset. So you showed maturity and class with your response.

    “Stalker tranny”? Good gosh, that’s the weirdest ‘bot response since Markos Moulitsas was called “beaner faggot”…

  30. That was horrible! I’ve very sorry that you have to put up w/cr– like that!

    What aligned me to you, Shannyn, was when Palin’s attorney threatened to sue you and you responded by calling a ‘press conference’ downtown telling them ‘to bring it on’! Your response could not have been better.

    No suit was forthcoming and all the threatening they have done since has gone absolutely nowhere.

    Keep that wonderful sense of humor as I’m sure it has helped get you where you are today.

  31. Is Todd sending email now? Can he read and write?

    • It doesn’t matter if he can read or write…Like Sarah and Levi, he just has to look good…he is a Palinite.

  32. Why even after taking a shower I still have that itchy irritating nematode fresh scent feeling…

  33. That letter is both funny and sad.

    A few years back I got some hate mail after I posted a blog post blasting Ann Coulter. The writer was actually literate, but “coherent” is another matter entirely. He spent about 25 long paragraphs defending Ann Coulter. That’s about as incoherent as you can get.

    I cannot for the life of me figure out what these people are getting in exchange for their puppy crushes. Neither Palin nor Coulter actually does anything for anyone but themselves. Nice work if you can get it, I guess, but somehow I’d be afraid to have defenders like that, lest I take a misstep and fall from their favor. Can you imagine the hate they’d spew? Well, yes you can. Yikes.

    • “I cannot for the life of me figure out what these people are getting in exchange for their puppy crushes.”

      Really – unless they have a bundle of cash to throw at Palin….or connections she can use….she couldn’t care less about them.

  34. The idiot who wrote that POS sounds like the troll that has been stalking me and my friends.

    We’re on an anti-Palin Facebook page and this loser spends all of his time making up fake names and fake profiles…tries to get us to accept his friend requests so we can sent us insulting, degrading private messages or tag our photos with equally disgusting comments. We have been ignoring, blocking and reporting him.

    The one poster is right…he needs to get out of his mommy’s basement. Too much time with her might be the reason he hates women so much.

    With the exception, of course, of Mooselina who, unless he has a bundle of cash to throw at her, couldn’t care less if he’s alive or dead.

  35. Can you imagine walking around everyday with this kind of anger? And why keep harping on the man/woman thing. Someone has issues!

    • Maybe, masturbation would help…hope they ready this! There is some jell out there called “Slap Happy” perhaps they should look into it and put on a happy face.
      ~The Baby Boomer Queen~

  36. Why I am I feeling sorely tempted to do a close read of that email?

    I am also wishing I had a dollar for every misconception of life in AK that I’ve read from the Land of Tea.

  37. I’m reading this and I’m thinking, “This dude hates women…” Read a little further, “Hmm…the way he talks about men, maybe he’s a man-hater.” Hate Women. Hate Men. Women. Men.

    • He hates anyone who doesn’t share his opinions of Grifterina.

  38. What?

    You didn’t provide us with his email address?

    Not fair.

  39. Damn, here I thought I was your only half wit stalker.

  40. Well …”God bless him”!

    I never knew that Todd was sooo infatuated with you!

    What I want to know is how this big word became inserted in this rant……misanthropic?

    He must have rolled over in bed and asked Mansour to make him look …..SMRT….lol

  41. Palin certainly is skilled at just one thing; brainwashing idiots to do her bidding.

  42. I think you should take this to a poetry slam. Who even contemplates, the “back of quasimoto’s balls?”

    • That’s a great idea! Or get Shatner to read it as beat poetry and put it on YouTube.

  43. Well thought out email-$arah should be proud to have supporters such as this “person” I do believe that the author of the email went to the same school(s) as $arah, and like $arah, probably flunked out of English and Grammer classes too
    Another T-Party wacko as far as I’m concerned

    You go girl I mean right on Dude!! 🙂

  44. “Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of the pox!”

    “That, my Lord, depends on whether I embrace your principles or your mistress”

    — — John Wilkes to The Earl of Sandwich, Parliament, November 1763

    Alas, Shannon, your correspondent seems to have neither principles nor a mistress.

    Probably not old enough.

  45. So I’m not the only one who’s been accused of being a man by some right winger. All it takes is being an articulate, intelligent woman with an opinion and an opportunity to share it.

    • The wingnuts all have the same MO when they go after women from the anonymity of their computers: cracks about our looks, cracks about our weights, accusing us of being men, hating men or wanting to be men, Then they tell us we need men.

      They engage in projection when they accuse us of not having lives but, then again, they excel at projection.

      They can’t deal with intelligent, independent outspoken women who don’t agree with their view of the world.

  46. Sickening, but funny. Sorry you have to deal with freaks like him.

    It was full of writing problems but seriously? After all these years, he couldn’t even spell ‘Al-Qaeda’?

    And after throwing out all his higher then thou attitude about Palin’s baby, one of his insults is to call you ‘retarded’. What a moron.

  47. Beautiful. Are you sure Kelly didn’t write that just to make your morning?

  48. Here’s my guess: about 12 of “them” sat around the table during “recreation” time at the “home” and each of them got to blurt out whatever insult they could think of. The “person” who put his/her name on it was just the recording secretary for the group. At least that’s what it reads like.

    Too bad the only caps were on the words he/she was yelling. Idiot. Oh wait…… IDIOT!

  49. Hey, did anyone get the license # of the truck that hit that dude, and scrambled his brains?

  50. “if you have kids, they probably look
    like the back of quasimoto’s balls”!!!??? LMAO– what a visual… what a weird perspective…let’s see, the guys from Tok and he lives alone in a cabin 50 miles from the nearest neighbor and his blow up doll popped two years ago with the cold snap

  51. OMG! I LOVE you Shanny! You’re so famous you even get hate mail from psycho freaks! I’ll come back to Alaska just to be your body gaurd. I’LL be the fat ass body gaurd that will take that idiot DOWN! I’ve had it with the ‘system’ and idiots like him…I even met a psycho here that thought Palin was smarter than Pelosi! How friggin’ hilarious/sad/scary is that? I’m so over everything that I’m ready to kick someone’s ass with a smile on my face. So just let me know if you need a postnatal, peri-menopausal body guard and I’m there sister! Keep up the good work! XO!

  52. […] Best Hate Mail EVER!!! I get hate mail. I have had my own death and my daughters described in detail. I think Palin calls them haters, I call […] […]

  53. It sounds to me like a young child on a playground. The child is angry because he didn’t get his way. With his limited ability to express his feelings, the child throws out every insult he can think of, or has ever heard. We really are dealing with adults who have never progressed past that child on the playground. They can’t express their anger about the way the world is treating them. They can’t express their confusion about a world that requires more intelligence than they have to function adequately. (For a long time now I’ve been convinced it takes an above average intelligence to deal adequately with today’s world. The reality of that worries me.) So this is all this poor guy has. Its sad.

  54. It’s embarrassing to think that anyone would attract that type of person. With “fans” like that, who needs enemies? It speaks of $arah’s personality, however, her nasty, snarky remarks about President Obama from day one of the campaign. When she insulted community organizers, it felt like a kick in the gut personally because I remember my parents helping inner city children, raising money for a swimming pool and making sure there were enough funds to keep it open every summer since. What has $arah done for the less fortunate? I remember seeing a whopping $1000 donation FROM SARAHPAC, not her personally, to the Down Syndrome Foundation. Yet her fans have her on this pedestal as if she’s done anything for anyone that didn’t benefit her personally. Sarah is only about $arah and if they don’t know that by now they are as dumb as she is!!

    Shannyn, you must have really hit a sore spot with them, too close to the truth, to get the responses you do–great job! And, why doesn’t $arah sue over all these other alleged “stories”, because they are absolutely true and she doesn’t have a way to refute them.

  55. What an absolute loonie! These bible-thumping, holier than thou Palin worshipers are incredibly stupid. She could care less about them, don’t they get it?! It’s a sham and her hatred and intolerance plays right into her plan, which is pull the wool over people who can’t think for themselves and to obtain power, with no means of helping the average American. The other goal is to get rich quick, it’s asinine that she has a following. I am a cradle Catholic but I can be open minded and respectful of people’s choices. Who am I to preach that my belief is better?

    My only hope is her minions will wake up one day and see her as a fraud.

  56. On the bright side, there was one, albeit unintended, suggestion in this regurgitation of hate:

    “if you’re so DAMN great, you run alaska,
    join public office..become a mayor..”

    Shannyn for Senate, Gov, or whatever office you would like to run for!

  57. Well I looked through the school yearbook (my kids go to the same school as your daughter) and not one of those kids looked like the back of Quasimoto’s balls!

    So I still don’t know which one is yours, and I guess the guy got the description wrong, cuz they’re all pretty great looking.

    I agree, enter it in a poetry slam. Does Cyrano’s do that?

    Shatner would be fantastic, don’t think it could be read on tv though. But you should send it to David Letterman just so he could get a personal giggle out of it!

  58. Like my mama always says, “Using swear words shows a lack of vocabulary”. If true, (and I ALWAYS believe my mama) this person has the IQ of a 1st grader. The vitriolic rhetoric, to me, shows breathtaking lack of understanding on the part of the writer regarding the way the world really works; hence, the dogma & cockamamie ideological rhetoric spewed against anyone who has a different world view. Y’all don’t get my vote, people, until you take off the “beer goggles” and see Sarah Palin and her minions for what they really are…opportunistic, money-making hucksters.

  59. did Sarah write this sounds like it!

  60. Well, we know where we can find this person; the Republican party!
    This person is a very real reason why we must take the high ground against the likes of their kind. Let the Repubs embrace them. I would be mortified if a Democrat wrote this piece of trash. There would be no way to defend it. And like poo on a shoe it would be hard to scrape it off.
    Oh, and Shamus, your response about bears was priceless. many thanks for the laugh!

  61. You certainly can’t argue with “logic” like that. The writer is probably one of the deepest thinkers within the ‘bagger crowd. That was most enlightening.

  62. […] Best Hate Mail EVER!!! – Sarah Palin and her followers are smart – Shannyn Moore’s… […]

  63. You know, these new far right radicals obviously have a hatred for education and it really shows in their spelling, grammar and punctuation. Sad that the future belongs to the ignorant and the angry.

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